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Sound is really good when I do this. Not as good when I do this.
Really good what I do this. Not as good when I do this. Let do the whole thing like this. Hey guys, this is NPR. Hey I’m Tara. And I’m Natalie. And this is Natalie and Tara Try Stuff. Yeah. This week we are gonna do something a little bit different and we’re gonna
actually something all week because we are going to try out the Ketosis diet.
Which I’m pretty sure is like a Atkins thing or like an all bacon such
situation or something. The goal is to get your carbs below 25 to 20 in the 20
or 25 range grams a day. Which is insanely low and you gotta get your fat
to 60 to 70% of your- That’s Insane. We’re gonna live off of egg and avocados. My boyfriend does the Ketosis diet and about a month ago I decided, to like, you
know, for camaraderie sake, I would do it you can do a week with him or whatever
and then like day three as Tara and I are together and I’m dying… I’m in the
kitchen like I want some carbs! She was like “we should film this!” She decided to
torture me and make me start over which it’s evidently like the first four days
are just miserable. This is gonna be fun! We would we would tell you more about
this diet but we’re gonna let experts and people you know what they’re talking
about do that . Links. Yeah. In any extreme diet consult your your nutritionist or a
doctor before hand. We’re not gonna do that because we’re dumb. [laughter of a crazy person] In case you didn’t know there’s
this thing called- these Ketosis strips that you have to urinate on, and they
change colors to tell you how many ketones you have. Or what size ketones
if you’re in ketosis. I did my first one yesterday just cuz I was like alright
how’s this work? And Like the color that I got was negative
ketones. I’m pretty sure. It turned green just for fun. Second disclaimer, we also don’t actually think
that we need to lose weight. No. Or go on a diet or anything. We definitely don’t need to extreme
diet. So no comments about that cuz that’s not why we’re doing this we’re
doing this because it’s hilarious and I’m dying to see what happen. Tara just wants to torture me, because I live off of carbs.
My life is Doritos. Doritos and. Sour cream. Yeah sour cream. I can have
sour cream on this diet. Doritos and pasta and sushi with lots of rice. Okaeeee. So let’s uhhh… lets. Do you think we covered all our bases? Let’s see how this week is going. It is weigh in time… It is time to do what every woman would hate to do… and Im going to weigh myself. What are we at? 130 No Whammy. No Whammy. No Whammy. No Whammy Boom! Okay. I’m day one and it’s a little more ketos-ey. So it is evening of day one and I just like rejected food. I’m not- not hungry, I just have no appetite. My stomach just feels really gross, like, I feel like I have to burp. But I dont. Alright, good morning. uhh… This is day two and I am so tired. I work a night job so… So yesterday I ate
well over 2,000 calories and I definitely put whipped cream in like
three different cups of coffee, and I have lost two pounds.
Over 2,000 calories and I lost two pounds which makes no sense. So far so
good. I did feel kind of funny last night but so far so good. It is noon on day two and I have not reached
ketosis yet and evidently there is a little trick you do where it’s heavy
whipping cream and coconut oil that’s supposed to kind of induce this thing.
And since we’re only doing a week and I want to get into is ketosis I’m gonna…
bottoms up. [Bleh] thats… I think I’m going to be doing this for an hour. It is three o’clock on Sunday, day two.
– and I am in ketosis all right we’re uhh…. what day are we on? It’s 3. Day 3 Here’s what’s going uhhh…. Wow! Look how bad my…. anyways you can’t see that never mind. This is what’s been
happening all day our brains are complete mush. It
takes every conversation goes so…. Today is the day that is supposed to
start to hurt. Today’s the day it gets bad? Yeah. I mean I feel like the last couple days
I have felt a little bit- But you’re only moderately in ketosis. I know. I’m like
full on in now. So we’ve got, how many days we got left? We’ve got this whole weeks to go. mm-hmm We have
a whole week to go. [adorable cat noises, sometimes called meows] …and this cutie. [obnoxious snuggly sounds] We go a whole week to go and I have a feeling
that it’s gonna get worse and now I’m gonna go take a shot of coconut and…
heavy whipping cream. [bleeeeh] And I’m going to have some more coffee. Bottoms up sweetheart. Your such a jerk right now! you know that? Ugh yeah… It’s not bad. It’s the film in your mouth that bothered me. Yeah, Theres that. I got that nice coating mm-hmm yeah that’s
a good feeling that’s that’s gonna linger. It works! I
cannot believe this, this works. This stupid coconut
oil and heavy whipping cream… I’m flabbergasted. I thought this was dumb I’m
flabbergasted. Okay so I just got home from Natalie’s house… today after the weird shot of cream and oil and my face is turning bright red and like
splotches. I have no idea why. Or What’s happening…
but this is occurring. Monday night. Nine o’clock, and I think I’m going to bed. I have felt lethargic the last half of this day. I am beat. I think I’m just gonna
go to bed and hopefully when I wake up like this fog… this right hear… will be lifted… and everything will be magical again. I hate Tara so much. Okay I’m gonna do my Tuesday morning weigh-in.
Last I checked, yesterday, was at 131 I’ve gained a pound. We’re at 128.2 So I’ve lost a couple pounds. Somehow
last night I not myself had a ketosis I think because I ate a giant steak. I
thought today we had the perfect day to start with bullet coffee. Okay I just
went ahead and made myself some keto coffee which is coffee
coconut oil heavy whipping cream and butter and then you blend it and Enjoy. I will say this about this uh
bulletproof coffee- One. It is coating my throat and I am, I’ve got hardly any voice but,
Two, it is not very good once it starts to cool down. And now I feel like shit. My
stomach’s upsehhhhhht. Damn you bulletproof coffee. This morning I woke up and I was
borderline not in ketosis anymore which was really upsetting because I
know that Natalie is like full-blown, super-large, ketosis. She’s like basically
winning ketosis right now which I hate her for. I had a pretty fat-tastic morning where I just
ate a lot of fat cuz I know the fat being in a certain level is really what kicks you
back into ketosis. At this moment I’m back and small.
But I was kind of reading up on this like my face is already a little bit
flash which I think means I’m in ketosis and stuffs happening in my body and I
woke up this morning after another day of eating like, God 2,000 calories again
and lost another pound, which just honestly blows my freaking mind. Oh I
just realize how empty this side of the screen is without Natalie in it. I’m gonna put here headshot up so that I don’t feel so lonely. Here’s the big thing though, I really miss pasta. And I keep trying to reach for cherries, For Cherries, and I am so sad about this. I don’t get to get to eat a cherry! Hello hello hellew! It is …. Wednesday That was hard. It is Wednesday Day- I don’t even know anymore. Um, I feel a lot better
I’m actually out and about inside my car uhhh… running errands because I actually have
energy again! Yay! I’m eating the suggested pickles I need snack. I have a headache so I think
I might need some like electrolytes. My kitchen looks like the sixth sense
happened to it. Today I am back in trace. Ketones and here’s what I’ve discovered
if you’re a girl and you’re getting your period you don’t get to do ketosis
anymore. Even if you’re eating right. Cool. cool cool cool cool
I’m gonna keep it up but technically no ketones in this situation. I am tired of eating eggs and avocados and I can’t wait to make a sandwich on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
right now. I feel like Matt Damon in the Martian… it had been seven days since I
ran out of ketchup This is my coffee. Wanna see what’s inside
there? Its whip cream. It’s F***ing magical. It’s F***ing magical. Uhhh…how was your week Natalie. Um, it was, you know, highs and lows. Ups and downs. Ebbs and flows. I enjoy
whipped cream in my coffee that was a perk of this week. You know
you can do that when you’re not on the diet too. You can just have. Noo, if you’re not on a diet
now you’re just eating poorly but if you’re on this diet you can eat butter
it and everyone’s like oh yeah. Overall it was super easy, I mean, I…
here’s what happen though, I got my TOM I’m gonna say TOM because we have so many
male viewers out there. Hey guys. Um, but TOM. I’m putting the words out so that
you can tell what it is. I hate that guy. um apparently you fall out of ketosis when your TOM
comes to town. So I haven’t been in ketosis for like a week. See I don’t know if
that’s true. I haven’t found that same information
you linked that article, I’ll link the ones I found, but there’s a lot of
there’s a lot of downs that you know with a ketosis diet, that I just want to
kind of like, go through them and check off the list. So like these side
effects of fatigue. Every time I stand up I feel like I’m gonna pass out. Oh yeah.
That first, that first couple days is just lethargic. I I definitely felt funny for
a day or two, like, I just felt wooozy and weird headed. Today is Friday.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… Day seven I guess. The ketosis rash which
Tara had her own version of the keto rash. But was it the rash? I don’t think so. I don’t
think so I did get my skin got real bad though. Oh
really? My, yeah, my face skin- face skin? My face skin got really bad. Did you ever
notice anybody odor. No. Okay I didn’t either but I do feel like I sweat more when on Keto.
That’s a question for other people that I should ask. Did I smell? Yeah, friends of
mine who watch this show- I was fine.- Did I smell? Were going to dive in here to like the constipation. Yeah. yeah.uh-huh that happened. I feel like if you felt like
you had to go you better take advantage of that situation. Well and then the
reverse of the constipation. Is also a thing. Yup, those things are real. Yeah,
Hey guys, aren’t you happy to know us? as we got into it like day four day five it
starting to get pretty easy yeah and it really was just a matter of like keeping
yourself on on eating the right things. Remembering. Yeah I mean we started to
feel good all the like the side effects were pretty much gone and we started
actually sees some results. Cuz I’ve lost a little bit of weight, I’ve lost a
couple- I mean I actually lost like half an inch, which is- Thats a lot on you. Um so
we’re we’re talking about it and we think we’re gonna go, we’re gonna go
another week. Yeah, for sure! Lets do another week. We feel good, we feel like
we could take on the world. Yeah, why not? Maybe that’s why we think
we can do this. Right!? so we’re gonna torture ourselves for- Actually it’s not even torture anymore. We’re gonna do is another week because we’re that close to where we want our bodies to be and like let’s just use this little edge. No? I am. I mean
no I was just good just laughing at the The idea of where you want body to be? I want my body to be like shorter and willow-ier, with less boobs. So like, thats not gonna happen. Ketos not gonna help you. Meanwhile, I just want to be able to wear a midriff again. I laugh because
I love myself the way I am. So I’m not really gonna say, I… there’s there’s there I’m never gonna be willowy so therefore i’m F***ing awesome the way I am. I just want to be the best Danny Davito I can be. Stop That! [obnoxious laughter] You stop that! You horrible evil woman. I’m not
even gonna explain that, we’ll explain that some other time. All right , sooo. Inside Joke.
We’re gonna keep going for another week. Yup. We’re gonna do it. We’ll keep you posted, We’ll either add it to the end of this intro- outro- I don’t know where I am right now.
Or we’ll make some additional video content if this is going to long. So hang
out for that I’ll put in links if I need to. If you see the link popping up right now
and that’s what happened. I don’t know, I don’t know what’s gonna
happen. It’s the future. I can’t see the future. I I can’t predict the future. It’s a
week away. So, with that in mind, My name is Tara and I’m Natalie and this was
Natalie and Tara…. try stuff keto-sis. Ketosis.dieting. yay. The best Danny Davito you
can be? You’re going to keep bringing that up? Really? That was like eight years ago.

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