Keto Starter Kit – Scam? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Keto Starter Kit – Scam? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat Edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat. we make these videos
because Patrick finds lots of interesting things online whether they
be articles or podcasts or silly ideas and we like to sit and talk about how
these Tito ideas might discourage people from trying Kito and we like to kind of
well encourage people to do ‘quite oh yeah so this week this week actually is
a little surprise for a while because you have no she has no idea what we’re
gonna talk about and I did find a nurse again yeah so I did find this
interesting article on I think your website called gear Patrol that’s
basically your essential kit to go kiddo so there’s a bunch bunch of products
bunch of some are food some are not that I thought it could be a good idea to
discuss you supposed to say no don’t buy that okay so you know people on the
standard American diet likes to previously I did like the snack
so the first like thing for them in your essential kit are keto prod protein bars
and snacks keto snacks protein bars yeah kiddo but you know like all the kids I
would put that in the category of keto snacks snack bars snack bars so looking
gonna happen a little bit of an idea of like what they’re saying about these
snack bars like why is this something that’s essential for your kid okay okay
yeah yeah but I was expecting you to say no we don’t need that but like I don’t
think we’re sorry the first sentence okay for athletes looking for a quick
fuel or recovery if I stop that okay so here’s a problem that I have right away
there keto is not about quick fuel like the fact that ketones allow us to not
only fuel ourselves in the moment but tap into our own energy source like if I
need a snack right like truthfully I should just be able to tap
into the fat that’s on board if I’m doing hito appropriately so I might I
have a moment of feeling hungry of course but then if I if I don’t have a
meal to eat and I drink a glass of water chances are my body’s just gonna say
okay there was no food tap into me and move for so if the reason that you’re
gonna eat this thing is because you need quick fuel I feel
like maybe you don’t quite you’re not either fat adapted or that you need a
little bit more understanding of keto because eating quick fuel so that means
now snack is gonna spike your insulin which is exactly what we’re trying to
stop from happening but apart from the the insulin spike like you’re dying
hungry and you need to eat something you don’t need those bars you don’t need to
buy a four dollar little piece of of what like it’s probably gonna be nuts
like stick stuck together with like some kind of sugar it’s like – sweet
sometimes like they can’t be zero carbs those bars no particularly bar they’re
talking about they’re just saying bars in general the bars in general they have
at least like five most no one I know the one I know I have like five six
seven grams of I mean I wasn’t even gonna go there’s not you want to go
there the other part of the story that’s kind of just from what they’re saying
the reason is if I’m starving ingesting five grams of carbs in a small bar know
how much fat is in a I don’t know but like most bars are between five and
seven that’s a lot of that’s like again 25 to 30% of my calorie intake for the
day I’m giving to a bar now if I’m starving and I eat that bar then I still
gonna need to find food eventually I’m assuming that’s not me the only thing
you eat is that a good use of my carb intake
you know everybody’s make their own decision I’m just saying for me the
bigger issue is not that it’s the insulin spike that you’re giving
yourself in that moment rather than having a complete meal because if I have
a complete meal I know I’m gonna make it ours and I’ll be able to get to my final
meal for the day or my next meal for the day whatever it happens to be if I have
that bar I have to eat again because I’m starving as you just said this is this
is meal replacement it’s a snap right yeah
you like the second sentence that I didn’t remember the psychologist knew I
was gonna like it plus they taste like they they taste kinda like carbs so your
idea of entertaining the carb tasting so say there is there’s a part of the carb
addiction that doesn’t get talked about a lot which is which happens in your
mouth before the food even gets into your body when we taste carbs our brain
already lights up it knows it’s coming it’s excited for that dopamine hit right
it’s all part of it what they’re they’re basically saying is that by doing this
keto bar it tastes sweet and therefore now I’m gonna have a carb reaction
although it’s not carbs right I’m assuming there’s no purpose in it I mean
there’s actually carbs in it because it’s 5 grams of carbs or 5 to 7 I’ve
never never I’ve ever seen but is it sweetened with something that’s you know
maybe a keto friendly sweetener or whatever which isn’t going to give you
the physiological hit of sugar but what it does do is it gives you the
psychological hit of sugar and then of course that means I could be chasing
sugar again not a big deal if you’re doing that like once in a very very blue
moon but if you’re doing that regularly so you see this is where I get another
problem most people who buy keto snacks are buying them because they want to eat
them because they’re and they are even regularly and I think as soon as you get
into that story unless you’re very disciplined you could end up eating too
many carbs in your day right because like I said if one bar is between 5 and
7 grams of carbs and you eat two of them you’re still gonna have a meal that’s
not mine now you could do a carnivore meal and then you’d be fine you right so
like if that’s a way to manage it and there are ways to manage it if you like
snacks and you just to say those bars are usually expensive you can have a
snack and and and like probably like a cheaper snack and better for you let’s
say you had like some more hard-boiled eggs
or knots even those those bars are usually made of no can I also just point
out that if I’m eating a meal every time I get hungry chances are I won’t be
eating snacks that’s just another point to me because
if I’m actually hungry why aren’t I eating a meal mmm that’s that’s the
question that I have if I’m actually hungry why am I not eating okay
second let’s go with the second must have in your Quito starting kid that’s
called Quito little measurement and Quito strips I don’t know you call it
those little blood test device that would measure ketones in your blood and
and Quito for over a year now and I’ve never tested my blood for ketones so is
it necessary absolutely not is it fun probably I mean if I could
take take my my measurements and see like don’t poke your finger every year
no I mean that probably not fun but I mean just knowing like oh I met you know
am I at two or am i at 1.5 or am I at point five but can I point oh so I watch
a few different Quito YouTube channels and I’m thinking of one guy in
particular who never has hi Quito numbers and he’s always frustrated and
versus his wife who always has like these amazing numbers and she’s barely
dusky oh yeah she’s more low-carb and she’s always like doing these great
numbers whenever she decides to do keel for a little while like she just jumps
right in it and so you know what’s interesting there is that he’s
frustrated and whenever we watched whenever I watch a video where he’s
tested his ketones for whatever experiment that they happen to be doing
or whatever he’s frustrated he’s like oh yeah my numbers point to or my numbers
0.3 but it’s like you’re in ketosis what difference does it make that was my
question is there like a difference in those like whether you at point two at
two or three once you’re in ketosis is there when you be nicer to me to have
higher numbers so from what the doctors are saying there is no benefit like once
you’re in ketosis you’re in ketosis whether you’re having a point to reading
or a one reading you know of course you don’t want to go too high like past
what’s normal but I mean again you’d have to be
drinking ketones to get past what’s normal so as long as you’re you know in
ketosis that’s what’s important that’s what’s significant it means that your
body is using fat for fuel but this is what I’m saying it’s like I feel like
those meters they can be fun but they can also be frustrating because once
again it’s putting us to focus on a number rather than focus on how we feel
rather than focusing on the health benefits rather than focusing on my
overall goal for myself which is improved health better ability to use my
body the way I want to use my body but do you know of any like I would a person
not using those device when you can go between meals without feeling hungry for
sure so like I mean it Sears the thing was there guy so if you were eating very
low carb so mm-hmm first of all anybody who’s watched dr. Westman white-coat
video he’s he’s pretty clear on saying it that if you’re doing 20 grams total
carb per day 20 grams total carb like 99.9% of people okay like that new year
if you’re being good with yourself you’re gonna be into ketosis now how can
you tell the most common so how can you tell you can tell because if I’m eating
so Arthur we need 20 grams of carbs or less per day and I am no longer having
withdrawal symptoms so that’s the first thing so my headaches are gone I don’t
have you know like I’m not chasing carbs anymore I’m not feeling like fluish type
symptoms or all those withdrawal symptoms that you hear most alcoholics
and drug addicts have if I no longer have post those withdrawal symptoms
that’s another indication that you’re in ketosis so you’re eating low carb and
you don’t have those symptoms and the most obvious to me and I feel like
the most reliable when I can go between one meal to the next so two three four
hours between meals and not be hungry so I have either what is it breakfast and I
can make it to lunch I have lunch and I can make it to supper and I’m not hungry
in between you are definitely in ketosis and when you can actually go from supper
we’re around through and make it to lunch you know for sure you’re in
ketosis these are just the reality that carbs push us to eat carbs push us to
feel hungry when you no longer have that scenario you’re in ketosis so that’s
like I feel like that the real-world way of telling right like because what’s
happening so there’s no clarity in between the meals your body is pulling
fat from you that’s what’s actually happening so that’s how you can tell
okay next one in your kit would be any kind of you know at hydration
supplemented of powder or tabs that you put in water that you would yeah okay
necessary they’re necessary interesting word are they helpful that one I would
say are helping it so necessaries interesting work if you are doing a well
planned out ketogenic lifestyle where you are making sure that all of your
micronutrients are coming from you know vegetables and and and like good quality
vegetables and good quality meats theoretically you don’t need anything
else besides a little bit of salt how good are we at doing that right that’s
another question so when you might find yourself with leg cramps or you might
find yourself like craving salt that’s an indication that you’re imbalanced and
I would say these kind of things are very good in those moments because it’s
a quick way of getting a pretty balanced I mean dependent what can you buy a
pretty balanced electrolyte into your system for myself personally I use Vegas
sport and I can put a link for that in the description below it’s a good from
what I can see it’s a good one the potassium count in Vegas bort I feel
like is not super super high but at the same time I do find for myself I found
it works very good I think Zipf is is another one that has
actually much more potassium in it I could put a link for that to down below
but it’s but it has carbs Vegas board has no carbs or and no carbs in it
whereas as it fit that’s actually my favorite thing to do is to put Vegas
sport in bubbly water that tastes delicious hmm that’s a very nice cool
okay next let’s see if you think it’s a must-have
what about like artificial sweeteners mainly stevia is it like I must have in
in somebody’s kit so here’s what I’m gonna say on that one
it is not necessary here’s what I’m gonna say it’s not
necessary but what it is is nice to have and I’m gonna say why because I want
people to understand something I do not believe that you should be using stevia
on a regular basis why because it tastes sweet and when we engage the sweet
cephalic system we end up reminding ourselves of carbs and chasing carbs and
carbs and carbs and carbs even though you’re not actually ingesting any carbs
it tastes like carbs so my first thing is necessary no nice to have around yes
why is it nice to have around for those once in a blue moon okay there’s one
thing once in a blue moon treats that you might make for yourself so now we’re
talking once every if you’re working with me once every few months treats
that you allow you how stoked to have maybe around your birthday maybe around
Christmas once every few months not every week not even every month once
every few months because if I let myself do that once every few months I’m not
gonna get used to it so I have my nice treat for whatever occasion happens to
be happening and then I go back to eating regularly and I’m not being
pulled by it because it was a one-off yeah so it’s nice to have around yeah
so but putting in your coffee I would not I would not
any kind of stevia or any kind of creamer that’s sweetened in your coffee
flavored and sweetened they’re not the same thing like coffee with 35% creams
delicious so well absolutely yeah right but I know but I also I would also go as
far as saying that coffee with a flavored creamer
that’s not sweetened is fine like if you put 35% cream and I drew a drop of
regular vanilla so not not not sweetened vanillish regular vanilla extract that
can be delicious and drop a because too much of its
bitter but that can be delicious and yet not add any sweet to your food so I
should I’m saying like you’re putting some cinnamon for example in your coffee
again it’s not sweet so that’s what I would suggest but see BIA for an
occasional once in a while again the next one I’m not sure if I’m gonna tell
the product or start with the first sentence because they’re both
interesting okay let’s start with sentence when going keto you want to
increase your fat intake as much as possible to boost our full you feel you
feel you’re not a boost your fat as much as possible to boost how who’s helpful
you got your fat intake – helpful you feel so there I say know you when you
eat food you should be eating food for energy so that means that you’re eating
high quality meats and a high quality veg and let me be clear when I say high
quality what I mean is the highest quality that you can afford so what that
means to me is that if I can afford to buy grass-fed steak
why wouldn’t I buy it if I can’t afford grass-fed steak then I’m gonna buy steak
from the grocery store by the quality that you can afford but if I can afford
both either either grass-fed or grocery store steak I’m not eating McDonald’s
hamburgers this is what I’m saying I’m not gonna go to McDonald and take the
Bennett mm-hmm I’m gonna eat my steak okay so this the first I’m gonna say
the best quality that you can up for it so if I’m going there with
I would say that I’m trying to I’m not trying to feel full I’m trying to eat
til appreciated eating good quality food so right away I disagree with that first
date statement what is d yeah so MCT oil like either powdered or like okay so MCT
oil so I’m gonna go go there um do we need MCT oil again I’m gonna save of
course you don’t need it is it helpful to have it can be so let’s be clear on
something medium chain triglycerides which are fats that our body can use
immediately they are helpful to have when you’re first starting out because
what they do is they allow your body to start processing so knowing how to use
fat or using fat for fuel let’s say faster in the process so when I’m doing
my first week or two of keto if I happen to have mc2 oil my body is gonna be
given exhaust sahjhan is ketones right away to use so it doesn’t break anything
down that’s helpful when I pee on a strip or do a finger prick or whatever
way we’re doing to test if you happen to test it’s gonna look like I’m already in
ketosis that’s not true okay we need to make the distinction there I’m not in
ketosis until my body starts only using fat or using mostly fat for fuel I
should say and not relying on carbs okay so so then is it necessary to have no is
it helpful to have in the beginning yes is it helpful to have long term no so
why no again because if I have those long term the other problem that I see
people doing is they just keep adding MCT oil to everything and you can overdo
it on some level again remember were you talking about the whole ketoacidosis a
few videos back you know like if I’m drinking MCT oil like the chance that
I’m gonna overdo the ketones again it’s hard to do cuz I mean MCT oil it’s oil
mm-hmm but it’s not necessary but if you’re an athlete let’s say you go to
the gym three hours a day this is something that would be a like your
body builder that’s on keto doing the keto lifestyle I’m gonna make the big
guess that if I’m a bodybuilder doing a ketogenic lifestyle I would love to be
lower in body fat and at that point why wouldn’t I let my body take the fat
that’s on board rather than adding fat that’s just not logical or maybe if you
already had some a present if you like like at your goal and super love that
that would be the probably the one scenario where I would say then you
might not some okay so if I’m trying to maintain but so here’s a big but I’m
gonna say this MCT oil which is often derived from coconut oil if I was that
actually in that situation I would use the coconut oil because you get all the
positive properties of the oil and not just a medium train chain triglycerides
I know there’s kind of linear oleic acids and all kinds of other things in
coconut oil that you would be missing by just going for pure MCT oil so if I was
that athlete what I would do actually is use coconut oil instead if I’m trying to
keep myself from gaining weight I’m sorry I try to keep myself expensive too
those are those products I mean they’re more expensive than coconut oil for
example can be expensive okay oh the next one’s interesting like and
you like talked about it like some kind of air fryer necessary for keto
necessary for Qdoba that’s like so funny and cute oh sorry kid like like why I
don’t even understand why why would an air fryer be necessary for keto like how
were you frying fluid before so like all the people that we’re doing but regardless so whatever oil you are
using to fry before why wouldn’t you just people like I don’t understand so I
I get right away my meter is going off that they’re just using keto to sell a
product right because why would an air fryer be necessary for keto that’s my
starting point what I say that it’s helpful for keto so necessary versus
helpful absolutely here’s the thing air fryers
use oil like use much less oil so there’s two reasons that I would see why
an airfryer could be helpful but so not necessary do not go out and buy an
airfryer just because you’re doing keto that makes no sense but and you know why
makes no sense I’m sorry I thought a frying pan no I’m just driving me nuts
if I have a frying pan and I have a fatty piece of meat and I put it in the
frying pan and guess what happens it’s going to fry mm-hmm the fact that’s on
the meat is gonna come into the pan and I’m gonna be able to fry and I’m not
gonna burn my meat and I did that before I wasn’t doing keto so I don’t even
understand like that just I feel like people trying to sell products that
frustrates me because I don’t like people being taken advantage of no no of
course not but it’s the reason I would say that it could be useful I’m sorry
it’s more like the outfall paying your keto starter kit okay the reason I can see it being helpful is
because you need so much less oil to fry food so for example if you’ve got a pork
chop and you put it in a air fryer you probably even have to add any oil and if
you put a chicken let’s say a piece of chicken in the air fryer and just give
it a little spritz with some coconut oil or some olive oil or some not olive oil
coconut oil or avocado oil and put it in the air fryer they again it’s gonna fry
so are you gonna get a nice crispy piece of chicken without having to dunked it
in oil so because avocado oil and coconut oil are so expensive I ear fire
can be helpful but can I just back up again and say that you could put it in
the pan it’s like a we were talking just this morning that’s not a bacon grease
and save that for frying I’m sorry but I just really don’t like it’s not easy
taking advantage of that bothers me of course
but we’re saying was it this morning or last night that our two two good
purchases we made like can in the past month for for food Oh our good purchases
that I made and honestly any I’m not trying to push a product no no no I’m
not trying to product but helpful but to helpful things that we did buy just
because it helped be efficient I don’t even know these are on the list you had
yeah but the two things that we did buy that we use every day
are almost every day a really strong blender so the one I bought we actually
both bought the ninja blenders really strong blender we’re not we’re not in
any way associated with it’s just a brand that we actually bought well you
use it for what I do use it for making coffee so blended coffees with like oil
if I do when I do do my own coffees I also use it for blending avocado when
I’m making like different things that have all kind I really want to have a
cada to be smooth you’re making your iced for making rice cauliflower for
because it had a food processor on it so like we had that so like honestly
there’s so many things that like I can I can actually say that that food
processor slash blender gets use every single day at my house the second
product that I use that I can definitely say gets used every single time I make
vegetables is my pressure cooker my pressure cooker I use every time because
I’m very very sensitive to lectins not everybody is but I am and I figured that
out after reading mark hymens book food what the heck should I eat I’m super
sensitive to lectins and when I started cooking my vegetables in a food
processor how has my life changed that I don’t have again a lot of reactions to
food and whatever so now I’m gonna even I’m gonna be honest transparency I have
a airfryer did I buy my airfryer because of keto absolutely not right because I
also have a deep fryer and my deep fryer I had for years and years and years and
did I use those crappy oh yes I did so like the thing is is that do I I mean
it’s expensive when I want to fry with RIT with avocado oil in my deep fryer so
of course the air fryer now has replaced it when I’m frying those kind of things
um so this is again that whole idea of like what’s your goal what’s your
ultimate courses like it has to do with being more efficient like in the slow
cooker you put the piece of meat like even the other week I did put a piece of
pork and a piece of beef the beef in the slow cooker like for an hour and a half
and you have like me in the pressure cooker in the pressure cooker you’re not
the slow cooking a pressure cooker and you have meat like
and actually honestly my pressure my slow cooker I’ve actually started using
more and more and since I’d become Akita what I say that that’s Aikido necessary
no but it actually just happens that because I mean eating better quality and
more and better quality meat more often I’m finding recipes that call for a slow
cooker so I have a slow cooker I have a pressure cooker and I have a really good
blender food processor and air fryer and I use all of these things ok
last product on a keto lifestyle list I started kid it’s another product
actually and I’m I’m gonna ask a question instead of like just giving you
the product because like of the reaction you had with the the air fryer
how does like a spiralizer would help like somebody went on a ketogenic
lifestyle okay so yeah I have a spiralizer a spiralizer is a device that
little device that you have to make to make let’s say vegetable into little
spiral strings like or whatever and there’s you can have different sizes and
it could be strings they could be disks it depending on how much attachment you
have so I guess the positive of a spiralizer is that if you miss things
like pasta there are certain vegetables that you can spiral eyes and then when
you cook them up they taste kind of pasta like are there good pasta
replacement method they taste like pasta but they’re good pasta replacements you
can put sauce on them I mean I used to do that I used to make spiralized
zucchini that tasted really good and so that’s not I mean that’s a I
guess a valid product do I need it for heat Oh duh no but like it the funny
thing is is that they’re kind of messy to use and actually I can’t even under
the last time I use mine hmm so that’s part one part two if I
spiralize some zucchini and use it for pasta that’s still a large amount of
carbs right that’s a teeny is a carbine I think I I think depending on how many
carbs you have left for your day is going to depend on whether or not you
can actually use that and then it an efficient way but I feel like the other
thing that’s interesting there is a of still in that situation
I will admit that when I started when I bought that I was still in that
situation where I I like pasta and I was like how do I have that as a meal and
like I feel like today I moved so far past trying to replace things and I
think that’s ultimately you know you listen to these products and these
either the products like food products or they the purchase products they’re
really aimed at people who still are new to the keto game and you’re still trying
to replace the old lifestyle that you were living and I feel like as long as
you would get stuck there you’re gonna be stuck there and the sense that if I’m
trying to replace a chocolate-chip cookie or pasta or a try to replace you
know mashed potatoes or then I’m gonna need products to do that versus if I
allow myself to see what low glycemic vegetables I actually like and find
recipes that use those those vegetables I don’t need to replace anything so do I
think is bad to have a spiralizer no I think you need a spiralizer no there’s
nothing that you need in terms of cooking utensils that you don’t need for
regular cooking so if you want the spiralizer get a spiralizer if you want
an air fryer get an air fryer I have one I have both of those things do I need
those things to do keto No so that was my last that was yeah it was
a fun article actually like you you said it like you don’t need you have the same
reaction when you read those things were you like like yeah because we know we
don’t need anything you need a frying pan basically that’s like that’s helpful
like to fry your steak and your your pork chop and like but but you don’t
need like any food product you don’t need any bars you don’t need any MCT
oils interesting what you just said there okay
I fry more stuff I like to cook for myself so I’m not counting cooking for
my daughter I can’t remember the last time I use up pot no yeah right like I I
use my my instant pot yeah like to use a real pot to make some food
for violet okay I had one just thinking about it a maybe a salad spinner because you can go without you can wash yourself surprise is not in the list of salads
because on the list I need on keto you just need you just like me eat so many
vegetables and so much salad and yet a salad spinner wasn’t there like oh
that’s really interesting actually I did even think about that that’s true yeah
again salad spinner up so now use everyday vegetables that you love to eat no no
but like yeah that’s really what I’m saying some kind of vegetables that you
love to eat a kind of transportation to get to the grocery store we need a car
in Canada but like if you live in a warm climate a bike with a basket to go pick
up some vegetables at you if you live an alarm clock warm climate a garden in
your backyard no honestly I think if I have to say the one thing you need to do
Quito it would be vegetables you love to eat and good quality meat access to good
quality meat that’s those are the two things you need that but you need those
on any diet yeah honestly like I feel like people and there are people that
don’t eat veg it’s sad they’re doing the standard American diet on burgers and
hotdogs and stuff like that and they don’t eat veg and I don’t think that’s
healthy I think you should be eating vegetables I think you should be eating
good quality meats you’ll notice I did not say fruit vegetables yeah I wanna thank you for watching but
uh watching pilot talk I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health
and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat Edition we are really happy that you guys stopped
by to watch our videos I’m gonna be back on Monday with another of my videos and
we’re gonna try to do this again sure thanks for stopping by oh by the way if
you’re not subscribed please subscribe you know hit that Bell so you know when
our next video is coming up where my next video is coming up you know just
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  1. Good morning! I'm glad I listened to this. I am learning (the hard way) the price I have been paying for eating carbs! This video has helped me understand I need to work on changing my thinking/purpose of food! Food has been used so much for entertaining I think we have forgotten food is fuel! I can see now that I will be more successful if I make that my focus vs seeking replacements for the habit of snacking!

  2. LOL…. transportation to a grocery store! I have to add….or farmer's market for vegetables and/or GF meat at better price.

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  4. Great vid! Agree once you're in ketosis your body is using the fat. Like you I'm celebrating 1 year. I love my slow cooker, my spiralizer, iron skillet, all of which I had before Keto. But I agree can't remember using a pot. And the only rule is to eat good meat, butter and veggies and pork skins.

  5. Hi Violet and Patrick – great to see you guys in my feed again! My take on these companies trying to sell us so-called keto friendly products is about the same as a drug pusher on the corner – they play on addiction and to get and keep sales, they must continue to keep us reliant on their product through addiction whether it be sugar or a drug. The minute Pat said 'snack' was the red flag for me.

  6. Hi guys 🙋
    Great speech as ALWAYS! Violet I am really happy to hear your explanation about the glucose reader to find out your numbers and how is unnecessary to buy to find out if you are on ketosisl I almost fall for it and go to the pharmacy and buy me a case which I would had spended a good $60 or $80 with the strips!! Lol
    By listening to your respond I was very happy to know that I am on ketosis!!😁😅😅 as you explained I can go 4 and 5 hours between meals , and after my last meal in the evenings I can go 16, or 18 hours with out feeling hungry!

    You are amazing! I thank God for having you and teach me that i dont need to spend extra money on a kato diet. Thank you for given me the knowledge that I have now!
    God bless

  7. ROFL…. "I'm going to keep an open mind." All the while the face says ……. get on with it so I can shoot all this crap down!😂 🤣😂 🤣
    I sometimes do extended fasts the longest being 16days. I use a serum ketone tester when doing them if I become nauseous to see if my ketone lvls have jumped too high into fasting ketosis and might be moving more toward ketoacidosis. I've only had that happen one time and it was on the 16day fast. My first clue was that on day 10 I was hungry more like ravenous but I ignored it. It got worse over the next few days and I started feeling a little queasy by day 16 I was very nauseous and slightly dizzy so I tested and sure enough, my serum ketone lvl was very high at 8.0 mmol/dl. I would have stopped the fast anyway at that point but the numbers verified that it was absolutely time to stop.

  8. Hello Violet and Pat, Thanks for your input!
    While I too believe that companies are pushing whatever "KETO" product they can whiff up, many of us are not as trained or yet ketogenically, if I may, educated as you and some others
    might be and need the assurance from a Ketone Meter that we are in Ketosis. Take me for example: I have been a very low carb eater (less than 15 percent daily) for months but still find that on some days I test and find that my reading shows that I am not in Ketosis. So, instead of an 16:8 fast I have to do a 20:4 split or a 24 to get into Ketosis. The Ketone meter helps us newbe's.

  9. I was very tempting to buy a ketone measuring tool I felt I will be obsessed with the number. 😅 so I didn’t purchase one

  10. Great Video. I maintain eating whole foods, healthy fats. I don't buy anything with "Keto" on the label. The MCT and Keto urine strips are not sustainable on my Senior Citizen fixed low income budget.

  11. Snacks shouldn't be necessary…but cottage cheese or a cheese stick should be the snack of choice, not protein/carbs in a bar. You don't need any "essential kits" to go keto. Bah hum bug !!!

  12. the biggest reason against the blood strips. yes I was highly IR at my stroke, I was not diabetic (5.4 A1C at the stroke) being the food drip was glucose; I was highly reactive to it. while in ICU and recovery I needed insulin. instead of weaning away from exogenous insulin; I was told I was a T2D with no cure and insulin requirements would ever increase. I was eating carbs to fuel the exogenous insulin. as such, I was forced to blood test 6x each day, even then my test many times dropped 100 night to morn. I have had 0 exogenous insulin since 9 Ape 2018. pricking your finger is NEVER fun; greatest reason not to be taking exogenous insulin

  13. I just discovered you this week.I feel like I've discovered a beautiful treasure.I am learning so much ! You're really motivational too.Love from Vermont

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