hey guys so I woke up in the morning
with this giant thick pimple on my forehead so I figured that it’s time to
have this little chitchat about Keto and period well this video will be
pretty short there is only one thing I really wanna point out and that is
please do not wait yourself give yourself a favor and spare yourself
disappointment and discouragement and take your weight scale and bury it
somewhere really deep in the closet if you do happen to wait yourself you’re
gonna be bad I’m usually very mad because I personally do gain weight I
gained about two to five pounds when I’m on my period I personally do retain a
lot of water during ovulation and during my period so I don’t have this feeling
that I have only two weeks to lose the weight and let me tell you that sucks
your period really messes up with your hormone balances and your estrogen rises
and all these cravings and eating food like me I don’t know what to eat first
if pork rinds are some dark chocolate or everything at once and pickles and Jesus
it’s just it’s unstoppable and all this is besides being cranky and Ness it’s my
husband some women claims that keto diet
actually helps them with their period that they have less cramping they have a
shorter period they have their periods more regularly and some claims complete
the opposite way well I actually think that when you lose a lot amount of
weight it kind of messes up with your hormone so your period can get a little
messy and little throw out of the normal cycle so just you know stick with it
keep in mind that it will eventually settle down I may have another thing I
want to point out and that is be sure you stack up your freezer with some
awesome keto ice creams because you’re gonna need it I basically just try to
stick to my macros that I you know make sure that I don’t overeat
I don’t go over my carbs well I may sometimes go a little overboard with the
peanut butter but hell I gotta ease down the suffering right since I’m on
ketogenic diet I am not really hungry throughout the day I have my two meals
and one snack sometimes not even the snack but how when I’m on a period I
would eat six meals a day and I sometimes it’s not even enough there is
nothing more disappointing than when you’re on a diet and you step on the
weight scale and you find out that you gained it weight what I want you to
remember from today’s video is no waiting yourself while you’re on your
period and do not stress about gaining a couple of pounds because you’re gonna
lose them once again when the Red Devil is out of a town well I’m gonna enjoy my
strawberry cheesecake ice cream as I do really need it and I hope you guys enjoy
this first random talking chitchat video with me and I’m gonna see you again in
another video I love you guys bye


  1. Hang in there one day it will all be past you like it is for me and then you get to wonder why you seem to be trying to grow a beard and moustache. Sucks being a woman for real. Oh well what can you do? You can eat a popsicle that's what. 🙂

  2. Keto fixed my terrible periods. Like the rivers of Babylon. Black trousers only. 2 pads. Looked like a sumo wrestler. Walked like a baby with a nappy on. Terrible. Started stealing my dads incontinence pads. They were like mini matressess. two months on keto. Normal flow. I used to sleep with bath sheets over my real sheets to save my bed. Now. It's like before I had four kids. I do have weight gain and a few cravings but keto has changed my cycle. I've been only seriously doing it for 2 months

  3. So glad I found this video.🤗😍 There arent many videos on "keto and periods" so this was a big help! When I started Keto (sept.6) I had just started my period that day which lasted about 3-4days. (I'm also almost 8 months postpartum with second baby- back to back pregnancies). I'm now in week 4 and I had started my period again in the middle of my 3rd week which lasted 3days. I told myself I wasnt going to weigh until another week- after I was certain my period was over and I had fully recovered but I just couldnt help myself.😖🙈I gained 3.2lbs. I do also breastfeed, IF and workout so my app (Lifesum) told me that the scale doesnt know the difference between water and fat "weight" so a few pounds isnt drastic. In previous weeks between my 2 periods I had also had cheat meals and gone over on macros a bit some days and still continued to lose weight so I know the few lbs I did gain are definitely period related. I wish there was a way to calculate macros and calories when you incorporate breastfeeding and IF and how much you burn in addition to exercise. So I totally agree NOT to weigh during your period and even a good solid week after your period is over.

  4. How soon after my period can I weigh again? My period just ended last night. I weighed and I haven’t lost a damn thing this week and last week I was losing!

  5. Lol, this is just the perfect time to find your video. I am on keto and my monthly friend started last Monday. I am doing really good, but last night I had to get up of my bed and I felt I was going to eat a piece of wood if i had to, because of how hungry I felt. It was so bad. Unfortunately i found some sugar free chocolate chips (used for baking), and oh boy, I devore like twenty in les than minute. I wanted to go bad for a second load, lol. Thanks for the advice!

  6. Good talk! I came on youtube to find just this information. Thank you for encouraging words! (very angry at my scale this morning & having my period!!!) 😠 You make me feel normal again. (((hugs))) 🤗

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