Lazy Keto Lifestyle I Weight Loss Vlog

Lazy Keto Lifestyle I Weight Loss Vlog

Alright y’all, so I just pulled up and I have a
meeting so I will be snacking on the old trapper old-fashioned beef jerky this is
not the ideal beef jerky for keto at all y’all here are the nutrition facts
seventy calories zero grams of fat six grams of carbs and I’m happy about that
at all y’all why do they have carbs in this meat then it’s five grams of sugar
why do you feel the need to put sugar in meat I don’t understand then it’s 11
grams of protein then as you can see within the ingredients the second
ingredient is brown sugar why I’m definitely not gonna set up here and act
like the beef jerky meat is not good at all it is y’all but I do not want to
waste my carbs and sugar on this but I’m hungry
if I don’t eat this I’m gonna be eating stuff I don’t definitely do not need to
eat at all anywho y’all do you want to let y’all
know that I’ve really been considering just flat ironing my hair one time maybe
once a month I don’t know um I know like when I pull it is like down here
whatever so really interested in seeing what I decide to do I get to be a
chicken head like my hair was thin as could be and then I used to get a
relaxer every four weeks yall it was horrible like whoo Jesus I’ve come a
mighty a mighty long way but y’all I promise y’all I really I’m about to go
inside now but um my mom and I we laugh about it now but I promise you I vow my
child gonna have a head full of hair I’m not playing them games my daughter is not
having any relaxers until she is mentally prepared to do it I may wait
till she’s 18 where she can make that decision I don’t know yet I mean cuz you
know I don’t have a child so I mean why think about it now yeah people
staring at me so let me go Y’all look at the McDonald’s in Cleveland
I don’t even know they had all this aren’t they just fancy over here okay y’all so
today was a very good indicator to me that I am definitely definitely not at
all ready for children so y’all one of my friend’s daughter was in the cart
video and I had got out the car locked the door
about to walk away then all of sudden I heard her and I was like what and then
she looked at me like if you don’t let me have this car y’all I feel so embarrassed right now Alright y’all so Keto at McDonalds I got the double bacon
smokehouse burger I have no bun of course then I have no cheese you can
have cheese on keto but my body hates it so of course I’m not gonna get it
I got no sauce on it no fried onions and I add it to leaf lettuce also added
pickles to this because I just wanted some pickles and this is what it looks
like you see the lettuce you see the meat you see the bacon over here pickles yes
and this equals happiness and I also got code zero to drink okay yeah so I made this little chocolate peanut butter fat bomb it’s keto friendly so good y’all oh my gosh so good I think I’m gonna put it
over on my youtube channel one day and share that recipe because y’all this
needs to be shared with the world and now y’all I just put in the oven my keto candied pecans they are so good like this is a weekly thing now I’m gonna
make this every week basically for myself because it helps me keep my
sanity while on keto definitely alright y’all so about to go to the New
Mexican restaurant here I’ve heard like good things about it so hopefully it’s good ok y’all I
don’t know how to pronounce this correctly but I think it’s El Mariachi but
y’all look at all this stuff oh my gosh y’all it’s so much food to
choose from I just passed the page as well over that show it doesn’t end oh my
gosh oh my gosh it doesn’t stop it just does not stop
Wow okay Hey you guys this is Jodeci if you didn’t know my name. This restaurant is pretty good so far cheese dip is pretty
good. Since I was out on my assignment, this is like a late Valentine’s day dinner. okay yeah so I know this is so
stereotypical of me but I got some hot wings I did ask them to put some avocado
I’m not gonna eat the little what is this ranch or whatever I don’t know
sour cream not even there and here’s babes food he has shrimp and steak in it just chicken and steak Oh! chicken and steak (laughs) is it good okay okay y’all so I really do not drink alcohol
but I have this margarita I’m just gonna have a little bit cuz you know like I said I
don’t drink and I’m scared to get drunk I’ve never gotten drunk and we’re not
trying to let that happen tonight at all On keto though y’all you have to be careful because with alcohol you can get drunk like this that’s what other people say like
I’ve never been drunk so I don’t know yeah so I need to definitely be careful
right now if I don’t know what my limit is And you have to be careful because getting drinking can knock you out of ketosis you’re so smart look at him we’re here at the movie theater y’all
look at this long line so y’all my workout days are Monday through Friday
and I decided to do some form of core workout during those days and hopefully hopefully I’ll get some abs and I’ll clean up the way I eat First meal of the day y’all so I have some pork chops
with two bacon strips then I have 1 whole avocado with salt on top
of it a little bit of cauliflower and two eggs and I’m going to be drinking
some water and Coke Zero over here this is my first meal of the day this is like
a nice little keto friendly let me move this up so y’all can see it a little bit better
this is like a nice little keto friendly meal so yeah I’m gonna eat all of this
yes your girl can definitely eat over here
snack time y’all so about to snack on these cucumbers and I did sprinkle some
pink Himalayan sea salt on them and I guess I’m gonna just start editing a
YouTube video over here so y’all just got this this will be great
like when I’m filming different little youtube videos in the car and so yeah so
excited yay so y’all tonight I made some cabbage and that was it and
so now I’m about to have my Halo Top dairy-free candy bar ice cream oh my
gosh so good I haven’t had this flavor in a
while so yeah I’m about to enjoy this hey you guys so editing version of
myself coming in I hope you guys have enjoyed this video thank you guys so
much for the comments on my previous video it really made me feel so loved
like I really and truly appreciated it oh and I’ve been thinking about doing
like a keto fat bomb recipe are y’all into that like have you ever tried fat
bombs cuz if you haven’t you need to cuz they’re so good if you are new to the
channel welcome to the fam I’m over here documenting my keto weight loss journey
here on social media and your girl is sharing everything so click that subscribe
button + the notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future
uploads here to my returning YouTube family thank you so much for watching
this video as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I will see you in the next video bye! : )

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  1. Yesss fat bomb recipe😍 I buy the slim fast peanut cup fat bombs from Walmart they r so good n they are only 1carb mmmmm🥰🥰

  2. I have grabbed the jerky in the checkout line before and then when I got to the car… OMG… SUGAR… and so much. ugh You forgot the child. lol 😂😂😂

  3. Hey another great video.. Your editing is the bomb I like it. If you dont Ind me asking, what program do you use to edit your videos and your end card?

  4. Im am so glad to have a youtuber who is consisted on keto!! Thanks so much for your time. Yes keto fat bombs is a must!

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