Low Carb Smoothies!! Keto Smoothie Recipes! #kickstart2019

Low Carb Smoothies!! Keto Smoothie Recipes! #kickstart2019

(upbeat music) – Hey, Munchies, happy Monday. I’m Alyssia if you’re new,
and in case you haven’t heard, I’m hosting new videos
every weekday in January to kickstart your new year, so if you want more content,
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you don’t miss anything. Everyone is looking for
smoothies in January, but this year I have had
more request for Keto, and low-carb recipes than ever, so here are some low-carb
smoothie options, because believe it or not, it can be done. Now remember, Keto is a high-fat diet. I have an entire video on
it if you’re interested, so part of how we keep
these smoothies low enough in net carbohydrates is by upping the fat, so these are filling, and
really should be looked at as more of a meal than a snack. Of course at the end of the
day, your Keto diet is up to you and it’s all about your overall ratio of fat to protein and carbohydrates, and your carbohydrate tolerance, so you need to do what works for you. Today I’ve got five low-carb
smoothie recipes in this video, and then three more for a total of eight in the free e-book that you can download using the link in the description box. Let’s start with cucumber,
celery, matcha, lean and green. (upbeat music) In to my blender I add,
baby cucumber, celery, avocado, and coconut or MCT oil. So MCT stands for medium
chain triglyceride, or medium change fatty acids, and it’s a type of fat
derived from coconut oil. It’s colorless, odorless, and stays liquid at room temperature, so a lot of people on a low carb diet add it to
food, coffee, or smoothies to boost the fat content in their diet. It’s easy to digest,
and suppresses hunger. Remember, you really shouldn’t be hungry on a low-carb diet, and it
provides quick, clean energy for your body, and especially your brain. We can all benefit from
MCTs, low-carb or not. I also add matcha powder. Make sure you use a high quality brand, which will mean it’s a vibrant green, and annoyingly expensive. I’ve linked a bran I use
sometimes in the description, but it isn’t my only brand choice, and feel free to add
low-carb friendly sweetener, or stevia drops to taste. Finally, for my liquid,
I add creamy cashew milk, but you can use whatever you prefer. Blend it up. I love the vibrant, and
fresh color and taste Cucumber is always so distinct
to me when it’s in a smoothie and I like it. This smoothie only has
six grams of net carbs, and all of the nutrition
info for all these smoothies can be found in the free
e-book, along with the recipes. Next up, a low carb golden milk smoothie. (upbeat music) I start with coconut milk
from the can, shake it up. Make sure it’s really well integrated, and then add that to an ice cube tray to make coconut milk ice cubes. They may separate a bit while freezing, but it’s no biggie. Just keep those in the freezer for whenever you need them
for smoothies or cooking. Thaw them out for a few minutes before adding to your smoothie. For this smoothie, I add
coconut milk ice cubes with an additional
splash of milk, MCT oil, and remember that can
always be coconut oil, vanilla extract, turmeric for
a nutritious golden boost, cinnamon, ground ginger,
salt, and sweetener to taste. Naturally sweet, cinnamon-y,
and a kick from those spices. I love the creaminess the
coconut milk provides, and this smoothie only has
four grams of net carbs. How about a berries and
cream protein smoothie? (upbeat music) This one starts with frozen raspberries, which are one of the fruits
lowest in carbohydrates, then I add MCT or coconut oil, a scoop of collagen protein powder, optional sweetener to taste,
and low-fat coconut milk. A lot of people are mistaken, and believe that Keto means no fruit. Keto does not mean no fruit, it means very high in fat,
and very low in carbohydrates. We all have a different
carbohydrate tolerance, and the only way to know is to
test your blood ketone levels while tracking your macronutrient intake, so if you can keep your
ratio working for your body, while still eating some fruit, go for it. Some people, most people,
can have some fruit, or at least berries. Probably most people
will have to stay away from higher sugar fruits
like bananas, and mangoes, to keep their carb content down, but it’s mistaken to
say that Keto means no to any specific food. It’s really about the overall
carbohydrate consumption, and fat ratio. This smoothie is creamy,
sweet, with a bit of tang, and I love using collagen protein powder, because the one I use is flavorless, so I don’t even know it’s there. I am not a huge sweetened
protein powder fan, and I do love the joint,
hair, and nail benefits that collagen provides. Okay, bullet-proof smoothie anyone? This cinnamon, almond bullet-proof shake is delicious, and filling. I start with some of those
coconut milk ice-cubes, MCT oil, almond butter,
flax meal, cinnamon, sweetener to taste, a
pinch of salt, and coffee. Blend it all up. Okay, if you want your coffee
boost kicked up a notch, this shake will do it. You’ve got the caffeine from the coffee, the brain boost from the CMTs, and just the invigorating excitement from this being a delicious,
indulgent low-carb shake. Six grams of net carbs,
so much satisfaction. The last one I’m sharing here is perhaps the most desert-like. Surprise, blackberry cheesecake. Frozen blackberries, cream cheese, or if you’re a dairy-free low-carber, you could sue coconut milk, but of course, it won’t have the same cheesecake effect. I have seen a coconut based cream cheese at Trader Joe’s, that could
work, but I haven’t tried it. I’m also adding MCT oil, vanilla extract, optional sweetener, a pinch of salt, coconut milk, and water. This one is the most indulgent. It’s extremely delicious, but it’s also the highest in carbs. There about 10 grams of
net carbs in this smoothie. Keep in mind, some people can handle that. Personally, when I did Keto, and tracked my blood ketone levels, I can handle about 40 to
50 grams of carbs a day, and still remain in ketosis. Some people can only handle 20 or less. It really depends on the person, so if you know this
smoothie won’t work for you, I apologize, but I hope
one of the others will. Remember, I do have three more smoothies in the free e-book that you can download using the link in the description. There is a peppermint protein milkshake, a creamy cashew acai smoothie, and a chocolate macadamia nut, yum. All recipes and nutrition are included. Thanks so much for being here with me. Let me know your favorite
in the comments below. I’ll see ya tomorrow
for a brand new episode, and remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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