Perfect Keto Product Reviews pt 1 – Keto Bars, Collagen, and Nut Butter

Perfect Keto Product Reviews pt 1 – Keto Bars, Collagen, and Nut Butter

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
in this video will be part 1 of a review of some Perfect Keto product but before
we get started there’s a couple things I want to get out of the way first off
full disclosure all of this lovin was sent to me for
free from Perfect Keto I am now one of their affiliate marketing partners and I
will include a link below for a discount on any of their product that said they
asked me to do a review so the cards have been dealt
you are gonna get my honest opinion the next thing I want to talk about in terms
of my reviews is for keto products I will talk about the taste texture
features macros general impressions what I won’t talk about is price because I
think any of us have been in keto for any length of time know that you’re
paying a premium price for keto and as a result it’s sort of a level playing
field between products they’re all sort of on the expensive end I understand a
bit you know why the prices are what they are you saw similar things early on
with gluten-free product I think some of that is due to economies of scale I
think some of it is due to just the convenience factor so we’re not going to
talk about price we’re just going to talk about the product and because we
have a lot here and I probably couldn’t sample all of these without knocking
myself out of ketosis even though they’re all really pretty low net carbs
I think today we’re going to take a look at the keto bars and maybe one or two of
the mixes whether that’s you know the MCT oil or the collagen we’ll see what
my mood is after we do the bars so first up we have the salted caramel keto bar
it has 11 grams of protein so if we’re looking at this as a protein bar you
know a little light on protein 18 grams of total fat 7 grams of saturated fats
11 total grams of carbohydrates however 9 of those are dietary fiber so we’re
looking at a net 2 grams of carbs per bar okay first thing I notice it’s I
wouldn’t call it crumbly maybe I would maybe I would call it crumbly so kind of
a crumbly texture Wow I like this I like this a lot this is
like a fat bomb that wasn’t frozen it’s like a fat bomb in a bar I don’t know
that I’ve ever had salted caramel in real life outside of this bar the taste
reminds me almost of like a really good coffee with some sort of something added
in it’s it’s one of the things for the first bite I didn’t know I wasn’t
entirely sure what I thought about it but it’s it’s I can’t stop eating it
it’s sort of addicting all right I’m gonna save the rest of this just because
otherwise I won’t be hungry for dinner next up we have the chocolate chip
cookie dough keto bar also 11 grams of protein this has 18 grams of total fat
six grams of saturated fat three grams of net carbs so it’s 12 grams total 9
grams dietary fiber similar texture to the salted caramel
maybe a little moisture it didn’t there weren’t so many crumbs when I when I
broke it again that first bite I you know didn’t really know what to expect
in it it’s certainly not as sweet as real cookie dough which in a way I kind
of like because I don’t like SuperDuper sweet things anyhow that first bite I
wasn’t sure what I was picking up on the second bite I got some more chocolate
chips in and that changed everything for me I mean the taste in my mouth right
now the aftertaste that I have it’s like I just ate a couple of chips ahoy
cookies so I think they did a pretty good job nailing the taste of cookie
dough I’m not a super duper big cookie dough fan I think I like the the salted
caramel better but if you like cookie dough I think you’re gonna like this in
terms of ingredients on both of these very similar almond butter soluble
tapioca flour you’ve got some sunflower lecithin some collagen protein MCT oil
in terms of sweeteners all natural you’ve got stevia and monk fruits so
like in the ingredients lists next up we have the keto collagen this is the
chocolate flavor terms of macros we have four grams fat all saturated one gram of
total carbohydrates 10 grams of protein now one of the things I like to do when
I’m dealing with powders is see how well it mixes just with a spoon or do you
actually gonna shake our bottle for it so it seemed to mix pretty well with a
spoon a couple tiny little bubbles of powder still it’s not overpowering like
chocolatey so if someone just said here enjoy this tasty beverage I don’t know
that I would love it but if someone said here here’s a way that you can get your
daily collagen in in a way that doesn’t taste bad at all I mean it just it sort
of tastes like a watered-down chocolatey drink I think probably dissolving a
packet of this in your fatty coffee would probably be the way to go next up
we’ll try the salted caramel collagen I can already smell it and I like the
smell now this seemed to mix even easier than
the chocolate I don’t see maybe one little powder bubble at the top I like
this I like this right away the chocolate one like I said it kind of
tasted like you know chocolate powder and water this I’m not sure what this
tastes like but I like it it reminds me almost of like a vanilla ice cream with
a little caramel swirl in it maybe in a waffle cone I mean this is a good drink hmm
all right so far both of these salted caramel products from perfect Kido are
absolute winners really really like the salted caramel collagen the last product
that we’ll look at in this video is the perfect ki donut butter now this
contains macadamia cashew coconut butter and MCT oil so not terribly different in
terms of ingredients from the performance nut butter all right before
we dig into this the macros serving size is two tablespoons 210 calories 20 grams
of fat of which seven are saturated seven grams of total carbohydrates five
grams of dietary fiber for a net two grams of carbs here we go I like it too I like it more than
performance nut butter this definitely has a stronger cashew flavor than
performance nut butter performance nut butter I’ve out the macadamia really
shined and then you got that coconut and the cashew was sort of you know off in
the background this has a richer flavour to me like sort of a fattier mouthfeel
and I think that’s probably from the MCT oil I think here it’s a matter of
personal preference if you like more of a cashew macadamia nut butter flavor
you’re gonna like this a lot I think if you like more of that a little bit of
coconut in with the macadamia then you might like the performance nut butter
better regardless this is a darn good nut butter I like this and I think I’m
probably gonna be able to find some recipes that I could use this in
certainly if you were doing my pound cake recipe and he didn’t have
performance nut butter but you had some of this this would work spectacularly
and I think with the additional fat it might even create a more moist pound
cake so this might be sort of the go-to for cooking for me so that’s about all I
can do for this video we’ll get to the rest of these powders in part two of our
review of perfect keto so I guess in summary what I was absolutely most
impressed with really kind of blown away was the salted caramel collagen good
good stuff I think the next thing that I enjoyed the most was the salted caramel
keto bar that also was really really good so if you’re looking for like a fat
bomb on the go that you don’t have to freeze Wow
I think next it was kind of a tie between the chocolate chip cookie dough
keto bars which I really liked and if you like the taste of Chips Ahoy cookies
you’re gonna love those and the keto nut butter now I think I may prefer
performance nut butter just straight up but just from my experience cooking I
think this is going to be a better nut butter for recipes whether
you know breads cookies chapels whatever probably what I was least excited about
and it wasn’t bad by any means but it was just sort of unspectacular the
chocolate collagen I think mixed in with coffee it’d be a
nice flavoring but I probably wouldn’t have it just mix with water so that’s it
for this review once I have created part two I will link to it at the very end of
this video so if you don’t see it right now it’s because I haven’t recorded it
yet thanks for watching

49 thoughts on “Perfect Keto Product Reviews pt 1 – Keto Bars, Collagen, and Nut Butter

  1. Your vids are always good. I found that delving into the “Keto products” starts to take us away from whole food and starts us on the road to the “processed” food and snack area. I’ve tried most but won’t buy again.

  2. The Salted vanilla caramel collagen powder .i happened to be looking at recently ,but its very expensive, and wondered about the taste. so I'm glad ya tried it. so I might give it a try. it's pay week anyway !!!!!

  3. I'd be interested to see ketone/BG levels before and after eating products like this (you know, in case you're looking for even more content ideas)

  4. Been trying to find a good Keto bar. They use soluble tapioca fiber, which many online caution using. I will have to do more research on it before trying it. Good review.

  5. Thank you for your review. I got the chocolate chip cookie not a fan. The collagen powder vanilla is just ok not great. I will not be buying again. Please review built bars.

  6. Hey Steve! Congratulations – great review. Thanks for letting us know about these keto products. There are so many out there in the "ketoverse" I never know what to buy!

  7. I love the Perfect Keto Collagen in my coffee. I bought another brand last time because it was cheaper and really don't like the taste, going back to Perfect Keto./kathy

  8. I always enjoy your reviews and recipes. However the ever changing screen saver or photo display in the background was a bit distracting.

  9. I take my chocolate flavored collagen with whipped cream with vanilla, cinnamon and a bit of instant coffee, kind of hard to beat that 🙂

  10. The Perfect Keto chocolate collagen powder is my favorite but I like to put it in a blender with ice, extra sweetener, almond milk, a tablespoon of cacao powder, and a little peanut butter or peanut flour.

  11. anything that says keto i steer away from… processed foods, cause inflammation… and besides, more than 10g of carbs a day isnt good for me, to stay in ketosis… so its not good for ME… good luck with your travels,.. mostly chaffles for me,, eggs are a staple

  12. Killed again Steve. I personally mix the Perfect Keto chocolate collagen and cacao with Joe Duffs Super fudgy chocolate cookies.

  13. I have tried all the bars due to reviews and I did not like the taste or texture of any of them. I didn't think they were worth the amount of carbs (!) The added bonus with all the Perfect Keto Products is MCT – which I can not digest and got very sick. I was luck to send most of the product (except the bars) back to them.
    This is one brand I won't have.

  14. Really wish we could get these in UK, they always get great reviews and was interested to hear you say not too sweet. We can get Quest bars and I was so excited to find my local health store sold them so we tried the cookies and cream one. I couldn't eat more than a bite – they are super sweet. What shocked me was although my husband finished it he said it wouldn't get another as too sweet for him. That was from a super sweet toothed diabetic! I'm hoping Perfect Keto start shipping to UK as I'd be interested to try their products and pay the price.

  15. I LOVE the chocolate collagen in my Keto Chow but as a chocolate milk dupe, I add it to 2oz of HWC and 6oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Tasty way to get my collagen in and have a nice treat! However, I cannot stand the bars.

  16. I love collagen and chocolate collagen sounds delicious. I always use less liquid than the instructions recommend because it’s always too watery.

    I’m eyeing your wine. You should do a video on keto friendly wines.

  17. I use Perfect Keto collagen powder in unsweetened vanilla Almond Milk from Aldi. The chocolate tastes more like chocolate milk than mixing with water. The Salted Caramel is also good mixed with the Almond Milk. Didn’t really care for the vanilla flavor even though I really like vanilla.

  18. SO is there a difference in adding collagen in your coffee or a drink VS taking collagen supplements? I take marine collagen daily.

  19. Love the Up Front Disclosure. NON of these are available for me here in Rural Mexico. Maybe I can try when I am in the USA this Spring. Thanks

  20. Thanks for the reply – I found small tongs with spatula tips that I thought would be perfect for taking out your chaffles & kwinkees-do you have a P.O. box to send it to?

  21. Yes – except spatulas on both sides. Just thought I'd send a "thank you" for your videos. (I'm new to youtube – isn't that a thing?)

  22. I bought 3 boxes of the bars and they came melted—i opened and ate one of each flavor i ordered and the chocolate had melted and gathered in the corner of the package. I sent them back, they reimbursed me. I ordered 1 box again in October, cooler month, and again it came melted. The taste was ok, not great. Certainly not worth the price.

  23. Great review! Like your other videos, I appreciate that you get to the facts fast & don’t waste time with a lot of bs!

  24. I am happy for you for your success with you channel.
    However for myself I will stick with homemade whole foods over convenience foods. Keto is such a simple and affordable diet if you avoid all of the pre-made 'food' products.
    Looking forward to your recipe videos. Thanks for those.

  25. Yes!! Put the collagen powder in coffee. I put the chocolate collagen powder in Starbuck's mocha flavored coffee with some HWC and a little sweetner…….boom……the BEST hot chocolate! And THAT salted caramel collagen powder…….is bomb!!! 💣💜 Really worth the $$.

  26. "natural flavors" in the ingredients list (for keto bars) always a bad sign. i wouldn't eat that. it starts with a natural ingredient but that is just the begining. it is then enhanced in a lab with other substances that bring out that flavor and they never tell you what those substances are and are not obligated by the FDA to list them to reveal to the public. almost all products have this in their ingredients list and it is a shame. essentially it is a mystery ingredient that manufacturers are more than happy to not tell you.

  27. I have now caught up on all of your videos over the last few days (when I found you and subscribed) and I gotta say, I can't wait for more! While this product is not something I would use, I value your opinion on it.

  28. Just recently purchased the Salted Caramel bars and the same flavored Collagen powder. Wanted to love the bar because of the excellent macros, but I didn't. I felt that the bar was bitter, perhaps it was the stevia? Hopefully I will like the collagen because that will be in my fat coffee (I have not opened that as of yet). I would like to try another flavor bar, but am somewhat reluctant…

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