Milk Tea Time Lapse – Rotting Food Time Lapse

Milk Tea Time Lapse – Rotting Food Time Lapse

This Is What Happened To Milk Tea After 30 Days – Milk Tea Time Lapse

100 thoughts on “Milk Tea Time Lapse – Rotting Food Time Lapse

  1. People just don’t want other people to drink milk tea because it’s “rubber” and it’s made edible cuz you put it in a drink
    Plus I’m still drinking milk tea

  2. Milk Tea should be consumed before a hour.

    Of course it is a sugary drink, it will be infested by lots of insects after sometime

  3. Everything decomposes. Crackers, coke, milk tea, even vegetables, decompose. It’s normal, why should you put “You will never dare to drink milk tea again”?

    Unless you put that in to trigger people and make us write a comment about it. Smart guy.

  4. Decomposition happens in every food, it's just too stupid to tell people that this food/drink is not for being consumed just because it decomposes

    Dang, just change that title already

    And don't assume people that all of them drinks milk tea, I just drink green and black tea.

  5. If yall arent satisfied with the video, then leave. Its that simple. 😂 Most of the comments here are mostly about the “misleading title”. It wasnt meant to be taken seriously. Why yall so serious😂

  6. Whyyyyy I was drinking boba..

    Now I lost my appetite

    d uh hdudvd I’d hdudvd did fidvdid did cuc d
    I’m still subbed ufhdychcufvh

  7. Well it is because that you just left it there without touching so small creatures is being around it so don’t worry guys just need to drink it as quickly as you can lul

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