Meal Prep: Healthy Snack Back To School Ideas! Mind Over Munch

Meal Prep: Healthy Snack Back To School Ideas! Mind Over Munch

It’s Meal Prep Thursday. You’ve seen Meal
Prep Breakfast, you’ve seen Meal Prep Lunch. What could be next? Meal Prep Snacks. You
thought I was going to say Dinners didn’t you? Unless of course you read the title of
the video, and then you would have known what it was! Let’s start with my portable veggie
dippers. I did share these dippers in a previous Meal Prep episode from a few months ago, but
I didn’t give any explanation in that episode. So I wanted a chance to talk about them here,
share some words because they are fun ones. For this recipe you will need Celery and/or
Carrots and/or any other in-dipping vegetables that you prefer, as well as your dippy’s.
I am sharing peanut butter and hummus. Start by placing a little bit of hummus in the bottom
of the mason jar. Then you can stick in some Celery and Carrots that have been cut to the
size of the jar. I am using eight ounce jars for this recipe,
and you guys are always commenting asking where I get my jars. I just get them either
online at Amazon but I actually think they’re cheaper at Target, and I will link both of
those in the Description box below. Seal it up and and save it for later. Repeat the same
process, but instead you’re going to put peanut butter in the bottom of the jar, and
then the Celery as your dipping sticks. Now we need to chat for a second because I was
also going to put Carrots into the peanut butter jar but my sister and Christian were
here filming with me and they both insisted that Carrots did not go with peanut butter.
I tried to fight them I said Carrots can go with peanut butter and they said no. So I
want to know what you think, can Carrots and peanut butter go together or do they not?
Comment below and let me know. They, they won me over, it was two against one so I only used Celery here but I really wanted to use the Carrots.
Next up is my trail mix. Now trail mix is one of those foods that can be deceivingly unhealthy, and it is so easy to make your own, so why not.
This baby is also from my Meal Prep ebook, so I am once again gifting this recipe to you,
and you can find way more recipes in that ebook, as well as many tips that will teach you,
to store food and Prep food efficiently and effectively. For this recipe you will need your favorite
trail mix ingredients. So I’ve got some nuts, almonds and peanuts, seeds of choice. I am using
pumpkin and sunflower, dried fruit of choice. I’ve got a mixture of blueberries, cranberries
and raisins. No sugar added if you can, and the star of this mix is – popcorn. Say what?
Yes popcorn is a perfectly healthy snack when it is not drenched in butter or salt or cheese.
It’s one of the few snacks out there that’s actually a whole grain, and it’s low calorie
for the serving size. So this is really going to add a lot of volume to our trail mix because
what’s the biggest bummer about trail mix usually, you only get to have a little handful.
So now you get to increase that serving size, and increase the deliciousness.
Thumbs up if that makes you excited. I also add in a few chocolate chips to my trail mix.
You could of course use dairy free for vegan, a pinch of cinnamon and salt. Add your ingredients
into a large mixing bowl and just mix them on up. Don’t be afraid to use your hands.
Then we are going to simply transfer into a jar or storage container to store it for
the week. You could of course also store this trail mix in individually portioned jars if
you’re worried you’re not going to be able to only take as much as a serving should be.
Alright lastly we’ve got my granola bar base or my granola with fruit on the bottom
yogurt. For this recipe you will need yoghurt, your favorite fruits and granola. Start by
filling your jars about halfway full with your fruit, and I am using again the eight ounce jars.
For the peaches I also like to add in a pinch of cinnamon because it just
makes a delicious combo. Next up we will add our yoghurt on top of our fruit.
Remember that you could always use a soy or dairy free yogurt if desired, and you can also use a flavored
vanilla or plain whatever kind of yoghurt you want. Then you can seal them up and refrigerate.
But wait what about the granola? I like to fill up my mini mason jars separately
with some low sugar or homemade granola. This way the granola doesn’t get soggy because
this is for Meal Prep for the week, am I right? We need these babies to last. When you’re
ready to eat you can dump the jar of fruit and yogurt into a bowl if your jar isn’t
big enough, and add your granola. The perfectly sweet and crunchy treat, comment below
and let me know which recipe you’re most excited to try, and remember you can always share
your healthy ideas in the comments below too. I love seeing them, I know everybody else
in the community love seeing them, and as usual a PDF download is available right here
or in the Description box below, for my mobile friends with all of these recipes and the grams, and my Meal Prep ebook can be found at And if you make any of these recipes or any of my
recipes don’t forget to tag me on Twitter or Instagram. I’ll see you on Monday for a special throwback episode.
Throwback Monday, wait, you don’t want to miss it. Have a great weekend, do something fun or Prep some
delicious snacks and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

100 thoughts on “Meal Prep: Healthy Snack Back To School Ideas! Mind Over Munch

  1. I feel like I'm on netflix because I am literally binge watching your channel, Alyssia! I am seriously addicted, you're just so entertaining and you motivate me to try new recipes and eat healthy!!!

  2. im definitely excited for the trail mix but instead of the dried berries im gonna coconut shavings/flakes bcuz theyre so gooooooooooooooooodddddddddd

  3. Another awesome video!
    I've got a question regarding Mason jars. What size and how many would you recommend to buy for starters? I would like to meal prep for my lunches, snacks and dinners and therefore create a set of jars. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the great content!

  4. carrots and peanut butter are a definite yes, it's better than celery because carrots have a sweet hint, like an extremely mild version of pb and j lol!

  5. Carrots go great with hummus, but are probably fine with peanut butter. (Although something tells me maybe almond butter?)

  6. I messed up I put my yogurt at the bottom and I added my granola OMG I made six jars of 160z jars lord what have done πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😟😟

  7. Why haven't I seen this before? So simple but so life changing 😍😍 but i have a question… Do the popcorn stay "fresh", or it starts getting soft and "soggy" with time? πŸ€” Do you do something in particular to prevent that from happening? Thank you πŸ™‚

    My fruits (mostly berries) always go bad few days after purchase
    So, here's my question: don't they get bad when you store them in those mason jars in the fridge?? Because I really wanna try your yogurt+fruit+granola recipe!

  9. Are they still good at the end of the week? just curious because i only have time to prep my meals on weekends.. πŸ™‚

  10. Dur, I picked up pod peas yesterday but forgot hummus and don't have the ingredients to make it. Want to visit Trader Joe's this week anyway so will look for some hummus. Celery and carrots with hummus yes, celery with peanut butter yes, carrots with peanut butter sounds noxious. I vote no.

    Mmmmmm trail mix. I went through about a year or two where I made my own and loved it! I generally avoid it because as yummy and nutritious as it is/can be, the calories dissuade me from eating it. Hm. I can successfully control my portions and exert self-control so maybe a container of it would be fine. And I DO have a lot of trail mix friendly ingredients. Okay lessee what yours is like. Should be fabulous. Yep, that's a fab looking trail mix. You are the first person to suggest popcorn in trail mix (I saw that in another of your videos somewhere recently) and it's such an inspired idea.

    Ooh a throwback episode!

  11. Carrots & peanut butter totally go together. Thought it was gross until I saw a friend eating it. It's great!

  12. I put my yogurt on the bottom then fruit then granola and eat it later from the same jar and it doesn't get soggy

  13. I never thought about it until this video, but carrots would definitely pair excellently with peanut butter. I have never had it (and I'm going to try it soon!) but the sweet and crisp flavor profile of the carrot would mimic the consistency of apple but without the stringy consistency of celery. I think people are against it because its not culturally established like other pairings. That's called being closed minded.

  14. I love celery, carrots and even apples with peanut butter! so good!
    I've also seen people​ use applesauce containers to store the granola with the yogurt. perfect size to fit through the ring on the Mason jar and still keeps your granola separate!

  15. where the heck have I been? I literally just found this channel 4 days ago n like everyone else…I'm hooked! been binge watching for the last 3 days! its Ramadan right now n my gym buddy is dying. she's over eating during festivities but I shared ur channel w her n sure enough she's hooked also. thanks to all ur informational videos after EID she's able to shed all her holiday weightπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘btw yes carrots go w peanut butter😜

  16. I loved this video, but as I meal prep lunch and two snacks it going to be very heavy for me to carry around πŸ˜•

  17. you could get a apple sauce cup wash and dry it then put the granola and the small cup and you can use it upside down with your mason jar

  18. This video is very helpful. Question- can I do frozen fruit on the bottom of the yogurt meal prep? If so can I add a few drops of liquid stevia too? And can I switch up the yogurt to cottage cheese? Just wondering how other combos on this parfait them would turn out

  19. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! Peanut butter goes with everything! I literally eat it everyday! So i would definitely try carrots with peanut butter!

  20. In my country peanut butter is so bad. Only homemade butter. I use oats flakes, pumpkin seeds, raisins and sunflower seeds and one tablespoon of milk or yogurt. For me it is ideal breakfast and snacks.

  21. I have never really had carrots with peanut butter but I would definitely be open to the idea. But carrots are scientifically proven (by me, LOL) to be delicious with honey mustard.

  22. 1. Carrots and peanut butter DEFINITELY go together.
    2. I'd love more meal prep snack videos. I try to avoid buying prepackaged snacks, but I'm bad at coming up with easy snack DIYs and prepping them.

  23. This excellent survival guide β€œsuvo amazing guide” (Google it) has given me all the information I have to be prepared for a potential catastrophe. I especially enjoyed the chapter on skills to master for survival, and the things to keep in your SHTF stockpile. The guide provides a lot of advantages in general.

  24. Peanut butter and carrot bread goes together, so my guess carrots and peanut butter should go together!

  25. Have you already made a video for people with nut/peanut allergies? Or for people working in a nut/peanut free environment?

  26. Carrots a peanut butter go perfectly with each other. I also like red pepper with peanut butter because the pepper is nice and sweet and crunches very well with smooth, nutty, peanut butter!

  27. My family says carrots and peanut butter go together! It's delicious! I mean, everything goes with peanut butter, right?

  28. I LOVE carrots and peanut butter – one of my favourite combos. But then again, I love peanut butter with almost anything.

  29. Carrots are not a natural companion to PB. Apple slices are fab but probably not make ahead friendly.

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