Making the most famous Real Korean banana milk & home recipes バナナミルク바나나우유

Making the most famous Real Korean banana milk & home recipes バナナミルク바나나우유

Hello guys Since I stopped drinking mother’s milk I had started to have Korean banana milk in Korea and I would like to make it few days ago, stela showed me a BuzzFeed video about the Korean banana milk challenge so let’s try to make the famous Korean banana milk today Here is BuzzFeed recipes they did not share the actual ratio, so I just made it myself here is special guest stela she is going to judge my banana milk I think this one different I did not have the right recipe It was just like a coconut & banana milk shake I will make it with white sugar and less coconut cream and banana how was it still different what’s different the first one has too much coconut cream, but this one is fine but texture a bit thick she said the original banana milk has a different banana smell and flavour still different taste like just chocolate banana milk with very little banana hehehe it is very hard to make the Korean banana milk, I was thinking about giving up Finally,I decided not to use any fresh banana and I will use a banana flavouring instead this is too sweet and not enough banana she said it was too sweet, and also funny thing is she said that the banana flavour was not enough In fact, I did not even use any fresh banana, it’s really interesting I was trying to find a hint from the nutritional box of the milk and there it is ! they added water so I will also add water and put more banana flavouring in this time here is Korean banana milk without fresh banana ready to go fuxx I made it I have the two milk over there tell me which one is real Banana milk what do you think? the first one is real banana milk (Home-made) you sure? yes why (Home-made) one is taste more familiar am I wrong? this is first one As you can see, you can make the Korean banana milk without actual banana I will post all of the recipes that I made today on the description box below If you want to have a Korean banana milk but you think that it’s too expensive I think it is going to be worth to make it if you liked our video please share it to your friends and subscribe to my channel 감사합니다

22 thoughts on “Making the most famous Real Korean banana milk & home recipes バナナミルク바나나우유

  1. Hiiii , can u make a video of how to make gimbap with stela ? It would be fun i guess and also i can learn it at the same time 😍

  2. OMG YAAAAS YOU ARE MVP. Going to grocery store now so I can make my own banana milk. I’ve been wishing for someone to post this! 😭😭😭

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