Keto Meal Prepping For the Week!

hey guys it’s Michelle
so I am preparing my week worth of food on keto or actually more of a low carb
lazy keto so right now cooking my breakfast for Tuesday through Friday
it’s going to be six eggs some bacon and avocado split into four or five
containers for the week I am cooking some veggie patties and some cauliflower
tater tots for lunch that would be my lunch for the week the last four days
right now I’m just doing some chicken in the microwave for dinner I’m not really
sure what I’m going to do there I have two leftover chicken breasts so I’m
going to try to make something to eat for a change tomorrow then the rest of
the week I have no idea so I definitely work on my food prep for dinner but I
thought I’d just kind of start filming it give you guys an idea of what I’m
doing and I’ll be back when it’s plated so be back soon okay guys so have my
lunch I’m sorry I have my breakfast all
prepped it’s two eggs and one or two pieces of bacon with some avocado in
each one one of them didn’t have bacon so I just put extra avocado in it and
I’m waiting for the rest of my cauliflower tater-tots to cook and I’ll
be plating out my lunches and we’re gonna start cooking my dinner which I’ll
have for today and tomorrow it’s an Indian dish I think it’s like a curried
chicken or butter chicken from Quito connect really good recipe so I’m going
to go ahead and start cooking that and this cauliflower should be done in about
six minutes I don’t know why but I always have to overcook them but Evan
says the directions say four twenty five twenty minutes but it literally takes me
40 minutes to cook my tater tots so yeah so I’ve got my chicken over here excuse
the mess and I got my veggie burgers over here they’re cooked and just
cleaning the kitchen they’re cooking the meals for the week feeling good
hopefully this won’t be a fail and I will be back soon cleaning the rest of
my kitchen these are actually clean I just need to clean up here but when
you’re cooking it’s hard to be clean right
anyways I will come back later when I plate my lunches for the week okay guys
I’m back so here’s my lunch I got a veggie patty with some mozzarella cheese
some apik I’m sorry some avocado or avocados and I have some cauliflower
tater tots and a little bit of mustard in the container
so I ran out I have some avocados that are not ripe yet so I think in the next
2-3 days they’ll be ready so I’m just gonna eat the two right now that are
ready and now it’s on to dinner so I’m excited I got my lunches prepped and my
breakfast prepped all in about an hour or so which isn’t too bad so now we’re
gonna figure out what we’re gonna do for dinner so I will be back hey guys so I’m
back for dinner so I’m making the butter chicken from keto connect it’s so good
you guys are so easy you just take a little bit of turmeric cinnamon chilli
powder ginger and cut up some chicken about two pounds of chicken cut up in a
bowl and season it with those seasonings and then a pan you fry up some onion
some garlic and some butter and then you pour in the chicken and fully cook it
for about ten minutes and then you pour in a little bit of tomato paste and a
cup of heavy whipping cream and let it cook and you can serve it over
cauliflower rice which I don’t have so I’m going to have a side of asparagus
with it but it’s so good you guys so I’ll have this for tonight and tomorrow
it’s not a lot of portions there so I have two days of dinner and tomorrow I
think I’m gonna do a crock pot meal which I’ll have for the rest of the week
I hope you enjoyed this video watching me meal prep I’ll have more details
later I just wanted to film it and show you I
want to do for dinner I’ll go have a great day and I’ll talk to you later
okay guys I thought I’d show you what it looks like plate it up so as you see as
you cook it it turns kind of an orange color and it smells amazing
and here is the chicken with some asparagus I was going to sauté spinach
in the sauce support over cauliflower rice
my spinach when wilted and don’t have any cauliflower rice because I didn’t
plan out my milk raft in time so that’s okay so I have dinner for today and
tomorrow and then tomorrow I’m going to make a crock pot Tuscan chicken you guys
that’s amazing I had it last week so I’ll show you that tomorrow or later on
this week hope you enjoyed my little cooking prep
video I will have more in the future but I’m very active on my Instagram and my
snapchat so if you go look for pure goddess one-word on snapchat and pure
goddess pure goddess university ansan Instagram I’ll have links in the bio
below but I do a lot of daily stuff on snapchat and Instagram so Paragon is
University on Instagram and pure goddess on snapchat so I hope you enjoyed my
video and I will talk to you later

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