My Lean Bulking Plan (Diet and Training)

My Lean Bulking Plan (Diet and Training)

hello guys long time no see I’m at the coffee shop right now I’m drinking my my coffee and I’m on my way to the gym I need to talk to the manager to the trainer there and see if they’ll let me make training videos in the gym because now determine that now that my cut is over and I’m going to focus on building muscle I want to do more training videos because I know you enjoy them I enjoy them too but it’s really awkward filming Dina in public gyms because you never know if you are disturbing someone if you are maybe breaking some rules I don’t know so I want to make sure that everything is fine and hopefully I’m going to be able to make some awesome training videos not just set my camera down and film a step and we’ll see how that goes also after that I’m gonna go get the haircut and when I get home I’m gonna share my lean Baltic band with you because I’m sure you you’re curious I’m not sure I think you’re curious about that so I’m gonna share how I’m gonna do things alright see you then oh yeah so I got my haircut and I also went to the gym and I talked with the trainer there and success yes they will allow me to make training videos in the gym and I’m super pumped about that because finally I’ll be able to invest more time in that and make it look nice also I think I’ll be returning the favor and I’m gonna promote the gym I’m gonna wear a t-shirt personalized with the logo and I’m gonna share that in my first training video and yeah I have been working on a few t-shirt designs mostly for myself but maybe in the future I’ll also be able to to share them to sell them and I’m gonna add the gym logo to one of the sleeves and I think it’s gonna look real good but anyway let’s now talk about link bulking what my link balking plan is let me give you some details on that but first of all I think it’s important to understand the overall philosophy for muscle growth unlike cutting when your goal is muscle growth you need to focus more on your training than your nutrition your training is more important than your nutrition the reason for that is because training is the actual stimulus for muscle growth nutrition the nutrients you eat are just permissive they permit the growth to happen basically increased tension overload is what stimulates the need for adaptation for the muscle fibers to grow and nutrition just provides the raw materials a lot of guys think that think that you can get muscular only by having complicated diet a special diet but in reality you can’t get muscular to diet alone if your training is not progressing because nutrition doesn’t stimulate protein synthesis enough to cause muscle growth alright so this is the overall philosophy you must focus on getting your training right and on the nutrition side you have to make sure that you’re eating enough food to gain weight and to allow muscle to happen now let’s get let’s get into more detail and I’m going to share what I’m going to do in both nutrition and training so as we talked about earlier eating for muscle growth is actually extremely simple you only have to pay attention to three things number one you have to make sure that you’re eating a slight surplus of calories so you can gain weight number two you have to make sure that you’re getting enough protein to support muscle growth and you have to get a good balance of fat in carbs to support training performance health and good distort from levels it’s really simple stuff the only thing that’s more complicated is figuring out how much you need to eat to make lean gains because when you want to gain muscle with minimum fat you can just eat as much as you want of course you can maximize muscle growth by eating a lot by dirty bulking but when you want to minimize fat gain you have to be more precise to gain muscle at the maximum rate while also minimizing fat gain you have to make sure that you’re eating the maximum amount of nutrients that your body can use for muscle growth in a day but not go over that limit because going over that limit will result in fat gain or calories above that limit will go to fat but they will not improve the rate at which you can gain muscle that is fixed so you gain the same amount of muscle link bulking or dirty bulking only fat gain differs so how do you figure out how much you need to eat to make lean gains I explained this in great detail in a video I made about two months ago you can check it out here or in the description but I’m also going to give you the short answer here in short how much you need to eat to make lean gains depends on how fast you can gain muscle in other words on your training experience most people agree that to create one pound of muscle you need a 2,500 calories Plus so that means that that 2,500 calorie surplus needs to be spread out over the time period it takes you to build one pound of muscle so for example if you’re a beginner and you can gain two pounds of muscle per month then you need at least a five thousand calorie surplus split over that mount for you to gain at the maximum rate on the other hand if you’re a very advanced lifter that can only gain one pound of muscle over the course of four months then you need twenty five hundred calorie surplus spread over four months so we can see that the daily the daily surplus is very different between the two scenarios check out these tables on the screen for detailed numbers they show the maximum rate of muscle growth a for each training stage so you can figure out how much of a surplus you need now if we talk about me I’m currently at my at the start of my third year of training so I should be able to gain between 0.5 and 1 pound of muscle per month now I know the the table shows that I can only hope for the 0.5 pounds of muscle per month but to be honest I don’t think I’ve gained at the maximum rate in my first two years I I still think that I can gain a little faster than that so any way for me to gain at the maximum rate I need at least 2,500 calorie surplus over the course of a month but I also know that when I go into a surplus I tend to burn a lot of calories through meet through non-exercise activity thermogenesis so when I get a lot I tend to fidget more and I burn a good amount of calories through that and I also know that I have a pretty fast metabolism when I when I mean a surplus mine without my metabolism speeds up so I know that 2500 calorie surplus will not be enough for me to gain 1 1 pound of muscle so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna eat 50 to 60% more calories then the formulas will predict so what I’m going to do I’m going to take 2,500 calories and I’m going to multiply it by 1.5 or 1.6 and that will be my monthly surplus and if I divide it by 30 by 30 days I get a daily surplus of around 130 150 calories that’s my daily surplus it’s really that simple all I need to do is eat 150 calories above maintenance every day and I should be able to gain between one pound and two pounds of weight per month and in terms of macros I’m gonna get 0.9 grams of protein per pound because I’m no longer in a deficit I don’t need that much protein then I’m gonna get 25% of my calories from fat and the rest from cars this is in my opinion the ideal macro ratio alright now let’s talk about training as we said in the beginning when link bulking training becomes much much more important than nutrition it deserves a lot more of your attention your main focus should be on progression you need to constantly get stronger on a few key movements and you also need to make sure that you’re gaining strength faster than you’re gaining body weight the best indicator of lean muscle gains is relative strength for each pound of body weight you gain you should be able to increase your bench press by about 3 pounds your standing shoulder press by one or two pounds your chin-ups by 2 or 3 pounds because you’ll also gain in body weight and that on chin-ups you’ll also lifting your body weight and for squats and deadlifts you need to make sure that you’re increasing by 5 pounds for each pound of body weight now of course that’s easier said and done but that would be the ideal if you’re doing that chances are you gain muscle with vertical fat or you are making exclusively game games in terms of my training routine I’m gonna keep following the breakout program because it works while cutting I was following this routine one of the three days split routines and it worked great I was actually able to gain strength on most movements while I was losing fat while my body weight decreased by 14 pounds so I’m still progressing with it I’m still making gains with this routine so I’m not going to change it for now you know the thing if it ain’t broke don’t fix it something I’ll probably do soon though is change some of the exercises with a very similar variation so for example I might change standing shoulder press with seated dumbbell shoulder press or I might change biceps standing biceps curls with the barbell with dumbbells or I might do instead of pull-ups I might do weighted chin-ups so you’re changing the exercise but you’re doing a very small change the reason I do that is because if you keep trying to progress a movement that has stalled usually you will regress and get weaker apparently this is called monotonous overtraining I didn’t know there was a term for that but when I was reading Brad Schoenfeld book the Max Muscle plan I came across it and it’s great to know that this is actually a thing when you’ve been stalling on a movement for a long time you probably need to give your central nervous system a new and fresh stimulus to continue making games also I think there is a psychological component here as well because if you’ve been stalling on a movement for several weeks and you’re still doing it then chances are you are afraid of your workouts you’re going to the gym afraid that you’re going to fail and you actually expect to fail and you can’t possibly be productive with that mindset a great solution for that is to change the variation of the exercise because then you will regain that excitement that joy of working out and making progress all right guys so this is it my overall plan for gaining lean muscle mass over the next few months from now on my content will be focused mostly on muscle growth I’m going to talk about training stuff I’m going to talk about how to overcome training plateaus how to set up your volume all that stuff and I’ll also be sharing my progress and if I encounter training plateaus or if I make some training decision I’m going to share it with you so you can see how it works now if you don’t know whether you need to cut or Bourque you’re confused about all this stuff then I highly recommend you check out my free ebook the path your goal physique this is an e-book that is the roadmap from your current physical core physic it tells you if you need to cut if you need to bulk how much you need to cut how much you need to bulk how your training should change as you’re making progress it lays out the big picture so you know what you need to do click here and you can get it for free that’s right for free as always thank you so much for watching this video I appreciate all feedback in the comments questions are both from welcome and that’s it I’ll be seeing you in the next video see ya you

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  1. From now I’m going to do more training videos and I’ll share my progress with you, the lessons I learn and the decisions I make with my training.

    Thanks for watching !

  2. Sweet video! Quick question, people who have little definition but are underweight for there height does that have a difference on whether for them to cut or bulk?

  3. asteptam videoul asta , chiar la fix as zice pe cand ajung si eu la bulk 🙂
    ce parere ai despre ?
    ma pot baza pe ce zic ei aici? chiar nu vreau sa o dau in bara cu maintenance calories ,si apoi cu surplusul.mersi !
    Keep Up!

  4. Hey radu, in one of your videos you said once waist is 43% of height it is 10% bodyfat, you can start lean bulking. My waist went from 31 to 29 now after 14 weeks of cutting, im 172cm. However i still cant see my abs, im estimating im around 13% bf.

  5. I'm Still cutting for another month or two. But after that I'll start lean bulking. Thanks for this video. Your videos always motivate me to keep going! Thanks Radu💪

  6. Great content as usual!
    I'm very happy for you 'cuz it seems that your work pays off and the channel starts to grow. Congrats, Radu!

  7. Hi , you often reference other writers on your channel but have you read any of Stuart McRobert books. His writings tend to focus on the genetically typical with a total lack of hype but with a tonne of well researched information.
    Your channal is much appreciated, keep up the good work.

  8. such a good channel man 🙂 Deserve much more views! Do you have any tips on getting bigger biceps? My tricpes are getting bigger but my biceps don't.

  9. Dude, awesome video! Your advice has helped me a lot. I'm currently on the aggressive fat loss plan, but at the start of next year I'll be getting on the Greek god program. Good luck on the lean bulking, we're all rooting for you!

  10. Hey Radu,

    I'm currently on my first cut ever. I used to box and do BJJ, training with bodyweight and kettlebells. And over the years I've put on a decent amount of hypertrophy. However, I just started lifting when I started my cut…and holy crap am I weak for how big I am. I'm sure some of it is neuromuscular, but I'm 239 and only overhead pressing 105 for 6 reps.

    My question is: I was thinking of stopping my cut at 220 and then maintaining (I'd be far from 'lean') but down 40 pounds from where I started (261) and just focus on building strength and eating at maintenance. OR, should I get down to my goal weight of 195 and then lean bulk to say 205 while focusing on strength then… (my current goal isn't to be shredded, but to be around 15% bf)


    Your channel is really informative and you and Greg have helped me drop 22 pounds since July!

  11. Hey radu, i was wondering if you've ever come across "Static contraction training"? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

    Also, your vids are awesome.

  12. +bleachblade100 I've never studied the topic. A friend of mine that studies kinesiology told me that what they use to strengthen the muscle of someone who has been bedridden for a long time.

    In terms of application for bodybuilding or strength, I have no idea.

  13. Pop-punk band from Italy. It'd be awesome if you could watch it and if you like it share with you friends 🙂

  14. I think I've been losing weight really slowly its been 3 weeks. I still eat whatever I desire BUT I kind of ballpark how many calories I take in the day (100 calorie deficit on rest days and 500 surplus on lifting days. Im 174 at the moment and I feel like im not burning fat off my stomach fast enough or am I just impatient lol. Any advice?

  15. So does that mean that if I'm on a calorie deficit , should I lift weights and even if I did lift, I have no idea how to (my gym is pretty small, no trainer) so how long should I be lifting weights on the machine?

  16. Radu I have a question I don't know if you are able to answer me a year later but I'll try 😀
    I've been training for 2 years this year is my 3rd but I'm just 16 and I have very little muscle and strength. Do I continue beeing a begginer?

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  18. Hi, if im 181cm tall (5'11), i'm lifting almost 1 year, and made decent recomp from skinny fat to not satisfying yet, but better physique am i stil a begginer? Ive started with 73kg (~17-20% bf), now im 71kg (~13-15% bf), but stronger (not too much on bench press tho 🙁 ). Can i count it as begginer or intermediate. Thanks for reply Radu.

  19. you have to consume 0.9grams of protein per pound of body weight every single day for muscle growth??

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