MY PSORIASIS STORY | Psoriasis Treatment, Psoriasis Diet, Positive Affirmations – Guttate Psoriasis

MY PSORIASIS STORY | Psoriasis Treatment, Psoriasis Diet, Positive Affirmations – Guttate Psoriasis

Hey everyone, it’s Vickie! And I have psoriasis! I decided to make this into a positive, celebratory announcement because I don’t want to sit around and mope about psoriasis. This is my official coming out to the psoriasis debutante ball. At first I thought I’d kinda hide what’s going on and hope to ride it through, but then I realized that the people who matter don’t mind and the people who mind don’t matter. So, I’m just sharing it with the world and hopefully if you have psoriasis or you know somebody with psoriasis maybe this will help you with getting through it yourself. I don’t know. I’m just doing weird things with my arms at this point! You know it’s funny cuz I did a video about talking to the camera last week and I’m feeling awkward about talking to the camera right now. I’m sorry. I’m itchy. At this point you may be wondering, “Hey, Vickie! What is psoriasis?” Well, I’ll tell you! Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease. It can last weeks, months, years, or it could just be chronic and affect you your whole life. You know, good times… Usually there’s flare ups.And you get like this rash all over your body and it’s like red and sometimes it’s got like this white, scale skin on top that you’re like “ew, that’s disgusting” and then you pick it off and then they tell you don’t do that, and you’re like “ooops, cuz I already did that”. Basically what’s happening to me is that my immune system is very confused and it thinks that there is a threat to my skin, so it’s telling my skin to multiply insanely fast. Oh my God! Our skin! What? There’s nothing wrong with our skin. For seriousness, I think there’s something wrong with our skin. No no no no I’m not being mean! I just wanna help you! I have an idea! I’m gonna make your skin multiply at like ten times the normal rate. It’s gonna be great! Oh my God! Who wants a shot? Oh my God, immune system. Go home, you’re drunk. So, yeah! I’ve got a rash all over my body thanks to my immune system. The type of psoriasis that I have is a little less common. It’s called guttate psoriasis. Guttate is actually from the latin word “gutta” which means drop. And you can see on my hand that I have little salmon pink drops. And they’re kinda getting covered with some scale skin. So, that guttate psoriasis is all over my body. And in some places it is a lot worse. If you wanna see, I’d love to show you. Close your eyes if you’re sensitive to rashes! Are you ready? If you were closing your eyes, you can open them now! So yeah, let me tell you my guttate psoriasis story about how I figured out how I had this. What happened to me is New Year’s Eve I had the worst fever possible. I was lying in bed dying and then I was lying on the ground dying and then I was lying everywhere else in my house basically just dying. And I was hot and then I was cold. And it was just miserable. That fever sort of subsided after two days and then I had a head cold and I had a sore throat. And everything was uuuuugh. And then about nine or ten days later, I started to get a little bit of a rash on my chest. That’s where the guttate psoriasis actually started. And so I just had a couple of little dots and I thought it was because I was having a headshot session. You know when you have a photoshoot you get all stressed and usually that’s when you break out. And if you’re gonna get a rash, that’s when it happens cuz you’re gonna take photos. So your body knows that’s when it wants to be annoying. Here’s a picture from my headshot session! It actually turned out really great! I’m glad that I did it then because now I would be taking all of my shots in a turtle neck. I originally thought my psoriasis was an allergic reaction to a new body wash I was using. But, it wasn’t so Olay, if you’re watching this, I’m sorry that I called you out and complained that you caused a rash for me. Cuz apparently it wasn’t you. The Monday after the rash had first appeared, it had started to spread and it was a bit itchy so I went to the doctor and the doctor looked at it and she was confused. And then she called in her attending And her attending looked at it. “Is it chicken pox?” “What is that?” “Are you sure it’s not an allergic reaction?” “Are you eating anything different?” “Are you using different body wash?” I was like “NO! I thought about all that! It’s not that! I swear!” They told me, “I think that rash is gonna clear up on its own. Just make sure you’re taking allergy medications and also go ahead and take Benedryl” “And come back if it doesn’t clear up. But, it should clear up!” So, the next few days, the rash doesn’t clear up. It keeps getting worse. It is spreading all over my body. Slowly but surely, it’s becoming more dense. So, I go to the doctor again on Thursday and I have the doctor come in. She again is like, “I really don’t know.” She calls in two other doctors to take a look at it. They are super excited because I’m like this exciting medical mystery! “Oh my God! It’s a fun case to solve!” So they’re running around trying to figure out what this could possibly be. And then they come to the consensus that it is most likely guttate psoriasis. At which point they write a prescription for a little tube of steroid cream and they tell me, “oh, don’t use to much of this because it will thin your skin.” That’s okay! I don’t need my skin! Who needs skin? That’s not important! They refer me to a dermatologist. Of course the dermatologist is booked solid until April! God, April is so popular. Ugh. I hate her. January, February, March, April. I can not wait three or four months to get this guttate psoriasis attended to! This psoriasis is spreading! This is itching! I need to do something about it! I called up as many dermatologists as I could. My mother helped me with getting some people involved. And I was able to slip into an appointment on Saturday. And I went in on Saturday and the dermatologist immediately looked at me, said it was guttate psoriasis and he actually prescribed to me a tub of steroid cream. And you know how I was worried about that little tube of steroid cream that was going to thin out my skin? This was 40 times the strength of that tube. And he also put me on antibiotics! So, the moral of the story is always get a second opinion! For the past few days I’ve been googling the f out of this condition. And I’ve been trying to learn everything that I can about it and looking at different treatment options because I guess it can last months or so, but I would like for it to last less than that. Right now it’s winter so it’s fine. I can wear turtlenecks and scarves and long sleeves and that’s fine. But, come the spring and summer, I do wanna be able to dress appropriate to the weather and not sweat to death. For the past few days I’ve been following the dermatologist’s psoriasis treatment plan and using that steroid cream sparingly and I’ve also been taking the antibiotics. I have to say I’m very happy because it has cleared up on my chest a bit. It also seems like it is less itchy. So, I’m happy about that. I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing, and some of the natural ways I’ve been trying to treat my psoriasis. In addition to taking what the dermatologist prescribed to me. So, the number one thing that I’ve read about on basically every website and in every testimonial of somebody who’s gotten over flare ups of psoriasis is diet. Diet is very important for any sort of auto-immune disease that people might be facing. Now, if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my tweet describing how I feel about my anti-inflammatory diet – my psoriasis diet. That’s right, I’ve had to eliminate refined sugar, processed foods, and nightshade vegetables in addition to I don’t know – gluten – because that could also be an inflammatory agent! If you’re trying to eat an anti-inflammatory diet (psoriasis diet), you should also not eat dairy and there’s types of meats that you shouldn’t eat. You should probably only eat lean meat is what they were saying. I don’t know. I’m vegan. So I didn’t have to worry about that. Cuz I already eliminated that! The hardest thing to eliminate on the psoraisis diet is SUGAR! Do you know they put sugar in everything? There’s sugar in salad dressing. There’s sugar in every drink that we have. There’s sugar everywhere! It’s crazy! You don’t know until you start looking at the labels. It’s insane! Sugar is like crack cocaine! It is crack cocaine! I’m going through withdrawal! It’s really hard! One thing I wanna share with everybody is if you do have a skin condition like psoriasis, do not take a hot bath. Don’t take a hot bath. Don’t take a hot shower. You will regret it. And definitely do not use soaps with fragrances! It will irritate it! Let me tell you! It will irritate the f out of it! Another thing that’s helpful to eliminate is stress. Which is kind of funny because at first when I looked at my psoriasis, I of course got super stressed out about it. And then apparently that triggers it to get worse. Which then makes you more stressed because there’s more psoriasis. And then it’s like this horrible infinitely repeating cycle. You wanna break out of the stress cycle. And a good way to do that is to focus on your breathing so that you stop thinking about the psoriasis or other stressors and you focus on your breath. And, in addition, meditation really helps. And what I found to be the most helpful for me are positive affirmations. I’m actually pulling out the planner I bought the other day.And I absolutely absolutely absolutely adore my inkwell planner! If you’re into planning, you might be into this. I’ve got a page with my goals for the year and then I’ve got my January mission board with my goals for January I am super into being organized.And then on this page I’ve written all of my psoriasis positive affirmations. The idea behind positive affirmations is that they’re phrases you don’t just say, you actually make yourself believe them while you’re saying them. And because you’re making yourself believe that it’s like rewiring your brain to think positively instead of to be constantly thinking negative about psoriasis. So the psoriasis positive affirmations that I use are, “my skin is clear and beautiful” “My rashes are gone” “I have clear, beautiful, psoriasis free skin” “My skin is healing” “Every day and in every way, I’m getting better and better.” So, sometimes when I’m saying these things I’ll touch my psoriasis rash and I’ll actually really believe it. And I’ll say that “my skin is becoming clear and psoriasis free”. And just forcing myself to believe that, to believe that it’s happening and to believe that I’m healing – that helps so much for me not to be feeling depressed about it. Because that is a valid problem that a lot of people with psoriasis or other diseases might have, where they start to become very depressed and have a lot of anxiety about it. Whether that’s because they figure the condition will become worse or they’re fearing that people are going to look at them weird and treat them differently because of their condition. And so a really great thing to do is to just work on having a positive mindset and also to be doing these things like meditation and breathing in order to help lower the stress hormones that you have. And, you know what? If you’re depressed, that’s okay! I personally have struggled with depression in my life. So that’s a big reason why I try so hard to think positively and to live in a healthy and positive manner. So, if you have psoriasis and you’ve been watching this and you wanna share with me your story, please go ahead and let me know in the comments. Also let me know if you have any other ideas for treatment and what I can do with these rashes right now cuz I’m still researching about guttate psoriasis. I’m still learning so much,. And I appreciate any ideas that anyone might have! Also, make sure if you’re not subscribed, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and also give this video a thumbs up. If you liked it or if it was helpful or just if you wanna give me a thumbs up! I’ll see you guys next Tuesday! Bye!

100 thoughts on “MY PSORIASIS STORY | Psoriasis Treatment, Psoriasis Diet, Positive Affirmations – Guttate Psoriasis

  1. from my friend with a similar problem i heard that a vacation will help. some tropical place is the best, go swim in the ocean all day for a week a least, if it's possible, it might help.

  2. Holy cow! Don't worry! I will be here for you every step of the way. Don't let it get to you! Continue to do what you do best, and you will survive.

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  5. I had psoriasis since I was 5 (I'm almost 15) annnddd….I will have it the rest of my life.
    I looove you're so positive about it. New Follower!

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  9. Cool!, I Admire you for coming out with this condition or confliction, With summer coming it always gets worse esp plaque P. ATM, My confidence is not good, esp as I'd like to start dating. Thanks for your video, I admire your strength and outlook. Esp looking for natural products & positive thinking, to help. Thanks again. Take care. Cool : ) & greetings from U.K. Cheers. Kevin.

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  11. The sun works for me. When we have sun in the NW. I had strep throat and the same thing happened to me. It has been over twenty years.

  12. Story of my life! Doctor I went to first time said I had ring worm! (needless to say I changed doctors) – UVB light worked the best for me, but it always eventually comes back. Currently waiting til May to get into a new dermatologist as I moved cities. I've also tried cutting sugar – but it made me sooo depressed 🙁
    Hope your skin treatment is going well, thanks for sharing these positive thoughts x x

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  14. the exact same thing happaned to me! i thought it was body wash at first too! now im doing photo light therapy every other day… this video made me feel a lot better about myself!

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  16. I had psoriasis for 8 years now, just wanted to say please be careful with steroid creams it can be tricky. I have used steroid creams at the start and it would make it go away completely but then a week or two later it would come back twice stronger in bigger. It felt like i was feeding the psoriasis. But then everyone's skin is different so might work for some people.

    Thank you for the video, I think eliminating stress is the hardest but most effective treatment for this x

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  20. i have a psoriasis too, got it since i was 11 and now im 24.. it getting worse and worse every single day especially here in small town of malaysia.. the doctor dont even bother, i've to survive on my own. if u dont mind could u please share about everything that helped u lessen ur psoriasis. i've checked ur instagram and i can see u got a nice skin, the psoriasis seems gone..

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  22. You're so brave. 😞❤❤❤ I'm constantly covering up and applying makeup. Leggings are my go to in the summer. I have a referral for a dermatologist and really hope it's soon. So much love to you.

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  24. Girl I feel ya. I was basically born with this disease though. I was in a 5 year University study that kept me under 5% the whole time. But now that's over and I think I'm about 40% or more. 🙁 Also you're really funny. lol

  25. Hey…you are doing great…i mean you are positive than the 90% people and thats so cool…wish i could do that….my psoraisis started 2 months earlier…and i too googled the hell out of it…now…i think i know how to treat it…i would really advice you to cut out the anti biotics as it destroys the good bacteria in your stomach and is only a temporary fix…i can assure you that 😉 ….i am on an anti-inflammatory diet right now with probiotics food and my posraisis seems to heel…and i am taking homeopathic medicine(would advice to you too) or ayurvedic if you have a practitioner nearby 🙂
    Hope this helps🙂

  26. hey there!.. I was also suffering from psoriasis..and had a tons of medicines.. Which didnt work obviously….so i tried to find the root cause… So here it is
    Leaky gut- seriously, a leaking stomach is the main reason… So one should try to fix these leakages by "detoxification" and also use anti-flammatory diet as u said. So to detoxify… U can prepare the juice of giloy(search it).

  27. Hello Vickie!! Sad to know that you got psoriasis. By now has your skin improved? Otherwise you can try shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. Eating fruits like apples, papaya and strawberries also helps..

  28. Thanks for this video, it made me laugh out loud <3. So a year has passed now, how is your skin doing? Did it completely heal or are you still needing to treat it? My Guttate broke out about 2 months ago after a tonsillitis and no signs of getting better anytime soon…all that doctors seem to know about are steroid cremes ..or even worse: Steroid Pills (worst side effects ever!) I find coconut oil and salt baths useful but nothing really takes away the redness and itching. Guess it's all about patience and lots of accepting the current situation. Still fucking annoying, though ^^ Lots of love to anyone reading this who is having to deal with this shit. You're not alone! xxx

  29. I cleared Psoriasis naturally with diet. Its the only thing that worked for me after 20 long years of suffering.

  30. Rub some of that positivity into me will ya? I think I have a VERY MILD case of guttate psoriasis as well. I got sick several months ago with sore throat and no fever. It only lasted a week but I was fine. And then a few days ago I noticed this red spot on my neck that almost looked like a blister. Then my chest started to break out in little red spots that weren’t acne. It’s only on my torso and my shoulder.Your vid has helped to clear my mind and to get through this. Right now my condition is manageable but if it becomes unmanageable it’s off to the dermatologist STAT!

  31. Soriatane pills. Dovobet, Betaderm, Calcipopritrol staggered. Photchemo therapy (UVB light panel.
    Going to try Dr Berg leaky gut program.

  32. I hope your psoriasis has improved. This is the most positive video on psoriasis I've ever seen! Made me feel happy 🙂 Seeing a naturopath helped me immensely with my psoriasis. A few weeks on her protocol (diet + herbal supplements) made a huge difference vs months on cortosteroid ointments. And totally agree on your stress comment. I wanted to cry when people told me not to get stressed -_-.

  33. I have psoriasis since 10 years, and is most aggressive now, thank you for the video, you are truly inspiration….

  34. I seldomly like videos. And I'm glad I did it. I really like your video. I like your spirit, your enthusiasm facing this autoimmune desease, You go girl. ='D

  35. I have guttate psoriasis as well. I got it from strep throat but my spots were a lot larger and are now clearing up after 2 years, and I'm always happy to know I'm not the only one!

  36. Clobetasol and Photo therapy get rid if this. I began suffering with this in January and I tried every over the counter so called "treatments" there are. I tried charcoal based products, Salacylic acids, Coconut oil and many other things. The only thing that works is Clobetasol and photo therapy, trust me. It can be a little expensive but after about 3 weeks when you see the significant improvements you will be happy. As for the scammers who post how they cured this serious skin disease with their special juicing formulas and other nonsense… please stop misleading people who are looking for help, it is just mean.

  37. Apple, flex seed are very helpful n use Pranayam and avoid alcohol n milk related products help ful for psoriasis

  38. I have psoriasis from 2008 and I was depressed in the starting but now I'm ok. If I will find it on my body I just apply medicine.

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  40. antibiotics is going to make your skin even worse,itchy, more intense. it removes bad and good bacteria and make gut really sensitive. steroid cream thins . sorry you cannot get rid of it. you have it for the rest of your life.

  41. Vickie.. thnx for gave me happiest live life as u always I don't live in worry.m facing this disease as a possitve attitude.god bless u

  42. Vickie.. thnx for gave me happiest live life as u always I don't live in worry.m facing this disease as a possitve attitude.god bless u

  43. Vickie.. thnx for gave me happiest live life as u always I don't live in worry.m facing this disease as a possitve attitude.god bless u

  44. Vickie.. thnx for gave me happiest live life as u always I don't live in worry.m facing this disease as a possitve attitude.god bless u

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  46. Omg i love you. Thankyou for sharing this video, i have exactly the same thing doctor diagnosed me with it. Love your positive thinking im gonna try this xx

  47. My mother`s hands has psoriasis about 5 years ago. My mom was able to treat her problem due to this psoriasis treatment method named “Κοkοzο wuno” (Google it). However, advancements are recognizable after a week of making use of it. The therapy helps her a lot in controlling her psoriasis for the very first time..

  48. Thank u so much for the positivity .. I have prosious on my scalp which is quite different but seriously I have tears in my eyes cause this disease brought me to the edge of depression but positive people like you just make me happy n think healthy.. please if it's possible and that u know stuff abt scalp prosious do share it on ur channel ❤

  49. My mom`s hands has skin psoriasis about 5 years ago. I came across that skin psoriasis treatment solution “Κοkοzο wuno” (Google it) works on my mom’s skin psoriasis ailment. She utilized it for a week and noticed great advancements. For the first-time in several years, her psoriasis is controlled…

  50. Almost every possible solution has been tried by my sister for 2 yrs but none of them been effective. However, this “Κοkοzο wuno” (Google it) skin psoriasis treatment method has been an exception. For the first month, the use of the therapy was carried out on a daily basis, but now, it has made great advancements to her condition that she only uses it sometimes. This process is a must-try. You`ll be so happy you did…

  51. I have the same exact kind, I found out when I was 10. My doctor told me that tanning would help, so my parents bought a tanning bed..yeah, it didn’t work😂😪

  52. I've had psoriasis like 8 to 9 years now. The whole 8 years made me think that it's dandruff. Since everyone think so. Then when I go to dermatologist, she said she's unsure of it and offer me to let her cut it a bit and send it to the lab. I asked her whether would she use anesthesia or not. and it turns out, she doesn't. I freaked out since I was just a kid. And she just gave me some gels that doesn't work at all. time passes, I try to hide it all the time. But then I came across this website and an add about psoriasis came up to me and I was like. WAIT. THIS IS WHAT IS IN MY HEAD! So, it took me 8 YEARS to only know the name.

  53. i’ve been crying all day because of mine and i didn’t think anyone really related, thank you so much for making this video. it really helped me

  54. I am 49yo. I have psoriasis since 30. It's about 4 days that I take 1/3 of teaspon ground flaxseeds in a glass of water twice the day. My oldest spots on my knee and behide the left anle it's almost cured. All others are much better. I had in the past been cured but using many other thing together , like lemon juices, ACV, green juices, baobab root, fish oil, and flax seed so I didn't what realy helped. Now I take only ground flaxseeds and it really worked. I have to say that my life style for the last years is sedentary, I gained 20 klg in the last three years. Today is the first day that didn;'t eat sugar and cabrohydrates. I have to cut them bacuse I have serious problems with my nails and mainly on my feet and I believe that it is a sign of diabetes 2. But flaxseed works great for me!! I am very happy. I do better for myself now. I hope to help some people.

  55. Mine came out to be plaque psoriasis ughh I wasn’t this way I’m embarrassed from everyone😥 everyone judges me😥😥

  56. Cheers, crazy girl I have also got psoriasis, try acupuncture along with homeopathy, meditation and real organic food😍

  57. Replace sugar with jaggery powder. Jaggery is the raw form of sugar obtained from sugar cane. Jaggery powder is healthy unlike sugar. You can even try palm sugar. These two things will help you give up sugar without comprising your sweet tooth.

  58. I had mine since I was 5 I’m now twelve
    and Currently undergoing light therapy you basically get to stand in a giant sun bed! It works very well. It covered like …. 70% of my body? I found it hard to stay positive and was not nice but now (almost) gone I can’t be happier! Just remember to keep up with creams medication,injections whatever. ❤️❤️💫💫💫💫 have a nice day

  59. My husband tried this particular psoriasis treatment solution “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it) and it was grateful that he was able to get rid of the redness as well as flaking around his eyes. After 5 days, there are not any traces of redness and also flakiness. He really wanted the problem to vanish once and for all so he still keeps utilizing the treatment solution up to now..

  60. Of all of the different skin psoriasis treatment options that my sister has tried, only this skin psoriasis treatment solution called “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it) has worked. She had to ready the guide meticulously to find out what is ideal for me, however it really works and also ingredients don`t scare you…

  61. When you endure psoriasis, this might only be your solution to clear it up. Search Google “Κοkοzο Wuno” to understand much more about this skin psoriasis treatment solution. It took simply a week for my partner to minimize the seriousness of his psoriasis. The biggest thing is it shows good results…

  62. My partner tried this psoriasis treatment solution “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it) and it was thankful that he was able to remove the redness as well as flaking around his eyes. After 5 days, there are not any traces of redness and also flakiness. To avoid it from returning, he still uses the treatment methods maybe once or twice daily…

  63. i really like your positive outlook and acceptance on psoriasis. Out of all the videos ive watched, no one has mentioned affirmations as a coping strategy. I'm definitely adopting that into my life. ive had psoriasis since 4th grade, but ive always put off researching my disease and practicing self care which means changing my entire life style till now. thanks for sharing<3

  64. My mother`s hands has skin psoriasis about 5 years ago. My mother was able to deal with her ailment thanks to this psoriasis treatment solution named “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it). Even so, developments are noticeable right after a week of making use of it. The therapy helps her a lot in controlling her skin psoriasis for the very first time..

  65. My hubby is still 20 years ago when he started out having a scalp issue. Thankfully, this organic and natural skin psoriasis therapy called “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it) was brought to us. I highly recommend this solution. After utilizing this treatment method, I`ve noticed good enhancements in my issue. ..

  66. My husband’s redness and flaking under and also around his eyes and nose were almost removed after a couple of days of applying this psoriasis treatment “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it). After Five days, there are not any traces of redness as well as flakiness. He really wanted the issue to disappear once and for all so he still keeps using the treatment solution until now..

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