Keto Diet: Sex Based Differences | Dr. Robert Silverman

– Hi everybody, Dr. Rob Silverman here, Amazon
Best Selling Author, Inside-Out Health. Some new articles, new literature, new research
on the ketogenic diet. Now, before I start, I am a ketogenic diet
proponent. I like it. I use it in many of my patients. It’s one of my main go to diets, so all you
who are doing it, continue to do it. All of you who are thinking about doing it,
hear what I have to say, and let me tell you what the literature says, let me show you
some great options. The ketogenic diet, there are some sex based
differences. When they study both male and female mice,
believe it or not they did it with mice, and they put each set of the males and females
on a ketogenic diet, which is 75% fat, 20% protein, and it was actually only about 3%
carbohydrates, were as they did a standard American diet, or more standard diet, they
found out that the men did better than the female, or the males did better than the female
mice. Some of the women had a lot of trouble loosing
weight. That doesn’t mean every women will have trouble
loosing weight. We know there are a lot of stars doing it. Let me tell you why, and then let me tell
you what to do. So, number one was, they found the male mice
actually lost weight and blood sugar went down, and the female mice on the ketogenic
diet actually gained weight and blood sugar went up. That’s clearly not what you wanna do on a
lifestyle change in a ketogenic diet. With that being said, they theorize that,
well, why did the female mice have this problem and the male mice don’t? Well, what they did was, they took their ovaries
out, so that decreased estrogen, so beep, beep, beep, estrogen is a player in most women. Especially, women from the ages of approximately
12, 13 to about 50. They have elevated estrogen, childbearing
years and all that. So, when they took out the ovaries and estrogen
dropped they found out that the female mice did fantastic on the ketogenic diet, and they
did much better than the standard diet. So, right away you know if you’re a female
that’s 50 or more, or a male, you don’t have to do anything you just go for ketogenic diet,
go into ketosis, and you’re gonna get the bang for the buck. Those who are in that range of 15 to 50, may
or may not respond as quick just by using the ketogenic diet. However, what we found with some of the women
that were a little bit more stubborn in loosing weight and changing their body composition,
here’s the real take away, we detoxed them during the ketogenic, before and slightly
after, we did an estrogen detox, estrogen is detoxed in the liver. It is maybe the number one hormone that is
detoxed in the liver. When we did that we found out that women were
doing fabulously, as equal to their male counterparts, from age 15 to 50. So, if you’ve tried the keto, and you’re a
female from 15 to 50, and it hasn’t really worked, give me a call, and let me explain
to you how to detox. Let’s have this conversation that keto is
a player, we just have to understand that the keto’s a little different, in that there’s
some sex differences, and within the female sex the age difference is because of a hormone
estrogen. to really individualize the proper diet, and
to make that diet work more for you. The ketogenic diet is great for weight loss. The ketogenic diet is great for blood sugar. Ketogenic diet, without question, is the best
for neurodegenerative disease. Mediterranean diet is also quite good. So, it’s just a question of picking what’s
right for you, and making sure that you’re genetic potential is optimized through proper
functional nutrition of functional medicine by seeing someone. I hope this was helpful, if you guys have
any questions on keto, or any questions female and the keto, keto for athletics performance,
feel free to reach out to me.

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