hey guys welcome to my channel and
welcome to day 12 of 30 days Keto summer transformation challenge it’s
about one o’clock so I’m ready to break my fast and make some lunch and today
i’ll be doing fat head doe keto pizza I’m preheating the oven for 425 degree
Fahrenheit and I’m gonna start making the dough
I need hundred 70 grams of mozzarella cheese then I have 85 grams of almond
flour 2 tablespoons of cream cheese 1 egg and some salt and I’m gonna start
with heating up this mozzarella for about 1 minute on high in the microwave
after a minute I’m gonna pull the mozzarella out mix it up and I’m gonna
now slowly cook it for about 10 seconds each time until it’s completely melted
now it’s completely melted so I’m gonna go ahead and add my almond flour in and
my 2 tablespoons of room-temperature cream cheese and working in now I’m
gonna add some salt and because it’s pizza I’m gonna add some oregano leaves
as well and the last thing crack one egg and mix it all up so now when it’s done
what we’re gonna do we’re gonna take a 1 piece of parchment paper and I don’t
want on top and using my pin roller we’re gonna roll it up until it’s thin
like to our liking so this is how it looks like and now we
gonna bake it for about 12 to 15 minutes in the oven on its own while the pizzas in the oven cooking I
made some little side salad the pizza has pretty lot of calories so I wanna
have some salad to go with it that I can have maybe just one slice we get some
pepperoni here some bell peppers some mushrooms this marinara sauce and I’m
gonna add in the marinara sauce some garlic as well all right so I have all the toppings on
and I’m gonna bake it for another five to seven minutes hey it’s all done so we’re gonna let it
cool down for a second and we’re ready to dig in we get some afternoon treats
some iced coffee with a little whipping cream I mean it’s time for a little
snack so I was not feeling really hungry so I’m just gonna have a little Brie
I already throw out the packaging but this is the Brie I’m having it’s from
all these and I’m gonna measure 2 ounces of that and wrap he already went to town
but he had an egg and a little hard salami so I guess it was a one serving
but who knows he already like smell of it very hungry if you watched yesterday
a black you could have seen me finally tried this a pink keto drink at
Starbucks we did really love it so we decided to find a way how to make it
affordable and do it at home so we ran into Walmart and we picked up this
Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup I’m so excited
I bought some raspberry tea so I’m bringing it tea and I’m gonna make this
keto pink drink at home it’s 7:30 so it’s time to start the dinner so I have
the marinated chicken I’m just gonna make something to go with it so here’s
my chicken it’s been marinating for a couple of hours then I have a zucchini I
just sprayed it with some olive oil and I’m gonna put some salt and pepper on it
and if you watched my video from yesterday I made this amazing Marc
potato salad using cauliflower so we’re gonna just use the leftovers sometimes they the rain did not stop us
there is the dinner it was really good a grilled piece of meat and some girls
budgetable is the easiest simply as dinner you can ever have and it never
lets you down it’s just always good there is nothing to do wrong with it
we’re gonna clean up the dishes and as I said for today’s snack I’m gonna make
this or try to make this your pink drink so we’ll gonna see how that’s gonna end
up the most important part of this kiddo
pink drink if you like it sweet is this vanilla sugar-free syrup we get it at
Walmart and this is the Starbucks brand taste test hmm it is very similar okay
guys it’s time to wrap up today’s video so let’s do the one important thing they
twelve is done thank you guys so much for watching today’s video I hope you
find some inspiration and that you do enjoy the daily blocks if you do so
please give it a thumbs up I do appreciate it very much and don’t forget
to subscribe because I’m gonna be back tomorrow good night you


  1. I prefer the Fathead pizza dough over the chicken crust pizza, but neither of them satisfies my craving for real pizza so that's the one thing I give in to about once every month or two depending on if I can't take it anymore or not. Your Starbuck's knockoff looked good. Someone said they found the passion tango (tazo?) tea somewhere but can't remember where maybe Target?

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