1. Iโ€™m a Canadian living in Europe and itโ€™s soooo much easier to eat healthier over here! My general rule is to eat real food ๐Ÿ˜Š no pre-packaged foods, nothing processed etc. But with just enough treats and cheats so that I donโ€™t feel like Iโ€™m deprived.
    Enjoy your honeymoon, Iโ€™ll miss your videos!

  2. Also recently went keto a month ago and have lost 8kg so far. Never been able to stick to a way of eating before this.

  3. I try to manage eating healthy even If am getting very busy with my marketing business. It feels great whenever I start my day and plan all my healthy meals for the week. Thanks for these valuable tips!

  4. I've been a vegetarian for 10 years now and slowly am adding more and more vegan meals to my diet. Also, I try not to eat sugar and schedule my meals too

  5. Mediterranean diet is the best in my opinion. Everything in moderation. Statistics prove it. There are no super foods, or best diets, you need to get to know your body and metabolism. Fibers are popular, but our system cannot process them fully. In southern Europe we cook, and prepare soups etc and that's what keeps our metabolism going. It's not the diary or gluten that's bad in my opinion. Food industry has made them to be unfortunately. They process milk and add lot of artificial things in it and of course it causes allergies. Also they made all wheat seeds genetically modified. Sadly meat is full with proteins, but so are the fruits sprayed with all sorts of pesticides. Even if you eat organic if the seeds have been modified in order to get more food what kind of organic we're talking about?
    It's hard to eat healthy in these circumstances, that is why I say be moderate. One day they say eggs have cholesterol the other day no no they are not so bad. Food fashion as I call it serves the companies.
    Know your body, metabolism and be moderate without extremes.
    Well that being said I wish you happy thought people ๐Ÿ’•

  6. Nice video. Pls slow down Amy and discover how much more intense your life can be. – Healthy habbit: Start drinking water, lots of it. Eating balanced and I dont cut out anything. Carbs are good for you and important, just do some kind of sports and your body will transform into a good direction. Accept the human factor and dont be too hard on yourself; a little bit of chocolate a day keeps the craving away. Happy honeymoon!

  7. https://youtu.be/5Ua-WVg1SsA
    And a glass of rose is the thing ๐Ÿ™ƒ
    All the best โค๏ธ

  8. Have a lovely honeymoon .. on the food front .. Hmm .. If you are what you eat ? Garbage in Garbage out .. then you are what you eat ate .. My wife & I are Vegan .. If the beef was fed pharmaceutically .. is it good for you ? Aside from the process from factory to packaged .. Mercury & micro plastics in the fish .. & if you are travelling on your Honeymoon .. brush your teeth with bottled water .. you don't want to waste time being ill .. with ?? back away from the buffet sister .. who knows who hates you for being happy & good looking is underpaid & looking to ruin your day .. I used to work in kitchens & I never sent out anything I wouldn't eat myself but .. protect yourself & Vincenzo .. sometimes low paid people just like to be nasty .. My wife calls me Mr cheery .. lol .. but be careful .. safe not sorry .. Good Vibes ..

  9. Fruit smoothie in the morning for breakfast before I have my coffee. I add about 1/4 cup spinach to get the vitamins from a few greens.
    I also have a chronic pain condition so I've had to drastically cut salt from my diet because salt triggers a symptom flare for me. And, I stopped drinking soda pop, outside one at a party here or there.

  10. Have a great time! Remember…no working!! Weโ€™ll all still be here when you get home, Promise!

    I WISH Blue Apron had 5 days a week plan. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Can you talk to them? ๐Ÿคฉ

  11. I make a protein shake after EVERY workout. Usually I would go straight into eating a meal but I like that my protein powder (which is vegan + plant based) gives me a quick 20 g of protein and will hold me over until it's time to eat lunch or dinner! Great video Amy ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. One of my favorite on the go snacks are nuts! They're super easy to pack and they're so so healthy. Sometimes I like to make my own mix of walnuts, banana chips, and dried cranberries.

  13. Great video (as always). And just at the right time; yesterday I came home too late to cook, and I hadn't eaten since lunch. So my dinner ended up being buttermilk based dessert with Danish sweet biscuits, (Koldskรฅl and Kammerjunker it's called), some potato chips and Hazelnut Vegan Ice Cream (!) Not very healthy. I've been healthy in that way that I eat mostly Vegan, I follow this YT channel with a vegan chef from London, and I get recipes from blogs. I'm not very concerned with the amount of calories, and I do have a sweet tooth (as you can see above). I combine the vegan based food with exercise (running, yoga and Pilates), as I believe in that I can eat more if I work out more. I usually carry around some kind of proteinbar / granola bar in my bag like you, but here over the summer my usual habits have been kind of shifted due to a very hot summer, where I actually eat less because of the heat. I wish you an awesome honeymoon! And yes, please, r e l a x – BUT if you're in the mood, and just get the urge to be creative/productive, you could film a short video of your surroundings and activities on the trip and share it with us when you're back ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I eat plant-based again, after falling off the wagon for two years. Call it vegan, sure. I find I get plenty of fiber (plenty!) through eating vegetables, fruits, legumes, lentils, whole grains (oats, quinoa), etc. ALSO… Water, water, and (did I mention?) water. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ž

  15. I always, always start my day with a big, protein-filled breakfast (usually eggs, bacon, cottage cheese, and fresh fruits.) I make sure that I'm full and satisfied, and I'm usually not hungry again until mid-afternoon, when I will have a lean, balanced lunch. Then in the evening, around 7 or so, I drink a Soylent, and I'm done for the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ I drink unsweetened coffee & milk for breakfast, unsweet tea at lunch, and water throughout the rest of the day.

  16. A good tip is meal planning. If you know in advance what you will have for the week, it makes grocery shopping easier, you can make healthier choices, and youโ€™ll be less tempted to throw things in your cart that are not in your plan. You can choose healthy snacks if you wish, like fruit or yogurt. A big culprit is eating thoughtlessly, so plan ahead. Also, donโ€™t keep any junk around the house.

  17. I'm glad you mentioned fiber! I always try to tell people to make sure they get enough fiber and it's crazy how many people are afraid of it because they think it will make them poo uncontrollably or something. No! It keeps you full, helps control cholesterol and other good things. But yeah, you can find tasty sources of fiber!

  18. Plant based, whole foods, ditching my car in a couple of months so I have no excuses. I eat a lot of hummus! Chocolate is food of the gods.

  19. I either have 2 eggs in the morning or a "brain smoothie". 1/2 avacado, 1/2 banana, 1-2 c blueberries, 1 tsp unpasturized honey, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 c pomegranate juice and some ice. Mix in blender. This makes enough for 2 mornings so it saves some time. Very tasty!
    Have an amazing honeymoon Amy, you deserve it!!

  20. Right now Iโ€™m stuck home. Idk what to do with myself anymore. Iโ€™m about to undergo major surgery.

  21. I wanna make a habit of mealprepping on sundays, so I can just grab a meal out of the fridge throughout the week when I don't feel like spending time in the kitchen.

  22. My best tips are: eat a light dinner, pack as much chlorophyll into your meals as possible, avoid dairy and meat, and eat simply and cheaply (no fancy packaged foods). Works for me!!

  23. water, water, water. A gallon of it a day. I've watched this very simple (and free!) habit change so many bodies! SKin, bloat, energy levels, and mood… all of it can be traced back to heavy level of hydration! THE BEST!!

  24. I just started reading "Lean Habits" by Georgie Fear. My doctor recommended it to me to help with my weight loss. I've always been able to do new diets and things but it turns out, my BASIC habits for when I'm eating and blah blah blah… are horrible. So hopefully I can build a strong base using the habits in this book!
    Happy honeymoon!!!

  25. Something I learned is sometimes when you feel hungry you're just thirsty, and drinking water makes the hunger go away ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I try my best to not eat anything with added sugar for example I eat plain oaks and add protein powder or just natural peanut butter as opposed to buying the flavored kind with tons of added sugar. Also – I just try my best to eat REAL FOOD. Real food has tons of fiber and micronutrients. I eat when Iโ€™m hungry and stop eating when Iโ€™m full. I always have water to help keep me hydrated throughout the day.

  27. First time I've seen your hair up! It looks great!

    To answer your question, I do intermittent fasting, eat a vegan diet, and drink a lot of water with lemon and ginger. Although, I will always have a place in my heart for coffee.

    I hope you have an amazing trip next week! I'll listen to your audiobook a few more times until you get back ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Eat whole foods and meal prep! I premake a batch of overnight oats that last my husband and I all week. We make a big batch of soup and store in individual containers for lunch during the week. And we take fresh veggies, fruits and nuts for snacks during the day.

  29. Loved this. I did a vlog on MyFoodBag – the New Zealand version of Blue Apron that has transformed our lives.https://youtu.be/V_sUFEQ3syE

    I agree I love the zero waste from these services for busy professionals and families, no shopping or planning plus that you feel like a chef! I'd love less plastic packaging though.

  30. I feel like I do way better when I precut veggies and have them ready to snack on instead of pop tarts lol

  31. Super cool video ! A bit different than usual but a great one โค๏ธ And this is gonna sound a bit shallow but You look amazing in this hairstyle !! So fresh ๐Ÿ‘Œ lots of love from Poland!! ๐Ÿ™Œ

  32. My game changer was learning about the Blood Type Diet. Following that has given me more energy, I'm losing weight and I don't feel like I am constantly starving. My other tip is one from my doctor, when you are having sugar cravings eat an orange. It will help kick those cravings to the curb.

  33. I try to portion control most of the time. I also try to stick to only two or three meals a day (depending on how long my day is), so that Iโ€™m not snacking throughout the day, and I try to stop eating when Iโ€™ve just reached the feeling of satisfaction. Those are my rules, so other than that, I eat whatever I want without being very health conscious.

  34. Starting my day with Apple Cider Vinegar Tea which is just a tablespoon or two of the ACV, honey, and fresh ginger or ginger powder in hot water. It's tasty, it's healthy, it's energizing in a less jittery way than coffee or black tea and it cleanses the body QUICK! Even missing a day makes me notice the difference in my body.

    I've also significantly downsized my intake of dairy. I only drink almond cashew milk now and use that in my cereal. I don't eat the super sugary cereals anymore either, though that was never really a problem since cereal just isn't my thing in general, and instead have granola mixes as my cereal (a small bowl) and an egg or two. Other days I'll have organic gourmet oatmeal and mix steelcut oats, flaxseed, chia seed, and cooked mixed frozen berries for breakfast. So good! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  35. Just ordered blue apron to try out through your link! I was hesitant as Iโ€™m a picky eater… but seeing I can skip weeks and pick meals made me on board to try ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ excited to give it a go!

  36. Right now I'm trying to cut sugar and white flour. I hate to admit, but I will eat waaay too much sugar without even thinking about it.

  37. Yep, Im Whole Foods Plant Based, vegan, low oil salt and sugar. It is the best decision of my life so far, I feel great. xx

  38. I thought I was going to learn something on this video but instead you're just pushing Blue Apron again :/

  39. Amy, whatโ€™s the lipstick ๐Ÿ’„ you are usually wearing? Itโ€™s perfect. I am forever searching for that same shade that stays AND doesnโ€™t dry my lips.

  40. Well, you asked ๐Ÿ˜ whole foods and plant based diet strictly, no added sugar, no added oil, no added salt ๐Ÿ˜ 2 liters of water and 4 cups of green tea per day and a warm lemon water first thing in the morning ๐Ÿ˜Š yeah … I am a vegan ๐Ÿ˜

  41. Oh my God, ScanBran, the staple part of every Slimming World menu plan. If you ever want some interesting way to tweak them, the internet is laden with ScanBran recipes of all kinds.

  42. Yay! Love this. I do the intermittent fasting (or time-restricted eating, I like that) and I also focus on trying to only eat one carb per day. Whether that's avocado toast, or maybe some kind of bread with dinner, I usually try to eat the carb earlier in the day for the reasons you mentioned about digestion closer to bed. Other than that, I focus on trying to just eat protein and veggies, with the occasional fruit. I love cheese, and while too much of it isn't good, I count it as a protein ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, yaaaaas to protein bars all the time! Don't get hangry!! So helpful, especially while on the road and when you don't know what options are going to be available. For me, a protein bar and some kind of jerky are usually always in my purse. It's not weird, it's smart! Love you!!

  43. I try to have healthy(-ish) substitutions for unhealthy snacks. For ex, instead of eating chips, I have salted/seasoned pumpkin seeds. If I want something sweet, I have raisins.

    I also try to prep some of my food. I don't do a full meal prep, but for ex if I'm washing lettuce to make a salad, I just wash the whole head so there's always lettuce ready to go.

  44. I find that if I start the day with a workout and a good, healthy breakfast, I think twice about eating junk later in the day because I don't want to "undo" what I did that morning. On the other hand, if I don't wake up on time to workout and I eat a crap breakfast as I'm running out the door to work, I almost have the mindset of "Well, I'm off the wagon now so I may as well keep eating junk and start again tomorrow."

  45. My husband and I don't eat sugar and his cholesterol went down just from doing this. We eat full fat everything.

  46. Wonderful video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to find this sort of contents. We create Travel & Food videos as well, world wide, and therefore we are habitually searching inspirations and concepts. Thank You.

  47. I follow a Whole foods plant based vegan diet. It gives me so much energy and it has changed my life for the better! โค

  48. I AM NOT A VEGAN, I AM THE LORAX AND I SPEAK FOR THE TREES! Its scientifically proven according to the internet that plants have feelings while they are eaten/picked and I do admit to murdering vegtables ever since I started to change my diet for the better but meat and eggs and fish are so so soooo important and I cant live without them in my diet. The hardest thing to change right now is how to eliminate unhealthy sugars like chocolates and donuts from my life. Great Video ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Hello…I have a raw plant based diet. We also eat all organic. We can always find fresh produce at grocery stores where ever we travel. Fruit and veggies also have a lot of fiber๐Ÿ˜‰

  50. I make enough dinner for a lunch leftover. If I'm in the field and can't get to that, I only go to the grocery store for their food bar. Recently, I committed to always grabbing the smallest container at the food bar to keep my portions in line. It's also saving me money.

  51. If I don't use a food service I make unhealthy food choices. As an added benefit meal kits subscriptions like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh (only 2 I've used) seem to be a greener option also. Less food waste .

  52. Overcoming eating disorder here. So healhty eating for me is simply eating real food made by me and being in peace about it. I cook ALL my meals, even bread or creakers. Yeah, it takes hell lot of time, but totally worth it. I go by a quote on "Better than before" – โ€œEat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourselfโ€ (Michael Pollan). It totally works for me and I definitelly don't see it as a waste of time for the life that I want ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Avoid gluten, humans donโ€™t process it, itโ€™s linked to leaky gut….google it, it causes inflammation, linked to so many diseases…smoothie recipie, almond milk, some spinach, i use frozen, in snack bags, frozen fruit, i put in sandwich bags so i can dump into the blender, i add flax, chia, other vitamin rich powders, 1 banana….all the amounts are to your glass size, the flavor you want…

  54. When i had multiple kids in sports i planned my meals out by weeks, so then you just rotate the weeks…then you buy the items you need. People would make fun of me, but itโ€™s relaxing to know what youโ€™re having for dinner. Also when baking chicken, make extra and plan to use that within the next couple days…youโ€™ll know when because itโ€™s on your menu schedule!

  55. Shake in the am, then healthy eating never past 7. Avoid white carbs, alchohol. Love egg whites bites from

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