Keto Dinner Recipe: Creamy Lemon Chicken Thighs

Keto Dinner Recipe: Creamy Lemon Chicken Thighs

(light music) – Hey guys, today on
Low Carb with Jennifer, we are going to make this creamy Lemon Butter Chicken using chicken thighs. You can find the recipe link
in the description below or you can go to and search for chicken thighs. Okay guys, we are going to get started on this creamy lemon butter chicken. It’s going to be some chicken thighs and we’re going to season them and get ’em nice and crispy skin and
then make a nice, yummy sauce so first I want to, the
most important we want to do is season these on both
sides with salt and pepper, and I’ve got my skillet on and
I’m getting it good and hot so it will crisp up the skin. (bowl clinking) There’s some salt, there’s some pepper, (mill grinding) (mill banging) and I’m also going to use smoked paprika and I love using smoked paprika. It just is smoky. It just tastes really good and if you can find it
in the grocery store. It’s pretty easy to find now. Actually you can find it
at most grocery stores, but I would pick that
over regular old paprika. So I’m going to put some
avocado oil in this skillet. It’s nice and hot, (bottle banging) and then we’re going to
flip the chicken thighs skin side down and start cooking, (sizzling) (beeping) and now we can season the other side with salt and pepper and smoked paprika, (bowl banging) (mill banging) and so now we’re just going to let these cook until the skin’s crispy, then we’re going to flip them
over and brown the other side, and then we can remove them
from the pan and make our sauce. Okay, our two minutes, nice
and crispy chicken skin, so I’m going to remove it
from the skillet onto a plate, (sizzling) and then we can make the sauce. (plate banging) I also want to remove
this grease from the pan. You can just, you don’t
need all that grease. (beeping) Okay, for our sauce we’re going to add some butter and let that melt. As we make the sauce, we’re going to want to scrape all these little brown bits from the bottom of the pan and add in some garlic and
let that cook with the butter. (scraping) We’re just going to start
scraping all that up. (scraping) We don’t want our garlic to burn, so let’s add in our other ingredients. We have some cream cheese. That’s going to make our
sauce nice and creamy. (scraping) I love these easy one-pan
meals, one-skillet meals, and I have a few of the
other ones on my blog. You should go check them out. I really love easy, this
one’s not my 30 minutes, but I really love 30-minute meals. (beeping) They’re just so easy to put together. Usually they only have
one skillet or one pan. You just throw ’em in the
skillet or in the oven (tapping) and then dinner is ready. (scraping) Makes it a lot easier to get dinner going on a busy weeknight. We’ve got our cream cheese melted and then we add in our thyme and I’m going to go ahead
and add in the lemon juice. (juicer snapping) I’m going to use this handy dandy, handy dandy lemon press if
my lemon’ll fit in there. (lemon squishing) Oops. (lemon squishing) Okay. (scraping) Get that going, we got
some parmesan cheese. Let’s see how thick this is. I’ve got a cup of chicken broth here, but I’m probably not
going to use all of it. (scraping) We’ll see. We’ve got our sauce nice and thick, and now we can add in, we’ll
add half of this chicken broth. (scraping) There’s nothing like a good sauce. (scraping) You can really smell that thyme. That lemon juice smells so good. We’re going to let this come up to a boil, (beeping) or a simmer, then all this
cream cheese is going to melt, (scraping) and then we can add our chicken back to the pan and put it in the oven. Almost forgot we got to put
in our frozen chopped spinach. You could use fresh chopped
spinach if you wanted to, but I like to use frozen. Ooh, that is looking good and
that spinach instantly thaws. It’s looking really good. I’m going to add the rest of this
chicken broth, might as well. (cup tapping) It was getting nice and thick and since it’s going to cook in the oven it’s going to continue to get
even more thick, so why not. Let’s get a little thicker, and then we’ll add in the chicken. Okay, that sauce is looking amazing, so we’re going to add our
chicken back to the skillet, (beeping) and now, we’re going to bake this in a 400 degree oven for about 25 minutes. Of course, you want to check your chicken with a thermometer, make sure it gets to
165 degrees Fahrenheit. Okay, our chicken is out of the oven and it looks amazing so I’m
going to put some on this plate and a little bit of this sauce on top and then I’m going to cut into it so you can see how juicy
and perfect this chicken is. Oh, look at that, that is perfect, but sorry, I can’t take a bite. I’m intermittent fasting for real. (giggling) I hope you love this video. Thank you so much for watching. You can find the link to the recipe in the description below. Just click the link and it
will take you to the recipe, and then you can print it
and make this delicious creamy lemon butter chicken on any weeknight for your family, and I will see you guys later. Bye.

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