Hey guys this is RT Abraham back with
another episode of the 50k hobby lifestyle! today we’re making the perfect
keto omelet I’m on day four of the keto diet I’ve
lost six pounds of at least water so far and just excited to keep going the
ingredients I use in the omelet today is black pepper garlic powder cayenne onion
powder one pack of bacon as well as Parmesan is my cheese of choice I want
you to get a large pan you’re gonna put it on your largest burner that you have
and I want you to spread out the bacon pretty evenly you’ll see me lay it in
here and see the way that I do it I know that sounds pretty basic but you do
have some people who will just open a pack and throw it in I do like to
spread mine out so it won’t cook too fast on one end or the other or in the
center alright so watch it gets sizzling in a
few seconds you can see it’s already got started now while I’m moving these
around trying to get them to kind of heat especially on the ends I’ve gone on
and grabbed a second pan which you’ll see in a second I want you to get one
that’s about the size of like an omelet pan or saucer pan make sure it’s not too
big and it has pretty high sides I start melting butter in it and it keeps you
know melting as my bacon keeps going now while those two are going I have a glass
bowl that I grab I put in about eight or nine eggs because I’m actually meal
prepping this is for the week that I you know cook these omelets and so I start
adding in all my seasoning alright so next I mixed it really really good made
sure that the eggs and the ingredients were thoroughly mixed we’ll see I added
in a little bit of water just to get them fluffy now in the omelet pan my
eggs are starting to cook alright I’ve added some garlic I’ve
added some onion and then the first two pieces of bacon that are pretty like
cooked well I’ve put in and now watch me lean the pan I’m doing that so I can get
the egg that’s not fully cooked to kind of run off and go to the bottom
so it can cook pretty evenly now my next step I’ll show you the parmesan that I
just happened to use it happened to be Publix brand you can use any store brand
whatever you choose I like it because I don’t have to add salt it’s a very salty
cheese now once I’ve put that in I’ll fold it
over kind of cook it on both sides and bam it goes straight into my containers
these containers are the doggone bomb I got these actually from the Dollar Tree
believe it or not I love it because they’re like color coded so I have a
certain color for breakfast one for lunch one for dinner alright hope you
enjoyed it please let me know like what’s your best recipe is the picture
I’m showing you now will be my next video it’s actually going to be based on
my special sriracha spicy keto turkey soup and you will absolutely love it
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thanks again for watching and I love to hear your comments take care

8 thoughts on “PERFECT KETO OMELETTE MEAL PREP!! 5th Day on Keto and LOST 9 POUNDS, SO FAR!!

  1. how many eggs do you add just for one omelette and not meal prepping? Thank you for this video, it looks delicious I can’t wait to try it!

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