My 4-Day Keto Meal Plan

My 4-Day Keto Meal Plan

what is going on guys and welcome back
to the fit men cook kitchen so I’m really excited about today’s video
because we are doing another amazing meal prep video with a special catch so
I know that y’all have been emailing me and tweeting me asking for more keto
recipes so today we’ll be making a quick and easy for day keto meal plan now for
those of y’all who are not familiar with keto I want to invite you to check out
my eight-week keto transformation that I did last year and y’all know just from
watching that video that her brother got some amazing results and I know that you
will too so with that in mind I also wanted to just go a little bit one step
further with this video it’s also going to be available inside of the meal prep
Pro app that allows you to customize it for your dietary needs for you and your
partners so if you want this four day meal plan that you can customize for you
and your household then you can go and download the new prep Pro app right now
if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty then
let’s get started first up we’ll make any cheesy cloud biscuits with smoked
salmon and cream cheese set the oven to 350 into a bowl at almond flour cheddar
baking powder and cayenne stir it up and make a well in the center of the bowl
and crack the eggs inside then mix everything together add a little heavy
cream and mix to form a dry dough people had a mixture before my patty on a
baking sheet place it in the oven for 18 to 20 minutes then allow them to cool on
a wire rack now you can add these to your meal prep container or you can
build the sandwich to enjoy right away slice it open
add cream cheese mixed green salmon and a squeeze of lemon oh yeah next up we’re making chocolate and
peanut butter balls with shredded coconut because we’re fancy like that at
peanut butter cacao stevia vanilla extract coconut oil chia seeds and
almond flour mix it all up line a small tray with parchment paper and pour in
the mix freeze for 20 minutes then we’re going to cut it into chunks based on
your desired portion size and the number of days you’re prepping for once you’ve
done that then coat the bites with unsweetened shredded coconut store these
in the fridge until you’re ready to eat next we’ll make an extra crispy sesame
chicken thighs set your oven to 400 then to a bowl we’re gonna add sesame seeds
almond flour sea salt and pepper mix it up then set the bowl aside to a separate
Bowl we’re gonna crack an egg add heavy cream and whisk together dip the chicken
thigh in the egg mixture followed by the sesame seeds place the thighs on a
baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 30 minutes or until it’s
cooked through steam some broccoli florets then add the chicken and
broccoli to meal prep containers and garnish with red bell pepper and spring
onion if desired mix together sesame oil and soy sauce then drizzle on top serve
it up and enjoy it with fresh lime and finally we’re making an almost Philly
cheese steak and roasted bell peppers set the oven at 350 then cut the top off
the bell peppers and remove the insides place on a baking tray and spray with
olive oil roast in the oven for 10 minutes set a nonstick skillet on medium
heat then add olive oil and onion cook until the onions turn brown and
translucent then we’re gonna add in more oil your chopped steak mushrooms and
oregano cook until the steak is done about 8 to 10 minutes now let’s build
the cheesesteak at a little steak and mushroom cream
cheese more steak then jalapenos for some heat
top it all off with provolone place under the broiler for five minutes to
brown and melt the cheese serve with a mix garden salad all right guys that’s
it you got four meals in four days now you can find the link to download these
amazing recipes under this video and hey if you like this video then be sure you
smash that like button too now if you’re ready to take things to the next level
and you’d like a new weekly meal plan just like the one delivered to you this
week then make sure that you give the meal prep pro app a try the app creates
a tailored keto meal plan that’s customized to you and your goals meal
prep pro is free ninety nine to download and comes with a seven day free trial
until next time guys remember to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring

100 thoughts on “My 4-Day Keto Meal Plan

  1. Looks amazing, but No one will Stick to the keto diet If they had to Cook all this Things Bro. It's to much Planning and cooking!

  2. i love cheese steaks. now i have an healthier option😋😋 just downloaded the app too. healthy eating never looked so damn good.

  3. 😮 I got that app without knowing it’s you that has it wow kudos bro 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😍😍

  4. Those biscuits were delicious. I made them with blended almonds. They were heavy but very tasty. I eat them alone. Yummy

  5. Awesome vid bro, but could you show the Macro’s of all these recipes? That’d make this video even BETTER! 👍🏽

  6. Honestly
    You are the best cook when it comes to dieting…. never felt oooooh no when u have a dieting recipe…. thank u for the great video

  7. Good day enjoyed this video my boss & I are trying to Keto our way thru life and he is a catering owner saw your dessert on this video and wants to make it for his staff to try what are the measurements on Chocolate& Peanut butter bites with coconut? I have been looking at all the different ideas so cool we are trying something different everyday thanks for sharing one love

  8. I made the biscuits this morning , I ate them with lox and cream cheese , they were so good , I am going to make a batch of these . I wonder what it would be like to make them with mozzarella too for a hamburger type meal

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  11. In the video he makes 4 servings and uses 2 eggs but the phone application says 1 egg for 4 servings. Which one is correct the video or phone application.

  12. Bro!!! This is awesome!! Found your channel from your Goodybeats interview. Glad to see a couple of fellow Texans doin the dang thang!! Keep it up , yall motivate the mess outta me!!!

  13. I always imagine the Bigfoots dick smells a lot like salmon does, so I can't eat it without gagging. Also, dairy makes me feel like I snorted a bag of concrete mix. The rest of these ideas are incredible. Thanks Dude.

  14. OMG! Thank You! You have the absolute best keto recipes! S/N I’m salty that I watched the biscuit recipe after I’ve already made some regular biscuits 😡 lol

  15. Are you a mom,dad,teacher, preacher, or have you just gave up. WELL DON'T!!! I have got the research you need to get your groove back. You want results? Don't look no further. Take that chance to be happy.

  16. No bacon AND lots of veggies?!?!? The keto mafia called, your keto licence is revoked.

    But seriously, one of the best keto meal plans out there. Nice.

  17. I request help! So far I understand the Intermittent fasting by 16 hours without food & eat within the 8 hrs window. I went online & printed keto foods but far as meal plans I'm a bit lost. Maybe i haven't found the right clip yet. I don't like Asparagus & I hate Avocados!!!!. I say within about 3 weeks I lost 11 or 12 lbs which I think is good, but I had a few days I wasn't disciplined, but I'm still down from 295 to 280. Will some one tell me a link that gives foods on meal plans, & what not to eat? I heard not to eat rice, starch, breads, sodas, sweets, & I see chocolate with coconut. I want to lose inches from the waist, & get to about 10 percent body fat. I welcome your advice & clips to go to, thanks!

  18. I am a beginner Keto Dieter and that chocolate peanut butter bites looks so scrumptious..Wouldn't that be off limit to me? BTW, all your meals seems very tasty…

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    kind of wish you put the macros in the video though.

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