Managing a Healthy Diet : How to Pick Healthy Snacks

Managing a Healthy Diet : How to Pick Healthy Snacks

Hi, I’m Brenda Thompson, registered dietitian
and owner of Life Skills Nutrition. In this segment I’m going to talk about healthy snacks.
Planning ahead to avoid extreme hunger that drives you to make poor choices is the best
way to snack healthfully. Place nutrient dense foods in your office, car, and purse helps
you get through those times when you are hungry and prevents you from making poor choices.
Select snacks that contain two food groups helps you get a variety of food throughout
the day. Here is a plate of options which is full of healthy snacks. Here we have some
pita chips with hummus. These are called ants on a log which children love, but they’re
also fun for adults and the children in all of us. It has peanut butter and raisins, and
then here we just have some crunchy celery. It actually takes more calories to chew celery
than you receive from the celery, so that’s an excellent snack. Here we have cheese. This
is some low fat mozzarella and then cheddar cheese. This is really good too if you want
to add to a small whole wheat tortilla and throw it in the microwave and melt it a little
bit, that’s an excellent snack. These are two choices of trail mix, this one has some
nuts, and seeds and dried fruit. This one has a little bit of chocolate in there, so
that if you have a sweet tooth, that’s a really good way to go. However, you do want to watch
the amount that you’re eating. This is about two serving sizes. So a very small handful
is one serving size of trail mix. These are some mini bananas, which are great. You can
unpeel them, put them in the freezer, maybe put a little bit of peanut butter on top.
Again, here is some options of fruit, dried fruits and nuts. These are dried cherries,
which are wonderful with walnuts. Peanuts and raisins, which are a big hit with kids.
Pistachios are fun because they take you a little bit longer to get into. So sometimes
when you just want something a little bit crunchy, fresh fruit is always a great option.
And then we have some other assorted nuts here on this side. One of my favorites is
combining carrots and tomatoes together. It’s a really good, healthy snack and very low
calorie. With the carrots you can also make a homemade, low fat, ranch dressing using
milk so you get some calcium there. So those are some low fat options. Selecting some of
these low fat options will help you be successful in losing weight and will keep you from eating
high sugary snack foods that often have a lot of calories and very little nutrients.

39 thoughts on “Managing a Healthy Diet : How to Pick Healthy Snacks

  1. Thanks for sharing this information with all of us! My kids eat healthy snacks all the time and the best thing about it is they enjoy eating healthy foods especially if you make it look attractive and fun!

  2. Healthy snacks, healthy snacks. We love to eat our healthy snacks. Orange, bananas, celery too. We love to eat healthy snacks, don't you?

  3. No.Its simply a block of flavoured fat. Low fat cottage cheese (possibly flavoured with some pineapple or tangy herbs) on rice cakes/oat cakes/ rivita etc is a healthy snack.

  4. No. Cheese is probably the most unhealthy dairy product.. I would have preffered she recommended organic low fat yogurt and organic low-fat milk.

  5. sorry, like, one stick a cheese would be enough for a snack, but people eat more than that :l .. and i hate peanut butter. :l

  6. i really dislike dry fruits
    espeially berries coz they taste kind of sourish
    && apricots

    Love fresh fruit
    && yeah maybe she shouldv chose yogurt && fruit or saink
    coz penut butter isnt verry nice && im sure
    its not healthy either…

  7. hahah. True! She dried out the fruit, pushed the peanuts, microwaved cheese, chocolate, ranch dressing..

    And the monotone voice as she just randomly put together these poor food choices. I don't know how I could keep a straight face if I had to run down those 'snack tips'.

  8. peanut butter is not low calories and generally not a good food as it is acidifying, not easily digested, too fatty, etc.

    She ruined a good piece of celery with the peanut butter.

  9. *Natural* peanut butter (or any other kind of nut butter, like tahini) is fine. Unfortunately most brands like Jiff and Skippy are loaded with sugar and are also made with hydrogenated oils.

  10. wtf are you talking about LOW FAT!!! omg this lady is nuts…. the majority of that stuff is high fat! …. your mom dropped you on your head.

  11. peanut butter contains 13 g of protein per serving, and the fats are unsaturated which is good for you. cheese contains calcium which you need for bone calcification in order to prevent osteopenia and stress fractures while exercising. you also need calcium for a muscle contraction to occur. so yes both are very good for you.

  12. you need to educate yourself. and realize that it is saturated fats that cause plaque build up in the arteries. you need unsaturated fats to make hormones and steroids. and yes there are subclasses based on the number of hydrogen bonds in the fatty acid chain. and dairy is good to have because it comes fortified with vit D which you need to absorb calcium. Low fat dairy is not bad for your digestive tract, yogurt contains probiotic bacteria that regulates digestion. I'm not leaving out anything

  13. I'm a senior studying exercise science on a pre med track with a concentration in athletic performance. its people like you causing disordered eating in people with the shit your spewing. next you'll be telling people to avoid carbohydrates. causing syncope, migraines, atrophy, polyphagia…

  14. @vooooom read a science book. you can't have inflammation without a stimulant. LDL's stimulate the formation of plaque, the formation of the plaque causes inflammation, and due to an inflammatory response, neutrophils and macrophages flood the tissue. don't just read wikipedia when you don't know what the big words mean.

  15. @jea740 no it doesn't. if you have low calcium levels, the body starts breaking down bone to release calcium. hypocalcemia causes muscle spasms, and quite possibly heart arrythmias and also leads to osteopenia. and you absorb different amounts of calcium from each food, you absorb the most calcium from dairy products.

  16. your seriously retarded. it is physically impossible to avoid carbohydrates in your diet. your body would start eating itself, literally. the reason lipids build up in the arteries is because our bodies can't fully break them down and usually because our body doesn't get to the oxidation of fat because its first choice is glucose. seriously just stop writing bc you sound like an idiot.

  17. @vooooom just stop typing before you make yourself look more like an idiot. before you go typing up some crap about saturated fats, look up the the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats. then go read about how making atp from protein causes muscle atrophy you nimrod. next you can go tell the anorexics who are dying from kidney and heart failure that what their doing is actually "healthy".

  18. riiggghtttt… i'll take a picture of that A that I just got on my exam for ya. i'll also include some peer reviewed studies you can look over. though you probably won't understand because you lack in the comprehensive ability to understand the homeostatic complexity of the human body.

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  20. Having bags of snack a bit everywhere is a great idea. I always have a bag of almonds in my coat's pocket, just in case.

  21. Unhealthy carbs or bad carbs are foods such as white flour refined sugar and white rice that have been stripped of all bran fiber and nutrients. Unhealthy carbs digest quickly and cause spikes in blood sugar levels and energy.

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