100 thoughts on “Luke Skywalker drinks green alien milk

  1. who else had to type in "Luke Skywalker Milking Scene"? There are so many thoughts that come to mind as your typing it and it makes you scared to think what exist on the dark web.

  2. This scene has zero relevance to the plot. It was made strictly to get a cheap negative reaction towards Luke from the audience. Nice try, but I think a lot of people see through this bullshit. My disgust is aimed solely at the useless cunts at Disney.

  3. Oh, my God, we all expected Luke to come back and be this wise, badass Jedi. I never thought in a million years he'd go to an island to die and drink milk, my expectations were subverted therefore this is great.

  4. Oh come on! They could have at least make that milk blue, finally shedding light on where the stuff comes from! Huge missed opportunity!

  5. This is the most weird, unnecessary, stupid, cringiest scene I have ever seen in a movie!! And I saw The Emoji Movie😂

  6. this greasy milk is symbolic for the new star wars disney. luke is representing the oldschool fanboy.

  7. I don't get why people still bash on the prequels. They were not bad movies. Of course they are not perfect. The problem about the prequels is the script. It's a good era overall, and In fact it's my favorite era. But alas… This scene made the prequels look like a masterpiece.

  8. Our Grand Master of the new Jedi Order…Milking alien tits. And what is his past? Attempted to kill his own student while he was sleeping. This new star wars is the worst that i have ever seen in my life. Someone is either stupid, crazy, or is trying to ruin Luke's character and all of star wars on purpose.

  9. I never, ever, EVER thought i would be saying this but i regret not watching this film in theaters. This shit is somehing that needs to be viewed on a giant screen to be truly appreciated.

  10. Just think. This is the first time many kids would unknowingly see their first pair of titties. And it was gross alien tits with their parents. Thanks Rian Johnson.

  11. Look on its own it's a very interesting scene, but a legendary character like Luke doing this? It is a blatant insult to the legend that WAS Luke.

  12. I can understand why luked wants to die on that island but that bitch rian Johnson didn't even showed us like Luke playing with the force or how powerful he can lift the falcon again and its nothing there's nothing like This movie is shit

    The only thing that I liked is force projection or A doppelganger thingy

  13. It’s like someone really hated the Luke Skywalker character, so they added this scene to make him a disgusting human being as well as bum. I’m surprised he didn’t simply suck on the teet.

  14. Watch Luke Skywalker degrade from galactic savior to a grumpy old atheist with a hate-boner for all things Jedi and a milk mustache from his gorilla-giraffe wife's tits.

    Thanks Rian Johnson. I hope you're fucking happy with this game changer that probably cost a cool million to shoot!

  15. BOYCOTT DISNEY STAR WARS!!! Lucasfilm doesn't deserve us! Their producers, writers and actors name calling the customers is unacceptable and a worse offense than making that garbage movie. This is PERSONAL! Don't be fooled by talks of course corrections and rumors.
    Who cares how many stars they throw in the movie. I don't care if they pull a force sensitive Ewok out of Kylo's butt!

    Their message is that they don't care about their biggest customers. Send them a message of your own!

    Listen to my song "Kathleen Kennedy: A Liars Story: and never forget the lies!!! https://youtu.be/r-KFZ1vkY7Y?

  16. I hope Luke will be Milking Pete’s Dragon in the last Episode. Disney always brings the Magic to films. 🤦‍♂️

  17. I must acknowledge something going for Ryan Johnson.

    Now that The Rise of Skywalker is out and I see how many people are still willing to throw their money at Disney regardless of what they come up with, this scene has taken a whole new level of importance. The Johnson knew.

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