Please Subscribe to my channel SR Kitchen and don’t forget to hit the bell icon How are you? Welcome to my youtube channel Friends today we are going to make Mushroom Pizza Pie It is a very tasty dish It is also stylish Do try the way i make it I have made it so i will show you Look how it is cooked Everything is cooked even from above and even from lower side The loaf is soft Do try this Lets start To make the pizza dough we require Oregano leaves and thyme are one tea spoon One table spoon of garlic ginger powder This is optional but it increases the scent of dough One tea spoon Baking Powder One tea spoon yeast I have taken one egg and beaten it up A cup of warm milk Water is as required Take a bowl add two cup of white flour I added half cup of white flour more Add all the things inside Add egg and mix well And add milk bit by bit Make its dough Add three table spoon of olive oil inside Grease the bowl Place the dough Until it doubles Cover it I have taken two cup chicken I have cut it into cubes This is of about two chest pieces Add four tablespoon of Tikka masala Three table spoon of Olive Oil Mix well Add two table spoon of lemon juice Leave it for 30 minutes Take cup of Mushroom Cut it into slices Three table spoon of Olive Oil Oil is warm Fry it until golden Brown They are golden brown now so take them out Three table spoon of Olive Oil Oil is warm Add chicken inside Fry them And then take it out They are fried now so take them out now Alhamdulillah, The dough is ready Keep one sphere of large size and one small Grease the Pizza pan The corners on its edges are extra So cut it out Apply the Tomato purry This is easily available in market I have given its link above, the one i made Decorate the Fried Mushrooms over it Spread the Chicken Now spread Onions Spread the Capsicum It depends on you that which vegetable you like You can add more if you like I have taken two cup of Mozzarella and cheddar cheese Now make the load of the small sized sphere We will apply over it Make it in an oval shape Make some cuts with the help of knife Press the corners of both together As we are making mushroom pizza pie So we will shape it like that of pie Decorate the Black Olives over it Add in the center of designed cuts I had preheated the oven Bake it into the oven for 15 minutes at 170 C Alhamdulilhah The Pizza Mushroom pie is ready Come friends lets cut it The scent is beautiful ما شاء الله‎ This is made so beautiful A different style The dough is soft and cooked well It isn’t burnt from back Do try this If you like my video then Subscribe to my youtube channel Like and comment Take care of yourself and your beloved ones Keep us in your prayers Meet you with another recipe Till then اللہ حافظ

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  1. like 4 walikom assalam my lovely friend very very nice recipe very delicious pizza 👍👍💯🤗💝🙋‍♀️👌😋

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