Lose weight in 2019 with #PaGuMi – the healthy keto diet

Lose weight in 2019 with #PaGuMi – the healthy keto diet

4 thoughts on “Lose weight in 2019 with #PaGuMi – the healthy keto diet

  1. Im proud of you Erick!

    Araska – (milk) arina-asukal-kanin
    Pagumi – papak-gulay-minsan

    This is a localize and practical way to let go of extra pounds!

    Salamat Erick!

  2. Awesome! (And thank you for explaining PaGuMi…Roger was driving me nuts asking all the time. LOL)
    6 lbs down and counting!

  3. Hi Erick. Good to see you here. I am recommending this to my friends and relos. I don't do it myself because I've turned vegan (plant-based + some fish) nearly 2 years ago since I've had my angioplasty (single). In my last CT angiogram, I scored 1.1 (a score of 500 means you're near a cardio attack). I've lost a good amount of weight since doing this diet. Question: I don't intend to lose anymore weight. I run 5k weekly, do some weights at home and walk a lot almost everyday. Do I still need PaGuMi? -Rene E.

  4. Hello po. Thankyou so much for this video. It's an answered prayer. Ive been doing LOWCARB-INTERMITTENT FASTING for almost 2mos now. I was told that I will lose weight faster if I will do KETO, I have no prob with that since I have already eliminated carbs in my diet. However, I was kind of skeptic with the daily fat intake of 70-75%. And I whenever I check on videos, testimonies etc., people would say, what you mostly need to eat is the fatty part of the pork, chicken skin, internal organs of the pork, chicharon etc. I was like, WHAT???!!! Arent they dangerous for your health if you consume those regularly? So thankyou so much for enlighting me about the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats. I found out that i am doing the right thing. Coz my meal everyday is consists of 2 hard boiled eggs which is for my source of Omega 3(FAT), lean meat and leafy veggies. Thanks so much sir more power and Godbless!

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