Preventing Ulcerative Colitis with Diet

Preventing Ulcerative Colitis with Diet

13 thoughts on “Preventing Ulcerative Colitis with Diet

  1. The rotten egg gas hydrogen sulfide may explain the link between animal protein and ulcerative colitis

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

  2. OMG, "flatology?"  Don't think I want to study THAT science!  Thanks for more good reasons to stick to our veggie diets.

  3. My confusion is that I never had symptoms of UC before I went vegan. My symptoms started about four months after I switched diets. Why is that?

  4. A new study by german scientists (published in "Nature Communications") shows that a surplus of the protein Bcl-3 leads to chronic intestinal diseases like Morbus Crohn and Colitis ulcerosa.

    They showed that Bcl-3 also plays a role in several different cancers.

    They proved that Bcl-3 blocks Tregs (regulatory T-cells) thus screwing up the immune system.

    The article I read (in german CHIP) ends with them looking for a pharmaceutical solution, but I would prefer to know what causes a surplus of that protein.

  5. What, some of the most healthy foods on the planet (Onions, garlic, nearly all cruciferous vegetables.) have really high amounts of sulfur, and we're encouraged to eat them everyday. Why didn't you mention them?

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