Kidney Stones – Break The Stones And Prevent Them In The Future With These Natural Remedies

Kidney Stones – Break The Stones And Prevent Them In The Future With These Natural Remedies

Oh God my stomach Oh ladies and
gentlemen if you’ve never had kidney stones for men they say it feels like
giving birth to your penis with kidney stones and we’re going to
talk about things you can do to prevent kidney stones things you can do when you
get kidney stones and natural remedies that help dissolve and get them things
out your body because they are terrible in this video what’s good YouTube you’re back in the
building with the all-knowing all-loving I’m feeling I’m seeing all-powerful just
damn all everything the sex is hell hopes bringing you life games financial
I miss human life games Fitness I’m sorry and if you enjoy the content on
this channel please subscribe to this channel go check out the life game
financial Channel and go check out my big channel that has 96 thousand
subscribers I do reviews of everything on that channel so if you’ve never had
kidney stones man they are terrible I got them for the first time ever in my
whole entire life just this past year and they were traumatizing so it had me
feeling as if I had a stomach bug you had this radiating pain in my lower
back I felt like I wanted to throw up I was doubled over in the bed and pain
you couldn’t get any relief and finally my wife who is a kidney doctor by the
way her link is in the video description if you want to go check her out she’s a
nephrologist at duke sad boy you sound like you got a kidney stone you need to
go get a CT scan to see what’s going on and I did and they said I had a three
millimeter stone so let’s talk about the two types of stones predominantly two
types of stones you have calcium oxalate stones and then you have calcium
phosphate / uric acid stones and your asset stones tend to come from someone
who’s eating a high protein diet or someone who’s having insulin issues and
it all comes from your blood pH your urine pH being high that’s where that
one comes from and there’s different ways you can go about fixing that
particular version of kidney stones for one you can drink more natural lemon
juice you can go get potassium citrate increase your water content if you’ve
been feeling dehydrated those are some ways you can kind of fix those issues
but I think for that particular issue the main thing you want to do because it
seems so prevalent and individuals with insulin problems you need to get your
insulin under control if that won’t fit your parameters the other one that we’re
talking about is the calcium oxalate kidney stones and that one comes
because you have a high amount of obsolete in your system with a low
amount of citrate in your system those are the reasons why you might have that
particular version of a kidney stone and how do you fix that well you got to talk
about the foods in your diet so foods that have high amounts of oxalate in
them and I’ll leave a list down below but you’re talking about spinach
avocados grapefruits dates figs beets almonds red meat all those things are
high in oxalate and when you have the condition like I said your oxalate is
high but your citrate is down you want to replace you get your citrate back up
remove the oxalate so those numbers can go down and things you can do to get
your citrate cup is drink more lemon juice natural lemon juice I’ll leave a
link I’ll leave a link for everything I’m talking about in my Amazon store the
link of be in the description from everything that I’m mentioning natural
lemon juice or any mineral that has citrate on the end of it will work for
you and foods that can help you would be kale is reduced amount of isolate
cabbage is good cauliflower is good cucumbers are good and supplements you
want to have vitamin d3 and also vitamin k2 k2 helps you hold on to calcium in
the bones so that it doesn’t come out to the tissues and there’s one other
supplement that I use that helped me get over my kidney stone and it would cause
chanko pierrot and it’s right here it looks like this and this is my vitamin
k2 that I take and this right here helps to dissolve and even if some clays just
bust up the kidney stone I used it and I did wind up peeing out my kidney stone
but it wasn’t as big as first notice and with any of this stuff ladies and
gentlemen make sure you consult with your physician before you do it because
you can be on board with their plan so you can COO believe when I figured out
that all these remedies work I had to talk to my wife about it because she
wasn’t having it until I talk to her about it and that I
did and I used it these things work for me and they will definitely work for you
so take advantage of those steps if you’re eating foods that are higher
isolate get rid of them change them out for foods that are low and isolate eat
food I mean start doing things that are high in citrate such as lemon juice and
citrate supplements and if you’ve already got a kidney stone go at my
video description link check out these two products I promise you it’ll help
you get out of that pain and help you get on the road to preventing further
kidney stone issues in the future that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget
to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself a life gang you’re still
looking for a coach that can help you out my link is in the video description
I would love to help you do some online coaching witches and get you back on a
fitness and wellness plan that fits your needs and until the next sex is hell
video I’ll see you you

6 thoughts on “Kidney Stones – Break The Stones And Prevent Them In The Future With These Natural Remedies

  1. Talk about perfect timing…my sister is dying from the pain of a 2mm kidney stone right now she still hasn't passed…says she's in more pain than giving birth 3 times…sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Very informative video. Much appreciated. Keep the awesome content coming. Have an awesome night

  3. Thanks man excellent.breakimg away from old content. I do like the old stuff as well. I still browse old vids.

    Some of the foods high in oxalates
    I eat daily gonna have to change change
    Did it hurt when you passed kidney stone?

  4. Thanks for sharing. Lucky you 3mm my doctor said the biggest one I have is 7mm bro I'm scared crapless so I'll talk to my doctor about what you just talk about and try to get rid of these things.

  5. Shout out to Mrs T for educating you on this so you could share. I have only had dust so no major issues passing it. Have CKD and the D3 helps a lot for that too. Not to mention those who live in colder climates will benefit greatly because the lack of sunshine causes a deficiency. Most people do not even know they have one, they just feel down and sluggish and cant figure out why.

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