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Hi I’m Anthony Flatt and welcome to my video.
Today I want to talk about ketones in your urine. I know that people that talk about
ketones talk about how do you test to know if you actually have ketones in your system
and there are ketone test strips that are urine test strips and I’m going to talk about that
a little bit. So, anybody that has watched any of my videos on this channel knows that
I’m doing a ketogenic diet or ketogenic lifestyle and I’m taking a ketone supplement.
And one of the keys to that I think is being able to measure the amount of ketones in your
body. And not so much measuring it to get to a specific level or perfect lever, but
measuring it to make sure that you have enough ketones in your system to make sure that you
stay in ketosis. And there’s a video on here, I have a what is ketosis video, so if
you want to know what ketosis, is watch that video. But we’re going to talk just a little
bit about what are ketones, what’s the level that you want to be in, where do you want
to be and kind of where am I from that perspective. So, let’s talk about this. So, ketones are
measured in millimolar and they can be measured by the urine strips or by a blood meter. Urine
strips being, I’ve got some here, being one of these little dudes and you just tinkle
on this and then you measure it against this little chart and it kind of tells you where
you’re at. I’m not a big fan of these, because I’m not sure how accurate they are
and I’ll talk about that in a minute. The other way is to actually have a ketone meter
and I have one in my fancy med bag, my little Ziploc bag here, but this one’s a Nova Max,
it does both ketones and glucose. This is pretty decent. I’m not a meter aficionado,
so I don’t know if there’s one better than the other. I know this one is relatively
inexpensive and it works for me and then it has two different kinds of test strips, it
has ketone test strips or blood strips really, little blood things, and glucose. And I haven’t tested my blood today, so
in a minute we’re actually going to do that and I’ll show you what that reading actually
looks like. But let’s talk about where do you want to be, right? So, Rachel Nail, a
registered nurse, says ketone level can range from a negative or not at all to very, very
high levels. While individual testing may vary, some individual ketone levels can be
zero, nothing, negative, to less than .5 millimolar. Now, she says .6, but everything says .5 millimolar.
And then that would be negative, anything less than .5, and then moderate she says is
.6 to 1.5. Excuse me, low to moderate is .6 to 1.5. and then she says high is 1.6 to 3.0.
and then very high is greater than 3.0. Now, when you say very high, somebody probably
just said, oh, what about ketoacidosis. So, there is a thing called diabetic ketoacidosis
and if I don’t have a video on it now, I’ll probably make one. I can’t remember if I
made a video on that or not, but anyhow, it is a state we definitely don’t want to be
in, but it’s a very rare occurrence. And I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on
TV, so consult your doctor for more specific advice, but Wikipedia says this about ketoacidosis,
it says the average adult with DKA, ketoacidosis, has a total body water shortage of about 6
liters in addition to substantial shortages in sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphate,
magnesium and calcium. Dude, if you’re missing that much stuff, you’re in sad, sad shape.
So, ketoacidosis is, at that point, is a whole bunch of things going wrong with you, so definitely
don’t get into that state. And if you think that you’re low in any
of those, go consult your doctor, go visit with your doctor. But it says in that state
the glucose level exceeds 13.8 millimolar. So, Rachel Nail, registered nurse, says very
high is greater than 3 and they’re saying ketoacidosis is 13.8. So, everything that
I’ve read and studied basically says don’t go over point five, no, 5.0. Now, for me,
I’m overweight, I’m obese, I’m managing, I’m prediabetic, I’m pre-high blood pressure,
I’m managing all of that through my diet, through my eating, and so my blood ketones
and my blood glucose levels, my ketone levels had been .4, .4, .5, so that’s not it ketosis
or barely not in ketosis. And then I usually, when I’m in ketosis, I usually range between
a mild .7 to a 1.7. I think one time in the last two months I’ve been to a 2.0, and
I do, I want to push that up, I want to be at 1.5 really, that’s my personal ideal
goal is to be at 1.5 all the time. If I get up to 2, I’d be happy with that. If I get
over two, I’d be happy with that. If I start getting close to three, I might start getting
a little concerned, and not because there’s anything wrong with it, because 5.0 and above
is where you don’t want to be. And they’re saying ketoacidosis occurs at like 13. So,
I think I’m totally fine in the 2 to 3, the 1 to 3 range, but right now I’m not
even there, so I’m still working on that. So, let’s talk about that. So, the urine
test strips, I keep them around and I have them, I usually have them in the bathroom,
and I use test every time I go to the bathroom just to check, just to see what it says. These
are not that expensive, I don’t know what they cost, but they’re pennies per test
strip. Testing my blood, I usually test my blood at least once a day. Sometimes I’ll
miss a day, sometimes I’ll test twice a day, but on average probably once a day. And
I really believe in the thought process that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage
it. So, if you don’t know what it is, and when people say, well, I’m struggling on
a ketogenic diet or paleo diet or an Atkins diet, this is the first thing I’m going
to tell you to do: Test your blood. Find out. Because if you’re on a paleo diet or an
Atkins diet or a ketogenic diet, those are all moderate to high protein, low carb diets
and if you’re in that, you’re going to have ketones in your body and if you don’t,
you’re not doing it right. You’re not being honest with yourself, you’re not eating
right or there’s something medically going wrong with you. I have some issues being overweight
and being obese because some of the things that people say, well, just eat this and boom,
you’ll be in ketosis or your ketone levels will go up or whatever. That doesn’t necessarily
work exactly for me because I have excess fat, I have other issues, I don’t exercise
enough. We all are a little bit different. So just know that if you can’t measure it,
you can’t manage it. So, measuring, this is a big thing for me. So, let’s do this
real quick and see where we’re at. So, I take my supplies out of my handy dandy little
travel Ziploc baggie here. I use this little thing; it just basically makes a real small
dot in your finger and it makes a little blood come out. You load them up with these little
sticks. There’s a point inside here, so I’ll put it in here, I’ll twist this guy
off and then be really careful. You can’t see that point probably, but there’s
a little sharp point there. I load this for the deepest depth because I have kind of rough
skin, I’m a guy that’s kind of, you know, rough hands. If you have sensitive fingers
or you don’t have calluses on your fingers, then maybe you want to dial it back, but I
put it out there. And it doesn’t really do much, so there we go, there’s some. This
might be kind of gross, but there you go. Alright, so we’ve got that. Let’s throw
one of these in here and let’s see where we are at today. So, I’m going to do glucose
first, it doesn’t really matter, you can do glucose. It counts down and then it gives
you a little blinking blood droplet to tell you that it’s ready, put my little blood
droplet on there, it’s counting down 3, 2. Let’s see what it says, survey says.
Okay 123. Anything over 120 is prediabetic, so that’s not good. So, 123, still working
on it. And I’m just being honest, this is an unfiltered video here, I’m not trying
to prove anything, I’m just trying to show you that I used it. So, let’s see where
my ketones are. I would guess that my ketone level would be relatively low, because my
glucose level is high. Now, you can be dual field, and we are dual field. So, you can
have both glucose and ketones at varying levels, but usually one of them is higher than the
other. So, let’s see, we’re counting down. Let’s see what my ketone level is. Hopefully,
it’s above .5. Okay,1.1, so that’s pretty decent. Now, my glucose level is higher than
I’d like it to be, but my ketone level is 1.1. So, I’m in ketosis, I’m burning fat,
it just also means that I have sugar, glucose in my body. Now, I haven’t eaten anything
today, but I bet you the reason I’m at 123 this morning is I went and saw the new Star
Trek movie yesterday. It’s awesome if you haven’t seen it, go see it. It’s actually
a real movie, it’s not just like blowing a bunch of stuff up, there’s actually a
plot, which is unique in movies today. So, go see the Star Trek movie, it’s really
good. I’m geeking out, sorry. But at the movie I took a bottle of water
with me to the movie, didn’t drink it. My son got a box of, a bag of popcorn and a fountain
drink, coke zero, and I had some coke zero and I had popcorn. Corn, seeds, any of that
stuff, do your own research, but they’re not good for you, plus it had the chemical
they try to call butter. Movie utter is not butter, it’s oil, and it’s not good oil
either, it’s flavored oil and you’re eating what goes in your car. And then the salt,
their salt is the worst kind of possible salt, who knows what it’s got in it. Maybe one
day I’ll do a video on movie popcorn and I probably had at least two servings of that.
So, then I came home, I didn’t have anything else to eat, because we went to the movies
at 7 and that was like 9:30. So I didn’t have anything else to eat, I had a glass of
water before I went to bed, so I’m not that surprised that my glucose levels are elevated
today, but my ketones are doing pretty good. I’m going to take my Keto OS supplement.
This is what keeps my ketones going. Now, I took one earlier, which is why my glucose
level is up and my ketone level is up. Normally my glucose level would be up and my ketones
would not be, but I took a ketone supplement, I took a Keto OS earlier. This one is chocolate,
I had an orange earlier or whatever they call it, orange dream I guess. This is chocolate
swirl; it tastes like a chocolate twist ice cream cone. I sometimes take this and put
a lot of ice in it and end up making a slushy out of it. I haven’t tried freezing it yet,
I was thinking about freezing it, and some people say you can even cook with it. I haven’t
tried cooking with it either, I don’t cook with a lot of chocolate, so I don’t know.
I do that because I don’t want it on my hands and maybe the women are like “you
have to wash your hands, don’t lick your hands!” I don’t know. But I do that because I want you to know that
it actually tastes pretty decent and then there’s not an issue with it. So, anyhow,
I take my little drink twice a day and that’s what helps keep me where I’m at. So, let
me sum it up with this, I’m not a big fan of the ketone test strips that you pee on,
although I do use them, it just gives me and indication. If I really want to know, I test
my blood. I test my blood once a day on average, sometimes twice, sometimes I forget, but I
usually just use it to help me understand, am I eating the right things? Like I did there,
I’m a little high today, 123. Why would that be? Oh, I had popcorn last night, so
that might have been it. And I noticed that when I then dialed those things back and don’t
do those things, that helps. So, today, to kind of help with where I’m at, because
I want to continue to lose weight and I’m losing consistent and steady weight being
on a ketogenic diet, taking my keto supplement. So today I’ll probably have protein, I’ll
get some avocadoes, I’ll probably have either some steak or chicken and then I’ve got
some cauliflower upstairs, so I’ll probably have some cauliflower as well and then maybe
for dinner I’ll have a salad. So, I’ll probably not, quote on quote, “cheat today”
or have any other carbs. I’ll try and keep my carbs really, really low and see what my
numbers are either later on today or see what my numbers are tomorrow. So, I hope you found
that interesting. I would go buy a blood meter if you are prediabetic. If you’re diabetic,
you probably already have one of these, especially type one, because my friends that are unfortunately
type one diabetic carry these things around, they carry around insulin. I don’t want to do the insulin thing; I’m
trying to give my body trying to recuperate. I do intermittent fasting, I made a video
a few days ago called the 7/11 diet, and it’s not slurpies and big gulps. The 7/11 diet
is just done eat between 7pm and 11 am, give your body that 16 hours to recuperate. My
body will use the sugar that I’ve stored, which is what it’s doing now, that 123 tells
me that it’s using the sugar that is stored in my body because I haven’t had any sugar
today. So, there’s no place for me to have gotten that from other than my body, but it
will burn that off, and then that helps my body stay in a fat burning state and stay
in a more of a fat burning state and I’m losing weight just by being in ketosis. So,
do that, get a meter, test it. The urine strips, if you’re on a budget, these things are
not cheap. These ketone strips for these meters are about 2 bucks a piece, 2 bucks, so that’s
60 bucks a month just for these. And then the glucose ones are more like 20 cents apiece,
so they’re more affordable. I think unfortunately as 70% of all Americans are overweight or
obese and prediabetic or diabetic, I think those supplies are probably, the price of
them is going to go down, but that’s for a very unfortunate reason. Hopefully you found
this educational, entertaining. If you liked the video, please give me a little thumbs
up. If you have any questions, please put them down in the comments below and let me
know. I like answering questions, so please put comments in there and then if you want
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the channel. Okay, take care.

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