6 thoughts on “Keto Product Review – Bacon’s Heir・Led Fit Channel

  1. so I have to wonder how do you get your Chinese food fix while going keto? how do you replace all the dumplings, noodles and other staples ?

  2. I love their products! I agree about the cinnamon one tasting like the Taco Bell twisties! This panko is the one I used in my fried chicken recipe and it’s to die for!!

  3. It's interesting that you both don't like Rosemary, I wonder if there is some science about couples having similar taste buds? My husband and I BOTH HATE mayo. HATE it. Onions also. These sound amazing!

  4. I have to tell my dad about these, pork rinds are his snack of choice at night, he does Keto with my mom. He'd love these!

  5. Man real Mexican pork rinds are the best! I love the big hard ones with the loud crunch! And Taco Bell still has the cinnamon sugar churros

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