Keto kaczka – keto obiad, keto kuchnia.

Keto kaczka – keto obiad, keto kuchnia.

Welcome on our channel and enjoy watching Do you know what is for dinner? Duck 4 duck breast fillets
400gr Brussels sprouts 150gr beacon
2-3 tsp ghee pure butter
salt, peper, sesioning to taste lets start, to prepare duck we need duck breast fillets Brussels sprouts, beacon and ghee pure butter you can use any brand we will use half pack of beacon we wash thoroughly duck breasts we remove feathers if they are any you can use tweezers or nails, whenever you prefer I don’t like feathers but if you like feathers you can leave them 🙂 freedom here duck breast use salt and pepper both sides I use also a mix of seasoning ingredients as you can see duck is ready now we can cut skin we cut quite deep do not cut meat but skin have to be cut true the meat this will allow heat from pan, to reach meat we place breasts on hot pan we don’t use any oil skin is fat enough I have to squeeze them somehow I have small pan only beautiful meat duck on pan so in meantime we heat up second pan we adding ghee butter then adding chopped beacon half of beacon we will use to other dish ok beacon looks good we leave it as is for now we going to check our duck now skin looks golden and crispy beacon is ready we like it a little bit more brown if you don’t like it keep on pan shorter according to preferences 🙂 I’m taking half of bacon as it was full pack 300gr if you want less protein then don’t add beacon at all I’m adding Brussels sprout obviously I’m adding salt and pepper and stir all together if you like you can Brussels cook I like them from pan you can add water if you have more time, and cook on pan it become then like cooked not fried lid only and leaving for some time Brussels sprout in progress, lets back to duck its time to turn over I love golden crispy duck skin isn’t this looks beautiful? I’m going back to Brussels I have to check what is going on its burn a little 🙂 its not bad, but just in case a will add water will be ready soon only few minutes and will be ready duck is now resting I have no idea why become tired on pan 🙂 but we telling, we have to give her time to rest 🙂 let her rest then now is time to slice with reasonable size, depend what you like if you like thin then fine, I like thick cut absolutely the most important is lick your fingers between slices 🙂 because in other case duck will taste bad 🙂 looks really good! the last part we place on plate and voila ready to serve oh almost forgot don’t forget to have instagram picture 🙂 without this duck will taste bad 🙂 this is all in today episode thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy if yest, then thumbs up if no, then thumbs down leave comment if you find something bad we will try to improve it in next movie don’t forgot to subscribe our channel it helps us to improve channel this doesn’t cost you much see you in next movie

4 thoughts on “Keto kaczka – keto obiad, keto kuchnia.

  1. Motyw przewodni z filmu mojej młodosci 🙂 Kaczka z brukselka wydała mi sie dziwnym połaczeniem i tak jakos wyszlo 🙂 ale powiem wam ze kaczka smakuje super zarowno z brukselka jak i z cukinia. Smacznego! Beata

  2. Te efekty specjalne hehe już jak kawę robiłaś zwróciłam na to uwagę 😉 poprostu REWELACJA
    Podaruję sobie tą brukselkę bo to jedyne czego nie lubię,ale reszta posłuży jako inspiracja i na insta też już was znalazłam. Pozdrowionka

  3. Wlasnie sie zastanawialismy co by tu zrobic z kaczki! Danie wyglada smakowicie. 
    Pozdrawiamy serdecznie 🙂

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