Opening An Online Boutique | Keto Diet | Chit Chat GRWM Simple Fall Makeup

Opening An Online Boutique | Keto Diet | Chit Chat GRWM Simple Fall Makeup

hi beauties welcome back to my channel
or if you’re new to my channel welcome I’m Jenny beyouty and today I just wanted
to do kind of the chatty little get ready with me basically I’m just going
to be using some products that I got in my Sephora box and also some products
that I’ve purchased lately and just kind of chitchat with you about things that
are happening in my life and kind of things that I want to do in my future so
if you’d like to see this video please just keep on watching so first off I’m
just going to start by priming my skin with the Urban Decay quick fix I got
this in my Sephora play in the month of October so I wanted to try it out I
haven’t tried it yet so and then I’m just gonna rub it in it smells like
coconut it is actually coconut water and Diane’s
finna my I don’t know how you say that but basically it’s just supposed to
hydrate your skin and since the weather is getting cold
clearly I’m moving breakouts but also I need more hydration so yeah I woke up
this morning with a little bit of snow on the ground so that was fun
it was like literally seventy one two days ago so it’s just crazy I hate the
transition into winter I’m not a winter person right so then I’m just going to
fill in my pores with the benefit Porefessional this is something I use
quite a bit because it really does just fill in the pores really well alright
and then I’m going to be using the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation this
foundation is in the shade Y 335 and it is from my Sephora play box and
literally I’ve had this foundation like one other time and they gave me the
exact color that I use so I thought that was pretty cool I’m just gonna use it on
a beauty sponge this sponge is really good I recently got it in a package from
a company and I’ll have to find which sponge it is because it’s literally only
a few bucks and it is really nice I’ve had a couple little issues with it as
far as like if it’s too wet it’ll take off the product instead of putting it
but if you know how to use it it’s a really nice sponge I find that with the
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation I really have to apply quite a bit to
cover up like any pimples or anything that I have because it is a it’s a
medium coverage but I’d say it’s on the light to medium side it’s definitely not
a full coverage foundation at least the liquid form I’ve never tried the stick
form all right I think I’m going to put a little bit of concealer on my pimple
because this isn’t just covering it up as easily event like it to a couple
little spots over here this winter air just does not work well with my skin
especially when it’s like an abrupt change like it has been so hopefully
it’ll calm down pretty soon because I don’t I can’t handle acne again I really
just can’t I wanted to talk to you guys about something today
um it’s a little different you may have seen me posting things about it on my
Instagram basically I want to start a boutique on Poshmark um so basically the
idea behind it is I love boutique clothing but I feel like
it’s just so darn expensive and I don’t know if it’s because most people order
their things from Los Angeles and like everything’s more expensive out there or
really I don’t know what the deal is but I’ve always thought like boutique
clothing should not be this expensive like they’re so cute but I just never
buy them because like I don’t want to pay $50 for a top you know so basically
I have found a way that I think I can sell boutique clothing to you guys for
less um and I’m just excited about it I
already made a Poshmark account and I’ve posted a shirt on there because what I
want to do is kind of start off slow and just kind of see what you guys think I
want to be able to post photos of things and let you guys kind of decide what you
want and what you’d like to see me sell and stuff like that I don’t want to have
like huge amount inventory I just kind of want to like take baby steps into it
and kind of just see how it goes because maybe I’m wrong maybe I can’t sell
boutique clothing for less but I really think that I can so anyways I have a
couple shirts that I went ahead and purchased super cute it’s just one shirt
but I gotta go in a couple different sizes so if you guys would just let me
know what you think about the price about the style I’m gonna post some
photos in this video and I’ll also post some photos of like things that I’d like
to get in the future and then you guys just let me know what you think you maybe this is a bad idea but I don’t
know I think I think it could work so yeah and let me know like what you’re
willing to spend what you think about the shipping on Poshmark because I know
it’s kind of like a weird way to start but basically I want to wait and make a
website until I know for sure like this is gonna work because I might just be
like shooting myself in the foot with doing the lower prices maybe there’s a
reason the prices are so high and I just haven’t figured it out yet but anyways
I’ve been doing a bunch of research I’ve been finding products I’ve been getting
all the stuff together to be able to sell it and all that so yeah I’d love to
be able to like take recommendations on like current items that boutiques
already have and just see if I can find them and the places I shop because I’m
going to try to stay away from the Los Angeles boutique um
wholesalers and just stay more like in areas like where I live because the
prices are much cheaper and we might not be able to get the Styles that every
other week has but I think we can get a lot of really cute things
so yeah just let me know what you guys think leave me a comment on items you
like you can tweet me photos of things you like what sizes are the best I don’t
know I probably can get some plus size things but those are gonna be a little
more tough but I will definitely try and I think this could like really be a lot
of fun my husband and I have always kind of like tried to find ways to start our
own business I’d love to eventually work from home I
currently have a job I’m a clerk at an ammunition plant and I mean I like my
job I think it’s fine and I’m working on getting some things going at my regular
job to progress me there in case this doesn’t work out because
you never know what’s gonna work out and but I also kind of wanted to work on
something that I’d really love to do like I would love to own a boutique and
eventually I work on getting my own website my husband would love to design
a website and getting free shipping in things because the way Poshmark works is
basically you have to pay like the flat rate shipping so if you were to order
from my boutique you could like combine three or four different things and pay
one flat rate shipping or if you just bought one thing it would still be the
same price but I figured that was the easiest way to get started and just see
what what you guys think so yeah I will leave all the info on that
stuff double well if you want to go check it out I don’t know I’m really
excited about it so hopefully you guys like the idea and you’d be willing to
support me and I’d really appreciate it um but anyways so I just used the Kat
Von D concealer under my eyes and to highlight the face it’s the
locket concealer and the shade cool m-19 so I don’t know this can see like
doesn’t crease too bad I kind of liked it and that was also out of Sephora play
like a couple months ago next I’m just going to set my concealer with my Rimmel
stay matte powder I feel like there’s so many more things I wanted to say about
the whole boutique idea but I just I’m drawing a blank right now so I don’t
know um I just have it under my first and last name right now which is pretty
Sieber I didn’t know if I should put it under my youtube name and like associate
them with each other so I just figured right now I’ll just do it under my name
and then if I ever get a website I can um come up with the name and all that
stuff then but I don’t know I mean I’ll definitely be taking more like outfit of
the day photos I just don’t have a really good mirror in my house for all
that so I need to look into getting one of those because
I do love clothes and shoes so much and I just never really like talked about
them I don’t go shopping for clothes and shoes that often and the biggest reason
like I wanted to do this at better prices is because I am literally always
sharp sharp oh I shop at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and
their prices are just so dang good that I can’t justify spending $50 on a shirt
like 20 dollars that’s about my range 20 or $30 I mean depending on what it looks
like that’s totally my range and I feel like that’s a lot of people’s range I
don’t like to spend a ton of money on clothes because I work hard for my money
and I spend a lot of it on makeup so I don’t really have much you know to spend
on clothes and also pay all my bills and do all the whole shebang so anyways yeah
so my price ranges I mean for like shirts will range from 15 to probably
$30 and then pants I really want to keep them at like 25 range plus size may go
up a couple bucks just because I don’t really know how those work exactly yet
but um I’m looking for my bronzer I’m gonna use those Neutrogena Healthy Skin
bronzer in the shade 30 sunkissed and bronzed skin why I’m so bad at
multitasking but anyways um pants I want to keep them at a twenty five ish dollar
range and shoes also around that range maybe a little bit more I know shoes or
they kind of vary a little bit depending on if they’re like boots or what they
are I mean sandals will obviously be pretty cheap I would assume and then you
know your boots are gonna go a little higher and then I don’t know if I’m like
purses and stuff I mean we’ll just have to like figure it out as we go I think
it could be a lot of fun as specially I’d love to just like have
people involved in every decision of like what I’m getting and what the
quantity should be I want I don’t know I just think it’ll be fun
so and I can always do like three stops of any items that a lot of people like
hopefully I can get back on the site real quick order them again and get them
in oh yeah I’m just gonna stop talking about that now because I don’t want to
be too annoying so now I’m going to move on to clock touring and I just this elf
contour palette in my last video or the drugstore makeup tutorial video or I use
the Jaclyn help out and stuff and I just thought it looks so freakin good so I’m
gonna use it again because I really liked it and I don’t know if it’s the
contour palette or if it’s a small fee brush I got it’s the morphe y9 but I
felt like it just went on and looked so beautiful in that video so we’re just
gonna work with that again why not I’m using the darkest shade see how like
nice and blended and like seamless that looks I feel like it looks so much
better than it did with my other brush and this brush just like glides on the
skin really nicely so it’s probably just the brush but I loved the way it looked
so I wanted to use it again alright so anyways what have you guys been up to
what is going on new in your life leave me a comment let me know what’s been
going on how’s your weather I know in California they’re having like they’re
still having like wildfires and it’s 100 degrees and I’m just so jealous I’m rich
you know I wish I could complain about me hundred degrees instead of
twenty-eight and snowy I’m just not cut out for this life you know
I’m really not so I also am going to use some of the desi Katy collection from
dose of colors in this video because they did their last restock and I just I
had to get something because I just loved them so much and it’s weird I feel
like I know them I feel like I have to support them so I got the Sahaj liquid
lipstick which I’m going to use today and then I got the mere ma highlighter
and I haven’t used them yet I mean it kind of swatch them a little bit but
haven’t actually put them on the face with makeup so I’m really excited to use
those let’s see how baby I’m just going to kind of carve out my cheekbones with
some Rimmel powder make that look a little bit more clean well now I’m going
to move on to blush and keep going to you the Milani Luminoso baked blush
that’s really pretty blush and also super cheap and I used it in that last
video as well and forgot how pretty it was and I need to use it before it
expires so that’s what I’m trying to do this thing pimples still coming out
little jerk now I’m going to use the madam a highlighter this packaging so
freaking pretty I can’t even handle it so gorgeous and then this is obviously
the darker highlighter I thought I don’t know I just thought it would look better
on me then the lighter one hopefully it’s not too dark it’s my only concern
because it is very rose gold looking in the pan so let’s see how this looks okay
yeah that is really pretty not too dark for me perfect good I was a
little scared because in the pan I mean I don’t know I feel like that looks
pretty dark so good I’m excited I’ve never used a dose of colors highlighter
before I don’t know are these the first ones they’ve ever done or what but they
are really nice very smooth and pigmented kind of reminds me of like the
Jaclyn hill champagne pop formula just a really nice smooth soft formula yeah
this highlighter is so pretty very nice very very nice I’m going to do
like the most simple I look today literally 100 percent easy I’m just
gonna use my morphe and Jaclyn hill palette I think I’m gonna start with
like this yellow shade and just apply that on the crease kind of see how she
looks I’m just using literally it’s like a morphe brushes pack I can’t remember
exactly how much it was but now that there are Ulta I feel like everything at
morphe is such a better deal because the shipping isn’t ridiculous so anyways
it’s just like the eye essentials pack and I’ve been really liking it and they
don’t oh I’m sorry I am using the morphe m4 for one but they don’t have numbers
on the central I pack this is just a brush I had previously but yeah they’re
really nice really soft super easy to use and I really like them so yeah
alright and then I’m just going to take this shade right next to it and just
blend that into my crease as well I felt like that yellowish shade it was a
little light so I want to deepen it up just smidge I’m just going to kind of
blend it like all over the lid and everything and as you can see I’m just
kind of like feathering it out I don’t want this to be like too precise or
anything just kind of nice and blended and I’m
just going to highlight the inner corner and the brow bone and that’s literally
all I’m going to do I’m just going to use the second shade in the palette
which is just basically like a cream highlight color and just place that
right in the inner corner oh my goodness okay Oh hmm I was not expecting that
much to come off honestly then I’m just going to mix those exact same two colors
that I used in the crease and on the lid I’m just going to mix them and apply
those to the lower lash line like I said I just want this to be a nice simple
look so I just wanted to create a little bit of definition on the eyes I’m not
gonna use any false lashes today I’m just going to use the cosmetic superhero
mascara this is a very like intense mascara super pretty gives me lots of
volume and I really like it so literally one coat literally one coat all right so
next I’m just going to work on my brows I think we’re gonna use the on Safia dip
brow today I’m using the shade medium brown hopefully it still matches since I
dyed my eyebrows today we shall see it I guess feel like I’ve kind of stopped
talking so let’s get back on to a different subject um basically I wanted
to talk about like dieting um so right now I’m doing like a low carb type diet
a keto diet um I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from Meg cat here on
YouTube she has like a Facebook group and I’ve done the low carb diet before
but and it really works I mean it does um but I’ve just been eating like crap
for the past few months and I’ve literally gained like 15 pounds so I
want to lose like 15 pounds like I was looking through my Instagram and when I started YouTube I was so much
smaller and that was two years ago so yeah I need to do something because I
just don’t feel very good in my skin so yeah I’m going to work on that hopefully
if you guys want to see like recipes or updates or something I can do that in
the future I’m gonna try to start working out more and working on meeting
my goals but yeah I’ve been tracking like my macros which I haven’t really
like graphs grasp the whole idea of yet but I’m trying to figure it out so if
you are doing the keto diet or like basically the Atkins diet let me know
what tips you have let me know what you like to eat I’ve found some good
alternatives for bread and pasta so if you want to sorry guys my camera shut
off on me basically I finished my brows and set
them with the glossy a boy brow and just the translucent color but basically what
I was talking about I don’t remember exactly where it cut me off but I was
just saying that if you’d like recipes that are like keto friendly for
alternatives to foods that we really love and hate giving up on these kinds
of diets just let me know I would love to do videos on that I just didn’t know
if that’d be something anybody would be interested in and also like if you want
updated videos on how my goals are coming and all that stuff I can do those
well just let me know also I will leave like meg cats Facebook group and her
videos down below because she’s been talking about all the stuff and she has
been doing really well so I’ve so far only lost like two pounds
but anyways I’m gonna take the dose colors Sahaj liquid lipstick and just
give myself a vampy look today and I’m gonna do a little chapstick first just
to like give it my space my skin and everything is just drying
out I know that looks really girls but we’re gonna cover it up so I haven’t
used this yet super-excited does he Katy collection I don’t know if
it’s all gone yet but I had to get something oh wow that’s really pigmented
the applicator feels a little different nice I like it alright guys so this is
about as good as I’m going to get the lips anyways I hope you guys enjoyed
this video I hope you enjoyed this look and just chit-chatting with me a little
bit and also don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
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self-conscious there’s something on my teeth subscribe to my channel so you
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watching I really hope you enjoyed it and I hope you have a really nice day
alright bye

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  1. HI guys!! I figured it had been a little while since I've uploaded so I better make this video a long one!! I hope you enjoy & grab a snack!! What do you think of my boutique idea!?

  2. I love boutique clothing especially their dresses they are so cute but their price tag on no haha , hope everything goes good can't wait !

  3. Ah yes, MAKE-UP! The great deception. Helping ugly bitches get laid and keeping that shitty gene pool going strong. Yay..

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