No food, only MCT oil for 5 days [Experiment]

No food, only MCT oil for 5 days [Experiment]

Hello everyone
So a couple of weeks ago I sent out a post on facebook and my newsletter asking if you
guys would find it interesting if I explain the stuff I’m going, the experiments I’m working
on and an overwhelming number said yes so here we go it is very sunny but very cold
outside so I figured I would do it out here out in the sun so the current experiment going
on is a 5 day experiment of eating nothing but 100 ml or about 100 grams of a specific
oil that is the short version

39 thoughts on “No food, only MCT oil for 5 days [Experiment]

  1. Mentor wearing a coat?!? Something you do not see often :p I see you're still trying out mental experiments. But it's awesome there are people around like you! I'll be waiting for the results! Good luck!

  2. Problem is :people get in ketosis expecting loose weight. Initially you loose few pounds – water mainly and some fat. But than you need to cut dietary fat, to let your body burn body fat… What means – you need cut calories from dietary fat… In ketosis – benefits are : you are not hungry, as your insuline is switched of. Minus is : your stress, cortisol level is higher ( what counteract weight loose).. In my experience only very high level ketosis work really on weight – fat loose. Even if you eat greens – it mess up all proces… Only fat + protein in ration 80%- 20%, or even 90-10 make you loosing weigh (fat).

  3. I take a supplement that puts me in ketosis within an hour. I thank you for your information on how to do that as an alternative. Btw, one of our beautiful cat's is Cass also:'). PS, thank you for your concise explanation of ketosis, IF, and everything you covered. I am sure that people that are new to this will appreciate your easy to understand explanation. PPSS, Don't know if you have tried it, but a tbs of coconut oil gives tons me tons of energy!!

  4. FMD is about 750 kcal per day for days 2 through 5, not 1000. About half of that fat. Day one is about 1100 kcal. You can design your own FMD, just keep protein to no more than 20 grams, and complex carbs (net carbs after fiber) to less than 50 gms or so, with remainder as good fats Doesn't have to be exact, your size and level of exercise plays a role as well. You will go into ketosis on FMD, just not as deeply. On the other hand, its probably safer for many people, and easier to do, which is the point.

  5. A) ketogenic diet has been around a long time. First used to treat children with epilepsy.

    B) all you need to do to get into ketosis is eat a low enough amount of carbs (usually less than 30 depending on how insulin resistant you are) for your body to burn through your glycogen stores and put you in a state of ketosis.

    C) high amounts of mct oil have been known to give most people diarrhea. I'd suggest starting in moderation.

    D) your body needs electrolytes, sodium and potassium. If you are going to do this I highly recommend drinking water with pinksalt and no salt (potassium chloride)

    E) fasting is great and autophagy is great, but to get the full effect you can't eat anything, including mct oil. Water fasting with electrolytes or dry fasting are the best options.

  6. I liked the idea a lot as a type 2 my blood sugar stay high even doing Omad and Keto. I have done 26 hours between meals but I was very shaking and not feeling well after my meal all was right again. So I await further videos and new subscriber.

  7. You yap more thaa woman and not keep on the main subject which I waisted my time and learned nothing of the suposed experimt. This proves any idiot can get attention and say absolutly nothing.

  8. Very interesting! I am interested in knowing if you also record you glucose levels. I am am assuming that you are not pre diabetic but of the understanding that your glucose level does not drop you are not burning ketones and not really in ketosis. Did you glucose drop as your ketones went up. Thanks,

  9. Just a note that John Hopkins hospital has been doing the ketogenic diet for Seizures for a very long time…. You might find the online movie called "First do no harm".

  10. Is this something you always do – go against your common sense – for a living? Only young and careless people would "use themselves as human guinea pigs" as you are doing. Learn to be wise. I beg you to not sacrifice your own body or lead others astray. You are a very young man. Please remember you only live once. 🙂

  11. Did you know if you EDIT a bunch of clips together you dont have to warn people when you start and stop the camera or how many minutes you will have between takes?

  12. So you took 20 m of mct oil everytime you drank it, for 5 days? How many time did you drink it through out the day and how much water did you drink as well? 🙂

  13. Well, keto diet is only diet that has ever worked for me long term, im 34 in good shape thanks to ketosis, staying lean. Keto is perfect for certain blokes.

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