MM Personal Q & A: Michael’s View of Diet and Health

MM Personal Q & A: Michael’s View of Diet and Health

What do you teach or practice in terms
of diet and health? Some of you that know me are kind of laughing already I think
but be the light of God. That’s what’s most important, more than dietary rules
and laws of physics and anatomy and physiology and whatever else in this
universe. So, long story short on that, as best I can.
I was born different in so many ways, and one of them was food. Never,
I couldn’t eat meat yet I couldn’t eat vegetables. I could only eat simple foods,
mostly breads, grains or whateve,r so cereal and pizza is what I lived off, and
toast, lots of toast and butter. Delicious man!
But anyway you know it’s, that’s it. I mean that’s what I did. And I’m not telling it’s right or wrong. I’m telling that’s what I did. So I couldn’t. They would try
to give me noodles and put little bits of meat in there and I would always find
it and spit it out. In my mouth it would just not resonate. To this day I only eat
a little bit a certain one or two types of meats. I’ve never had steak, never had
fowl, never had you know things out of the ocean and all that sort of thing.
Maybe with one exception to all that but never had turkey on your Thanksgiving
days never had any of that never had roast not so much as even a bite of
these things or steak it just never did it for me ham has another one never
attracted to that so I really didn’t do meats but I never really did vegetables
and I’ve done this with some friends that didn’t believe it I dialed my
mother who was alive at the time on a speakerphone a conference call so they
could all hear and I you know hey mom yeah mm to that casual set her up for
some questions and you know and they could they heard her straight up saying
yeah no yeah it’s a funny thing you know you just never ate vegetables
friends were like you’re kidding so never ate any of that and I lived and
survived and I’m quite healthy you know throughout my life more energy and more
whatever than anybody you probably have ever known yet on on what I’ve eaten
but I also never did coffee and never did alcohol so it’s the strangest thing
avoiding things that people think are unhealthy but also not doing things that
people think are healthy and it’s necessary
all that said if I were to do life over again because recently I started
experimenting with just a couple of veggies and and even though I have to
soak them in butter to make them taste good to my palate I I would probably
want to be if I were doing it all over again I would probably choose to be a
vegetarian it’s a strange thing to say because there’s only a few veggies I
would eat but I like the concepts he just like the kid that learned to drop
it just like that the kid that likes the the kid and the adult that likes
concepts and pictures so I can’t tell you it’s because of laws and linear
things it’s more of a feeling and I love you know I love the feeling of gardening
and people growing things I didn’t eat vegetables but at my
retreat that I owned through the 2000s we have a las cartas that was planted
and created by one or two people or whatever you call like a veggie garden
or you know whatever and god I would go out there and just sit in near the
plants cuz they just smelled so fantastic I just wasn’t drawn to eat
them especially at the time still not ready for that but you know it’s
something that that I’m opening to I’m not going to go full-on with it but I
opened it to it a little bit that’s kind of my take but underneath
all that what you heard in my first comment and my personal experience what
you’re hearing is that love comes first you know loving yourself loving people
and it gets you through it sustains you through even foods that don’t even seem
to have any nutrients so it’s kind of strange but that’s that’s my take and
some people are quite repulsed by that and they get angry at me how dare you
you’re a hypocrite you claim to be spiritual but yet you’re not a vegan or
whatever is the latest fad for people I don’t think they understand I have no
interest in their opinions which is why I am healthy and alive and not needing
certain food because there’s God God comes first and spirit sustains us I’m
not saying to make that claim and then be way off like drugs and alcohol and
just say God will sustain me you don’t push the envelope you don’t test the
LORD thy God as it said in the old Hebrew traditions but you know I do
believe it I do believe love comes first love sustains love conquers all and so
on so you know I know that some of you may not dig that or be able to hear that
but just try and understand it try to understand that and also try to
appreciate that I’m still saying that if I were doing it over again I do believe
that I would go that other route you know it’s just how I feel about it okay

13 thoughts on “MM Personal Q & A: Michael’s View of Diet and Health

  1. Fun! To listen, I agree! Love comes first.What to eat or consume? Very individuell thing, I belive.Some perhaps need meat, to be grounded……Others may need other kind of food.I have even heard somone saying that they live without food! Because, in a more profound way, all is light……they tell that they live from pure light! What do I know?I think most of us need food! Not only in a spiritual way….. And, perhaps more important HOW we eat it, than what we eat?With gratitude?I love to eat wild plants, outside my door! Gifts of spring :-)!Good appetite :-)))!

  2. Thanks for sharing. My grandson is also very plain eater. Only like potatoes, some meat but most chicken., doesn't like vegetables at all and only eats apples as fruit. He does not eat much nut drinks a lot of water. My daughter worries but l tell her he is not from earth so stop worrying about him. He is listening to his body. He is 11yrs old. 💗

  3. I’m so happy to find someone else like myself! I’m also a vegetarian (have also been vegan for very long periods of time), and yet I eat very few veggies and very rarely at that. I’ve been that way my entire life, despite the fact that my parents were big gardeners who were practicing organic gardening long before most people had any idea what it was! People think it’s funny and like to laugh about my being a “vegetarian who never eats veggies!” I never get sick, though. I never get the flu even though I never get the flu shot (haven’t seen a need to since I never get the flu!), and only very rarely get so much as a minor cold (I haven’t had one this year at all despite being under an immense amount of stress). Even while I was raising my kids, I never got anything that they got. I’m 53, and I’ve never had the chicken pox, despite being exposed to it several times by both my kids, their friends, and even my ex. I don’t have a primary care physician, because I never have to go to the doctor. I personally think it’s all about belief really. In truth, we are perfect and whole, and no food has any real power over us. That being said, I also don’t drink alcohol or smoke and never have.

  4. Michael you are wonderful. And oh your poor mother. I had a child who wouldn’t eat. I worried about him everyday . He is healthy now.

  5. Michael ,great vid. Yes I agree with not allowing ourselves to be put in a box .ie labels. A tasty and nutritious way to eat veggies .To eat them with grass fed butter or coconut oil and sprinkle s of nutrional yeast. Thanks you

  6. Thx for ur authenticity. Ur great. Poo on the vegan religion. Personally I don't like any system of pressure! I've been watching tons of why I'm not vegan videos then that goes into other scientific videos.. my philosophy is balance in it all, I appreciate what ur saying! I am a salmon, egg, sometimes liver for dense nutrition , some veggy's, eater. Balance!

  7. Bart Kay. Frank Tafono or Tafono, not sure how to spell his name, sorry. 2 good u tubers for good facts. Glad it like me and do not succumb to pressure of vegans shaming. Blaaa

  8. Obviously your physical body needs a high amount of carbs to function. If meat and veggies taste like poison to you, don't eat them. Go with what your body tells you to do. It's all good. 🙂

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