Pre-Workout Nutrition: Is Eating Before Your Workout Pointless?πŸ•

Pre-Workout Nutrition: Is Eating Before Your Workout Pointless?πŸ•

should you be eating before a workout
most of your friends your family your trainer most people will tell you that
it’s good to have some food before a workout and I mean this makes sense
logically you lack energy because you haven’t eaten you eat food which is
energy you give yourself energy for the workout so it makes sense logically and
actually a lot of the research does support the fact that eating some food
especially something like carbohydrates is gonna help increase your performance
in the gym running or whatever kind of exercise
you’re doing so this isn’t false by any means but the answer is a bit more
complicated than this and it’s not so black and white because insulin fasting
is so popular and because so many people are doing it let’s first answer the
question what happens when you don’t eat and then you work out as your
performance gonna be decreased is anything wrong with doing this so that’s
an important question to answer several studies have actually shown that insulin
fasting and being fasted while you train doesn’t really negatively hinder your
performance in the gym there are multiple reasons for this some
psychological and some physiological a psychological example of this could
simply be you’re good at what you get used to if you’ve been eating breakfast
for ten years and then you walk out after your breakfast and you suddenly
don’t eat breakfast and you workout the chances are you’re not gonna perform as
well because you’re not used to that but if you give yourself four weeks of
training in a fasted State chances are that your performance is going to catch
up and your body is simply going to get used to it and it’s it’s more of a
psychological barrier that you have to overcome there’s also a physiological
argument to back the idea why faster training usually doesn’t hinder
performance and that’s because one people aren’t doing ridiculous amounts
of exercise so they’re usually not depleted of things like muscle glycogen
before they go into the gym even if I fasted um and the other factor to
consider is that when you fasted something called catecholamines are
increased things like adrenaline and noradrenaline and there’s been some
research showing that this helps to increase energy and this may be one of
the reasons why you still have energy and some people even report increased
energy when they have no food coming in before their workouts
so overall the truth is that if you do it for long enough faster training
negatively going to impact your walk out but of course this is highly
individualistic and many guys and girls out there aren’t going to perform well
when they don’t have food in their stomach because that’s something they
just need to do well and it’s different for everybody okay so let’s talk about
carbohydrates carbohydrates what do they do I mean they give us energy
they help us increase muscle glycogen sugar in the muscles they help us
perform well especially for things like bodybuilding type training if you’re
doing squats and you’re doing six to twelve reps your body requires a lot of
glycogen for that it’s glycolytic type exercise so eating carbohydrates before
this type of workout is most definitely going to help aid in your performance
and research time and time again has shown that eating carbs before a workout
generally tends to be a good idea for performance okay so protein protein
helps with protein synthesis increases protein synthesis through the mTOR
pathway protein is necessary for you know retaining muscle building muscle
recovering from your workouts there’s even some evidence that eating some
protein before your workout may help with performance so protein is an
important macronutrient pre and post-workout
however it’s not necessary again because the majority of your results are simply
going to be determined by a total calorie and protein intake this means
that if you don’t eat anything before you woke up well after your workout and
you eat all your calories in protein seven hours later over time you’re
probably going to get similar results however eating protein before your
workout is generally a good idea because it’s going to improve the annika
anabolic response this can help with protein synthesis and the cool thing is
that because protein doesn’t just go in and out of your system within an hour if
you eat protein before your workout then eating protein and a post-workout meal
after your workout isn’t as important because you still have increased amino
acid levels in your body from the meal pre-workout all right so let’s talk
about fat because fat isn’t talked about often usually you hear about pre-workout
carbs but what about fat fat slows down the digestion it’s not really the best
food to be having an excess pre-workout the truth is is that research has shown
it doesn’t really have any positive or negative effect if you eat it avocado
before you workout or if you don’t it’s not really going to have any sort of
major impact on how well you lift weights the truth is
is that you should minimize fat before a workout so you can save room to consume
more carbs for more energy and more protein because carbs and protein by far
better than fat before a workout so try to minimize the fat before a workout you
know that’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with having an avocado or
some olive oil pre-workout there’s not but just understand that you’re not
getting anything particularly beneficial out of it there is some research showing
that fat pre-workout to insurance-based exercise like long-distance cycling or
running that can be a good idea if you’re doing a low-carb ketogenic diet
then your primary source of fuel is fat so consuming fat before a workout makes
sense but if you’re following a normal diet then carbs and protein should be
your main pre-workout macronutrients okay so meal timing pre-workout let’s
keep this really really simple okay so if you’re gonna have a meal before you
workout then you want to have that meal two hours before you workout perhaps
even three hours before the workout if it’s really big so if you’re having
sweet potatoes with chicken and vegetables and fruit and you’re having a
big big meal consume this two to three hours before your workout and most
definitely not an hour before you workout if you’ve run out of time and
you don’t have time to have a big pre-workout meal because you workout in
the morning or because you simply don’t have time to um then having a snack is
gonna be a good idea and you should have the snack 30 to 45 minutes before the
workout because it’s closer to the workout you can get away with having
more high glycemic foods so including more sweet foods bananas you know
sweetie carbohydrates before you workout that’s gonna be a good idea a protein
shake with a banana and maybe some more fruit or even like a sweet a sports
drink as well these are the kind of foods that you can consume 30 to 45
minutes before you walk out because they’re gonna digest quick and they’re
going to give you quick acting energy which is going to help you with your
workout ok so another important thing a pre-workout to consider is going to be
supplementation now there are a ton of supplements out there but let’s keep it
really really simple and just go over the ones that actually work number one
caffeine caffeine is going to help you improve your performance both for
aerobic exercise and aerobic exercise have some caffeine whether it be in the
form of a pre-workout supplement whether it be in the form
Coffee or an energy drink and have that 15 to 30 minutes before you walk out you
know it’s gonna start really kicking in after you’re done with your warmup and
it’s gonna help improve your performance if you’re having too much caffeine on a
regular basis and you’re becoming dependent on it all you’re really doing
each time you’re having it is alleviating the withdrawal symptoms you
get from it so you’re not really gonna get any sort of performance enhancing
quality if you’re constantly having it every single time but if you use it when
you’re feeling tired and feeling sluggish then it’s really gonna give you
a boost for your performance and it’s definitely a supplement that does work
the next supplement that works is gonna be creatine creatine increases something
called ATP adenosine triphosphate this basically gives your mitochondria more
energy are you able to perform more reps you’re able to build more muscle you’re
gonna be stronger in the gym you’re not gonna fatigue as easily
creatine needs to be taken between three to five grams per day from a supplement
by creatine monohydrate take this every single day just whenever you have time
and overtime your muscles are going to saturate in creatine and you’re going to
get those performance-enhancing benefits from it you can take it before you
workout or in the morning it doesn’t actually really matter that much
next BCAAs branched chain amino acids browser chain amino acids have the amino
acids valine isoleucine and leucine branched chain amino acids can help
prevent muscle loss if you’re training in a fasted State if you’re eating
before your workout and you’re eating protein before your workout they’re not
required and even if in a fasted state they’re not required but they can help
according to some research so that’s about it for the supplements that have
been shown to work inclusively next is gonna be hydration stay hydrated before
you walk out it’s not good enough to have a sip of water at the moment you
get to the gym because you’re still going to be dehydrated
make sure to consume at least half a liter two hours before you workout and
then perhaps a cup of two of water 15 minutes before you workout doing this is
going to ensure that you’re properly hydrated forget about a glasses of water
per day because some of us consume less carbs and more carbs some of us way more
some of a sweat more so water intake per individual is going to vary just try to
keep your pee almost clear and that means you’re adequately hydrated so if
your Peas yeah then drink more water it’s as simple as
that so hydration has been shown to improve performance in the gym and
dehydration likewise has been shown to negatively affect performance
so hydration is incredibly important consuming some sodium before you work
out is also a good idea it helps with fluid balance so you don’t have to drink
salt water you don’t have to go down to the ocean and drink a glass of seawater
but what you can do is add in a bit of extra salt to your pre-workout meal and
this may help with your performance at the gym or simply have a sports drink
most of which have some sodium in them all right BAM there it is there’s the
video pre-workout nutrition that’s everything you ever need to know so I
hope that informs you guys and I hope that answered some of your unanswered
questions if you have any more questions for whatever reason leave them in the
comment section down below and I will answer them okay and so like some guys
have a great day keep up the good work and I’ll see you later

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  1. Wow amzing man i subscribe to your channel you the best πŸ‘πŸ’―
    i love you man
    Can you subscribe to my channel please

  2. In the morning before I do cardio my preworkout is a cold shower, if I hit the gym sometimes, I do a cup of black coffee with a tablespoon of coconut oil it really gets me going since I am on keto. But usually I workout fastedπŸ’ͺ

  3. Good vid, Philip. I work out fasted, except for decaf coffee and 10g of BCAAs in water. Would you change anything about this?

  4. I can't workout fasted.
    My bloodsugar collapses.
    As calories don't know hours I can eat whenever I want as long as I keep my calories intake in control.
    And of course you don't eat a pizza before working out because it makes you too full.

  5. Fasted workouts seem to be different for males and females. Males burned more body fat when fasted (morning workout before breakfast) and women burned more fat after eating something before the workout in the morning. Dr Mosley did a studie on this. Very interesting!😊

  6. But Philip, it's been thought that the ketone bodies produced during a fast prior to working out have an anti-catabolic (inhibits leucine oxidation) effect on the muscle. Taking a BCAA right before working will actually kick you out of ketosis and make you more prone to catabolism.

    I think the whole idea of having BCAAs before a workout is mostly broscience. Why would a BCAA supplement contain caffeine to begin with? It's probably because they're trying to sell you on having a supplement before working out and the caffeine would improve performance but there's no inherent benefit of BCAAs taking prior to a workout. As far as my knowledge goes, a bolus of BCAAs, irrespective of the timing is what triggers MPS along with the stimulus from training. Like you aluded to in the video, taking your BCAAs 7hrs after a workout would yield indistinguishable results just as a pre-workout BCAA would.

    These are my thoughts. Could be wrong tho'

  7. im eating 3 eggs then 1 hour later im going to gym. somebody told me its better to eat some carbs for increasing size and immidiately look your channel. its amazing to find your videos when we have question in our mind. thanks for informations πŸ™‚

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