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  1. i think the fluoride stuff is bs but i´m happy that he brought up that u should wait 30-60min before brushing. every time when i brushed my teeth immediately after eating something like dates i felt like the toothpaste and the sugar combined to an acid explosion :D… not healthy.

  2. Problem with all these studies is they are funded by people who have a cash interest in keeping you I'll not healthy. I suggest crowd sourced funded studies much like kickstarter, to get to the bottom of such cases like this. Much money is made where is lack of knowledge or suffering.

  3. As someone who always drinks a glass of water after eating anything, I am happy to know about this vid. There ARE some disadvantages to going plant based but the positives outweigh the negatives 100 to 1. Thanks for keeping it real.

  4. How can they say that they no studies have ever been done on the comparison of dietary changes & dental health/disease when Weston A. Price, DDS, based his entire life's work around this very subject matter. I highly recommend reading the book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration."

    As a side note, I actually really appreciate your videos, you put out great information. My comment is in no way directed at you, but simply the fact that these studies have become so one-sided.

  5. Weston A Price=not a quack, but a well-meaning amateur anthropologist.

    The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation=quacks. Or snake-oil sales men.

    There, FIFY 🙂

  6. The fruit diets puts a lot of important functions in your body out of whack, we need to be careful when undertaking such and extreme and obviously dangerous diet. I've seen documented cases of celebrities suffering the ill effects of fruit consumption and I recently read on a paleo forum that Steve Jobs cancer was in fact caused by fruit. I'd be interested in hearing what the experts at the Weston A Price foundation have to say on this matter.

  7. This is ridiculous. Most people in Western society either (1) don't eat any fruit at all or (2) eat very little fruit (the odd banana or couple of grapes now and again). So how come most people have regular trips to the dentist? Do you think all those people in the dentist are fruitarians? Get real! Also, I know from personal experience that I got far less fillings after going vegan (with high fruit) than I did as a meat-eater on low fruit. flawed studies I guess!

  8. lol fruit and veggies are good for your teeth. case closed. go enjoy some candy bars pizza and pus filled burgers. ill stick with my fruit

  9. Look after your ruffs best you can! Ima take my chance with fruit an veggies vs animal products making me feel and look like shit!

  10. I have loads of cavities from my sad diet days… since i went vegan, ( 3+ yrs now ) the cavities have not gotten worse at all! the decay has been stopped in its tracks… but, thats just my experience….

  11. People don't know what ripe fruit is. That's the problem. I eat a high fruit diet and haven't had so much as a mark on my teeth for 3 years.

  12. People are missing the point here, especially the vegans. The studies were showing the IMMEDIATE effects of different foods on the teeth…not the long-term effects. Stop making the vegan movement look bad, y'all. Seriously.

  13. It has been proven that fluoride causes cavities, and fluoride toothpaste is even worse because it contains glycerine that does not rinse off but holds fluoride to the teeth, enabling the fluoride ion ease of access to invade and destroy tooth enamel. Rinsing the teeth or brushing with soap will help prevent cavities.

  14. I have been consuming high amounts of fruit and 1tbls of manuka honey everyday with no problem, actually I've noticed that my teeth and gums are pretty rock solid. Doc your full of ca ca….

  15. Woow that proves this guy is actually a douche …no fruit? Fluoride is good for your teeth? And in no video does he mention the amazing benefits of hemp… Also the b12 supplement bullshit is restarted what a joke

  16. Dentistry as a field is a complete joke. Complete morons, the whole lot of them. While the rest of the human race is getting their act together and finally heading for the stars, we'll still have this group of makeup-less clowns taking hooks, needles, mechanical drills and snakeoil chemicals and permanently mutilating the mouths of people who have no other choice but surgery, probably because they listened to the dentists' incompetent advice in the first place.

  17. Wouldn't it be better to rinse after an acidic meal with something that will neutralize the acid better than water, like baking soda? Lots of toothpastes contain baking soda. Just wondering why the dentists recommend water.



  18. A small amount of naturally occurring calcium fluoride is ok but the sodium fluoride that you would be consuming (not in small amounts either) is industrial grade and highly toxic.

    Youtube: "The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry"

  19. It's not just in the water (along with other chemicals and traces of pharmaceutical drugs), it's in the food, the food is grown with it, highly concentrated forms of it are used in pesticides, it's in toothpaste, it's in floss, it's in mouth wash, they add it to salt and it's in so much more.

  20. MY experience. Oh I see, you are using the old "we are all so different argument". Last time I looked I am a human being who has the same kind of digestive tract and teeth as every other human being. I would trust my own human experience any day over all these "fruit is bad for you" THEORIES written by ignorant people who do not understand the concept of species-related diet.

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  24. Sugar eating is the main reason people get dental problems. And of course, improper cleaning.

  25. But not fruit from sugar. The high water content in fruit allows most the sugar to wash off the surface of the teeth. It does not stick to the teeth the way sugar from a chocolate bar or cake does. Improper cleaning also adds to the problem for sure, especially if you are eating the sticking sweets, fat-filled bars and cakes.

  26. If the high water content allows sugar to wash off the teeth, then drinking sugar water will do the same because it will have an even higher water content. Obviously this is not the case.
    Sugar is sugar. Whether it comes from candy or fruit, it doesn't matter. Glucose is glucose.

  27. Sugar, whether it comes from fruits or vegetables, is the same because what we commonly understand by sugar is glucose. All glucose metabolizes the same. Fructose is different, but when it comes to feeding the bacteria that produce tooth decay, it makes little to no difference. What makes food stick to teeth has little to do on whether it contains fructose or glucose and more to do with the other ingredients that constitute the food.

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  29. so would rinsing with something alkaline like green juices or water with sodium bicarbonate best?

  30. I had 4 fillings from my SAD munching, refined sugar teen years. In my 12 years as vegan I've had no new cavities, although I had to have an old filling repaired.
    The teeth nonsense in mostly perpetuated by WAPF and their ignorant followers.

  31. LOL @ "the fruit diet puts a lot of important functians in your body out of whack" , "obviously dangeruous", "ill effects of fruit consumption" and LMFAO @ "Steve Jobs cancer was caused by fruit", "experts at the Weston A Price foundation" . Please keep your uneducated opinions to yourself. there is enough bullshit in this world, we don't need more of that.

  32. Choosing for the right food is the best solution to prevent severe damage when in comes to oral health. 

  33. I eat fruit all day everyday (High carb vegan), I brush my teeth only once per day that's right before bed and have not had any dental problems at all, the dentist hygienist barely had to clean my teeth, no cavities at all for the last 2 years. As long as you dont eat meat and you drink plenty of water youll be ok.

  34. Very hard to find any thing positive in this guy's videos . Some of the worst info I've ever ran across In you tube are his uploads.

  35. To the man standing in the back saying this is the worst info. Please sit down. I have it on good authority this is accurate and factual information. While this video discusses the food aspect for teeth health, the biggest contributor is our own body chemistry – our saliva. Eat healthy, minus the dairy and meat. 

  36. Drink plenty of, preferably filtered, water, Most people don't consume enough anyway and are mildly dehydrated 90% of the time.

  37. Have you made any videos on getting rid of Candida? I've been looking for some on your channel and can't find one.

  38. Compare both images. Natural fluoridation of water…



  39. What about rinsing with a solution of water and baking soda. wouldn't that be more beneficial than rinsing with water alone?

  40. Chew Xylitol gum and rinse your mouth out with your own saliva. Brush only in the morning and floss at night.

  41. Since eating whole food starch based, my teeth have never been better. No cavities for the first time in my life – tons of cavities on a standard American diet though.

  42. My gums have started rapidly receding and I'm pretty sure it's since I want on a juice fast and turned vegetarian. Anyone have any advice on how I can stop or reverse it. Oil pulling doesn't seem to be working.

  43. Drinking through the straw,
    is also preventive due to physiology of swallowing, and thus lessens teeth exposure to acid damage, is always worth mentioning.

  44. Meat isn't healthy. Milk and derivatives aren't healthy. Fish is not healthy. Citrus aren't healthy. Coffee may not be healthy. Legumes can cause digestive problems. What the f*** are we supposed to eat?

  45. Perhaps swish with water to which a pinch of baking soda (alkaline, acid neutralizer) has been added may be of greater good?

  46. At my recent dental visit, I asked about brushing teeth after eating and was told brushing with water was safe, it was the combination of toothpaste right after eating that was problematic. So, I'll follow what I hear from them. 🙂

  47. Xylitol and Erythritol push your ph-value up to 8 which prevents Streptococcus mutans from metabolizing sugar.

  48. I just went to the dentist today and I have 7 cavities. SEVEN. I brush with an electric toothbrush at least once a day and floss everyday yet I still can't figure it out. I don't brush with fluoride but my dentist keeps recommending it so my hands are really tied here: im out here trying to figure out how to remineralize my teeth, repair enamel and get rid of bacteria that could be the problem. I really don't want to use fluoride tho!

  49. Can you do a video on fluoride?
    I've heard a lot of bad things, you have so far been my most credible source and a in depth video on fluoride would be much appreciated

  50. then what the f**k do we eat…u say that eating chicjen or meat us bad… then somebody says eating fruits is bad for teeth… then what should a human do…. smoke weed or what…. that may be healthy…..

  51. Vegan foods rot your teeth. That's it. Stop bullshitting people with your idiotic research papers written by vegans.

  52. This is something that's always bugged me since becoming vegan. If we thrive on a diet of fruits and vegetables, why is it that on this diet our teeth are so prone to decay? Shouldn't we have evolved to not need to brush, floss and mouthwash?

  53. I just swish a little baking soda in my mouth after eating, brings the Ph back down to normal, or if handy, I use my water pick with baking soda added in the water

  54. I naturally just wash/swash my mouth with water after eating/drinking something sweet. Great tips!
    I have read that green tea is a great mouth wash.

  55. Would it be wise to rinse your mouth out with water and a little baking soda after eating? Surely that would neutralize the acidity and minimize enamel erosion?

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