Low Carb Tater Tots Recipe | Healthy Hash Browns | Keila Keto

Low Carb Tater Tots Recipe | Healthy Hash Browns | Keila Keto

hi guys it’s Keila I’m back with another
recipe video guys you know tater tots like I had the worst craving for tater
tots so I was looking on Pinterest and I found a zucchini taught recipe and it
has been my saving grace I have already made it two times in a week which means
it’s good enough to film so if you guys want to see how I made it I’ll be
showing you guys how because it is ridiculously easy now of course the
hardest thing to do in this recipe is grading the zucchini and of course
that’s the first thing that you have to do so I just have two small zucchini ins
I’ll leave all the measurements in the description box below I’m just going to
grate that in a large bowl make sure you add a little bit of salt to it and mix
it together this will help draw all the moisture
from the zucchini you want to get this as dry as possible I let this sit for
about 20 minutes take a clean towel and place your zucchini on the towel you’re
gonna want to wring it out as much as you can honestly this took a good minute
or two just wanted to let you guys know it does take a little bit of elbow
grease but get this mixture as dry as you can because the drier it is the
easier for it to crisp up which will give the illusion of tater tots and a
potato fry feeling once you drain the zucchini you’re going to want to place
it back in the bowl and add the rest of your ingredients I just have one egg
Ramazan cheese cheddar cheese almond flour and you’re seasoning of a choice I used
garlic powder onion powder salt pepper and I added a little bit of seasoning
all I usually love seasoning all on my fries so I wanted to see if it would
resemble fries by adding that to the mixture mix this all together and now
it’s time to form it now you can freeform it if you’d like I’m far too
impatient and I just can’t really measure things out correctly so I found
a little mini muffin tin thing I don’t even know if it’s considered a muffin
tin but I found it at Rob’s so it should be in your local grocery store it was
super cheap I think it was under six bucks and I placed all the mixture in
here this honestly will help get the illusion that it is a hash brown as well
as make sure that your portioning it out correctly so they all cook evenly in the
oven I just read the tin with some nonstick cooking spray you can
definitely use whatever oil that you’d like I preheated the oven for 400
degrees and I let it bake for about 10 minutes and then I flipped it over now
you don’t have to do this step but I wanted it to kind of crisp up on both
sides so I just wanted to be extra on that part it’s definitely not needed but
I would suggest checking on it if you don’t decide to flip it because the
bottom side might get a little bit black and you my friend have a great hash
brown replacement I can’t believe we did it guys it was amazing super easy so
satisfying you can serve this up with any type of condiment that you like I
really love barbecue sauce and ketchup that’s my favorite but hot sauce would
be amazing with this as well I had it with my bacon and eggs you can have it
with a side as a side for your burgers endless possibilities guys and less
possibilities but I hope you guys like this video if
you like recipe videos on my channel please show me some love by giving me a
thumbs up as well as leaving me a comment down below of the next recipe
that you want me to keto 5 I will see you guys in the next one bye

51 thoughts on “Low Carb Tater Tots Recipe | Healthy Hash Browns | Keila Keto

  1. That looks really good! I've got to try this one I've been following a lot of people that are on this diet and you guy's are giving me so many different ideas. Thanks for sharing hun

  2. I made these tonight, but I think I used too much zucchini and made them too big. I baked them for 20 minutes and they never got crispy.

  3. Love this! It looks delisous and easy. I'm going to get the ingredients today and make them tonight. Thanks for sharing. 🤗

  4. Just a suggestion with your spices that you use your onion powder garlic powder black pepper whatever you use all the time put them in a shaker together and then you only have to take that once myself so much easier love your videos you’re very inspiring

  5. Looks absolutely yummy! I wouldn't use the ketchup though, it has sugar with the high fructose corn syrup , although it's minimal. But it's something not to be consumed if on a strict Keto diet. I'll have to look for other alternatives! Or not at all, tarts look amazing all on its own.

  6. Dang I have already sliced my zucchini long ways!! Maybe I could still try to grate it! Looks delicious!!

  7. Will be making these. Yummy. Just started a low carb. And I love to snack sometimes. 🙂 These look delicious.

  8. Just made these and they're so good! I think I'm going to make a bunch more and freeze them, so I can have them on hand 😁

  9. Made your tots recipe last night as a side with steak. These are a winner Keila! Much easier to make than zucchini fries and taste better too. Thank you!

  10. I found you today somehow, my first video was the bread one which I thought was fantastic. Then I spotted this one and when I saw the recipe I knew I had to subscribe. Great job!

  11. Looks awesome but not "super easy". I wonder if it would more like potatoes with riced cauliflower. It might take less time too.

  12. Sounds like this could become a real winner. I will definitely give these a go.Thanks for the recipe, and greetings from South Africa!

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