Muscle Gain Body Transformation – Skinny to Superman with Freeletics Nutrition

Muscle Gain Body Transformation – Skinny to Superman with Freeletics Nutrition

I am still ashamed of this picture. I felt really uncomfortable in my own skin at this point. I ate whatever I considered tasty. Most of the time, it was unhealthy. After a few drinks at a party, I usually ended up at a burger or kebab restaurant. Watching football was always accompanied by beer, crisps and chocolate. Progress is so slow. I would like to be able to do all exercises right away. Preferably 50 repetitions in a row. You frequently hear about the ratios 50/50 or 60/40… …how important is nutrition compared to training? I would say that it’s a 70/30, if not even an 80/20 ratio. Nutrition has a huge impact on your progress. I eat so much. Weird things make me realize the impact of food on my body. My nails and my hair grow so fast. I am finally giving my body the fuel it needs to perform. Tonight, I had the standard men’s food: steak and salad. Today, after 15 weeks, I would like to show you my results. Guys, if you want to achieve the best results, I can really recommend you to combine training with healthy nutrition.

38 thoughts on “Muscle Gain Body Transformation – Skinny to Superman with Freeletics Nutrition

  1. awesome I am just 15years old and if my parents accept to pay me my freeletics a swear to god what i will do every workout

  2. I've been subscribed to freeletics for 3 years with up and downs and I can tell it really is a big change in the beginning but at the end you''ll most likely like the results. It's a change of lifestyle

  3. Respekt zur Leistung!
    Aber das gesunde Ernährung unabdingbar dazu gehört um einen ansehnlichen Körper zu formen, ist aber das kleine 1×1, und darüber sollte sich jeder klar sein. Der Junge im Video hats durchgezogen, und es hat sich ausgezahlt.. nur so funktionierts… =)

  4. I don't know about the US, but eating CLEAN and 4000KCAL a day is VERY VERY expensive and time consuming.

    It will take waaay more effort than the actual workout, trust me been there done that

  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask you all for advice. So currently, I am skinny fat, so once I start eating more and more calories( clean food) each day while working out using the Freeletics app, at the end of it, will I have to begin a cut phase to look like Andi's results or that should just be it. Thank you for any tips.

  6. how he used all apps at the same time? still needs a combined app and a program for all 3 apps, if not already here yet.

  7. Gut möglich, dass sowas in 15 Wochen klappt, wobei 14KG mehr und mit diesem Körper schon sehr krass sind. Hinzu kommt die viele Zeit und Kosten die in die gesunder Ernährung gesteckt wird. Die Frage die sich mir dann eher stellt: Was machst du nach den 15 Wochen? Isst du so weiter? Trainierst du so weiter? Ich habe mich in 6-12 Monaten verändert, nicht ganz so krass wie der Typ, aber dafür esse ich nach wie vor gerne mal am Abend eine Schockolade oder Chips oder zwischendurch mal einen Burger. Alles wie vorher, einfach nicht mehr so viel. Der grosse Vorteil: ich muss praktisch nichts ändern, ausser einfach trainieren.

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  10. im very skeptical that doesnt seen like 15 kg of lean muscles more like 5-6 kg (which is very good results also)

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