Ketogenic Diet: Marketing SCAM Or Miracle Diet?

Ketogenic Diet: Marketing SCAM Or Miracle Diet?

alright guys let’s talk about the
ketogenic diet so I’m gonna talk about in this video whether it’s you know a
myth to whether it’s overhyped whether it’s just the scam or whether it’s the
best miracle for fat loss that ever happened and I’m gonna try being as
objective as possible you know I know as a youtuber and you know a trainer that
it’s easy to become biased right you have a view and and you suffer from
confirmation bias you try to back that view up everyone suffers from this to
some extent but I really want to try and be as objective as possible with this
video and go over what the Kido genic diet is why people kind of think it
works and whether it’s something you should be doing or shouldn’t be doing
that’s basically what this video is gonna be about I’m also going to explain
why it’s becoming so popular and the answer to that may actually surprise you
so what is the ketogenic diet the ketogenic diet is very low in carbs
moderate and protein and extremely high in fat so typically your carbs are going
to be under 5 percent under 30 or 50 grams in general that’s that’s a typical
amount that people consume and the reason people do this is there are many
reasons but mainly it’s gonna be for fat loss weight loss when you drop your
carbohydrates this low your body will change into a state of ketosis right
you’ll begin to utilize your own endogenous fat and also the fat you’re
consuming from food as fuel so when your liver glycogen is depleted your body is
going to begin creating ketone bodies right ketone bodies are like a beta
hydroxy butyrate although it’s not technically a ketone body acetone and
s-two acetate that’s how you say I’m basically these ketone bodies are
utilized as fuel for your muscles for your brain there are some parts of the
body that require glucose like certain areas of the brain but that’s fulfilled
through protein that you’re consuming being turned into glucose through a
process called gluconeogenesis so in a nutshell the ketogenic diet is dropping
your carbs really really low and your energy source sort of changes from
glucose to fat to ketones and this state of utilizing ketones is called ketosis
which you’ve probably heard before that’s
the ketogenic diet basically involves so because you’re you are utilizing your
own fat for energy there are a lot of claims that kiddo genic diets are going
to be superior fat loss because carbs are very insulin or genic they spike
insulin insulin prevents fat from being released through lipolysis many people
again will say that ketogenic diets are therefore going to be superior for fat
loss um so our ketogenic diets really better for weight loss and fat loss the
the answer is very simple and the answer is that no other not for example as I
always mention before weak controlled metabolic Ward’s study showed that both
the standard American diet compared to the ketogenic diet when calories and
protein were matched fat loss was 1.1 pounds for both groups by the end of the
four weeks now the ketogenic diet is better for weight loss now what this
means is that the ketogenic diet is gonna result in quicker weight loss
because when you drop carbs your glycogen stores and with the glycogen
stores your water goes away right you shared water you drop weight very
quickly from that due to the drop in carbs and because of this you end up
losing weight quicker this is one big reason why low carbs are such advocates
of the low carb diet working so well you know you drop your carbs you lose weight
very quickly in the first week and this gives people the impression that it’s
somehow superior for fat loss overall when compared to a standard American
diet which is higher in carbohydrates the next question about the Kido genic
diet is is it dangerous because you’re consuming so much cholesterol and so
much saturated fat is the ketogenic diet dangerous the the truth is the research
doesn’t show that it’s it’s like an is gonna kill you right we know now that
dietary cholesterol isn’t really a problem for the average person it’s not
gonna skyrocket your cholesterol levels um you know there are some people with
the exception to this who have genetic variations which make them hyper
sensitive to cholesterol and saturated fat people with the apoe4 gene should be
more careful about these things but overall a ketogenic diet done right
especially if it’s with a wide range of foods
dents and micronutrients you’re eating all your vegetables you’re getting and
everything that you need the ketogenic diet can be done and you can be healthy
while you do it rather than many people would argue would be even more healthy
so in terms of health yes it’s not going to be dangerous unless you’re consuming
ridiculous amounts of saturated fat and and trans fats but as long as you’re
getting a good amount of saturated fat monounsaturated fat you’re not overdoing
it on anything you know the cholesterol isn’t going to be a problem it’s nothing
you need to you need to freak out about right the next question is is the
ketogenic diet for you and that depends on your goal you know if you’re very
sedentary if you’re very obese then the ketogenic diet may realistically be a
good option for you because you probably struggle with having a really high
appetite and research has shown that a ketogenic diet can help to decrease your
appetite that state of ketosis burning fat for fuel there’s some evidence there
that that decreases your appetite so it may help you to eat less food and
because of that that may really help you to lose weight effectively so that’s
something to consider as well if you really struggle with your appetite the
ketogenic diet um you know or a little Cobb died in general which is going to
be much higher in protein more protein means a faster metabolism
less cravings for food so that can be an option as well uh overall if you’re
sedentary and maybe something you want to do but to be honest if you’re an
average person you’re doing some strength training in the gym you’re
doing some workouts you’re trying to lose 10 pounds then having carbohydrates
and your diet is is gonna be a good idea because it’s gonna help fuel your
workouts you know they taste delicious so that enables you to go out and eat
with your friends so and not not live a very restrictive dietary lifestyle
although as you know it can be done on a ketogenic diet it’s just more difficult
and you can lose weight and fat effectively eating carbohydrates so if
you can and you can do that then the question is why wouldn’t you that’s all
I have to say so it’s personal preference do the ketogenic diet if you
want but if your primary goal is Wow fat loss then start off eating carbohydrates
and if that doesn’t work then consider the ketogenic diet but I wouldn’t go to
it first that’s all I’m saying yeah now that it’s worse or better
um and especially if you’re you know you’re a guy or woman and your strength
training really hard and you’re working out really really hard you’re doing
glycolytic workouts like bodybuilding or high intensity interval training then
you definitely want to be consuming carbohydrates in your diet and if you do
a ketogenic diet then consume some carbohydrates before you workout to give
you fuel and prevent muscle loss now another question is why is the ketogenic
diet so hyped at the moment well because it is very effective for weight loss
people seem to get good results on it that increases the amount of search
volume for the ketogenic diet and people like me marketers trainers who work
online and you know sell products and want to get views we look at keywords
and we look at the popularity of keywords by doing something called
search engine optimization we look at the keywords that are trending right so
the ketogenic diet is been on the rise like this as a keyword so everyone gets
on this keyword because they know they can make money from selling products on
it so it’s like a snowball effect more people are searching it up it’s getting
more popular more people make content on it and it just goes up and up and up and
up and up like this so just because the ketogenic diet is very popular doesn’t
mean it will be in ten years and just because it’s very popular doesn’t
inherently mean that it’s better for fat loss okay that that’s one of the many
reasons why it’s increase in popularity so much um as well as the scientific
advancements that have gone in with the ketogenic diet recently there’s some
evidence that may be good for the brain and inflammation and a number of other
things so um that’s something to keep in mind as well so is the ketogenic diet a
myth yeah it is a myth in terms of being superior for fat loss is it all hype and
there’s no specific benefits to the ketogenic diet no there there may be
some benefits work for certain diseases and it may just very well work better
for some individuals when it comes to weight loss and and and fat loss so it’s
not a myth and it’s not all hype it’s it’s somewhere in between a nice mix of
those so I hope that’s clarified a few things I hope you found this interesting
let me know if you’ve tried the ketogenic diet before whether you are
planning on doing it while your experience with it is and I would be
really curious to know your app in on that as always you know thanks for
watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video okay peace up

19 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet: Marketing SCAM Or Miracle Diet?

  1. There is NO doubt, Keto worked for me and has been extremely effective (in my case). There is also NO doubt whatsoever, that many other people are now just hopping on the bandwagon to promote their own agendas and make some quick cash…that's just human nature (sadly).

  2. Personally not a fan of keto. Made me feel ill. I think I just like carbs too much 😭 I’ve lost weight eating less and exercising more n that’s what works for me. I found myself very unhappy doing the keto diet

  3. Keto works but for me it was dieters prison, I switched to OMAD and eat what I like. Control when you eat not what you eat.

  4. Tried for 6 month, but life was boring when I was on keto. Now I switch to a diet I designed myself. Meat and eggs and a few greens(sometimes)in the morning, then eat non refined carbs at night. Works great for me and the carbs help me balance my hormones. One good thing about eating carbs at night is that It helps you regulate sleep cycles with the insulin rush.

  5. Scam or miracle? I’d say both. Great video! I enjoy your content, thanks for taking the time to research.

  6. My take is that If you eat more of the macro-nutrients (Protein, carbs and fat) than what your body needs per sitting, you accumulate adipose tissue. Acetyl-coA build up and puts the extra calories to fat ( adipose tissue), the TCA cycle cannot go any faster than what the body needs. Thanks for the video!

  7. Keto diet is good for acute weight loss as you say but it is probably not effective as a sustainable solution. By sustainable I mean one keeps on losing weight and doesn’t get tired of eating restrictively. Are there any studies on long term keto dieting for weight loss? An effective diet programme should be sustainable.

  8. Interesting! Dr Myhill says she has great results for CFS/ME sufferers on her paleo-ketogenic diet which ties in with your comment on those who have a more sedentary lifestyle I guess

  9. You used to be so interesting and unique, mixing self improvement, philosophy, stocism with health and fitness. Now you're just another health and fitness guru clone. What happened?

  10. There is no one diet fits all,everyone has different body types. I've tried six small meals a day ,I've tried juicing, I've tried ifym and keto.keto has have gave me the best results,along with intermitted fasting.i have dropped 65pounds just eat good fats and not bad fats,lots of green veggies,basically keep it clean.

  11. The idea of a ketogenic diet, if used specifically for fat loss, is to first become fat adapted. Some people might take longer than four weeks, depending on the level of insulin resistance, so using a four week study is hardly evidence of anything. Once you become fat adapted, you then reduce dietary fat so your body starts going after its own fat. Assuming you haven’t dropped your resting metabolic rate by just reducing calories, your body will still burn the amount energy you’re at this point, even then when reducing your fat and calorie intake, unlike caloric restriction, which just sinks your resting metabolic rate. Which is why this would be better for fat loss, in my opinion, over a 6 month period, than just caloric restriction. Any diet works short term, but the resting metabolic rate is nearly always destroyed in the process, meaning having to eat less and less to see any results, grelin going through the roof, then putting all the weight back on because it’s unsustainable. Most people I see on here who fail with keto, just haven’t researched it enough and usually have made some mistakes along the way, mainly because they’ve just dived into it. You are also going to get people who it just isn’t for. Whatever lifestyle people choose, as long as it works for you and fits in with your lifestyle, it’s all good.

  12. extrapolating from how sharp i feel my brain under fasting, i definitely should try some weeks under ketosis.

  13. let me address your biggest "point" …. the "someone is wrong ion the internet" effect i guess 😛
    effectiveness because of water loss. sorry man, but this is a strawman. everyone who knows a little bit keto will tell you that if you come from a high carb diet you will loose plenty of water in the first weeks, and that you will gain that water back when you stop keto and go back to high carb. btw .. when you're already on low carb diet, the difference will be much less. The true reason why keto is considered effective is that it doesnt slow down your metabolism down so much, because you're not on a caloric deficit. Thats the HUGE difference. You can have a effective weight loss with every diet out there, that's not the point. The point is, it it sustainable? When you put your body into a caloric deficit and play by the rules (have a long enough time window with low insulin levels) you will loose wait, but this weight loss will slow down more and more, because your body adapts to the situation and lowers the metabolism. so if you have a base metabolism of 2000kcal and you consume 1000kcal you will loose effectively 1kg per week, which is excellent … but its also very very hard, because your body will do its best to make you miserable and hungry and everything. And as times go by, your consumption will drop to 1800, 1600, 1400 and so on, and when you stop your diet and start eating "normally" again you will quickly regain the lost weight, and probably more, that's the well known "yo-yo effect". There are statistics out there that guess the number of failed diets in the long run to be above 90%, because all they achieve is screwing up their metabolism. Thats where the power of keto is in .. you dont starve, you just open the pathway for the body to use its own energy resources, and he is using them or the food you eat. No deficits.

    There are plenty of other benefits keto has over other diets, but i dont want to write pages and pages 🙂
    Oh and man, the average person doesn't do 3 workouts a week and looks at his nutrition closely as a bodybuilder does. the average person has completely other problems.

    Disclaimer: Are there people that do well on a high carb diet? Definitly. Just as on any other diet. But many if not most ordinary people fail to maintain weight long term, and for those keto is a very real alternative.
    Reference: I'm no expert or trainer, but i know a thing or two about weight loss and healthy life style (and even more about a not so healthy one), i was 4 years ago at 134kg/180cm, heavily depressive, plenty of health problems. As of today I'm at 77kg, slowly gaining muscles, and young girls call me "sexy". I'm 53.

  14. It's not a fad diet. It's not a miracle diet either, but not sure why you dedicate so much time to shitting on it.

  15. I did Keto a few months ago and my appetite was almost gone. That is the only thing I miss. I didn't enjoy the amount of meat and how obsessed I got with the perfect balance of fat, protein and carbs so I wouldn't get kicked out of ketosis. So many recipes I tried were not good. I don't miss it but I do miss the no appetite thing.

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