Omad Diet Meal Plan | Losing Weight Over 40 | Day 330

Omad Diet Meal Plan | Losing Weight Over 40 | Day 330

hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and
today is day 330 of my losing weight over 40 journey here on YouTube my goal
is to lose 90 pounds through different fasting methods and this week for nine
days I am doing omad diet meal plan 500 calories plus two
hours of fasted cardio that means I don’t eat for a long extended period of
time then I do two hours of light cardio then
I could have my 500 calorie Omad meal okay
that’s what I’ve been doing I’m done about six days one two three four five
I’ve done six complete days today I’m gonna give you day six weight loss
results first we’re gonna hear a quote without ambition one starts nothing
without work one finishes nothing the prize will not be sent to you you have
to win it Ralph Waldo Waldo Emerson okay I’m gonna also tell you about what I ate
and I’m excited to tell you about what I ate yesterday because I am really
getting crafty and smart with making a full 500 calorie meal like I am really
satisfied and full and happy and getting all kinds of happiness from my meals I
get happiness for my food stone and I think I always will
okay let me see even if it’s healthy so what did I eat I went into the store I
wanted to get those shirataki um miracle noodles but I didn’t like how they
looked this one looked more appetizing and I liked the ingredients better in
this house food smart noodle spaghetti shirataki shaped noodles substitute
let me see this whole entire bag goes 40 calories now let me see
and 800 milligrams of a level mega 312 grams of fiber carps zero
well it’s six carbs minus six dietary fiber per serving I had two servings
let’s see protein I got four grams of protein and I got four percent iron fat
mmm my god this whole bag was 2 grams of fat the ingredients water oat fiber hemp
flour milk flex seed rice bran fiber and calcium hydroxide I really like this a
lot I added low calorie um gosh you should
have had it with me to show you low calorie pasta sauce it was 45
calories for half a cup I had 3/4 cups I have 1/3 cup of ground beef with that
that was a hundred and twelve calories and I had one fudgesicle which was 35
calories and I had the zucchini raw I did not like it I saw I ate half of it I
love zucchini but not I guess not wrong let me see
I had 1/6 of a cup of cottage cheese then I made o my own almond clusters
dessert that I like but I did not make it the way I liked it did not taste good
and it was so many calories I made 4 but when I did the math I ended up having to
and I don’t even like it almonds 1/3 cup of almonds is 160 calories I use butter
and I used a little monk fruit and some of the mug fruit is zero calories I’m
and I used a little bit of the brown sugar swerve which is 10 calories for
per teaspoon or tablespoon probably teaspoon okay so I don’t know the exact
count I think that’s exactly 500 calories because yeah it is 500 calories
what I had yesterday and let’s see exercise I did walking
walking out worth 20 minutes walking around the track 20 minutes and then the
remainder of the workout was on the treadmill and I did intervals hardwork
and light work and I did a live stream yesterday
of the end of that fasted cardio and that’s really it for today I’m feeling
really really happy about what I’ve accomplished in these six days one two
three four five six yeah today’s day seven I don’t know what I’m
gonna do next you guys I would love the input I just have no clue I’m not happy
with the results but you should be happy with these results like man I don’t know
I am happy with it kind of I’m too 20.0 that’s minus 0.6 so it’s kind of slowing
down um I don’t think I could play any more effort into what I did I did
everything right I did my 500 calories I did dry fasting I didn’t count the hours
though and I did meticulously count my I count my card cardio and my calories
meticulously what do you think I should do mix I have a trip coming up next
month and I need to try to be looking as best as possible so that’s it for today
let me know how you did and I appreciate you watching here are pictures of the
scale in the food you

31 thoughts on “Omad Diet Meal Plan | Losing Weight Over 40 | Day 330

  1. Why not try an OMAD beef and butter fast, unless you don't eat beef? You could choose some other type of fatty protein. Dark chicken or turkey meat would work. Beef just has a better nutrient profile.

  2. You are doing great. I think your results are amazing…. Omg… the overall so far. I did 2 hour fasted workout this morning. I also have a trip next month. Keep inspiring friend!

  3. hi another great video the results are great you are doing a good job thumbs up you definitely got this im rooting for you thanks for sharing this i really enjoyed watching peace

  4. I am happy you are pleased with this weeks progress but then you said you were unhappy was that over all… thanks for sharing

  5. Most mainstream diets advocate 1 lb per week. You are losing more than1lb per day… That's great! I think, and this is just my observation and personal experimentation, that when you are doing the same thing and weight loss starts to slow thta you are becoming metabolically adapted. I need a PMS plan, because I am sickof the monthly yo-yo… 💖🔥🌹

  6. You are working so hard! It’s not easy to eat only 500 calories and do 2 hours of walking. I can’t imagine why your results are not as you would like.

  7. I have shiritaki noodles for the first time a couple days ago. It helped my noodle craving go away. They smelled so weird. Lol. Washed them and boiled them…smell went away. Anyway… I think your progress is awesome. Maybe do 30 minutes of weights included in the two hours. Reps with heavier weight than you're used to.

  8. Wow I love how consistent you are! Also since the start of the week your down over 2lbs! That’s great! So don’t stress! Your going in the right directions. I wouldn’t change anything as your on track!

  9. Excellent job! Perhaps throw in a 36 – 42 hour fast before your next challenge. Then do the same OMAD challenge again. I am doing OMAD and my weight loss looks very similar to yours. It helped me get over the hump when I threw in a slightly longer fast.

  10. OMAD and 2hrs of cardio….yo 500 cals would kill me lol..omg the name of the food was so long it has to be healthy…but 2 2grams of fat not bad

  11. Im not sure what you should do I look to you for answer s….all that WEIGHT you lost …plus u look gr8

  12. I can’t wait to hit 220lb myself, be proud, be happy!!!
    I climbed a mountain today literally, will see some views in my video dropping tomorrow, stay blessed 💪🙂

  13. Oh my goodness I am so happy for you. I guess give it a couple more days and if you haven’t lost anymore weight shock your system a little bit with some different exercises maybe everything else I think is perfect.You were already in fat burning mode check your ketosis on your pee strips.

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