My weight loss journey (Week 187)

My weight loss journey (Week 187)

Hi guys; I hope you’re all well. It’s currently Sunday the 11th of August 2019 and welcome to week 187 of my weight loss journey. In last week’s video we all saw I maintained my weight at 163.6 kilograms which is 360.7 pounds or 25 stone 10.7 pounds. Which obviously meant my Body Mass Index (BMI) remained at 47.8 I’m going to start the proceedings off by reviewing my calorie consumption for the past week, which you can see in the graph above. The average of this was 2,571 compared to the previous week of 2,623. So it’s well within my 2,700 allowance which is obviously fantastic. My fluid consumption is still above 3,000 millilitres at 3,314 millilitres, which is another good result. If I now move onto my step count, which we can also see in the graph above. The average of this was 7,129 compared to the previous week 8,987. So it is well below my 9,000 step, current goal that I’ve set myself. This week, this past week has been a bit busy for me. I’ve not been able to fit in the gym on Tuesday and Thursday evening. What main reasons is preparing for my Route 66 holiday in September. And I’ve also trying to get as much done as possible, before handing my laptop in back to Apple due to the product recall. So yeah, there’s been a lot of things I’ve had to get through this week. And it has impacted on the amount of activity that I’ve been able to do. It’s that time of the week, where we all get to see if I’ve managed to lose any more weight. So here is guys, here’s my weigh in. I now weigh 162.7 kilograms which is 358.7 pounds or 25 stone 8.7 pounds. This means in the last week, I’ve seen a loss of 2 pounds or 0.9 kilogram. But if I compare this result to the result by obtained that Slimming World, you can see this right here. At Slimming World this week I also saw a loss of 2 pounds or 0.9 kilogram. Based on this week’s weight loss, it sees my Body Mass Index (BMI) go from 47.8 down to 47.5 And if I look at my third weight loss target; Last week it was 57.9% complete and after the loss it goes up to 60.7% complete. So in the 187 weeks I’ve been doing this journey, I’ve lost a total of; 182.5 pounds which is 82.8 kilograms or 13 stone 0.5 pound. This past week has been absolutely brilliant in terms of weight loss and is exactly where I want to be. And hopefully I can replicate this again in the following week. Obviously my step count, I would like to increase again back up to the 9,000 mark. My calorie consumption can stay where abouts it is, the average is perfect. My fluid consumption is still above the 3,000 which is another perfect result. So….no real big change is needed and hopefully, like I say, next week. Next week’s weigh-in I will see another loss result. Obviously…I don’t know when this video will be posted. But obviously if you’re seeing this, it means I’ve obviously got my laptop back and I can do all the editing required to post it. But other than that guys, that’s it. That’s the end of this week’s video. And I’ll……..see you when I see you, but of course if you would like to continue seeing less of me. Why don’t you subscribe to my channel, so you don’t get to miss out on any future videos that I post. I wish you all a fantastic week and I’ll see you again next Sunday…..maybe.

7 thoughts on “My weight loss journey (Week 187)

  1. Just keep planing your Route 66 holiday Stu it seems to be doing the trick for the weight lose brother how long are you going for Stu is going to be a full month ? MINT

  2. YAY !!! Loss of 2 lbs ! I knew you'd could do it. Also are you planning to start the Route 66 trip in Chicago ? I know that it seems to start now in Missouri……Chicago was the original start of it

  3. Hi Stu! Keep planning that trip. I'm excited to see a glimpse of that experience in videos. The scale is finally showing the results of your hard work. I know the inches will show more. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Hi Stu! I just saw your post. Crazy that it's almost 24 hours later. Sorry about that. CONGRATULATIONS! 2 more pounds. I have been moving furniture as my friend from high school is coming to live with me while she recuperates from open heart surgery. She goes in for surgery the end of August. My spare bedroom is going to be her room. Never a dull moment over here. Best wishes Robin

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