KETO DIET MOTIVATION | BEGINNING KETO DIET | Staying keto through the holidays

KETO DIET MOTIVATION | BEGINNING KETO DIET | Staying keto through the holidays

good morning guys a welcome back vlogamas day 15 we’re over halfway there almost a Christmas and if you’re
anything like me these temptations are starting to inch
their way in and I mean it’s just it’s what happens around the holidays but I’m
here to help you stay motivated and to keep you focused on your journey on your
keto journey because honestly if you cave in now you are gonna feel like crap
over Christmas and you don’t want to start that vicious cycle of just like
binge eating on carbs then let’s clean it up for a few days binging or more
carbs like it’s bad so you need to stay focused keep your eye on the prize which
is to look good on the holidays for Christmas and New Year’s and just
honestly the reason why I do the keto diet is because I feel good on it I feel
like crap wanna eat carbs and I eat bread and and all those sweets and
sugars like my energy plummets you know my waistline increases but it’s mostly
like for me it’s about the energy and the fact that I my stomach hurts I feel
nauseous like you just feel gross you do not feel
a hundred percent like you’re on a percent version of yourself so today I
just want to help you guys push you to stay motivated to continue on with this
journey because you can do it I can do it you can do it sometimes they can’t do
it but most the time I can first things first there’s a lot of
yummy yummy goodies out there right now for holidays there’s the candies and the
cookies and the fudge and the fun like hot chocolates and eggnog there’s all of
that stuff out there and it’s so tempting it everybody’s bringing these
trays at work and people are coming over and giving you boxes of chocolate as
like a Christmas present and it’s so tempting to cave in but that’s okay I
mean you don’t you don’t need to it’s okay that they do that it’s nice do they
do that but you can politely say no or no thank you or give it to somebody else
and if you find that those cravings or just started really starting to eat at
you like you really really need to have a cookie or a piece of fudge your first
thing that you should do is well distract yourself sometimes when you
stay busy that gets that that thought out of your head but also then go home
and make it if you just like if you can’t get it out of your head that you
really really want like some sort of a pumpkin scone or or a piece of fudge
then go home and find a recipe for a keto version and make it then you’ll
find that that temptation is gone that craving is gone you can move on with
your life through high fat life and everything’s good one of the best ways
that I find I keep myself motivated is I go on Instagram and I look at all of
those those accounts of the people that have lost a ton of weight or have just
completely transformed their life for the better where they just have all this
energy and they they feel great they have no autoimmune disease issues going
on any more or less of them and I I read those I read there I look at their
pictures or read their stories and or listened to their stories and I find
them so motivating that helps keep me back on track too I’ll leave a link
below of some my favorite keto people that I find inspirational and and keep
me keep me going keep me motivated when it gets a little
a little tough and my last tip I feel like the holidays are so centered around
food all the time it’s about having people over for a party and you eat or
you are making gingerbread cookies with your kids or a gingerbread house or
you’re going out for a hot chocolate or anything like that like it’s all
centered around food in the holidays and it’s you can turn that around you don’t
have to always be doing something that centered around food you can go take a
drive and look at Christmas lights or go and sing your favorite Christmas songs
in the car at the top of your lungs or do it at home or go caroling I would
never ever do that because I don’t really have a voice I don’t have a very
good voice singing voice very measly so do something different that maybe you go
see some Nutcracker ballet or go they have a lot of holiday bazaars around
this time to go go look at those go go make a craft make a Christmas DIY crafts
something that doesn’t involve food and so just keep busy that way you can still
enjoy the holidays without having to gorge yourself in in holiday foods and
fare there’s tons of community events around
this time of year of either nativity scenes that you can see Christmas tree
cutting Christmas tree lighting there’s lots of different Christmas events that
your community or your town might be hosting that you and your family and
friends can go partake in that don’t necessarily involve a huge feast or
indulging in tons of treats and goodies so I highly encourage that you guys go
look into something like that this time of year I hope you guys don’t it’s
helpful on staying motivated I know I struggle everybody struggles from time
to time and and that’s okay especially this time of year is is a time when a
lot of people fall off the diet and it’s okay if you fall off just get back on
you know tomorrow’s always a new day just don’t repeat that cycle day after
day or you know you could always just say hey
I’m waiting to start on the new year you could but you could also feel miserable
Christmas morning – with this huge belly of inflammation and you’re tired and you
don’t have the energy that plugs your kids are put together their toys you
know it’s it’s a way you could go or just keep going keep going with keto
because you’ll you’ll love it you should love it if you’re doing it right now
happy holidays guys enjoy

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  1. Great video! When you get a moment, please check out my videos on my channel. My channel focuses on RV life, health, education, and living a ketogenic lifestyle! I will subscribe to your channel if you will subscribe to mine. I hope you like what you see.

  2. This came at a great time. Work goodies are killing me! They are everywhere. I gave in yesterday & today, & I came home
    feeling terrible. I meal prepped for the rest of the week. I need to reel it back in.
    Thanks for your advice 🙂

  3. Just found your channel. I've been on Keto several months now, having a successful journey & your content looks amazing! Can't wait to binge your videos. Shelly's Home Life channel sent me here!

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