hey guys welcome to my channel it’s
another day of eating keto diet you saw me just having some leftovers it was a
chicken fat bomb I made the other day I actually made a short video recipe so if
you wanna check that out how did I make that I’m gonna link it in the
description down below it’s just steamed some broccoli with a
little butter and should our cheese to go with it and that was my lunch it was
about 450 calories now I’m gonna have some coffee because I do need some
little pick-me-up it’s raining since morning and I would like to hit the gym
little later so I need a little more energy
hey come on are we going to the gym today what this is not the plan yeah I
don’t feel like the owner of the gym either being very boring today me the
veteran just sucks so much it’s really affects our mood and we feel like doing
nothing we’re going to the gym won’t stop raining from mommy always cut
me off through the full makeup on I have lots of things to do learn to clean
mouth foxy foxy ears so we went out even in the rain to just
run couple errands we need to stop at autozone to get some whatever filters to
fix the car then we need to stop at Walmart to pick up some little grocery
and I want a separate game stuff to check out some new video games because
what else to do and add it in gym on days like that so we’re gonna go do that
and I’m gonna show you what I’m having for snack and I’m gonna be making
helping your poppers for dinner so we home and this is our shopping for
the little babies I got some hay some toys for ginger some spray for these
insane fleas in Florida some frisbee for Aksum ginger was really good so she gots
lots of trees trees she gets a lot of treats and something for me as I am
known for being very popular among all the Mesquite’s so I got these this is
what we picked up at Walmart we just needed some more bone broth that is
great source of sodium and vitamins some coleslaw and whipping cream well I would
forget some video game now it’s time to make the snack I’m just gonna quickly
make some deviled eggs I think some it’s just some toy what you
say you’re gonna chew on it at seven o’clock and we starting to prepare
dinner are we gonna be doing developing your poppers rap here is chopping the
poppers in half and defeating them how’s it going good just do not touch your
eyes or any holes in your body okay that would be very unpleasant so I’m gonna
mix eight ounces of cream cheese with one cup of cheddar when I use half a teaspoon of salt some
pepper some onion powder whisk it up I got my bacon here I’m gonna take the
bacon cut it in half and use half of a slice for each of the color Pina poppers
now it’s time to fill up the peppers all the jalapeno poppers are ready we’ve
wrapped them in the bacon and they’re ready to go in the oven
I breed it for 425 degrees Fahrenheit I’ll both baking them for about 25 to 30
minutes let’s taste it helping your poppers were
a success we did like it I kind of thought there will be way more spicier
but actually the baking really takes all of the spiciness out so if you never try
them give it a try because they are not really that spicy as you might think I
don’t think how I’m gonna be making them as a main dish ever again I think they
are perfect as a finger food or little appetizer so I’m gonna keep them in mind
maybe for a Thanksgiving dinner anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you
did please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and I’m gonna be
back tomorrow with another video goodnight


  1. Jalapeno Poppers are a great side dish with any BBQ you can grill them as well if you like. Yours looked delicious. Cute little rabbit toy hope it gets used. I had a little dwarf rabbit years ago and it chewed up my whole house. Like the actual house itself I mean like the wood! 🙂

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