LuckyBug Cockroach Milk by LuckyVitamin

LuckyBug Cockroach Milk by LuckyVitamin

Hey Lucky shoppers, Derek here and I want
to tell you about the newest edition to our LuckyVitamin product line, Lucky Bug Cockroach
Milk. Nutrients sourced from insects are one of
the most up and coming trends in the natural products industry. Our cockroach milk is specially formulated
and it contains a lot of the origin material to really keep that nutrient profile super
high. Cockroach milk is the next step, the next
level of insect sourced protein and nutrients. Cockroach milk is…… Lucky Bug cockroach
milk is so calorie and protein dense, it gives you ordinates amount of energy and you may
even survive the apocalypse.

22 thoughts on “LuckyBug Cockroach Milk by LuckyVitamin

  1. Cockroach milk is actually good… no need for the troll videos. Encourage people t try it instead of making fun of it. Thanks!!!!!!!!

    jk fuck that kill all the cockroaches

  2. This reminds me of the movie Snow Piercer when they make their way into the protein block car where the guy is making the protein blocks that everyone in the back of the train eats and Curtis looks into the hopper to see what goes onto the blocks, Curtis and the artist (who draws portraits of everyone on the train) are horrified to see it’s nothing but cockroaches 🤢 that go into The protein blocks, Curtis says to the artist “you can’t draw this”
    This is a great movie I’m going to have to watch it again today I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Snow piercer! My favorite scene is the classroom car. “RUMBLE RUMBLE RATTLE RATTLE IT WILL NEVER DIE!
    What happens if the the engine stops we’d all freeze and die, but will it stop oh will it stop, NO NO, can you tell us why? The engine is eternal, YES, the engine is forever, RUMBLE RUMBLE RATTLE RATTLE, who is the reason why, Wilford Young, WILFORD WILFORD HIP HOORAY!” 😁
    This movie reminded me of Marxism, I wonder who would be the Lumpen Proletariat’s in that circumstance 🤔
    Another one of my favorite parts of the movie is member at the very beginning when clod takes the black lady son because certain parts which eject chronal waste from the engine are “extinct.” So at the very end of the movie when Curtis takes the engine do you see that little boy Timmy down there underneath the floor of the engine car pulling Chronol out of the engine. How freaking sick is that using a young child as an engine part working with toxic industrial waste 🤦‍♂️.
    I am having such a good time reminiscing about that movie is really good one

  3. Why do you advertise these but not sell them on your website? Lol. Why even waste everyone's time and post the video???

  4. So is this video actually a joke made to be funny on a gross subject that is actually a thing I will never in my life not even when the apocalypse comes I will never consume this so called cockroach milk or any cockroaches disgusting what an abomination

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