Omad 500 Calories + Snake Diet Dry Fasting Cardio + Shout Out (Day 324)

Omad 500 Calories + Snake Diet Dry Fasting Cardio + Shout Out (Day 324)

hi it’s mieka fasting weight loss and
I’m on only life’s journey and today I’m gonna talk about my snake diet Omad
diet fasted cardio plus dry fasting extreme weight loss challenge okay I
believe this is the most extreme thing I’ve done even more so than not eating
for ten days which I did do before because it’s gonna be a four and one
weight loss challenge I got a package in the mail from OMAD Caroline she has a
1 mil a day channel here on and weight loss motivation and just life motivation
channel here on YouTube and she sent me a package I’m gonna open that at the end
of the video ok why is it a foreign one weight-loss challenge because I am
challenged myself in many different ways I’m gonna be doing 500 calories which
means I have to control my eating I have to count my calories and that’s all I
get so to me it’s easier to just don’t eat than to have a little bit of
calories but that’s a good amount of calories you guys are gonna see I’m
gonna get really smart with it and I’m gonna research different things I
already know some things that can fill up my plate and if I have a full plate
it’s gonna be a happy plate to me it’s gonna satisfy me okay um I’m doing a 16
hour drive fast I am already upset with that today
because I stopped eating I don’t even know what time I stopped eating but I’m
counting at 9 p.m. last night it probably I’m eating and drinking DRI
fasting is no food no water okay um also I’m going to repeat do not try this
at home this is what I’m doing through my research and I believe it’s healthy
and yeah I just really believe everything I’m doing is fine and not
dangerous for me I don’t know about your body I have learned my body in 324 days
of doing fasting regimens I’ve learned the good
to bag the ugly of my body my habits and what I can do and what I can’t do
I am very um seasoned and fasting I’m very seasoned and exercising okay so
it’s not for everybody okay I would love for some of you guys to just pick one
into a whip me not all three like either do omad 500 calories a day for 9 days
starting today or a 16-hour dry fast which you definitely could do if you’re
not on medications and your doctor said okay that’s my disclaimer and or or not
and two hours a light easy cardio treadmill walking outside anything
exercise okay I would love it if someone wants to do one of the three okay so
four ways this is a challenge controlled eating which is my biggest hardest
problem I have to it’s one meal okay I have to only eat once a day sorry try
fasting I want to drink already this morning and I’m only about I’m a I’m
twelve hours this is the problem which I want to tweak what I’m doing but I’m not
because I’m gonna call it snake diet omad dry fasting challenge and I’m doing
one of the regiments he mentioned in that video that I put in the comments
yesterday which is dry fast he does say how many hours though I could sleep that
but I’m not I’m gonna keep over there 16 hours drive fast minimum then the two
hours cardio then I could have my meal then I could drink for eight hours but
dang it okay so the problem I have now is I’m going to work now and it’s going
to be non-stop work so it’s gonna be past 16 hours because I wanna exercise before I drink dang it
I wish I could go to work when my 16 hours are up I drink water then I go to
the gym but that’s not the way he said to do it so I’m gonna just suffer today
but i’ma try hard to be strategic and plan it around my work okay if you’re
new I have a dreadlock business and that’s what I do I do make my own
schedule but this schedule was already set and I work blocks I don’t I try to
work non-stop without breaks okay I want to be in and out of there
okay the fourth way is long boring cardio two hours of cardio okay that’s
the challenge all right so what did I eat yesterday I ate so bad yesterday
because I have food issues okay I have food issues and before I’m gonna do
something extreme I always feel like I gotta get it in and I know there’s a lot
of people watching that when they say they’re gonna start tomorrow they will
get it in before they start tomorrow that is so bad and so unnecessary
I did it again I don’t want to keep doing that but I did do it and I’m happy
with my weight gain because it’s not astronomical I don’t even know why it’s
so little bit but I’m happy with that I did not exercise yesterday nope I did
not exercise yesterday that’s it for that I’m still excited I’m really really
excited okay ding I forgot to put that on do not disturb them ok I have so many colors of markers now I
lost the marker I was going to use okay so my way in for my starting of my snake
diet omad dry fasting cardio challenge is it’s
really ugly but it’s still not that bad so 227.8 and you could do the maths cuz I
don’t even want to look at that and see what I games um I think it’s three
pounds and 23.2 but um okay see ya I’m gonna stick with this you guys I’m gonna
try so hard it’s gonna be hard now OMAD Caroline sit means this I don’t
know what it is I appreciate it she packed up she double packed it nice I’m gonna recycle this bubble wrap oh
wow wow oh wow I don’t know if I’m a reason
no what does the note say oh my gosh it’s so sweet I’m gonna read
it it says Myka I hope you enjoy the gifts of thank you I made you you are a
light in the world and I appreciate your honesty you have inspired me beyond
measure your friend OMAD Caroline man that is
so sweet I love you too and I love your channel and I love everything you say oh
my gosh do you see that oh my gosh that is so nice it says mica festively oh man
I’m so this is so nice Wow Mika fast and weight loss sure that
is so nice oh my gosh a 1x I have to lose hot this
should fit when I finished those nine days um that is so nice and I don’t know
if she knows I like gray Wow Wow she gave me my first branding shirts I like
the logo that is nice that is so nice I’m gonna start reading it
I mean I’m gonna start wearing it I really really really appreciate that
okay Wow oh my gosh Mika fast away was a coin purse like you don’t even
understand that I really need she sent me money
Wow Wow oh my gosh I can’t believe you sent
me all this stuff I was so sorry to hear about your car I
told myself if any of my art sold over the weekend I would give it to you to
help out with cab fare business is slow in the summer I have
not sold a piece from my gallery in a month but guess what I sold a $40
painting God must have wanted you to have it
sorry it wasn’t more much love on that Caroline wow I really really can’t
believe this that is so nice I love everything you sent me and really I I
can’t fit this but I’m gonna I can fit it and I’m gonna put it in my um I’m
gonna put it over this Brown I’m gonna not match it off but I’m gonna put it
over the brown because I’m gonna take a picture every single day for this nine
day challenge I appreciate this I don’t even know what to say
but thank you OMAD Caroline you are amazing and I really appreciate this that is it for the for today do your
best and please go subscribe to her and watch from like I think it’s good to
always watch people’s first video so you can see where they came from and then
watch the current ones and then when you have time watch the other ones ooh
bye I’m feeling really good

36 thoughts on “Omad 500 Calories + Snake Diet Dry Fasting Cardio + Shout Out (Day 324)

  1. I'm excited to see how this goes. When you do your 2hrs of cardio do you ever break it up or do 2hrs straight through. I don't know if you eat seafood but wall-mart has 3lb bags of crawfish. Entire bag is 170 calories.

  2. I really like this idea! Sounds great! So with your 500 calorie meal, are you keeping it low carb or no?

  3. Yay so glad you loved your thank you gifts. Thanks for the shout out. You really didn't have to do that. I can't wait to watch your video in 9 days and how you owned this challenge. I am doing the 500 calorie and 2 hour walking with OMAD that you challenged. We got this my friend!

  4. If you are working out dry fasted can't you do that in the last two hours of your dry fasting window? So start your workout,, at hour 14 and drink water when you're finished…💖🔥🌹

  5. Well you're right my friend pretty cool but not for everyone depends on their health Saturdays and Sundays i do dry fasting for 16 hours

  6. Make sure you are stretching after doing that cardio. I was doing 2 hours plus weights for a month and it caused me some foot issues because I was not stretching. Had to scale back to just a 1hr walk and just started back weight training after 3 weeks.

  7. Good luck with the challenge. Wishing you success. 🙂 The gifts were so nice what a sweet gesture.

    I'm just going to hang out and watch with this challenge. I've set my own challenge, and I want to stay with it. I want ADF to be my long term woe. I'm going to continue with ADF until either my body adjusts to it and stops losing or I have to add calories in order to maintain weight while doing ADF. Whichever comes first, but I don't plan to switch around anymore with the exception of maybe an extended fast about every six months or so.

  8. I'm on my day 3 out of 18 snake juice diet only(water,potassium,cayenne pepper, magnesium, apple cider vinegar, & himalayan salt) and I'm so far down 6 lbs. Good Luck🙌🏾

  9. hi another great video and also good luck with the challenge wishing you nothing but the best I know you can do it im definitely rooting for you thanks for sharing this I really enjoyed it peace

  10. This is pretty much my routine already, but just added alternate day fasting the last 9 days. My daily long walks plus resistance training drops 4 pounds after morning weight. My calories are 1/2 cup cottage cheese…1/2 cup Greek yogurt, a protein and a veggie around 300-500. Down 12pounds after a looooong plateau. I’ll see if I can continue the next 9 with you. Got a new scale which actually added 4 pounds compared to my old one. But I think it’s accurate……omg that package full of stuff is so awesome. Such a blessing. Mashallah

  11. I don't like the idea of dry fasting, but I do think 16 hours including 8 hours of sleeping wouldn't be very hard with 4 on each side.

  12. Your food issues are not as big as you think in my opinion. You need to concede that where you source your food is the problem, and the choices from those places. If you decided to eat only home prepped whole foods with no processed foods you would kill it. I eat all my own food I cook at home and it is so amazing. I went to a restaurant yesterday and it was so disappointing compared to what I eat at home.

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