Older Men: Nutrition Determines 80% Of The Way You Look And Feel

Older Men: Nutrition Determines 80% Of The Way You Look And Feel

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here hey in this video I want to talk about
nutrition right I want to talk about something that I must clear I’m hearing
it on the internet from a lot of the passionate fitness experts all right
about nutrition I think it’s causing a lot of confusion right there and I also
want to as I explained this important aspect of nutrition why you must
prioritize it I’ll give you a little peek in the mind of fitness experts all
right our mentality all right as were
pumping out all this information because I know that you’re confused if there’s
one thing that I want to do for you I want to simplify the process I want you
to feel certain and confident when you execute you follow through you budget
the time out of your day for your workouts for your eating habits that
you’re effective and efficient I want you to know that you’re not wasting your
time right it’s tough enough to be motivated it’s tough enough to manage
fitness and you’re busy productive life to prioritize the way you know you must
you don’t want all of this uncertainty making you wonder if you’re doing it
right I don’t want to simplify the process for you so on I talk about
nutrition as something that gets confused all the time when you’re giving
this information about nutrition I want to put it in his proper priority and
again I want to help you understand why this Fitness information is so confusing
to you you’re not alone you’re not alone by giving you a peek inside the mind of
how this information is presented by the majority of the fitness experts right
there’s a saying that you may have heard that nutrition has a big part a huge
part you hear me say it all the time and the way you look and feel you can train
as much as you want the gym have the right training routine move from one
training routine together execute like a warrior like a machine in the gym but if
you don’t take care of your eating habits you’re not gonna look you’re not
gonna feel the way you want you’re gonna be frustrated you hear that all the time
you hear something that said nutrition is 80% training is only 20% all right so
you’ve heard that right nutrition makes up 80% of the way you look and feel to
reach your fitness goals and training is only 20% causes a lot of confusion
alright because you’ll hear a lot of fitness experts say where’s the where’s
the where are those percentage one of the
studies that back that up what kind of arithmetic is that those
percentages are outrageous what do they talk about it’s a hundred percent
nutritionist is 100 percent right if you’re going to do it
do it a hundred percent tells you a lot about the way we as fitness experts to
get to this point all right we’re extreme in our thinking
that’s what has them become a fitness expert that’s probably why you are
master at what you do outside of the gym it’s that extreme thinking that’s how
you get to the top that extreme thinking is what’s confusing you on your end
right you’re hearing all the information in extremes let me break that down that
nutrition is 80% of the way you look and feel to reach your fitness goals and
training is only 20% it’s just a metaphor it’s just a metaphor it’s not
to be taking literally but again maybe you’re an engineer maybe you’re a police
officer you’re in the military you’re a teacher that black and white structured
engineer type thinking right you’re looking for things literal right the
best things in life are not literal they’re in the nuance taking things
black and white being super structured and you probably know this it’s gonna
get you to that 7 out of 10 and life is gonna get you a certain amount of
success you’re gonna be structured you’re gonna be disciplined you’re gonna
get ahead of most people that way but the best things in life are you looking
for the next level like the men who come to me and for workouts for older men and
all the strategies they want more they didn’t just work this hard just to get
this far they got that last 10 to 15 pounds they don’t know how to do it to
get all the information on the internet they want to get in that top 5% being
better than most men our age top 20% it’s not good enough all those other men
our age they don’t even work out they don’t even eat right at all so getting
into the top 20% I understand that’s not such a big deal do you want to get the
top 5% the nuance the nuance the subtleties that’s what it
takes for mastery that’s what’s going to have to understand at this level that
nutrition is 80% of the way you look and feel in training is 20% don’t try to add
up the arithmetic it’s just a metaphor right it’s like you may have you may
have heard the saying that success is 99% failure there’s no arithmetic
there’s no study that backup success is 99% failure just
a metaphor to help you realize that if you think you’re gonna plan out to be
successful you’re just gonna take a straight shot you’re gonna get from your
level of understanding your level of experience and just plan it all out and
get to the other side it’s not going to happen that way you’re gonna try and
fail triumphs are you’re gonna learn from your failures it’s just a metaphor
to get you prepared for the battle if you really want to be successful
that is a ninety-nine percent failure it’s not to be taken literally all right
so let’s get back to this at nutrition I’ll tell you that you can know the
proper training routine you can go from one other you can train like a machine
in the gym you can look for all the answers how many reps how many sets
heavy weight light weight how often should I rotate my training routine
how much rest in between sets whatever it is you can go down that rabbit hole
and you can totally master it right but if deal you don’t watch the way that you
eat if you don’t learn more and Bower about nutrition and you certainly don’t
execute what you know you’re not gonna build that muscle in your soul to lose
that fat you’re gonna build a lot of muscle and it’s going to be under fat
it’s gonna be marbled by fat you’ll never see your hard work because you
didn’t understand the importance of nutrition right you watch me all right
let’s get leaner and leaner my muscles will be popping out right I say whoa
what’s this guy on TRT let’s see on drugs steroids no that’s not it I am NOT
on TRT I am NOT on drugs when you get leaner it shows all your hard work it
creates this illusion of sight that’s what you must understand I’ll tell you
it’s hard you see all the visual it’s all about training training training you
have that extreme fitness experts who are black and white zero or 100 and
thinkin if you’re gonna do it do it a hundred percent type of thinking that
and it D emphasizes the importance of nutrition to do everything 100% there is
a saying that says if everything is important then nothing is right if you
are going that 100% I tell you I talk to guys all the time I mean they’re 50
pounds overweight and they go what’s right training routine they say well we
can talk about that let’s talk about your nutrition how many calories eat how
much do you follow through what you know no no no yeah yeah but just tell me the
right training routine again they don’t understand that it’s 80% nutrition I can
give them the right train say I explained it they almost get angry at me
look I came here for the right training routine no you didn’t come here for the
right training routine you want it the formula to look and feel great to be
lean to show off the muscle to make sure they’re not wasting all your time to be
healthy and fit for your family that’s what you’re here for you’re not here to
find the perfect training routine or do any confusion necessarily on training
routine that’s just a process the result is to look good feel great to lose that
body fat all right to show off your muscles have energy all right that’s
what you’re here for that’s the goal you just think coming in
that the perfect training routine is going to get you there right nutrition
you got to know what you’re eating you got to get that my metabolism optimized
you got to go down that path right hey I’ve got to get this together
right I don’t want all your hard work right that focus intention going in the
wrong spots got to know how to allocate your willpower focus energy talk got to
understand how this process works let me help you that’s what this workouts for
older men is all about you want to take care of this now you took care of your
family in your business you know what it took to master those areas all right you
don’t have until you’re 65 to get this down let me shorten the process for you
show up for workouts for the moon life go to skip liqueur come go through all
the videos Benz watch them like a lot of the men who come to me do and I want you
to join me for my ultimate 12-week Fitness transformation journey watch the
video go to skip liqueur dot-com princess transformation watch the video
read the testimonials read all the benefits read about your one-on-one
coaching time with me when you’re done with this we’ll get this all figured out
for you you’ll move forward with certainty and confidence right let’s get
this taken care of now I want to help you do that right go to skip liqueur
calm frontslash transformation you know sign up for a free 10-minute phone call
15 minute phone call we’ll talk about it right you just go to the websites
skiplacour.com frontside transformation feel
the questionnaire just scheduled time to talk to me we’ll see if it’s a good fit
I want to put this confusion frustration overwhelm I know the extreme thinking
from the fitness expert it’s confusing you
you’re not putting the right amount of willpower focused energy times it’s not
allocated properly between the training and nutrition and all the strategies get
everything in extreme extreme extreme measures and many men smart men are
doing a poor job of prioritizing all this stuff they’re picking and choosing
what they believe and it’s just not the right combination go to Skipton Court
conference has transformation let’s talk about let’s go on the journey it’s
starting soon 12 was for me group coaching calls once you’re my guy you’re
always my guy one-on-one coaching my a OS age optimization system of training
three training routines it’s all there I my ultimate 12 extraction journey for
older men it’s the only one of its kind for us men like you and me with busy
productive lives right that proper allocation of our willpower focus energy
in time hey remember it’s a struggle that makes
you strong so you just keep on keeping on expect the best from yourself today
expect from the best from your efforts expect the best from other people they
will get you they’ll get the value that you provide just a matter of time how
can they not get you you are a force to be reckoned with all right
hey let’s live today with a sense of urgency
let’s produce at the job our business right let’s train let’s eat with that
sense of urgency let’s love connect with our family and the people we care about
most let’s do it with a sense of urgency a when we’re a little bit older we got
more time behind us than we do in front of us let’s live with that sense of
urgency have a great day have an outstanding day have an awesome day
think big and think bigger than getting bigger

8 thoughts on “Older Men: Nutrition Determines 80% Of The Way You Look And Feel

  1. I dont know why u dont have more views , From Mtl. Canada. Yep , there is a lot of confusion out there , disinformation, if you will

  2. Hi Skip ,just over 12 months back lifting after 22 years out with a spinal injury , been trying to bulk up and to a degree has worked but put too on my gut ,only using 40kg dumbbells on the incline press which I know is not heavy but want to go much heavier but not get fatter ,what kind of diet do I need to keep the size and strength but lose the lard.

  3. Well said Skip awesome video thank you, hey Skip please tell me what's your take on full body workout one set per exercise till failure?

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