Our Vegan Diet to get Ripped | 30 Day Body Transformation | Day 12

Our Vegan Diet to get Ripped | 30 Day Body Transformation | Day 12

what’s up guys welcome to a new video today it’s day 12 of our body transformation our 30-day transformation and today in this video we will focus more on the diet that we have days by doing a plant based diet also a vegan diet so we only eat vegetable fruit nuts Oatmeal pasta that kind of stuff and start today with breakfast we already have those very nicely ready, we have made two beautiful plates So we are going to show you what we eat for breakfast During this transformation we always make a blend with all sorts fruit and vegetables and we all do that together and we also do that add some muesli and nuts on top for the bite we have apple bananas carrot orange red fruit radish kale and spinach and in addition do we add some muesli with nuts in it linseed coconut grater and stuff like that so we will make that. I’m curious. also good to report is that we during this transformation also doing intermittent fasting means 16 hours of eating nothing and last night we had dinner for the last time. That was at 8 o’clock in the evening it is now ten past twelve. So that’s 16 hours that we’re fasting now Perfect moments to start with the breakfast. I’m hungry so let’s make this blend! ok so the blend is almost ready, only the apples have to be added but do not include this in the blend because we put it on top We had done research and it turned out that if you chew in something that more saliva is produced and there are substances that help with the digestion in your stomach. Because a blend is only liquid and therefore not chewable and therefore we put an apple on top and of course some muesli so you have more to chew. Still 1 gram !, ohhh haha. Okay ladies and gentlemen, we just got it both our blend ready this is our breakfast our vegetable breakfast and what we are actually doing with this challenge this month is actually also a kind of development for ourselves in our own diet of what we consume daily because before we know, of course, that we have to achieve our daily calories our daily macronutrients such as the proteins carbohydrates and fats but in the past we actually only looked at those figures, the ingredients so mainly the calories and the macronutrients and if we had achieved that at the end of the day it was fine but otherwise what we have now gradually discovered is that it is also what matters is where you get your calories and macronutrients from so before we often ate the same thing, almost the same every day for example, every day in the morning again yoghurt, sandwiches in the afternoon a pasta for lunch dinner and for sleeping a handfull of nuts almost always the same but what we are trying now is actually create a very varied diet and an optimal diet in which we actually eat as many different products as possible and also try different meals in which we thus for example in this Blend stops as many different products as possible and from them as much as possible different ingredients and vitamins and minerals because there are a lot of products that you actually miss if you for example simply eat 8 sandwiches to make your carbohydrates easy so that is actually what we also want to achieve with this transformation challenge so not so much creating the perfect body but also a development in our diet and I think we can optimize this in this way because we have already done a lot of research and we have already seen that we now at least already many more minerals and get healthy nutrients than we had before so that is anyway good i just made this meal. I’m curious how it tastes and I’m going to enjoy it now it does not look very nice bit of green but it comes through the spinach and the kale in it that made the meal the blendt green but it is quite tasty! Only because of the radish is it a bit bit strong in taste but hi really is really tasty! what’s up guys we’re here at the table because it’s time for the second meal of the day it is around four o’clock so this is ours pre-workout meal we are going to grab a nice workout and what we are going now food is broccoli sweet potatoes and we have opted for sweet potato because it is just a lot tastier, it is not as dry as normal potato and it also seems to be healthier This therefore contains more vitamins, minerals and more fiber And it’s just better, like I said, and we also have a mix of beans we have kidney beans we have linssen and have peas i’m not sure if that beans are by the way but it seems that if you eat beans in combination with cereals so for example rice or pasta or oatmeal then you really get all the amino acids you need in a day Hence this whole pan of beans and this meal contains 25 grams of protein so basically just a good portion for a meal Normally we would have added chicken for example that may contain 20 grams of protein but actually it is no longer necessary because have enough Proteins already in this meal and to make it even better we have some guacamole normally we would do avocado but it was finished so therefore now the guacamole also contains something from 60 to 70 percent avocado And yes that is just super tasty combination with the broccoli and beans I want to eat it so I would say tasty food yes and ladies and gentlemen as you see a whole board full of lots of colors too and colors seems to be very good for eating as there are then many vitamins and minerals for example, in broccoli and in all green products is one substance in that is called chlorophyll and that is only created as the product so absorbs sunlight when it is produced in the sunlight So actually there is light in here and light is life so that just gives us energy for the day and for today’s workout! what’s up ladies and gentlemen as you saw I just did a combo First from L-sit to Handstand with straight arms then to an HSPU then one straddle planche pulse press form and then back to l-sit and I find that fucking cool I’ve never tried such combos before So that was actually the first time but I’m definitely going to do it more often so I’m not really here fucking satisfied with it what’s up ladies and gentlemen so we are just finished our workout had a wonderful push workout handstand push-ups done L-sit to handstand and again set new record and now is it’s time for dinner and we’re going to make pasta with pesto I have all the ingredients here Bell pepper, fresh olives, vegetarian chicken strips and yes they are vegan that means there is no chicken protein in it either whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, stir-fry vegetables and mushrooms So this is the meal that we are now going to make in this is also the same as ours last meal for today it is now half past seven and at eight a half past eight So let’s start fasting and start fasting again for 16 hours until 12 noon tomorrow So we are now going to make this meal and then enjoy the last month! So let’s do this! We have finished cooking, we have the whole-grain penne here and the vegetable mix and cane is in the bell pepper, the pasta vegetable mix and the pesto and here we have the vegan chicken strips they are based on soy with mushroom for extra flavor and this meal So we made it quite quickly, I think a maximum of fifteen minutes and how do you do it? First, put the pasta to the boil and set the timer in ten minutes and in the meantime you do the rest do this in a pan and cut your mushroom and also do this in a pan heat up with oil, cut the pepper, cut it out and let it together for 10 minutes become warm and in the meantime the pasta then ready and the rest too preparation of two minutes pour off of two minutes and then you are inside fifteen minutes ready And Yan what do you think of the meal? well i would tell you i am really enjoying it! I think it’s even better then I don’t eat vegan because of all that vegetables. All those different aromas that come together. Haha, all taste sensations! just so many different vegetables we have added tomatoes We have some more olives, really great! ok ladies and gentlemen we have just finished dinner and we had some calories left we still had to get some protein and fats and that is why we grabbed some nuts 30 grams and I made a protein shake and it’s not a whey protein it’s natural vegetable protein the Vegan superfood blend and this contains proteins from peas barly grass, wheat grass, oats all things that I don’t really know myself yet, but in any case vegetable! proteins from all kinds of different products and with that we close this video about 2,400 calories is our goal on this moment and 2,400 calories is our goal for this week and next week we are going to go slightly lower 2200 calories this month we are going 200 calories to be low every week. So we also started with 2800 calories. and we end with 2000 calories And why do we do this step by step? They actually do this to prevent muscle mass from being broken down because if you immediately go to 2000 calories then your body goes there whole otherwise, your body will start using your food from your muscles to burn so your muscles are going to burn your body and of course we don’t want that, so step by step from 2800 to 2600 to 2400, 2200 and 2000 calories And as far as the power is concerned, it is true that for example, if you suddenly go from your normal diet of 3000 calories to 2000 calories Then you will really notice that in your energy and much less well perform, then you really deteriorate in your skills and strength, especially with calisthenics It is important to gradually adjust your diet so yes that is what we also recommend if you also have a 30 day do transformation. Every week about 100 to 200 calories down And yes, I will now enjoy this protein shake and that was the end of this video we are now going to fast 16 hours and tomorrow at 12 o’clock / 1 o’clock In the afternoon we will eat our meal again. I hope you enjoyed the video and the educational video about the vegan diet that we do now I hope you have learned something, for example, from which you can get your proteins if you liked it please give a thumbs up and forget if you are new then not to subscribe and we’ll see you in the following video Peace out guys!

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  2. After a lot of requests in our last video and on Instagram. Here it is! Our VEGAN diet! Let us know what you want to see next in the comments and we will pick something out for future videos, as always!

  3. Great video guys. I am so glad I found your channel right at the begging of my calisthenics journey. And I see your goals are aligned with mine. I am striving to become fuly vegetarian. I am currently on an 80% vegetarian diet. Keep up the good work. With qulity advice the subscriber count will keep going up.
    Oh and I guess that I have an opportunity to learn dutch at the same time.

  4. Nice vid! Ik vraag me alleen af nu jullie veganistisch eten: Wat denken jullie dat er minpunten zijn aan vlees? Mensen eten door de evolutie volgensmij vlees en het is een belangerijke bron van ijzer. En zijn jullie van plan weer niet-veganistisch te gaan eten na de challenge?

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