Keto Diet Before and After | Body Composition | Patient Profiles | TT | Week 6 (Case Study)

Keto Diet Before and After | Body Composition | Patient Profiles | TT | Week 6 (Case Study)

(clapping) – Today on The Fittest Doc
we are checkin’ in with TT after we started something
brand new over the last week. We will delve into her last week results and maybe sum things up
for everybody, stay tuned. (upbeat music) Welcome back, fit tribe. This is another patient
profile where we check in with the most savage of savages. Focused on weight loss and
inquire into their aspirations, their moments of success,
their challenges, and their failures as well. Today we are profiling
week number six for TT. It’s nice to have you back here. Once again, thank you for being
open to share your journey with the entire world and
helping motivate people to achieve their own objectives as well. So this is week number six. And it’s a pretty big week because we’re changing things entirely. We have been doing intermittent fasting, purely intermittent fasting,
and we are now transitioning from pure intermittent fasting. Over the last five weeks with TT, my goal was not necessarily fat loss. The goal instead was to introduce
her to longer and longer periods of intermittent
physiological ketosis, slowly but surely ramping
up her metabolic machinery, such as the enzymes and
mitochondria necessary for her to flourish once we were ready to put her into an extended non intermittent ketosis. As luck would have it, we
started working together during the holiday period,
when intermittent fasting and the freedom of
choices that come with it was the absolute perfect
choice, given the culinary temptation that abounds during that time, that abounds during the holiday season. So using intermittent fasting
during the last five weeks, I would have been absolutely
happy had she simply maintained her weight and didn’t go backwards by adding fats during that time. Incredibly, not only did she do just that, but she actually lost a total of 13 pounds over that duration, averaging
2.6 pounds lost per week. Even more impressive is the
fact that thanks to her ability to stick to the fasting hours,
minimal daily protein intake, and maximum daily calorie
intake goals that I gave her on a weekly basis, 11.5
pounds of that 13 pounds down, a significant 88% was
due to pure fat loss, leading to a total of
1.3 inches off her waist, one inch off her stomach, and 1.5 inches off her hips in the last five weeks. I am so proud of you. – Thank you. (hands slapping) – Way to stick to the plan. With that being said, this week we started an entirely new protocol. On Monday, so not exactly a week ago, but five days ago instead, she
started the ketogenic diet. My goal I set for her, or my goals rather, that I set for her were 140
grams of protein per day, 217 grams of fats, and 30 grams of carbs, totaling to a 21%, 74%,
and 5% ratio, respectively. I paired that with a
daily calorie intake goal of just over 2,600 calories, 15% deficit. And kind of restrained all of that to an eight hour window of eating. It’s been almost a week of that, so let’s check in with her experiences. So with that being said,
TT, how has week six, one week of keto been
from a nutritional aspect and kind of just keto aspect? (sighing) – No, I’m playin’. It was not as bad as I
thought it was gonna be. I did try keto back in,
last year, so 2018, March. Tried it, did not have
a bunch of direction. I didn’t do enough research,
it was very willy nilly. This time around, it was
the complete opposite. Given I have you, I have my sister who is also doin’ it with me. The mindset it much different. And so still doin’ research. I mean, you can never do enough research when it comes to you
and tryin’ to figure out how your body is going to work
under certain constraints. But it wasn’t bad, I made
sure my food was cooked. My workouts were still the same. I made sure I drank enough water, which I try to do anyways,
so that part didn’t change. Really the only thing that changed was the amount of carbs I ate. I had a couple temptations, ’cause I was craving gummy bears, but I didn’t do it, I did not do it. So the only thing that I missed was just wanting to eat
sweets, but other than that, we figured out ways to make desserts that kind of craved whatever
I was feeling at that moment. I feel my first week went great. I didn’t feel any different in the gym. – We’ll talk about that. – Yeah, so… Like I said, I felt good,
I have no complaints really about starting the keto diet, lifestyle. – So you mentioned water. – Yes. – And how much water you’ve
been drinking everyday. How much water do you drink everyday? – A hundred and… 40 something ounces everyday or more. Usually more, but minimum that. – Which I can’t do the
math immediately like that, but that’s over a gallon of water a day. – Yes, a gallon. – With that being said,
especially on keto, I’ve said this, I think in a prior video, that on every diet water
intake is important, but especially on keto
I would encourage you, if you were to try it, to
find out the bare minimum of water that you should
be taking in everyday given your activity level
and stick to that number. The reason why is because
you will lose a lot of water, especially on week one of keto. As you burn through your glycogen supply, mostly in your liver, some intramuscular, you will lose water, you
lose essentially three grams of water for every one
gram of carb that you burn during the time that you’re in keto. So as you’re kind of continuing to burn through all the carbs that you have, because all of us have a lot
of stored carbs in our liver and in our muscle, it’s
stored as glycogen. So water intake is crucial
because if you’re not taking in enough water, not only
will you be dehydrated, yeah, you’ll have more
significant weight loss, but it’s the most unhealthy weight loss, it’s not sustainable. Everything that we do,
everything that I’m trying to do with TT has been with a
mindset of sustainability. The best diet that anyone can be on is the diet that you can sustain, it’s the diet that you
can actually keep doing instead of dropping off. So please be sure to drink
enough water if you try keto. – Yes. I say if you try anything. – For sure. – Yes, important. – So kind of goin’ into her
experiences over the last week, there are certain things on keto that I think people should be aware of, so I’m just gonna ask and
we’ll see how she answers. Let’s talk about poop. – Ha, poop’s here! Poop! No, just kiddin’. – How is your bowel movement
frequency, your regime changed in the five days that you’ve been on keto? – I don’t like this. Only thing, it’s slowed
down, I’m very regular. So before I had a schedule,
just my body did it naturally and so that’s what I was used to. And now it’s sporadic. I don’t feel bloated at
all or anything like that. Just doesn’t come when I want it to. ‘Cause that’s what I was used to. And the time worked with me bein’ at work or me at home, or whatever. And now it’s kind of like,
Oh, well I’m just gonna come right now because that’s
just what I wanna do. And I don’t like that, but it’s okay. As long as it comes,
I still poop everyday. – Right. – And I feel relieved afterwards. I don’t feel stuck, nothing feels stuck or anything like that, but
it’s just not what I’m used to. – So you won’t necessarily
get constipated on keto, but you will definitely,
your bowel movement regime will change, will slow down. And it makes sense if you think about it from a carbohydrate standpoint
that as you kind of decrease the amount of insoluble
fiber that you’re taking in, your colonic transport will slow down. And that’s normal, it’ll
still come, give it time and you’ll still be losing
weight during that time, it’s just that you can’t depend on a whole bunch of weight
loss from going number two. – Not once. – So that’s fine. It shouldn’t be an issue. Okay, so how about a
lot of people are wary about decreasing their carbs
and having enough energy. How did you feel from
an energy standpoint? – Energywise, nothin’s changed. I still get the same amount of sleep, which is like five to
six to maybe seven hours depending on what time I go to bed. I still wake up early, I’m
still like, you gotta wake up, but once I’m up, I’m up. So nothin’ has changed for my energy. – Anything moodwise? – Friday or whatever, Friday was rough. I just think that it was
because my sleep was restless. That’s the only thing, but
in me trying to pay attention to my body now, more so than I was before, it could be a keto thing, but
I’m pretty sure I’ve missed the whole keto flu or whatever
the case may have been. It could have just been a rough night, and that’s what I’m gonna equate that to because every other night
before that and today, I’ve felt great and I still feel great. My energy level has not
changed throughout the day. It ain’t gonna spike
and then I’m like, ugh. It’s been the same everyday but yesterday. – So she mentioned that she
did not feel the keto flu. One thing that I thought
was absolutely paramount to when I was coaching TT
through the plan of the week was to avoid the keto flu. The main precipitant of the keto flu is exactly what I was bringing
up earlier, fluid losses. When you’re losing that much water, it changes the electrolyte
balance in your body entirely, of every cation and
every anion in our body. So that the best way to
keep that under control and not have the keto flu when
you try it is to make sure you’re drinking enough water. TT knows for a fact, because
I’ve given her the number, that she should be taking in at the very least 140
fluid ounces of hydration. And I don’t say water because
everything that we drink that’s a liquid has water, so
she’s essentially accounting for everything that she drinks, and it has to hit that
bare minimum everyday. But as long as that’s
happening, she’s maintaining relatively stable
electrolytes in her body. She’s paring that with something
else I’ve asked her to do, which is to use pink
Himalayan salt liberally. Not regular table salt,
specifically pink Himalayan salt. She chooses to do in a
different way that many people. Many people choose to
just salt their foods. How do you do it? – I do salt my foods, we
season our foods here. I drink my water in three spurts, usually morning, but
whatever, it’s at least three. I have a 48 ounce water bottle and the first one, regular water. The second one, which is
usually when I’m at work, I will put some of the
pink Himalayan salt, which I carry in my
purse, put some of that in my water and drink it that way. And then my last water
bottle is just regular. And so that’s how I do
it, ’cause I don’t wanna change the way my food tastes,
that was the whole thing. I’d rather just drink it my water. The first day I tasted
it, and then after that, it was whatever, I guess
maybe I got used to it. I’d rather not mess up my flavorings in my food and just add it to some water. So that’s how I did it. – Okay, so over this last week, any new experiences at the gym? I guess first thing we can
hit is just you mentioned that your energy level throughout the day, I’m gonna imagine here,
not including the gym, is relatively stable, would you say it’s the same at the gym? – Mm hmm. Only besides yesterday. I still worked out. I wasn’t feeling it, but I still did it. – Right. – I still got a good burn on it, so I was pretty happy with that. But other than that,
everyday was kind of normal. I can’t complain, wasn’t anymore achey. Actually wasn’t sore that much this week. Everything was just normal as opposed to, not as opposed to, but being in the gym. Nothing pretty much has changed. – So TT, any new PRs at the
gym this week weight wise? Or movement wise? – Yes. Unintentionally I miscounted, so we had to do one set of dead lifts for 20 reps as heavy as possible. And for this particular day,
you had to do the workout of the day first, then the dead lifts. Well the workout was 40 double unders, 10 handstand pushups,
kipping handstand pushups, and 10 dead lifts at 115 pounds. So we did that and I finished. I did not give myself pretty
much any chance to rest. So I went straight from the 10
dead lifts into my first set, my warm up set of the 20 dead lifts. Which was at 225 pounds right off the bat. – For women, 225? – No, that was like the
warm up weight that I chose. – Understood. – Because a friend of
mine had that on his bar. Which was funny because
that was his one set of 20. – Oh, so his working
set was her warm up set. – Yes. Which we joked about, it was really funny. I was like, How much is that on the bar? That’s what I’m gonna start off at. (knuckles cracking) So then I did that. (mouth popping) Walked around a little bit. And I was like, I think I’m
gonna just add 15 on the side. So I did it, put a
weight on and I started. And I guess I kept going,
I miscounted in my head. Which was never hard, like I said, I did not give myself a
rest between the workout and me actually starting with the lifts. And that was probably a mistake, but I still hit it, so whatever. Ended up doing 255, 255 pounds
for 22 reps instead of 20. I was just gonna start like this because I had my coach here. All right, good job, and I’m still goin’. I’m still goin’ and he’s
like, as I’m done he’s like, Well, that was a good 22 rep. I was like, huh? I was kind of delirious,
that took a lot out of me. Afterwards I was like, oh, okay, I was probably pushin’
a little too hard there, which I probably feel like I could of did like maybe 260 pounds, 265. But that’s just me competing with myself. But that was rough, it was rough, it felt good to do it and
to have done two more reps, but I was definitely taxed after that. Feels great, I like to lift heavy weights. That’s all I can say. That was the biggest
thing this week, was that. ‘Cause I knew the week before we did 18 and I did that at 225, that felt too easy. That’s what made me do 255. ‘Cause I was like, Ah, two more reps, which ended up bein’ four more reps, I can do a little bit more than I did. So, I did it and that was that. – I’m not surprised, I’m
sure you’re not either. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe, and turn on notifications. Additionally, leave me comments with what you’d like to see
in future videos and feedback with both what you like and
dislike about this video. We are at week six results. – Duh duh duh! – So, TT lost 3.6 pounds of body weight and 4.2 pounds of fat mass
since last week at this time. I know that doesn’t make
sense, but if you realize that she also put on
half a pound of lean mass during that time, then it
makes sense why she would lose less body weight than she did fat mass. She’s lost 1% body fat over the last week. She’s lost 0.5 inches off her waist, 0.6 inches off her stomach, 0.9 inches off of her hips since week five. In totality, since we’ve
started working together, she’s lost 16.5 pounds
of total body weight, 15.5 pounds of that being fat, purely fat. She’s lost 3.3% body fat. She’s down, since we’ve
started working together, she’s down 1.8 inches off of her waist, 1.6 inches off of her stomach, and 2.4 inches off of her hips. (laughing) Great job, TT, I’m proud of you. This video is sponsored by
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description below this video. – This is rough. – Question. – Yes. – Has anyone close or not
close been noticing things? – Yes, so my mother… We had went about five days since we had both seen each other and I went into the house
and she was behind me, so I’m runnin in ’cause it’s cold outside. And she goes, okay, look, first, let me preface this before I say it. Me and my family have a running
joke with the term skinny. I, for one, don’t want
to be necessarily skinny, given that I was a little
house when I was bigger. We were like, ooooh, you skinny. Okay, I see you comin’, okay. So let me preface that. So I’m runnin’ in and I
have really tight pants on. She’s like, just watchin’ me. It’s cold outside, so I’m just goin’. Tam, you lookin’ real skinny. And I said, Thank you, I know, it’s been a long time
since you have seen me. – ‘Cause it had been how long? – It had been, she hadn’t seen
me since met starting keto. Somebody else in the
gym said the same thing, whereas she sees me everyday just about. And I am super close to hitting
my hundred pound down mark. And she didn’t realize, she
didn’t know how close I was. And we’re postin’ on Facebook, whatever. And she was like, you know,
I guess you are, it is, now that I hear the number,
you have lost a lot of weight. I’m really startin’ to see it now. Clothes are fitting differently. I fit into a small pair
of workout pants today. So stuff is definitely changing. – That’s awesome. – Very, very much. It’s kind of weird, I
told you all the time. I think it’s weird because as an adult, I have never been this small. Last time I was 248 pounds,
I was in middle school. More probably between
sixth and seventh grade. So I was what, between the
ages of 11 to 12, maybe 13. I was probably like 13 when
I was around this weight. So that’s over 12 years ago. So it’s kind of weird. And they’ll go, How do you feel? I don’t know how I feel yet. I don’t think I will know how to feel until I get to my end goal weight, which is anywhere between
210, 215, whatever. But now, I don’t know. She’s getting used to it
like everybody else is. – Nice. Well, I’m not done coaching
TT through this and she is definitely with no end in
sight for her motivation. – Oh no. – So with that being
said, I’m very excited to continue on this journey with her. We will keep you guys up to
date with week by week changes and definitely be sure to leave a comment on this YouTube video cheering TT on. You can reach TT on Instagram at… – Tt2strong. Two Ts, the number two,
the word strong, boom. – Boom indeed. Until next time, thank you
for tuning in for another week and we’ll check back in next week. – Bye!` (static effect)

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