Keto Families for Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Autism and more

Keto Families for Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Autism and more

hi guys I’m so glad you’re here I’m
super excited to get started first of all I’d like to see who all is here let
let me know in the cat box if you can hear me and let me know where you’re
from and any questions that you have are kind of what brought you to learn about
the kyudo genic diet I am so excited to share this with you in my take on the
ketogenic diet is a little different than most mainstream stuff but I feel
like it really resonates with a lot of what people need right now and is that
is the I do keto primarily for mental health benefits so that’s what I’m going
to talk about at first I can see you guys come in in it’s it’s nice to see
you glad you’re here got from Canada Alaska Florida even
you’re up late thanks thanks for coming so first I want to talk about mental
health on keto and so this is something that I’ve found a lot of people as I’ve
been researching the ketogenic diet because I know it works for me and I
kind of wanted to learn more about whether it’s just me or if it’s
something that is actually kind of universally true and both my daughter
and I use keto for the brain health benefits and kind of in looking in the
keto discussion forums and the Facebook groups and like other other websites
that are devoted to the ketogenic diet a lot of people this is like a secondary
characteristic of keto is that they go on it to lose weight and keto is really
effective for losing weight which we’ll talk about in a minute and we’ll
actually also talk about how you can avoid losing too much weight if you
don’t want to lose weight on keto especially for kids because we’re gonna
go into how to do keto for kids in this as well and we obviously want them to
grow we don’t want them to lose anyways a lot of people will take or start the
ketogenic diet because they need to lose weight like quite a bit of weight or
sometimes they just want to tone up and it’s something that it’s a little bit
trendy right now and so people are doing it and then it’s kind of they’ll go on
it in a week later they’re like I’m so happy and with keto and we’ll talk about
this later um later as well but with keto you do get an initial and an
initial kind of whoosh or you lose a bunch of water weight and so seeing if
you’re trying to lose weight and you see an immediate seven or eight pound loss
on the scale like three days and the ketogenic diet that is just
water weight but it’s also kind of mentally boosting it’s like oh well this
is working super well this is great and so I think a lot of people at first
attribute their better mood and less anxiety and less depression and more
energy to that initial weight loss of just having that kind of quick win of
losing 510 pounds for adults but then as they go on a lot
of people decide even if I’m at my goal weight I feel so good on this and I’m
off of my anxiety meds I don’t feel depressed in the morning I
am like excited to start the day that they choose to do keto forever and this
is something that I want to talk about because I feel like it’s not really
pushed often there are definitely I’ve since I’ve been doing research there are
addiction treatment facilities that use the ketogenic diet to help people get
off not only alcohol but also like opioids there are different
psychologists that will encourage people to try the ketogenic diet for anxiety
depression post-traumatic stress disorder and there are actually let me
scare to share my screen with you tons of studies and this is what was so
exciting to me as I’ve been told by so many doctors for so long that what your
food what you eat especially for my daughter what she eats is gonna have
nothing to do with her brain function and then they kind of even more sad than
that is I will make huge progress with her like she lost her autism diagnosis
and they’re just like they don’t understand it and so they discount it
which can be so frustrating and so I’ve kind of felt belittled by the medical
profession for using food to substantially increase our quality of
life so being able to see all of these let me see if I can get over and share
my screen with you to see all of these studies you just type in this is PubMed
its remit said gov it’s by the government it’s not like this is some
quack site these are all peer-reviewed medical journals so ketogenic diet and
then of course like first we have weight loss and then it goes to cancer diabetes
epilepsy which is really where most of us know or most the medical profession
knows about the ketogenic diet for epilepsy which is kind of why
I think doctors aren’t thrilled about me doing it for my kid because in their
mind like unless she’s having 100 seizures a day what she doesn’t have any
I shouldn’t be doing the ketogenic diet with her but you can even do like
ketogenic diet anxiety yeah a lot of these are gonna be with mice and rats
but they’re lab rats like they know and there’s a didi down here they have done
tons of studies and this is something that the medical profession is looking
into which is so exciting and I’m not sure if you know but anxiety is
something that is one of the biggest health problems actually in the United
States is they say about 1 in 10 people suffers from anxiety to the point where
it impacts their quality of life and this is really what I’m after is to
improve everyone’s quality of life and so the ketogenic diet is something that
I’ve even seen people that have gone on keto for a couple years to lose weight
and even coming off of keto it’s like the ketones that we’re gonna discuss
ketones in a little bit so it’s kind of the more technical aspect with the
ketones that are produced from running your brain on fat and not running your
brain on carbohydrates anymore are what actually can heal your brain and they
don’t even really know how this mechanism works they know it does work
though they know that like there’s studies like we just I just showed you
that for the ketogenic diet when you are on it there they even put this is all in
lab rats but they’re studying how it works with traumatic brain injury and
post-traumatic stress disorder which if you look I have an article a couple
weeks back about it’s a big long article about how a traumatic brain injury and
post-traumatic stress disorder kind of go hand in hand where people that are
subject to trauma even if it’s psychological trauma have a similar like
chemical profile in their brain and how their brain structure changes to people
that have had like multiple concussions or like have taken severe Falls or been
in the military like active duty and had like definite brain injury and that that
can kind of mirror each other and real what helps when helps a lot of the times
will also help the other so that’s something that’s super exciting that
they are doing research in this but while it’s more mainstream to do it for
weight loss ketogenic diet a lot of us that need mental health help which is
also me I tend to not be super open about it’s not something that you want
to really put public on the internet but I struggle with anxiety depression which
is all kind of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder we are
domestic violence survivors and thankfully we survived but with that
history a pretty severe trauma came my my brain just doesn’t work how it does
which is why I’m so passionate not only to help myself and include or to make my
family life as healthy as it can be but also to help other families which you
might not have a history of trauma like that but sadly there’s so much trauma
that goes on in childhood just so much stuff can slip under the radar that can
really still affect you as an adult that that there is something that you can do
to help and for me right now this is the ketogenic diet and from what I’ve talked
to you with other people with similar things the ketogenic diet is really
helpful for I’d probably say about 80 to 90 percent of people that have a history
of trauma that you just start feeling good and if you look in those reports
they’re kind of attributing they’re not really sure why this works but they
attribute it to the ketones that are in your brain can not only heal that injury
which even if it’s psychological it is a physical injury because the chemical
response in your brain has changed in your brain wiring has changed so it can
kind of heal that injury and also it kind of gives you a my if they call it
like a mild sense of euphoria which is common after a concussion or after you
leave a traumatic situation is you have that mild sense of euphoria and then the
ketogenic diet just in general is supposed to contribute to that which is
why they’re using it in addiction recovery as well is there showing that
people that are on the ketogenic diet can recover from alcohol and like opioid
and other hard drug addictions really successfully with this so and is that my
mental health on keto and I’m going to go ahead and move along I could probably
do a whole webinar just on the mental health aspects but I just kind of wanted
to touch on that first because so many people
are struggling want help and then we’re gonna go into this in a second but one
of the ways they’re reasons that Kido works so well for the mental health
people is because within three days when you’re in ketosis you do get that mild
euphoria as they talked about and so that just really encourages you to keep
going on you get the energy boost you just feel good within a couple days and
so it’s not like it’s something that you have to like take a mega threes like
fish oil is supposed to be good for traumatic brain injury as well but you
usually you don’t see that kind of benefit it’s good to take long term but
it’s not something you’re going to see those immediate drastic benefits that
are so good feeling and kind of help you feel like a normal good person again so
next we’re going to talk about what makes you or what is the keto diet and
how is it different than paleo what is being in ketosis how you get in ketosis
and so you get in ketosis by limiting your carbs and this is where you have to
be pretty strict and this is a turn-off for a lot of people in the real food
movement because we don’t like to count calories we don’t like to count carbs we
don’t want to count we don’t want like back when we were hunter-gatherers or
whatever there were not nutrient labels on our packaging and so those of us in
the real food movement tend to shy away from any kind of counting or logging or
something like that but that effort um so this is where this is a healing
protocol and you do need to count you do need to like look at the nutrition facts
on your food and if you have a question you need to look it up and you can’t
really BS yourself like you can’t everyone has their own different limit
of carbs and I found that my family were good at like 35 maybe even up to 50 once
we’ve been fat adapted and we’re doing quite a bit of exercise further on but
down when you’re first starting the ketogenic diet you want to keep your
carb count below 30 and that 30 grams of carbohydrates a day and so this is like
there’s even and those are net carbs so you get to subtract out the fiber but
this is something that is kind of a turn-off for most people but you just
you see the benefits so quickly and so that’s what makes me be in ketosis is
once you have kept your carbohydrate count and most people their carbohydrate
intake is probably 150 to 300 grams of carbohydrates a day so going down all
the way thirty is like there’s like one gram of
carbohydrate in each egg there’s one gram usually in an ounce or two ounces
of cheese there’s one net gram of carbs in a lot of green leafy vegetables like
a big bowl of them and so they can add up pretty quickly you’ll get up to that
number fairly quickly even eating food that like you would think has no carbs
like you don’t think of it as a carbohydrate rich food so you have to
cut out all fruit and this is where it differs from paleo you have to cut out
all fruit and all sweeteners other than the like no calorie sweeteners like monk
fruit and stevia to be in ketosis and so to get into ketosis your body what it
does is it takes first of all all of the glucose that’s already in your
bloodstream and it uses all of that up and then you have glycogen in your
muscles and a near liver and so it’s got to use that up as well and so for most
people it’ll take you even if you’re eating that below 20 or below 30 grams
of carbs a day it’ll still take you about three days to get into ketosis for
most adults really active kids I just did this with my four-year-old for the
first time and it only took him about 24 hours to get in he’s just he’s small so
he obviously doesn’t have as much glycogen in his muscles and his liver
they’re just small little organs and he’s active super active just my kids
are all pretty active and so it can vary and we’ll talk about how adults can get
into ketosis and start feeling those mental health benefits if that’s
something that you’re after and kind of desperate for which is totally fine
there’s I suppose there is a negative connotation with the word desperate but
I don’t mean that in a bad way but we’ll talk about at the end of this video how
you can get into ketosis in 24 hours or less so that’s what being in ketosis is
and you have to be pretty strict not quite as strict as they used to think so
they used to think that to be in ketosis and this is the ketogenic diet has been
around for I want to say about a hundred years probably longer I’m sure they knew
about it before then but it’s been documented in medical literature as a
way to control seizures which if you think seizures are a neurological
problem so it makes sense that if something can control seizures which is
like I’ve been around lots of people with seizures they used to be a nurse’s
aide and take care of kids the Headlee
like these kids hundreds of seizures often and so that’s obviously a very big
thing that’s happening in your brain and so if you can control seizures um
that it works for mental health kind of like you can make that leap it’s not a
big jump and so anyways the classic ketogenic diet is the one that they have
studied the most it’s in the literature the most and that one is where you have
four grams of or four grams of fat to every one gram of either carbohydrate or
protein and they also they aren’t anymore but they used to be limiting
liquids and I think was just limiting liquids so that’s pretty much a protein
restricted diet as well and so this was it was causing kidney problems and it
was causing growth problems the kidney problems were coming from the lack of
water the lack of what liquids that they were allowing these kids to have and
again this isn’t because they did a bunch of like testing different diets to
see which one worked to control seizures they’re just like we know when we do
this these kids or these adults go from having 100 seizures a day to having like
one or two maybe or completely cease seizure free happens in I think they’re
saying about 6 percent will go from having that many to being completely
seizure free whereas we’re if we look in the literature now people are doing this
for Less seizures it’s not as severe of epilepsy is that and they are going to
seizure free which is really exciting the diet can do this but anyways that’s
called the classic ketogenic diet and it’s the called the four to one diet a
lot of times I’ll refer to it as and they still will do that diet with kids
just because that’s what’s been studied the most and so that’s what people are
familiar with even then like you couldn’t just go to most normal
neurologists and ask them to support you and putting your child on the classic
ketogenic diet they’re just not trained in it they’re trained to prescribe like
seizure meds which are intense and definitely people want to avoid anyways
there are other ways to get in ketosis and get those ketones like to be in
ketosis is when your brain is running on ketones which is a byproduct of fat so
that’s how your brain instead of putting glucose into your brain to run it
which I’m in ketosis right now and you can see that I’m my brains working
design and I am able to exercise which will go on to in a minute but it’s not
something that is detrimental it’s just like a different way of processing food
to give your body fuel and so to keep your brain in ketosis to be in ketosis
in a way that is medically going to help you you need to stay in it every day so
you don’t want to kind of go in and out like overnight even people eating the
standard American diet or the Western diet will dip into ketosis a little bit
overnight but in order to have those really healing benefits that help our
brain and suppress our appetite for weight loss which we’ll talk about in a
minute this is and give us that good energy and the good mood is something
that you want to be in every minute of every day and so you don’t want to knock
yourself out of ketosis and then have to go back in it’s something that you want
to stay in so in order to do that you have to be strict with your stuff you
can’t have cheat days so if you have a cheat day which is different than a carb
challenge which I’ll go into in a little bit but if you have a cheat day is going
to keep you out of ketosis and then all of the stuffs going to come right back
but so being in ketosis is strict but it’s not like as strict as that four to
one that they used to encourage or say that that’s the only and some people
still do that some people will say especially people that are doing it for
their children with seizures they’ll say the only true ketogenic diet is that
four to one and that’s up for debate you can be in ketosis and your brain can be
running on ketones and not glucose if you’re on what’s called the modified
Atkins diet and that’s pretty much what we’re doing in my Kido family class
which let me put that up so that you can see that I do have that available right
now for you so in my keto family class we are running on glucose but it’s not
that four to one ratio if it’s that four to one like they’re pretty much giving
their kids heavy whipping cream to drink and six of better to eat and because the
protein is limited it’s not good for growing children it’s not something
you’d really want to do unless it’s like a super diary thing like you are trying
to control that many seizures a day so this is called the modified Atkins diet
which is just keeping your carb count you’ll kind of see and I go in my Kido
family class I go to ghetto family here we are I show you how you can sorry I’m
looking for the starting thing I bike starting guide so there’s signs that you
can know if you’re in ketosis or not I do I have I give you a week to adjust to
being low carb and this is where we’re gonna figure out our electrolytes which
I’ll talk about later in the webinar and then for one week I do want you to
weigh in track your food and make sure you are actually in ketosis because
sometimes people won’t quite get into ketosis and then it’s just a very low
carb diet without the benefits like the energy benefits and feeling good
benefits that you get if you’re in ketosis and then once you’ve been in
there and your kids have been in there you’re probably going to be able to tell
when you bump yourself back out and so what comes back and this is something
that makes the ketogenic diet super easy to to stay on is that it gets rid of
carb cravings so it’s like yes we are cutting carbs and yes if you are carb
addicted like an never do that like I have to have rice with every meal I have
to have my fruit this is like this sounds like torture
but after those initial three days once the ketosis takes over your brain you
don’t have those carb cravings anymore and then we talked about the water
weight and we’ll talk about this again when we talk about is keto safe for kids
but we talked about the water weight and so that’s another way you can tell if
you’ve bumped yourself Atika ptosis is when you take in carbs again with every
one gram of carb your body kind of dissolves it in with I think it’s 3 or 4
grams of water and so even if you just take in a little bit if your body
storing those carbs as glycogen and your liver and your muscles it’s also going
to be pulling in a bunch of water with it so you’ll see a sharp increase in
your rate weight if you go out of ketosis you’re going to see a reduction
and energy which makes it harder to get to kind of have the mental capability to
start back in on Kito and then you’ll see a return of
symptoms that were controlled when you’re for sure in ketosis which is why
we go and do that tracking and see what our kind of carb limit is so that’s how
strict this is kind of how you know if you’re in ketosis or not it goes by your
feelings and all right let’s see hopefully I got thought all that on for
you um and uh so yeah we just talked about how strict chasing ketones so this
is something that a lot of people will let me just make sure that’s not sharing
anymore sorry we’re good okay so chasing ketones is something that a lot of
people like you have the little urine strips that you can test your urine to
see how many ketones you’re spilling into your urine and there’s also extra
ketones that you can buy like in supplement form for how to raise your
ketone level in your blood and so the thing about ketones is they’re very
healing for your brain they’re very good for you you’re going to be making enough
so at first when you go on keto your body if you haven’t done it before your
body’s not used to it and it doesn’t know so it just makes tons and tons of
ketones and a lot of them spill into your urine because they’re extra you
don’t need them to run your muscles you don’t need them to run your brain and so
you’re gonna show that you’re like in heavy ketosis if you look at those urine
strips or if you take extra ketones and really all that means is that you’re
making more than you need and you’re not using them super efficiently so as you
become what’s called fat adapted your body really kind of only makes the
ketones that you need so you can be fat adapted and like literally fast where
you’re eating nothing you’re just living off your own body fat so like your
intake would be a hundred percent fat and your ketone strip isn’t going to
show as much as if you were eating like thirty grams of carbohydrates when you
first started keto so that’s that’s what I call chasing ketones and it’s
something that people do it’s like you want to get you want to be more you want
to be burn more fat this is a lot of times when people are trying to like
break a stall for weight loss and you want to burn more fat and
is not something that I personally recommend if you want to do it then
that’s fine if you like seeing the little like getting that instant
gratification of the you’re in strips turning bright purple because there’s a
lot of ketones in your urine that’s totally fine it’s not bad for you it’s
not going to hurt you and there is some evidence that if you raise the ketones
in your blood you can take in a little bit more carbohydrates like you can
maybe not count your vegetables as carefully or maybe like go on vacation
and eat like what’s called keto friendly foods without actually doing that carb
count and stay in ketosis and so that’s where taking supplemental ketones can be
beneficial you can also get the same benefit from just eating a bunch of
coconut oil if most of the stuff you cook in and you use extra coconut oil
like in the fat bombs that are all over my website there’s quite a few different
fat bombs and you should have gotten an email with an e-book with a bunch of fat
bombs in it having that coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides which go
right into your bloodstream and that does raise your your ability to tolerate
a little bit more carbs but it’s definitely not a free-for-all you
definitely can’t do that and then start eating fruit again that’s still going to
be too many carbs it’s going to kick you out of ketosis so chasing ketones MCT
oil is another supplement besides that I think it’s called like exogenous ketones
or something MCT oil is sold by different places and that is it coconut
oil is about 60% MCT oil and it’s buckets cheaper and so I tend to just
use coconut oil I wouldn’t say MCT oil is bad it’s a
good supplement and that has been studied they call it the MCT oil diet
that when every meal and every snack especially if your children they’re
trying to control seizures with includes MCT oil like they take it in supplement
form before or during each meal and snack they are able to have a little bit
higher of a carb count without pumping them out of ketosis which again it kind
of depends on your severity of symptoms if you’re controlling seizures like
having that little extra insurance of taking that MCT oil with every meal and
snack is probably worth it if it’s something like you’re just getting the
extra brain boost that extra feel-good stuff that extra energy from being on
keto then that might not be something that’s as important for you it doesn’t
I don’t think it makes you lose weight faster like it might suppress your
appetite a little bit more but it doesn’t it’s not like the amount of
ketones in your blood directly correlate to weight loss the reason the ketogenic
diet works so well for weight loss is because it mildly suppresses your
appetite and it gets rid of those carb cravings and as we know it’s so easy to
overdose on refined carbohydrates that getting rid of those carb cravings and
having a mild appetite suppressant properties of the ketogenic diet just
makes it really easy and plus we don’t have that insulin spike and crash so
when you’re on keto it’s easy to skip meals which is something that I actually
advocate in my family um let’s go back over here I’m like starting guide in my
keto family’s class is I advocate especially for women if you’re trying in
men adults only skip meals but if you’re trying to lose weight it makes it really
easy because you don’t have that insulin crash hormonal e it just makes it really
easy to just go ahead and skip breakfast and so that’s what I do really just to
maintain my weight I’m not really trying to lose right now I could lose a few
pounds and it’d be still definitely within the range of normal and fine but
I’m not actively trying to lose at the moment and then there’s also for people
that are trying to build muscles evidence that if you fast like if you
intermittent fast then your growth hormone goes up so that can help you to
build muscles which as we know once you’ve built the muscles then your
metabolisms higher just because muscles take more energy for your body to
maintain than fatness or even not having muscles so once you’ve built those
muscles that’s easier to maintain so that’s all of that about chasing ketones
I’m kind of we dipped into the weight loss properties a little bit and I’ll
tell you in a minute how to ensure that your children are not losing weeks we
definitely don’t want that how is how keto is easy once you start and this is
um probably the best part especially for
people that struggle with mental health issues is that it gets easier and I call
it the progress snowball I just had a video go up on YouTube talking about
this progress snowball so the reason the Kido gets easier once you start is the
carb cravings are gone like once you are in ketosis you just
don’t crave carbs anymore and part of that’s your microbiome adjusting so just
like I’ve talked to my gut healing starter pack which is the gaps diet we
keep fruit and honey in to that diet but we don’t but your microbiome still has
to adjust and kind of once you’ve taken it away and you’re not taking it in
moderation which moderation I understand and I like it but it doesn’t help your
microbiome like when you don’t have stuff in moderation if you’re not
throwing down like one cupcake every three days then the the Mike or your
microbiome your gut flora that eats the cupcakes just dies off and so it’s no
longer sending those chemicals to your brain like hey we really want sugar and
chocolate and white flour but still like psychologically we know that cupcakes
taste good and we know that ice cream tastes good and all of that but we don’t
have that kind of overriding chemicals coming from our gut that’s saying we
really want flour and sugar and refined carbs which most people on a Western
diet do have that coming from their gut flora into their brain and I talked
about this in my picky eating solution which in the email for the webinar
replay you should have gotten or you should get a link to my picky eating
solution and so if you think this is something you could never do even for
three days then the picky eating solution might be a good place to start
and then from there you can go on to keto pretty easily so carb cravings go
away picky eating we just talked about the more energy and this is a huge part
of why keto is working for me and why it’s worth it for me to stay Hedo which
can kind of be like I’ll admit is a little bit socially awkward going over
to other people’s houses for dinner or going out to eat and just like leaving
the mashed potatoes on my plate and eating the stuff that’s keto friendly
but the more energy is it’s just crazy how effective it is I have three active
children and I am home with them like I work from home and so I’m trying to try
to work I get up early and I work until they get up and then I do kid stuff all
day and then I like do their dinner and put them to bed and I am amazed that I
still have energy and this was a big kind of the progress snowball for me of
being on keto is I used to force myself to go I’m a swimmer and I still him in
high school and when my little guy turned 3 I started forcing myself to go
swim at least once a week again because I just know how important exercise is
for my body and like to promote longevity and for my mood and all of
that I never wanted to it was like I had to drag myself force myself to go
swimming and since I’ve been on keto like not only do I wake up in a great
mood I don’t like I wake up without an alarm at 4:00 most mornings and I do my
stuff all day long like I do have a little slump in the afternoon where I’ll
sit down with the kids and watch like Magic School Bus
but then after dinner I’m ready to go and if I miss my workout I miss it like
it’s something that I’m not like oh I’m so glad I got to catch up on sleep
instead it’s something that I’m like antsy and like being antsy after
parenting three active children all day and you guys all know like I’m sure all
of you guys cook from scratch and you have kids that you’re taken out to go do
activities and I know what my readers are like you guys all are very involved
parents as well it’s exhausting and that Kido can give me that extra boost that I
have not by sheer forcing myself to do it but I
have the energy to go swim for an hour I saw with college kids like I am I’m
amazed like I swim hard for about an hour twice a week and then I also go
hiking a couple times a week that’s usually with the kids but just having
that energy and not being like I’d much rather sit on the couch and binge watch
Netflix but saying I would much rather go out and go do these physical
activities instead of forcing myself to is kind of why keto is super so much
easier once you start and you kind of get that miss snowball rolling and you
have energy to meal prep you have energy to grocery shop you have energy to kind
of and like clarity of mind like getting rid of the brain fog is great to to sort
of focus on what you’re doing at hand and complete your tasks and get it going
and then the last reason that keto is easy once you start is that Kino makes
you happy it just it has that mild euphoria I was talking about earlier and
being happier makes every thing easier so that’s that’s why keto
is easy once you start our next thing that we’re gonna cover is dairy-free
keto this is like totally jumping but whenever you can do keto if you’re
dairy-free and I know a lot of like it’s because melty cheese and like goopy sour
cream just it looks so appetizing and it is delicious
a lot of the keto stuff and a lot of people I feel like we’ll try keto and it
doesn’t work for them because maybe they have a mild dairy intolerance they
didn’t realize until they’re eating like 75% dairy for their food so yes you
definitely can do you dairy free keto and in our in our keto Families class so in our keto family’s class we are
going to do a dairy-free meal prep and meal plan and I will talk about that a
little bit more I do have already a kind of for each little section I have
different things you want to watch and so you do if you are doing dairy-free
keto you do want to watch your calcium intake and I talked about that a little
bit more and where you can get it if you’re on keto and doing dairy-free so
if you are dairy-free um mayonnaise is a great shirring mayonnaise is a great way
to get those healthy fats in and kind of give you that creamy stuff and in our
classes we always make healthy mayonnaise which then we turn into salad
dressing so we do dairy free ranch or we do dairy free the chili lime mayo slash
salad dressing that’s up on my site right now as well and so that helps a
lot coconut milk full fat coconut milk helps a lot to get your fats in without
the carbs ghee if you can do ghee I’ll show you in the class how to make ghee
is they’re super easy to make and then it’s just cost the same as butter
you just make it right in the oven and pour off the stuff that you’re allergic
to and that’s not something I would do if your anaphylactic allergic to dairy
but if you’re not if it’s just a sensitivity then G my tea a great way to
get those healthy fats in without having to without having all that dairy
so yes dairy-free keto is good and it’s great and then I had someone asked me in
our last class can you do dairy free and egg free and I know I get a lot of the
people that have a lot of food allergies because all of my Gap stuff is so food
allergy friendly I would think it would be hard to eliminate both dairy and eggs
I might try to do an egg free class but it will probably contain dairy and nuts
but no eggs just to kind of hit the main food allergies that are in there
and these are just like a meal prep like an afternoon ascent a afternoon for two
or three hours we do a big meal prep where we and I’ll talk about that a
little more in a little bit where we do a bunch of staples for not only this
week but like this week and next week and so we make like big batches of three
or four different recipes and then we use those throughout the week and then I
also provide the nutrition facts so that you can kind of see at a glance if this
is gonna be enough food for your family based on your like hugely variety
variety of nutrition needs and so that’s another thing with keto is how that meal
prep smartly excuse me you’ll see a lot of the meal prep stuff and this is why
I’m doing the family’s class specifically a lot of the meal prep
stuff for like bodybuilders and they’re all over YouTube and like they’re
awesome like you know they’re thriving on this because you can see them and
they look amazing but it’s all these individual packages which is just gonna
I’ll do that sometimes like if I have to prep food for my kids if I’m leaving
them for the weekend with someone then I’ll do that but in general we aren’t
going to make three little packages of food for all four or five six people in
our family three times a day that’s just gonna like we’re gonna hate Sundays if
that’s our meal prep day so what we do in our keto Families class is we make
big batches like I have you do in the classic version where we do both dairy
and we do dairy and nuts in the classic version and so we make food that’s
really kid-friendly so we’ll make like we actually use a two-pound block of
mozzarella that’s been aged so it’s like the more dry mozzarella not the
supersoft fresh mozzarella and we use that we make 10 I think it’s
10 or 12 servings of fat head pizza and so for that we do our individual pizzas
on Fridays we do pizza Friday in our house that’s always a big hit with the
kids because they can put their toppings on and then we also do flatbread out of
it and so you can slice that across and you can make kind of traditional
sandwiches and so when we do that and it’s like 12 different servings then you
can calculate out the nutrients like the carb count and the calorie count for the
entire recipe at once and then even if you want to divide it into 12 units then
you know what each one has each one I can’t remember exactly what it is it’s
like 333 calories and one or two grams of net carbs in each of those and so
then you’d have to calculate out your stuff every day but you’re also not
making like 21 different meals on Sunday afternoon which is just going to be burn
out like most of us with kids are never going to be able to get through doing
that much prep on a Sunday and so in the same way for our Taco Tuesday is we make
a big batch of four five six pounds of shredded chicken that’s been seasoned
with taco seasoning and then we have the whole nutrient calculations which I’m
doing for you in the class we have the nutrient calculations for that whole
recipe and then you can divide it up into what your family particularly needs
and you just know that that many nutrients are in that whole batch of
chicken or the individual portions because it’s easy to bite up once you
have the nutrients for the whole recipe and then so on Tuesday when we have
Tonko Tuesday we go ahead and just make those cheese melted tortillas that I
have those up on my site too they’re called keto soft soft tacos or something
and they’re super fast like I just have to reheat in the time that it takes me
to reheat that chicken from the fridge that’s already been made and then
instant hot on our meal prep they I can pop those the little cheese tortilla
things in the oven and so I still can get dinner on the table in 15-20 minutes
but I’m also like we get the variety of having the meal prep without having to
meal prep for like hours and hours on a Sunday and so that’s how our meal prep
goes we make a lot of breakfast sausage we make a lot of like baked bacon and
then we have the bacon grease that we can use to cook our eggs in and stuff
throughout the week so it’s just really really meal prepping smartly and then
so tell you what veggies you can prep ahead of time like cucumbers don’t meal
prep but don’t meal prep cucumbers they always get slimy and they get like this
gross cucumber slime on everything else in your meal prep so that’s something
that I see that a lot of times I’ll see like people show their pictures of keto
meal prep on Instagram and they have slices of cucumbers I look that’s not
good it’s gonna be gross so it’s just meal prepping smartly and
then like I said with keto you get that boost of energy and if you aren’t
getting the boost of energy if you’ve tried it and you just felt your
electrolytes were probably off and we’ll cover that in a second so the last thing
for Aikido meal prep is if you’re the only one that’s doing that lighting
better there we go if you’re the only one that’s doing it in your family the
recipes that I have are all recipes like the shredded chicken and even the cheese
taco things my kids think like the best thing ever they’re all super nutrient
dense they’re all super healthy they’re not like really weird food that your
kids are gonna refuse and so even if they’re not doing keto being able to
serve family for any Lily meals that you enjoy keep you on the diet that you
thrive on but aren’t so that you have to serve different things to different
people because even if all you have to do is take it out of the fridge and heat
it up it gets like confusing and it’s tiring and it’s a lot of times things
will end up in the back of the fridge and accidentally going bad so it’s
wasting food so by doing a meal prep for keto that you can do for like my boys I
have everyone on keto right now because I just wanted to kind of do an
experiment and see how they did for four weeks on it but I’m not going to keep my
boys on it my daughter and I are like severely benefiting from it but the boys
are just fine so I’m going to go back to letting them have like their carbs like
they love apples and different fruit and stuff and I’ll probably make different
smoothies for them that do you have the frozen bananas in them and have my
daughter make the ones that don’t have them but other than that we’re all going
to be eating from mostly the same stuff and if they want a side of rice or they
want it aside a fruit or they want fruit after their meals and that totally works
but not having to do that two meals is like a total sanity saver and plus you
don’t have to worry because these are all meals that are high in omega-3 fatty
acids that are so good for children’s brain development and they’re so good
for keeping inflammation down which can actually lower blood
sure and all sorts of stuff in adults as well so you don’t have to worry that
like if you eat Quito and you make Quito food for you you have to make something
different for them because it’s not gonna be healthy unless they’re on
strict keto this is actually great growing nutrient-dense food for
everybody so so now we’re going to go into is ketosis safe for kids and we
touched on the classic ketogenic diet which is the one two four I’m gonna go
over and take you to my kids on keto change screen so the classic four to one
diet that we talked about earlier and I kind of told you why I didn’t like it
like the limited liquids limited protein I don’t think is good for kids but this
modified accent Adkins diet that’s didn’t have to go there um sorry I’m
gonna have to fix this this modified can stay aware you limit carbs is safe
for kids the one thing that’s alarming and this probably has a lot of people
cautious about it almost there oh come on there we go keto kids there
we are so the thing that is alarming is that initial whoosh of water weight and
this is it’s actually a healthy thing to do so not only are we using the glycogen
that’s attached to the three grams of water in our muscles and our liver so
that is water weight that’s going to go because we’re using an effect like
Ajinca we’re going to get rid of the water weight that’s attached to it as
well but also when we have chronic inflammation and this is like a huge
problem in the Western diet is that we have chronic inflammation it’s where a
lot of these chronic conditions come from is like even for mental health
they’ve shown that people with depression have 30% more inflammation in
their brain than people without depression like the inflammation is
something that is kind of like weird to think about
so like acute inflammation is where like you bash your elbow and it swells up and
that’s because your body is sending nutrients to your elbow to go fix the
damaged tissue like it’s sending nutrients to repair it and it’s sending
increased blood volume to get all the damaged tissue out so that’s what your
body’s supposed to do and that’s acute inflammation and that’s good for you for
healing and repairing and that’s something that we definitely want to
have but the chronic inflammation is where we’re just like chronically a
little bit swollen and chronically have a little bit too much and it’s your body
kind of like having a chronic illness whether it’s mental or physical and not
really knowing what to do like asthma comes from inflammation of the lungs and
a lot of like joint pain and joint swelling comes from inflammation of the
joints and having that chronic inflammation that increased blood flow
at all times where your body’s trying to repair itself but can’t seem to figure
out what’s wrong is something that a lot times comes from food allergies and
we’re not exactly sure all of the mechanisms of why Kito gets rid of
chronic inflammation but it definitely does like that’s been documented in
those studies I was showing you and you can look on Google Scholar
yourself and so when we get rid of that inflammation we lose weight as well and
a lot of our kids like especially our kids with autism will have distended
bellies and this is their guts having inflammation all the times from eating
wheat that’s another difference between my class and other keto classes is some
people allow like to literally add wheat gluten because it is carb free to make
bread like products and I’m definitely all of my classes are no wheat because
so many people have that inflammatory response we’re trying to heal heal
ourselves heal our brains we don’t want that inflammatory response of having
something that so many people are so allergic to so anyways with that
inflammation that goes down is you you will see weight loss in your kids and so
I weighed my kids before we started and then I weighed them again five days
later and so I have two that are about 80 pounds then they last just under
three pounds and that’s that water weight that I was talking about then the
inflammation going down and then my 35 founder my four-year-old he lost about
one and a half pounds in the first five days and the reason I know it’s just
water weight is because even just that one and a half pounds would have been a
five thousand calorie deficit in five days and you can see up here his calorie
needs are like right around this and so there’s no way that he was only eating
500 calories 600 calories a day which is what he would have had to be in a
deficit of it to lose that much fat so that’s it’s scary I’m especially a few
children on the small side to see them not gaining and to see them losing so
much like one and a half pounds when you’re only 35 pounds is actually quite
a bit but it is just water weight and as soon as he starts eating carbs again
it’ll go right back on and then we have a part in a class about encouraging
children to gain weight and which I’ve never had a problem I had my daughter
and my son and this was for autism when we were doing aunt ISM recovery I had
them on the ketogenic diet just because I was doing it for her and I just had us
all on it when she was three and he was one this is as he was weaning he weaned
he wind her up two and a half three but I was on keto and she was on
you know and he pretty much weaned on dakedo and my second child he’s always
been in the 95th percentile like he definitely grows and she’s always been
like around the 55th 65th percentile and she’s actually always been a little bit
heavy for her height like that’s been about 10 percentile points above her
height and she continued like the curve is just exact of her weight because I
was kind of monitoring her weight as we were doing all these different dietary
protocols just to see and her weight just it grew just as expected and so
this was like a concern that a lot of people have informed me cuz people love
to tell me what I’m doing wrong is that my kids won’t grow if I don’t give them
glucose and that has obviously not been true because we did it for over two
years as very young children and I’m doing it again for her and I’m I’m just
really not concerned at all it’s a very nutrient dense diet and as long as
you’re like you’re watching their calories and kind of doing a spot check
if you’re concerned that they aren’t eating enough then go ahead and count up
the calories that they’re having in that day or count up the calories that
they’ve had over a week average and see how they’re doing but adding in the fat
bombs there’s lots and lots of like really dense calorie dense foods you eat
on the ketogenic diet so and when you get rid of the inflammatory response
that so many of these kids have that are having trouble gaining weight their
intestines can their gut can absorb motor the nutrients that are in it in
the food that’s going through them and so the food isn’t just going right
through them anymore so we talked about more about that in the kids portion of
the keto family class but yes ketosis is safe for kids and in the last webinar
someone asked me is ketosis safe for pregnancy I would say if you’re already
in ketosis yes I would not like induce ketosis go on keto in the middle of a
pregnancy unless you had like a really specific need and you were being
monitored by a doctor because the electrolytes are hard to manage at first
and we’re going to talk about that in a second so let’s say what if I knocked
answer o frankenfoods and so this is we touched on that a little bit when I said
hi and definitely don’t use a wheat gluten even though it’s carb free in my
classes there’s other now that keto is really kind of popular for weight loss
there’s a lot of bars and protein powders and stuff that you can
get that are made of stuff like a wreath Ruth Hall which is a sugar alcohol and
other stuff that’s just not really food it’s like weird extractions of food the
only artificial is not artificial the only no carbohydrate sweetener that I
encourage you to use is monk fruit stevia is fine I like the monk fruit
taste a little bit better and then stevia does have some like there’s some
controversy I need to look into it a little bit better about whether it works
for excuse me whether it impacts hormones or other different levels in
the body is there might be some of that so yeah avoiding the frankenfood so I
wouldn’t do keto in the way that a lot of like mainstream is with like Adkins
bars and protein shakes and all of that for kids but if you’re feeding them all
real food then I think that keto is just perfectly fine and my kids it’s arrived
on it so who needs to track and when who needs to track their stuff in our keto
family class I give you it’s like a five-week program to kind of get started
and so for the first week we don’t track we’re just getting used to eating low
carbohydrate foods we’re managing the keto flu which I’m going to talk about
next and we are getting used to the recipes and we’re kinda it’s Chi call it
grace week it’s like we’re getting used to it and if we mess up we don’t like
throw herself under a bus but tracking is kind of tedious and I do want you to
do it the second week I want you to make sure you’re actually in ketosis that
your carbohydrates are low enough if you absolutely know that you feel like a
hundred percent different you’re probably in ketosis and then find
you don’t have to track but if you are trying to lose weight I want you to
count up your calories and see what your calorie needs are and I have a link to a
really good calorie kind of estimator first so you can see what your needs are
that you’re using and if you want to lose weight what you need for that so
yet just kind of getting a good ballpark so you know what like like 200 calories
of almonds is just like a tiny tiny amount and I never would have thought
that like I was actually when I started keto habitually eating about 5 to 700
calories worth of macadamia nuts a day and that’s just kind of ridiculous like
that’s not that’s too many nuts your body doesn’t need that many so we just
do that one week of counting tracking and in
that one after that one week if you don’t want to do it anymore then that’s
okay too but it’s kind of it serves like really eye-opening and I was actually
under eating protein is a lot of people like they feel like you eat too much
protein like four ounces of beef is as much as your palm and I was eating I was
thinking that about two ounces was four ounces so it was good for me to do as
well so that’s when tracking as useful as kind of if you’re not happy with your
weight whether you’re losing too much or you’re not losing enough go go ahead and
just track for a week and see how that goes and then if you’re not sure if
you’re in ketosis or not in tracking your carb count and then lowering your
carb count to make sure you are in ketosis is important so next way I talk
about keto flue and I’m trying to wrap this up and try to keep it about an hour
so keto flu is something that hits people and this is probably the main
reason why people abandon the ketogenic diet is because you literally feel like
you have the stomach flu if you keep it unchecked so we talked about the water
weight how you lose all that water weight because your body is using up the
the glycogen and so all the like the four molecules of water that have been
attached to it go out your kidneys take em out you pee and when you lose that
water weight you’re also losing the electrolytes which is sodium magnesium
potassium salts our electrolytes and you are losing those and let me show you our
screen change screen there we go okay when you lose the that water weight the
electrolytes are attached to it and it’s really easy to become come on deficient
in electrolytes and so this is something like I haven’t marked this mandatory
they’re stars on it it’s something that’s super important for you to
understand and it’s really not that hard but there’s three main ones potassium
chloride magnesium and sodium chloride which is sea salt and sea salt is easy
you just want to salt your food like a little bit more to taste then to taste
especially at first as you’re adjusting and losing all that water weight and
soon your body is going to be a lot better at regulating your
electrolytes but it’s been relying on having some extra ones dissolved from
your increased blood volume in that increased water content in your body for
so long that when it all kind of whooshes out as you will
signs of electrolyte imbalance are feeling sick having brain fog and
feeling tired or lethargic and I have that in here somewhere
we kind of go into the science of it now okay so here it is signs of not enough
electrolytes and then signs of too many electrolytes our water retention so if
you take in too much of the salt all your body’s gonna do is pull in more
water you’ll probably be really thirsty so you’ll drink water your body will
pull it in bind it to those electrolytes because it’s super important to keep
your electrolytes on point because if they aren’t then your heart like your
heart needs electrolytes to do those chemical impulses and all of the other
muscles in your body so that’s why your body is like it’s going to revolt if it
doesn’t have the right amount electrolytes until it can figure that
out so that’s our electrolyte thing I will say that of everything just like I
just take half a teaspoon of each of these and I’ve given you a couple
different options if you’re cramping up we have a separate section for keto
athletes if you’re cramping up during working out then probably just dissolve
some of those salts and some water and make sure you drink that an hour or so
before you workout and we’ve got like I’m still linking to medical journals in
here and so you can get not only people’s professional opinions but also
case studies of like hundreds of athletes that have been on the ketogenic
diet and what they did to be successful so that’s our electrolytes keto flu can
also come from just your body not being used to not having the carbs and this is
something that happens when you’re on the gaps diet as well pretty often is
that your body is just going to kind of revolt like it’s not happy about not
having carbs it does not want to switch over in ketosis all the time like I said
like most people are in ketosis unless you’re getting up and eating in the
middle of the night if you’re going 12 or 14 hours overnight without eating
you’re probably in ketosis a little bit if you’ve ever lost anyway
you’ve probably been in ketosis a little bit but your body’s going to like kind
of revolt a little bit about switching over and that’s what our grace week is
about is sort of slowly switching over and if you can taper down which is kind
of hard it like it’s you still have to count if you’re tapering down but what I
do is I do all low-carb and then I just if you start feeling sick to your
stomach like my four-year-old just did this and he’s like I have to poop I
can’t put and I’m just like you just feel sick and so I gave him a little bit
of tart cherry juice with some raw honey in it and this is just like a one-time
thing and it’s like you give your body that easy absorbable sugar like you can
take a few spoonfuls of honey or maple syrup you want to get about 20 30 40
grams of carbohydrates all at once and are really easy to digest form which is
not fruit the fiber keeps that from being super easy to digest so juice
applesauce and like raw honey or maple syrup are all three good ways to get
into ketosis and so you just kind of give your body that it’s like okay I
have sugar again and then you’ll burn all that off because it’s such a little
amount you’ll burn all that off in about six hours and we’ve always been able to
adjust fine after those six hours so getting your electrolytes right making
sure you’re having enough salt and for the kids like they’re not going to take
half a teaspoon of salt so I just over salt their food and I use the potassium
chloride that I have linked to as well on their food which just tastes like
table salt and they’re fine with that and so yeah electrolytes and then just
if you do get the kiddo flu then you can either choose a lot of people just
choose to suffer through it but I do that immediate
easily absorbed 30 to 40 grams of carbohydrates and if you get the
applesauce pouches you can see on the back of them there’s about 19 to 24
grams of carbohydrates so two of those may be rest for an hour and then you
should be good to go like your body should have gotten the memo that hey we
are going low-carb for real and so last out before we get to the question and
answer period I wanted to talk about the quickest way for adults to get into
ketosis I just told you that it takes about 24 hours to 72 hours depending on
activity level and depending on how much glycogen your body storing that you have
to burn through the fastest way for adults to do this is
the 24-hour fast water fast or you can have black coffee as well and some
people do a fat fast where they just add like less than 500 calories of mostly
just fat food like either fatty meat or like pork rinds or like heavy whipping
cream in their coffee and that’s fine too that’ll probably get you in ketosis
in 24 to 36 hours but just doing a fast and this is something that if you look
on Google Scholar again maybe you’re nerdy like me actually fast Dean’s been
steady at a time and fast he actually does have tons of benefits which we’re
not gonna go into this in this webinar I could do like I’m probably not even
quite qualified to talk about it but I could also do a whole webinar I fasted
for up to three and a half days I’d like to go longer I’m still working on that
and that’s actually how I went into ketosis this last time was I was having
some mental health like it was just getting like unnecessarily bad and I
watched a documentary on Netflix about fasting and I’m like I’m just gonna try
fasting and so I did and I made at three and a half days and then I started from
there eating ketogenic foods and I’ve been like in a great mental health state
ever since and within 24 hours is when you’ll start I think it was like yeah it
was definitely the next day is I just from the time I watched that documentary
until about 24 hours later I was still I called the crazy the crazy was there and
then that 24 hours hit and I was good like I was clear-headed and thankfully
Aikido is a way that you can get a lot of the benefits of fasting and the
mental health benefits without actually fasting but both fasting and kita will
put you into ketosis so that’s the fastest way for getting into ketosis a
quick reminder like disclaimer children don’t fast and so my children do like a
12 14 hour fast overnight while they’re sleeping but they do NIDA never would
restrict food from my children for 24 hours and I never would want you to
either unless you were on some sort of like inpatient basis and a hospital so
now we’re going to go into Q&A um kids accepting keto and this is something
you’re asking how do your kids accept keto we did the gaps diet when my kids
were young and that was fine and I just put the
foot in front of them they could eat but now that they’re older and they
understand more how do they accept keto and this is where the no carb craving
really comes in for my kids I wasn’t sure how they do because we have been
off of gaps and off of we still do some like we eat differently they know
they’re not eating the standard American diet but we haven’t been on any specific
strict protocol in the past four or five years and so this was something I was a
little nervous about I was kind of expecting them to go into the cupboard
and steal raisins because that’s kind of their go-to if I have my back turned and
they would like a treat they go to get raisins and they’re not supposed to be
stealing food but anyways they haven’t and this was something I did explain to
them that I was doing this because it makes me think better it makes me have
more energy it makes me better at sports see and it helps clear up a lot of
people’s skin it helps balance hormones like PMS type stuff and then you can go
more into the hormones section and the keto family class covers a lot of the
women’s hormones and I do have a free video up on YouTube as well that covers
more of the hormone aspect but you can kind of hit whatever appeals to your
kids like I have I have one kid that doesn’t care and thankfully she’s my one
that needs to be on it the most and she’s just like whatever I’m like I
would like chips but you’re not going to give me chips and then my my little guy
he’s four and like I he listened to me explain it he knows we’re on keto he can
even tell you what foods are keto and what aren’t and then my nine-year-old I
did kind of play up that we’re gonna see if this can help you help your brain and
like processing your emotions and help your sports performance and help you
have more energy like the sports thing especially for nine nine year old boys
is pretty big and that’s another thing you can probably google and even find
athletes that are on the ketogenic diet and if that’s something that your child
would be interested and then that’s something that could be really helpful
for getting them to transition over do you need to count calories if you’re not
trying to lose weight you don’t unless you’re just concerned that you’re losing
too much weight so sometimes it’s good to do a spot check and just make sure
especially if you’re seeing the scale go down and you don’t like that particular
trend so no you don’t have to count calories if you’re not trying to
lose weight you do want to count carbs for just a little amount just to make
sure like I told you just that one week in our in our quick starting guide is
for counting carbs how does the freezer cooking class work with keto it works
really well and once you’ve been on keto and you know whether you’re in ketosis
or not a lot of the freezer cooking classes are going to be ketogenic
friendly but there’s gonna be stuff you can’t have like there’s apple chutney in
the free what is it the slow cooker class there’s apple chutney and they’re
stuffed apples and in the American classic class we do blueberry gummies
I’m working on a gummy recipe I promise for keto I still haven’t gotten one I’m
super happy with yet but yeah there’s going to be stuff in every class that’s
too high a carb but once you know what’s in carbs and I’m gonna try and get the
nutrient values for everything in that class but that’s I’ll do that in a
little bit probably this winter after I finished the keto class so yeah that’s
the difference between the free to freezer cooking class and keto if the
freezer cooking class isn’t necessarily keto friendly it’s going to have those
higher carb things but it does complement each other really well and if
you have a lot of food allergies like to dairy and eggs and that’s the freezer
cooking classes aren’t they don’t have the dairy eggs and that’s and then I did
link to that in the replay webinar email that you should be getting on see ketone
strips we did cover that a little bit i don’t recommend ketone strips that’s
just me you can do them if you want they’re not gonna hurt anything the only
thing with ketone strips that I would want you to like I would caution you
about is that if you have a cheat meal or a carb challenge which I talked about
in the class and I’ll do probably another webinar talking about the carb
challenge because I’m running a little bit past time that I was aiming for if
you do a carb challenge your if your body has a bunch of carbs in it after
being in ketosis you still have a bunch of ketones in your bloodstream that are
circulating circulating to keep your brain and your muscles going your body’s
going to dump those ketones and start using the glucose again for your brain
and so they can kind of give you a false positive where people think like oh I’m
in super heavy ketosis and I just ate it Olive Garden last night
it’s not because Olive Garden kept you in ketosis it’s because your body just
dump those ketones so yes they do show ketones in your urine but that’s really
all they are they show presence of ketones in your urine they don’t say
whether your body is in ketosis necessarily or not and for what order of
my classes so I have a lot because I keep like doing all this stuff with my
kids in the stuff that works I really want to share with you and I want you to
have a much easier time doing it than I am doing it so if you have a child in
your recovery and autism from autism or you have someone that has like major
health issues like especially digestive trouble or sensory issues first of all
I’d get the picky eating solution and that can kind of lock you in three to
five days to get on to the gaps diet and to get rid of picky eating because if
you have a kid with spent sensory issues or like they’re not eating then the
picky eating solution can really help you get them accepting more foods and
get doing dietary protocols when your kids will accept more foods is like a
million times easy easier and really all the picky eating solution does is it
follows kind of gaps principles in a very easy forgiving graceful manner for
these kids that have sensory issues and they’re not like the typical kids where
you can just put something in front of them and say well fine if you don’t eat
that you’ll starve and they’ll eat these kids have sensory issues literally won’t
eat and so that’s why I have the picky eating solution is because I like I have
a huge heart for that my daughter always ate but I’ve seen other kids that would
just refuse to eat and they were malnourished like they will literally
refuse to eat till they’re passing out and they need to go get IV fluids or IV
nutrition and so the picky eating solution kind of starves out the bag
bugs that is are literally telling their brains that the food like the good food
that they need is poison to them so the picky eating solution is a it’s like a
it’s a pretty quick protocol it’s like three to five days to get you on so your
kids are accepting more food and then you can do the gaps diet and so I would
do the gaps diet which is my gut healing starter pack and let me go over to there
so this I’ll put all these over here so they got healing starter pack intensely
heals the guy and so I’m talking about how ketone and you can do you get
healing my gaps intro part of the gut healing starter plat pack which is the
more intense version that we used for autism recovery
it’s very intense it will give you some of the die-off reactions so you’re not
going to have like that energy boost that’s on keto and it is because your
body is like majorly in repair mode on the gap Centro diet um sorry I lost my
train of thought so yeah if you have like severe chronic
health conditions like you can tell that your child has tons and tons of
constipation or everything they eats going through them or they have like my
daughter was stemming and screaming and not sleeping and she definitely needed
the gaps diet she hadn’t taunted some diagnosis so the gut healing starter
pack is great for those who have autism are doing autism recovery had severe
sensory issues like severe like crazy life-changing excuse me
changing their quality of life I would definitely clean up their gut first
because if you have something severe it’s most likely your gut is messed up
and like Hippocrates says all diseases begin on the gut and so you definitely
want to get if you have lots of food allergies as well you definitely want to
get that your gut flora cleaned up your leaky gut healed up and the gut healing
starter pack is a really good thing for that and then from there I would
probably do either keto if you found like my daughter we did get healing and
we were never really able to introduce honey or fruit and so she just did
better on a very low carb version of the gaps diet and so from there if you’ve
done the gut healing starter pack the gut healing protocol for like six months
to a year and you feel like their gut is healed like they’ve gotten rid of food
allergies they’ve gotten rid of most of their chronic conditions then probably
either going to keto if you find that your child does better on the in being
in ketosis with those ketones or the or cooking class can just after the gut
healing starter pack it’s a great compliment to that on my freezer cooking
class either has gaps options most of it is gaps friendly and it’s really food
allergy friendly as well and it just kind of gives you a break from having to
cook three meals from scratch every single day which a lot of these kids
that need the gaps diet need to have and then so that’s kind of my autism rate of
what I would do and it’s kind of what I ended up doing for my own family and
then it but if you’re here because of weight loss or you have minor health
issues like you’ve had I wouldn’t say depressions a minor
health issue but you know you can go on a scale it can go like I’m kind of
bummed and I have to wake up I’d rather be sleeping in every morning and I don’t
really love life or it can be just like completely detrimental and completely
ruining your whole quality of life if it’s that bad then I would go to the gut
healing starter pack but if it’s like a minor health issue and that’s kind of
what I was feeling like I’m like my mental health health issues aren’t like
I’m not about to get my kids taken away from me they’re not that bad but they’re
annoying and it was something I definitely wanted to clear up I was just
done with it and so if you are looking to lose weight or you have sort of minor
mental health issues the keto class is a great place to start and I all of my
keto foods do complement with the gaps diet so if you want to do some gut
healing and include a probiotic then that’s definitely a way you can heal
your gut while you’re on the ketogenic diet but if you have like severe gut
problems I would definitely start with the gut classes first that I think
that’s it for our questions and answers I’m super glad that you joined me here
thank you so much and if you have questions by email I will try to answer
them as fast as I can I’m going to go ahead and just talk about the class
again and it’s so it’s not done sorry I was going to tell you that
before I’m still working on it and hopefully by the time you’re seeing this
video it is done I’ll update the page when it’s done and I’ll send out another
email but I’m super discounted it I gave it to you right now it’s for 75% off it
is going to be $150 class and we are going to have different meal preps which
is kind of this whole thing is centered around families and even if you’re not a
family if you have like super limited time or you kind of like would prefer to
have pizza and Taco Tuesday over some of the other key dough classes there’s
other great keto classes out there as well but most of them are most of them
are geared towards adults and like either a single or a couple and there’s
there’s good recipes they’re all delicious like my kids would eat them
but they’re not necessarily kid food so like recipes like chicken with coconut
sauce with mustard and sage or coconut sauce with mushrooms and sage are the
kinds of recipes that I see and super delicious super delicious but more adult
friendly and a lot of times there are servings only served to people so
they’re kind of assuming as one or two adults going on the ketogenic diet so
that I really saw a need for a family type class and that’s what mine’s about
so I’m going to go show you a little bit and we’re gonna have we do the meal prep
in a way that we’re cooking like a lot of chicken or a lot of like taco meat
like I already use that as an example I’m put so then we can do the tacos that
that week and then you can also freeze half for the next week and so we just
kind of overlap a little bit of our meal prep like we’ll do like four or six
pounds of wreckfish sausage at once and then you have a bunch for your freezer
and so we have that grace week that I was talking about let me take you over
to the class but the part that I don’t have done yet and I was really hoping to
get done is I have most of information I’ve talked about on this class but I
don’t have all of the nutrients calculated and I haven’t edited the
videos that go with the meal prep for for the keto
family class but it’s gonna have classic meal prep which includes dairy and nuts
and then I’m gonna do a dairy-free meal prep and then I’m gonna do a few
different kind of based on who signs up for the class and what your guys’s
specific needs are as I’ll do a comfort food meal prep that’s similar like it
should just take two to four hours depending on your cooking skill and then
we kind of get used to the same recipes over and over again and so within those
you’re going to be you can change it up like if you wanted your coconut flour
tortillas for your Taco Tuesday one Tuesday and then taco salad or burrito
bowls or something like that so we’re gonna use the same kind of basic recipes
so that you get good at cooking them because it’s total burnout to have to
learn to cook a new recipe and that’s kind of in a lot of meal plans and they
think it’s because a lot of times we we sell these meal plans and we feel like
we need to sell you hundreds of recipes every month and that’s just it’s too
it’s too hard for you guys to have to learn a new recipe and not get that
muscle memory of being able to repeat the same recipes so we’re gonna do yeah
we’re gonna do different meal preps thing like they’re based on repeating
the similar menu from week to week and then if you want to change it up after
two or three weeks then go ahead and just choose a different one and we’ll do
a few different seasonal ones as well but really if you’re eating three meals
a day that are homemade I know that when I’m not menu planning we eat like the
same three meals for dinner twice a week so these will definitely be plenty of
variety especially with the different options that I’m giving you and
nutrients will be calculated for you which is what is so important so and
then we have part of the family we have different things that we to us Cheetos I
mean anything for PCOS if you have PCOS or you know someone that does go ahead
and search Google Scholar for keto and PCOS and there’s tons of studies but so
for each in the families diffic on kedo i’ve
talked about that because we have a lot of like the bodybuilders and they tend
to use a lot of the frankenfoods they talk a lot about men and building muscle
on keto some of the other bloggers that have keto classes I’m actually gonna
link to one health for helpful pursuit she does the thyroid thing so thyroid
something that I don’t know about I’ve never had a problem with it or pretty
much fine I talk about hormones a little bit like related to our monthly cycles
but if you have severe thyroid or homie and go back over and just show you show
you helpful pursuits class she’s yeah she’s amazing and she I should have
linked to her in the email that you got from me as well so yeah hopeful pursuit
is great for hormone and thyroid issues and if you want something that’s really
only focused on weight loss is keto for tea and that’s what I was talking about
where they do the menu plans that only serve two adults so there’s just lots of
variety – specifically this which is why I’m just kind of taking you on a tour
here I’ll put that one back up for you and so we have the stuff that is
specific for an especial the kids um because I know how hard that
can be when you’re doing something for your kids and like you kind of feel like
no one else has done it before so that’s why I did all of the kid stuff we talked
about like leaky and inflamed got in here and encouraging growth or I’m
calling out weight normalization where childhood obesity is a huge problem and
it’s something that doctors are pretty concerned about as well and I definitely
don’t encourage putting children on diets but I do encourage obviously the
increased energy from Quito the increased like sense of well-being can
help these kids kind of grow into their weight and so this is just this is
really my opinion which is not qualified for medical advice if you’re doing
something medically for your child you definitely want to seek a qualified
professional but this is all of what I would advise for the kids and then we
have men the one thing that I men do pretty well on keto and they they lose
weight on keto and wanly fast actually you do want to watch your iron if you’re
a man and then I talk so I talk about iron overload a little bit in here as
well and so that’s the one thing that I would watch for men on keto and I’ve
linked to a bunch of journals and then a way that you can if they have too much
iron is donating blood is a great way to lower that iron load which actually is a
problem in men it can be and then we talked a little bit about specifically
men growth hormone and then we could have
again the special cases side effects like I just talked about the keto flu
there’s also keto breath and what else are we talking about blue breath oh and
keto rash so that’s something that I’ll probably do a YouTube video on that soon
and I’m not going to go into that right now but I do have it covered in the
class right now for those of you that I want to sign up now and get immediate
access and see all of that and we’re gonna go into more more specifics on how
to count and I’ll just show you kind of like with screenshots of My Fitness Pal
or chronometer and videos of how to use a food scale so it’s really not as hard
as you think and it’s something that you can kind of do as a reset but not it’s
not something that you should need to do all the time and carb challenges we go
into as well which I do this myself is about every four to six weeks as I try
eating carbs again and I just show you how to do this effectively how to track
your symptoms and then we have some bonuses to help you stay on track like
eating out on keto at restaurants and this is me
like like I have a section on gas station food just because I am a real
person and I understand that occasionally you have to eat out of a
gas station because that’s all you have available to you and so if that’s
something that you’re doing for mental health or you’re doing it for your child
I am understanding and it will help you to keep as many benefits as you can
definitely don’t advocate eating from a gas station but its life and then
thankfully we have lots of pre-made food that’s available for the ketogenic diet
and it can even go with the gaps diet and I’ve tried to note a lot of places
whether stuff is not gaps friendly so if you’re doing the healing protocol along
with keto then this is something that you’ll be able to use as well and as we
try different stuff this is all stuff that I’ve tried and we love all this
stuff so as I try more I’ll keep adding and this is like my Costco list of what
I get at Costco so I’m just trying to make this as easy kind of like learn
everything you can from what I have already done and then the meal prep with
the that I’m still working on it’s down below in my word document I was hoping
I’d have it down by the webinar but I can’t quite get there the meal prep
should be up by next week and when it goes up the price of this class will go
up so if you want access to all of this to start learning stuff right now and
this is a great time to buy it we’ll be going up soon I would love to
have you but again thank you so much for joining me on this I am super
appreciative I love sharing what I’ve learned and I’m really excited that you
could want to learn as well and I’m excited for all the healing that you’re
gonna get from your family like I just I know it’s gonna be really helpful for
you and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it so thank you for joining
me and I will see you later

10 thoughts on “Keto Families for Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Autism and more

  1. i really would love to get my 22 yr old son on a keto type diet, he has autism and a seizure dis order that is stable, but my problem is he is a yype 1 diaabetic and i find this a crazy thing to do. If you have anything that can help me please do. [email protected],ca

  2. I have PTSD and mood troubles from growing up with my mom having Schizoeffective disorder. I through the grace of God overcome addiction problems. I worry about my mental health for the sake of my children but also given my mom's history as well as other family member's histories seriously difficult troubles could arrive if I don't eat well, exercise, sleep, and healthily cope with stress. Given my metabolism keto helps me maintain a good weight and really really helps with my mental state.

  3. I have 1 question. When I was thinking of Keto for my son's seizures I noticed the biggest side effect that's documented is Kidney stones. I have a family history of kidney stones so I was alarmed by that side effect. Do you have any info on this??

  4. I did say something about a discovery regarding the gut/brain relationship and autism. It is counterintuitive but true!

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