KETO GIFT IDEAS – All Under $25 | Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Keto Christmas

KETO GIFT IDEAS – All Under $25 | Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Keto Christmas

you’re gonna want to take notes for this
one because today I’m going to share with you guys
ten ideas of gifts twenty-five dollars and under for the keto foodie in your
life so let’s get started these are all great gift ideas that are priced
twenty-five dollars or under and I’m gonna have them link down below in the
description box just hit that show more little tab there and it will show you
everything that I purchased and where I got these at the first and probably the
most popular item of the season is a waffle maker and this one is a mini dash
waffle maker and I know a lot of you guys probably already have these but
they do have seasonal ones too so this is their snowflake waffle maker and it
has a picture of a snowflake on the front super fun you can find these at
many different retailers I know Target carries them I think Kohl’s carries them
I got this one at cratenbarrel but you can also find them on Amazon and I’ll
have them all linked down below for you but this is what you use to make
chaffles with and in case you haven’t heard what a chaffle is,
it’s a keto waffle that’s primarily made out those egg and cheese and they’ve
been a huge hit this year so far I mean I really think that 2019 is gonna go
down as the year of the chaffle it’s been so popular and they’re so delicious and
it’s really saved keto breakfast and lunch and dinner and dessert for a lot
of us out there so if you guys are wondering more about really what a
chaffle is click on a playlist up here it’s gonna have all of my chaffle recipes
in it another great gift idea is keto ornaments so these are key to food
ornaments that you can hang on your Christmas tree they’re super cute this
is a butter ornament that I picked up from food 52 it’s also available on
Amazon – and then this one I did pick up from Amazon this is an avocado this one
was less than ten dollars super cute and then they even have bacon ornaments so
this one I picked up from sturla table it’s a hand-blown glass ornament I’ve
seen some other ones similar on Amazon and I’ll have all these link
down below but they’re under $25 and super fun for the keto lover in your
life if the keto person in your life loves to cook too I highly recommend a
lemon squeezer actually this is a citrus squeezer so it’s great for a lemon or
lime and this just makes it really easy especially if you’re trying to make keto
lemonade which I do have a recipe for and a video I’ll have a link down below
videos gonna be up here that you can click on it if you want to it’s a sugar
free eliminated and it’s so good but you can make like I also have a cucumber
lime margarita on my website too that this is perfect for it just any time
when you’re cooking and you really want to brighten something up with a little
bit of lemon juice or lime this is just an easy way to get some lemon juice and
it’s like less than $10 on Amazon and next is something that I know most all
Kyoto dieters have that they can never have enough of and that’s keto cookbooks
and this one is from the Wholesome Yum blog Maya released her I think this is
her first cookbook it’s 100 simple low carb recipes they’re all 10 ingredients
or less – there’s some great ones in here – like Italian garlic breadsticks
and cranberry orange scones this book is filled with tons of different ideas a
simple keto recipes for you to stay successful on the diet
another cookbook that was just released is this one by Carolyn Ketchum it’s the
ultimate guide to keto baking so this is our Bible for baking and it has
everything anything you can use from like flour substitutes things to help
think things rise like the leavening agents sugar substitutes it’s everything
you need to know. Plus its filled with a bunch of different recipes – so
definitely check this one out as well I’ll have it linked down below on where
you can purchase I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us love
avocados on the keto diet so my next couple of gifts are dedicated all to
avocados up first is the avocado slicer by OXO
and this thing will slice your avocado in half it will pit it take the pit out
and you can slice it and to evenly slice chunks of avocado of course it’s not
going to help you if you’re trying to pick out the perfect avocado some tips I
have a few guys are trying to pick out a perfect avocado is to look for one
that’s almost like a darker green color not brown because that might be overly
ripe and not too bright green because that’s gonna be under right so somewhere
in the middle also if you take out the stem if it’s green color inside
underneath the stem then that usually means that’s right if it’s brown it’s
overripe also I like to go by the feel if it’s too smushy it’s overripe if it’s
rock-hard it’s obviously not ready again you’re
looking for something in between the next gift idea for an avocado lover in
your life is a guacamole keeper I know about you but I love guacamole but I
hate that it turns brown so fast I mean there are some tricks that you can do
like putting a layer of water or lemon juice water on top of your guacamole
that will keep the air from oxidizing the guacamole and turning it Brown but
any other way that you can keep your guacamole from browning too fast is
gonna be a lifesaver in my book so that’s why I picked up this this is
bright prep works it’s a guacamole keeper it says that it
helps keep guacamole fresh longer it has a super sealing lid that prevents
browning for days but it has to be pressed all the way down to remove all
of the air to prevent browning have really good reviews on Amazon and many
of them said that it did keep their guacamole fresh for four days the next
gift idea for the keto foodie in your life is a movie theater basket or just
movies at home so what I recommend is getting it like some sort of a tub or a
basket this one I picked up from the Dollar Tree and you can fill it with
your favorite keto snacks or a cozy blanket or some slippers or movie
theater tickets or your favorite DVD but definitely some keto snacks and I’ll
show you some of my favorites that I like to take to the movies with me first
up are these keto bars by perfect keto this is a salted caramel flavor and it’s
one of my favorites these perfect keto bars
a really good snack option if you’re going to be going to the movies or if
you’re just watching movies at home they’re sweet and they’re tasty they’re
filled with lots of good collagen in them perfect keto is having a special
this week only up until December 2nd if you’re interested in having any of their
products you get 20% off if you purchase one item 30% off if you purchase two
items 40% off you purchase three and 50% off if you purchase five and you can
actually get up to 55% off if you purchase their daily collection I’ll
have the link down below if you guys are interested in these savings make sure
you click on my link it is an affiliate link so i will get some commission off
of it but i really do believe in their products they have excellent products
not just on these perfect keto bars but i love their collagen and their protein
powders too also keto candy this is the equivalent to gummy bears these are by
smart sweets they’re delicious you can find them on Amazon they taste just like
a regular gummy bear so I highly recommend that you put a back of these
in your basket and then the other one are chocolate this is my favorite keto
chocolate it’s by ChocZero the best out there period and you can save 10% off
your order if you use code KETOFOCUS let’s check out two of my other favorite
keto snacks are some savory ones and that’s pork rinds a bag of pork rinds
and these little cheese snacks by High Key snacks
these are keto approved their zero net carbs they’re absolutely delicious so
you should grab a bag of these two and put them in your movie theater basket
another fun gift for the bacon lover in your life is to get some fun novelty
socks so these are bacon socks they have little pigs and pieces of bacon on it
and it says if you can read this bring me some bacon which is totally
true if you love bacon I picked these up from Amazon for around $12 I think it’s
just a fun gift it would even make a perfect gift for a stocking as well for
the keto Coffee lever I have something that you can take with you on the go and
mix up your bulletproof coffee and this device is totally portable it’s
battery-operated and it’s by blend jet and it’s perfect if you level it’s proof
coffee but don’t like how it kind of settles and you want something frothy
and mixed together and foamy then you should definitely get one of these it’s
a portable blender that’s USB rechargeable so you could plug it into
your laptop too if you need to recharge it it’s small and single surf size but
basically it’s just mixing up our bulletproof coffee when we need it to
you can find these on Amazon for less than $20 they make a perfect gift for
that bulletproof coffee lover and my last gift is one that I actually use
every single day and that is this guy it’s a gallon water container I got this
from Amazon it’s less than $25 I think it might have been around 22 this one’s
by QuiFit and I love it because it’s really important for you to drink water
throughout the day I might not always hit one full gallon but I always drink
over half of it and I love this one because it has the time slots down it
and also motivational sayings too so it can really keep track of my water and
how I’m doing on my intake I really do try and keep it within the hour or so
like right now I’m behind so I better get to drink in I know that some people
probably think this looks ridiculous probably because it looks like a giant
baby bottle but I don’t care it helps me to remember to drink water and water is
so important so definitely look into this for getting the gift I’m hoping
this video gave you guys some insight on what to buy as a person in your life
that follows a keto lifestyle I’m gonna be coming out with some more videos like
this in the near future so make sure you subscribe and hit that notification belt
down below so you don’t miss those videos have a good one bye

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  2. Hello from Canada! Thank you for all your great tips, Annie. Have already taken advantage of the BF Perfect Keto sale and got 50%! Now here’s a little tip for you… I know it goes against human nature to squeeze your half limes and lemons upside down in the citrus press because your mind wants to fit the fruit in the press end down but try the cut side down and it won’t make much of a mess… Cheers and Happy Keto!

  3. Thanks so much for including us! We love this movie bucket idea. We definitely have our eye on that water bottle 👀

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