Neil Gaiman’s FORTUNATELY, THE MILK | Book Trailer | Something Odd Happened…

Neil Gaiman’s FORTUNATELY, THE MILK | Book Trailer | Something Odd Happened…

Hello, I’m Neil Gaiman,
and I wrote this book. It’s called Fortunately, The Milk. The only book I have ever written
that dares tackle the big questions. Questions like what happens when you
open the door on a spaceship and let the space-time continuum in? Will evil aliens redecorate by
replacing all of Earth’s mountains with throw cushions and replace Australia
with an enormous decorative plate with a picture of Australia on it? Are we actually living in
the present as we believe? Or are we living in the far, far future? [MUSIC] I was out, at the end of the plank, facing
certain death when a rope ladder hit my shoulder and
a deep booming voice shouted, quickly! Climb up the rope ladder! I needed no more encouragement than this. And I grabbed the rope
ladder with both hands. And fortunately, the milk was pushed
deep into the pocket of my coat. Pirates hurled insults at me and
even discharged pistols. But neither insults nor
pistols shot found their targets. The person in the balloon basket said, “I hope you don’t mind me helping.”
I said, “You’re a stegosaurus!” [MUSIC] Fortunately, The Milk, the most exciting book with milk in it
since Tolstoy’s epic novel War and Milk.

17 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman’s FORTUNATELY, THE MILK | Book Trailer | Something Odd Happened…

  1. saw this and couldn't help laughing… Should definitely be good. I'll reserve overall judgment for when I'm rolling on my bedroom floor and laughing for the antics of Neil Gaiman!

  2. I heard Neil read an excerpt and I can assure you, it is hilarious! Everyone in the crowd was giggling and some were laughing so hard that they had tears!

  3. I do not usually read this kind of books but these one in particular was comical and easy to read. It began in the kitchen when the children discover that they ran out of milk for breakfast.  

  4. I just read " Fortunately, The Milk", by Neil Gaiman, and I must say, this book was a true work of art. Not only is it an interesting and quick read, but it was beautifully written, and the illustrations go along perfectly with this book. I have no complaints about this book, other than the fact that I wish there was a sequel. I give this book 5 stars. Good work, Mr. Gaiman, good work indeed.

  5. You're kidding me! I just read that this is to be a movie by Edgar Wright with Johnny Depp! I was about to order a copy to put in the library at our building as a favorite read. I've got to be quick now or someone wil beat me to it.

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