No Sugar Diet Rules For Very Fast Weight Loss

No Sugar Diet Rules For Very Fast Weight Loss

– (Voiceover) So mom, how did you start losing weight? – Well, I’ve been on every diet in the world. Everything you can think of, I’ve done it, just probably like most of you. Then one day I went to the gym — because I always worked out no matter what, but I probably just ate too much. So I saw a friend of mine named Sheree in the gym. And so she looked fabulous. So I went up to her and I said, “Sheree, oh my God, you look great. I haven’t seen you in a while. You look fabulous.” What are you doing? How did you do it? And she said, “You know what? I was just tired of being fat.” Well, I never really thought she was fat. But I guess she was just tired of not maintaining, of going up and down, you know, and all these highs and lows of dieting. So what she did was she really started to research food. And what she found that was really cutting the white foods out. The sugar was just awful. Too much sugar. We have too much sugar in our diets. So what she did was she cut out, you know, all pre-packaged food, and sugar and carbohydrate. And I guess she just ended up eating meat and vegetables. So, I said, you know what? I can do that. She said, “Bree, do it for 30 days. I promise you, you’ll lose at least 15 pounds for the first month.” And I thought, that would be absolutely amazing. I mean, while I was at the gym, and I got on the scale, I was like 233, and I almost, first of all, passed out right then. But anyway, I said, “You know what? I can do that.” I’m tired of lugging all this stuff around with me. I can do do it. So I probably did it for, I don’t know, maybe 21 days, maybe a little bit over 21 days. And the next time I saw Sheree, I said, “Girl, that didn’t work for me.” She said, “What do you mean? Why didn’t it work?” I said, “I did all that and I lost only two pounds.” She said, “Bree, you couldn’t have done it right.” I said, “Yes, I did. I did it right. I did what you told me to do.” She said, “There is no way.” She said, “I know you would have lost at least 15 pounds, at least. At least 10 at the very least.” So I said, “I promise you. I did what you told me to do.” And she says, “You know what, maybe you should write down what you eat.” I said, “Why? I only ate what you told me to eat.” She said, “What did you eat?” I said, “Meat, fruit and vegetables.” She goes, “I didn’t say fruit.” I go, “What do you mean you didn’t say fruit? Fruit always goes with vegetables. I mean, you just put those two together.” She goes, “No. Fruit has way too much sugar. You can add it back in later. But for right now, for losing, I just need you to do the meat and vegetables.” And so I thought wow, I really thought I was doing it. So what I did, I started journaling. And I found that I really paid more attention to what I was eating. So I tried it again for another month. I didn’t want to do it again, but I said, you know what, I’m going to try this again. So I tried it again for another month, got on the scale, lost 15 pounds. Couldn’t believe it. Unbelievable. I was just so excited because never — I mean, I just have not been able to lose weight in so many years. And so then I kind of added these green smoothies, which just gave me my dark green veggies. And that’s kind of a whole different story. But I was afraid to do those because you know, you have to put some fruit in them to sweeten them. And so I was afraid of gaining the weight back. But because I put very, very very little fruit in them, and maintained everything else that Sheree said, I ended up — by the second month I lost like another 15 pounds. Or maybe it was ten, because I remember being stuck at a 25-pound loss for quite a while. Anyway, I’d gone to the doctor, and I thought — originally I thought in October I weighed 233. But looking back at the doctor’s weight, he said I weighed 236. And he was so impressed at how much I had dropped. So I think it was by like December, I remember being at Christmas at my relatives’ house, at my family’s house, and letting them know that I had dropped 25 pounds. And that 25 made the big difference. I mean, people were noticing. And I felt a little bit lighter, and the clothes were feeling a little bit bigger, but I knew I still had aways to go. So it is now March, and my total weight loss is about 40 pounds. Between 35 and 40. Because the doctor said I was at 236, but I thought I was at 233 when I really started. So somewhere between 35 and 40 pounds. I still have at least 25 more that I need to get off. But I’m feeling, you know, much better. I feel like I finally have control over what I’m sticking in my mouth. And even just to deviate — I think I deviated a couple of weeks ago for a couple of weeks, just kind of snacking, not really paying attention, just putting anything in my mouth, and eating all kinds of little snacks and stuff. And I looked at the scale and I had put on five pounds in two weeks. And I said, you know what, no. This is a lifestyle for me, and I have to always be conscious of what I’m eating. We have to be conscious of what we’re eating. So anyway, Sheree’s — her system works. And, you know, though it may not have been originally hers, or whatever, all I know is that she studied the food. She studied how it worked in her body. She started helping people, telling them what to do. And I just think it’s going to be a huge success. She’s a diet coach. She’s fabulous. They call her the drill sergeant, I believe. Obesity drill sergeant, something like that. But I just wanted to make this video to let you guys know out there that, “Sheree, it really works.” So, that’s all I wanted to say. What about my pants? What about them? – My pants. Oh, okay. My daughter wants me to tell you that these — I have to stand up. I’m going to lose part of you. But these are her pants. And obviously — but they’re really cute, you know? So anyway, I got in her pants, so she’s a little bit upset. But like I said, I still have aways to go. And I hope as long as I stick to what Sheree has been teaching me that I will continue to get the weight off. – How do you feel about yourself now? – I feel great. I mean, like I said, I still have aways to go. We’re never satisfied with ourselves, are we? But I do feel lighter. And my knees normally hurt really, really bad, and so they’re hurting just a little bit less, and I feel like I finally have control. Thanks Sheree. Thank you. – Thanks Sheree.

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  1. Wow! Only Meat and veges? That sounds great, but difficult! Are you able to send me an example of some of the meals?

  2. Hey there! Congrats! I was wondering if you could offer any examples of the meals you were eating. I am on my own weight loss journey and am in need of help.

  3. @maraviansun In our video section you can watch Beef, Onion Bellpepper & Soybean Stir, or Low Glycemic Steak Chicken & Vegetables. Also, Teri & Sheree's Record Dinner gives an excellent example of meat & vegetable combinations. This way of eating is using the Atkins or the Paleo diet concept. You will lose weight very quickly. We love what we do. If you have any questions, please either post it here or you can message me. Let us know how you're doing, and Good Luck to you!

  4. Thank you.  Did you eat a lot of fats with these meals? Would appreciate if you sharing if you still eat this way.  

  5. Loved your video, thanks. I am wondering about orange juice, I know fruits shouldnt be in the diet at the begining but maybe in juice form is ok ? what veggies did you eat ? and what meat ? would you share a normal day food intake as example ? thanks. regards from Europe.

    i just thought id share my journey with you …please take a look a real person im not selling anything …and in one short month …i have lost 20lb by trying really hard not to take sugar in my coffee and trying to stay away from pop …its going fantastic

  7. i like your story but i haven't taken out the fruit and i am lossing the weight ….so you didn't loss anything until you stop the fruit …but fruit has natural fiber and the fiber takes care of its own sugars …unless your diabetic…but you didn't say anything about that ….glad your doing great

  8. ty for posting the link,,so it is no sugar products and no flour..just meat and what kind of vegies u eat??

  9. It worked for me a few years ago when I lost weight just by eating protein and vegetables. Oh! And… Lots of water. I'm now realizing that I have to get back on the boat and start doing that again. But! This time I going to have to stay on it due to menopause. That horrible menopause wall that we all eventually have to deal with and conquer. I have found out by reading a lot that estrogen loves to store every bit of sugar we eat by changing it into fat. When we get menopausal we get estrogen dominant and our bodies want to start storing fat so we get sugar cravings and that vicious circle begins. You have given me that kick start. I only have to lose 12 pounds but on a 5'1" frame it's more than I've been use to my whole life. It's my first time fighting with weight gain due to hormones. It might be a tough battle but you are very inspiring. I will watch this video every so often to give myself the lift I might need to keep going. Thanks again!

  10. I've been doing this for years. eat green food and protein once a day. I lose weight so easily, the only fruit I do eat are green apples, and I maintain my weight. People keep asking me what's my secret, I share what I do but, most people can't give up sugar. Once you do, you won't go back.

  11. I calorie count with high fiber and veggies but also added the 'no added sugar' component. However, I still eat fruits, but 2 tops per day. I will consider removing fruit but need to get vitamin C from somewhere. I think spinach has it but I'd need to eat a lot.

    Greens leafy foods are extremely healthy, and I will be eating more no matter if I remove fruit. 'No added sugars' is good for now. I'll acclimate, which won't be too bad.

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