Nutrition & Shopping | Day 3:12-Week Hardcore Daily Video Trainer With Kris Gethin

Nutrition & Shopping | Day 3:12-Week Hardcore Daily Video Trainer With Kris Gethin

[music] So today is your
first rest day. It’s the Wednesday of Week 1,
and you should be feeling really sore from the workout,
but that’s totally normal. This weight training program
will be a shock to your body. But today I’m gonna speak to you
about nutrition and how to shop and what you should be shopping
for and how to prepare those foods. I’m very strict with my diet
to make sure that I get the best results possible at
the end of this transformation, so you should be eating
exactly what I eat. Today, we’re gonna go
to the supermarket, so come along with me so you can
see exactly what foods that you should be eating, and foods
you need to stay away from. Eating healthy does
take a commitment, and although it may not
necessarily be cheap to buy healthy, it can be affordable
and is definitely well worth it in the long run. Okay, we’re here
at the sweet potatoes. We’ve also got the yams here
that you can have on this transformation, or in the
UK you’d call ’em sweets. It’s good to mix up your
carbohydrate sources. Like, the main source for
me comes from brown rice, but I also like to mix it up
with some sweet potatoes and some oatmeals as well. It stays very basic with
a carbohydrate source. It’s a slightly
slow-digesting carb, along with
the brown rice and oats. Okay, another form of
carbohydrates that I recommend on this program is brown rice. So, a lot of people are
carbophobes when doing a program such as this. I’m a carb freak. I like to have my carbs,
keeps the metabolism firing. Providing that you’re getting
the right kind of carbohydrates, you’re gonna get
the results that you want, and providing that you’re
sticking to your nutrition and training program, and
frequency of those meals. So we like to go
for the short grain. I’ve been told by my wife that
they are a lot more moist than a long grain brown rice. One of the tips that I like to
pass on to clients is to eat before you actually
come to the supermarket, so it’ll prevent less amount of
cravings and you’re less likely to pick up foods that
you shouldn’t be eating. Just because you’re on this
transformation doesn’t mean that you need to exclude
other people, like friends or family that
aren’t on this transformation, when you’re going shopping. So my wife just pulled
some almond butter here, which is fine. She needs the healthy fats,
but when you’re doing this transformation, you don’t need
these healthy fats so much. You need to be burning off
the fats that you’re storing, not the fats that
you’re ingesting. Okay, the next carbohydrate
stop for us is the quick oats. So get a big bag like
this for convenience, because we’ll go through
one of these in a month. Between having this for
breakfast with the egg whites and using it as a meal
replacement with protein powder, it’s very easy to
go through the oats. And I never cut this out at
all during the entire 12 weeks. The next thing on my
shopping list is steak. So the macronutrients that
we’re really focusing on on this transformation are your protein
and your carbohydrate sources. So obviously, not going
too much for the fats, we need to keep meat
sources very lean. So for that reason, I like to
go for the eye of round steak, which is a very lean source. So we can just throw that on
the grill or on the barbecue. Another one that I like to
get is the eye of round roast. So I’ve actually got a
meat grinder at home. This is great to put through
the grinder and have it like ground beef. And one more that I
get is a tenderloin. Now, it looks a little
bit fatty on the outside. That’s okay, you
can trim that off. But throughout the rest of
it is very soft, very moist, and very lean. Another lean protein source
that I like to include in this program is fish. So I like to go for
tilapia personally. It’s very tasteless. I don’t like anything that’s
too fishy, and it’s cheap. Don’t go too much for, like, the
deli meats or anything like that or anything that’s gonna
have a lot of preservatives. So I know that lean forms of
steak and fish and stuff like that, I know exactly what
I’m going to get into my body because it’s listed on the
ingredients list on the back. Next protein form that
we’re taking are eggs. So we separate the egg
whites from the yolks, because the yolks is what
contains all the fat and cholesterol. Between myself and my wife,
we go through 24 egg whites just at breakfast. Hence, we’re getting
’em in bulk like this. Sometimes we do order ’em from and just get the egg white formula
for convenience. Other times when we’re
at the supermarket, we’ll just grab ’em like this. So the last stop for protein,
I like to grab the poultry. So here I’m just picking
up the turkey breast. It’s very lean. Always go for the breast as
opposed to the leg or the wing. You know, you’re gonna get
a leaner cut of the bird. So I’ve got loads
of chicken at home, so no need to get
any more chicken. Just turkey and that’s it. So another fibrous carb that
I like to utilize within my diet, especially as I’m cutting
out the carbohydrates in the latter meals, I like to
replace it with the fibrous carbohydrates to replace
the complex carbs, like your brown rice or
any of your potatoes. It’s very important to have
fiber within your diet to make sure that you’re regular, to
keep your metabolism firing as well. I don’t eat a huge amount of
vegetables, but that’s okay. You can eat as many
vegetables as you want. A lot of it is water, so you’ll
probably burn off as many calories digesting it as
the amount that’s in it. I personally just like to have
it in the last couple when I cut out my complex carbohydrates. Although coffee isn’t
an essential part of this transformation, it’s essential
to my transformation because I really feel like I need this
in the morning and before my workout, just to give me that
extra boost of energy as a stimulant, especially in the
morning when I really don’t want to do my cardio, and in the
afternoon when I’m having that mid-afternoon
kind of crash. So the coffee really gives me
stimulant to get a more intense workout, so that’s why I have
my coffee black and just with a natural sweetener. So we’re here at the
sweetener/sugar section. Obviously, you can’t have sugar
while you’re on this program, so what I like to use is
it’s like a Stevia extract. It’s from the Stevia leaf so
you’re not gonna have anything that’s, like, any additives
or any additional calories. This is calorie-free. So this is great to have in your
black coffee because you can’t have milk on this program. Not every supermarket sells it,
so you can actually get this on as well. So in this transformation,
fat is big no-no, especially saturated fats. So here you’ve got your
corn oil, your olive oil. You shouldn’t be frying
your foods anyway on this transformation, so what I like
to use if I’m going to use a fat is just a spray, so it gives
me a very thin lathering. I’ll put that, like, on my
barbecue grill so my food doesn’t stick to it. So if you’re gonna use a fat,
use something along the lines of a spray. An essential tool on this
12-week transformation are your Tupperware containers. So I eat nearly every single
one of my meals out of these Tupperware containers, and
as my training partner, you should be, too. So I like to get the larger
containers just to store my chicken and my tilapia
and my rice in, just to keep in the fridge, and
I get the smaller containers just to put in my cool bag
to take to work to eat my single meals out of. So water is a huge part of
your transformation performance during these 12 weeks. Your body is made
up around 70% fluid. I’ll drink about a gallon, which
is about this amount… during the day, and I’ll
add my BCAA Xtend formula within there as well. So if I’ve got a grape
or an orange flavor, the chances are I’m
gonna drink more of it. So yes, the upfront cost of
stocking up on healthy foods while grocery stopping may
seem like a lot at the checkout station, but actually you’ll
most likely be saving money on a weekly basis. So now that you’ve bought
all the foods that you need, let me give you some tips
on preparing those foods. So I always like to
make my foods in bulk, so I’ll cook a couple of days’
worth of chicken breast and fish and stuff like that, so I just
have to get it out of the fridge and just cut it up per meal. But I’ll always make sure
that I prepare my meals for the following day
the previous evening, so when I wake up I’ve
got no distractions. I can just get my meals,
put ’em in my cool bag, and off I go to work. And I always make sure that I
grill or boil all my foods as well. I don’t like to
fry ’em too much. I need to drain out all the
fat that’s actually in the meat sources, so I always use a
griller like a Foreman grill or a barbecue grill. I measure all my
meals with a scale, just to make sure that
I get accurate portions, but what you can also do is
measure your food portions up against the size of your fist. Just to make sure that these
foods aren’t getting too bland and too boring, I also like
to add various things to it, like some ginger, cayenne
pepper, some spices, garlic, and things like that. I even add salt on there just to
make sure that my body’s holding enough fluid so I can push
a little bit more weight in the gym. The only time I’ll cut the salt
out is like a couple of days before my “after” photos. So don’t worry about the
salts at this stage as well. Remember, you’ve got to make
sure this diet is part of your life, whether it’s at work,
whether you’re traveling, at social gatherings,
or at school. You’ve got to
stick on this plan. So you’ll notice, throughout
this transformation, I travel quite a bit, but I
never waver off my nutrition plan, ever,
and neither should you. So tomorrow’s gonna
be a training day. We’ve got back and
biceps, but today, I’m gonna be doing cardio. I’ve done it this morning. I’m doing it again this evening. [music] Are you whining already? Come back tomorrow and I’ll
get you thinking differently.

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