McDougall Diet vs Fuhrman Diet

McDougall Diet vs Fuhrman Diet

I am torn between the McDougall diet vs Fuhrman
diet. Which one is better? They are both plant based. Fuhrman focuses
more on beans and greens, while McDougall focuses on starch. Furhman says if you want to lose weight that
you shouldn’t eat more than a cup of starches a day. Why doesn’t McDougall limit them? It is actually really hard for your body to
convert starchy carbohydrates to fat. Starch is not the enemy of the ever expanding waist
line. Don’t you think that Eat to Live and the Joel
Furhman way of eating is more nutritionally dense? It is true that beans and greens have a lot
of nutrition, but they are also hard on the digestive system. Starches are easy to digest
and are easy to sustain long term. I noticed that the more beans I eat the more
gassy I feel. It gets embarrassing sometimes. Doctor Furhman’s plan is great in theory and
I could see how people lose weight on it. However, there is something extremely satisfying
about potatoes and rice. It just makes you feel good to eat them. They call potatoes a comfort food for a reason.
Don’t people lose weight following McDougall as well? Yes, definitely. If you want to lose even
more, he has a Maximum Weight Loss plan. McDougall has less fat in the diet doesn’t
it? Yes, Furhman is definitely heavier on the
nuts and seeds. I find that if I eat too much fat I feel really bogged down. Why can’t these experts just agree with each
other? Want to get even more confused? Add Neal Barnard,
the China Study Diet, the Esselstyn Diet, and the Ornish Diet into the mix as well. Don’t even get me started on that. Choosing
between John McDougall and Joel Furhman is hard enough as it is! When it comes down to
it, is the Starch Solution or Eat to Live better? Why not take the best out of both. Focus on
starches and vegetables, but allow yourself some extra beans and greens to get in even
more nutrition? Sounds like a diet plan I can live with!

25 thoughts on “McDougall Diet vs Fuhrman Diet

  1. A conversation I've had with myself. 🙂   I  study lessons from all the plant based doctors then blend them together (not literally of course) as you think best.  They all have good points to offer and perhaps some things to disagree with.  I eat some starch (corn, potatoes, rice) but also add in some seeds.  I think the science supports that.  We can check with Michael Greger on what the latest studies.  Anyway, thanks for a fun clip.  What a wonderful dilemma to have – choosing between excellent vegan diets.

  2. this was very good and the solution u offered at the end, to kind of combine the 2 diets is basically the same conclusion I came to. nice job

  3. Starch is exactly the enemy of the American waistline.  And grains are tougher on the digestive system than legumes.

  4. I combine the 80/10/10 diet with the Starch Solution. Plant based is the most important, and keeping the fat intake quote low is helpful for weight loss and energy too, in my experience. 

  5. For loosing weight nd having good muscle mass, mcdoughall IS NOT the way. I could never loose weight on it, and boy did I try. I had a hard time with cravings more food, blood sugar issues, weakness, hunger quickly after meals. I'm pretty sure now that combining higher protein, and lower carb with adequate fat is best for sanitation and weightloss. I really wish I hadn't git sucked in by 80 10 10 and low fat high carb ::-( the tasty but I've just been getting fatter nd fatter

  6. Not sanitation! Satiation! Higher protein and lower carb? Less cravings. Fuhrman or paleo lower carb or low carb, they all curve cravings. High carb low protein low fat, brace yourself! The cravings and constant desire to eat are very annoying.

  7. I do a combination of both.  I eat lots of starches (potatoes preferably), and a lot of green leafy vegetable and low starch vegetables and keep fruit to a minimum (a few pieces a day).  It seems to work for me.  I will eat a little beans in my diet, but not much because my digestive system doesn't like them.  Starches really are easily digestible and eating until you're satisfied off of them doesn't cause weight gain unless you're eating fat alongside.

  8. McDougall is probably correct that optimal diet is sweet potatoes and vegetables. That fits with basis for The Rice Diet, the Okinawans. It fits with mice macronutrient studies on longevity. Increasing protein is all about increasing strength and sexual attributes and not about longevity.

  9. I love reading nutrition books no matter who is writing it. Ive experimented being fruititarian, raw vegan, raw meat eater/instincto, vegan keto, and higher protein keto. Currently, my diet is 40-50% greens & veggies, 60-50% resistant starches (yucca, taro, sweet potatoes, jicama, green papaya, green mangoes, millet…). Ill eat grains, legumes, seeds, nuts and fruits sparingly – I treat them like candy. I eat meat and dairy products a few times a year. I drink apple cider vinegar before meals, and coconut water kefir on an empty stomach in the mornings. I eat two big meals a day (~20oz of food during each meal), or I simply just don't eat. Being kind and loving to myself is also important – also realizing that life is flexible (and so too should be my diet). Ultimately, there are many more important things in life than eating the perfect diet (although it is SO important haha). Love you all so much.

  10. Dr. Mcdougall suggests up to 1 cup of cooked beans a day to reduce the protein load on the kidneys. Opting for beans over starches as Dr Fuhrman suggests may exceed this amount and place an unnecessary load on the kidneys while at the same time not providing enough daily calories. Dr Esselstyn has shown that avoiding nuts, seeds, avocados and olives is optimal for heart health. Dr Mcdougall also limits these as they contribute added fats that are really unnecessary (and potentially toxic in excess) as most plants provide the adequate amount of essential fats already.

  11. Fuhrman says eat lots of legumes and limit the grains and potatoes. Mcdougall says the eat mostly grains and potatoes but limit the legumes. I'm going to eat potatoes, grains and legumes with no limit. Furhman supplements with b12 and epa/dha I intend on doing that.

  12. I side with MCDougall the most about white potato. I don't believe in that abhorrence of any natural food. Moderation sure, but Fuhrman calls for NO white potato! That's nuts, imo.
    Fuhrman's emphasis on G-BOMBS is excellent tho. I wish McDougall talked more about non-starchy foods, such as Fuhrman.

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